Best Doctor Who Companions (2005 Onwards)


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1 Donna Noble Donna Noble Donna Noble is a fictional character in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Portrayed by British actress and comedian Catherine Tate, she is a former companion of the Tenth Doctor.

I'm not sure there's ever been a companion who was the Doctor's equal in almost every way, who commanded just as much attention onscreen as he did. Her series may not be the best overall since 2005, but when it was great (and it often was) it was largely because she was great in it. - RickyReeves

2 Rose Tyler Rose Tyler

She was a great companion with a sad departure and of course her relationship with the Tenth Doctor. Even though she was in love with him. - RickyReeves

How is rose third? Shes the best! Best companion (Ever! ) in doctor who. Sarah jane also should be at the top. Rose is so perfect as a companion, donna crys in every episode. No other companion is better than rose - jaythomo2

The most relatable amazing heart worming story ever of a conpanion she also definitely wins the most heart brackig departure.


3 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald Clara Oswald was one the companions to the 11th Doctor. Her actor is Jenna Coleman. Her first appearance is "Asylum of the Daleks" and her last is "Twice Upon a Time".

She had a good story arc in Series 7, and she's a good companion, and I think she's underrated as well and she is somewhat like Donna in a way minus the sarcasm and the humor Donna has of course. - RickyReeves

4 Captain Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness

He is too cute to say no to

5 Amy Pond Amy Pond


6 Wilfred Mott Wilfred Mott

Wilfred is so funny

7 Rory Williams Rory Williams
8 Martha Jones Martha Jones Martha Jones was one of the companions to the 10th doctor. Her actor is Freema Agyeman. Her first appearance is "Smith and Jones" and her last is "The End of Time."

How is Dona number one - 2storm

9 Mickey Smith Mickey Smith
10 Craig Owens Craig Owens
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