Best Doctor Who Story Arcs Since 2005


The Top Ten

1 The Time War (Since Doctor Who Was Revived)
2 Bad Wolf (Series 1 & 4)
3 The Cracks In Time (Series 5)
4 The Death of the Doctor (Series 6)

Series 5 to "The Time of the Doctor" is pretty much just a single story arc revolving around the Silence trying to prevent the Doctor from reaching Trenzalore. It's more brilliant than convoluted once you figure it all out.

5 The Medusa Cascade (Series 4)
6 MR Saxon (Series 3)
7 "He Will Knock Four Times" (2009 Specials)
8 The Doctor's Name (Series 7)
9 The Impossible Girl (Series 7.2)
10 Torchwood (Series 2)

Easily superior to the poorly crafted "Impossible Girl" storyline and the nonsense "Doctor's Name" storyline (it was pretty clear we were never going to learn the Doctor's name... and we learn the name is dangerous because it will cause a new Time War, but THE DOCTOR DOESN'T KNOW THAT BEFORE "THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR" WAS DOESN'T HE JUST TELL EVERYONE HIS NAME AND WHY DID HE TELL RIVER HIS NAME IT STILL doesn't MAKE SENSE! Season 7 was seriously terrible). Torchwood lead to one of the more epic season finales and one of my all time favorite episodes. Should be number four behind "Bad Wolf", "Medusa Cascade" and maybe "Time War". The cracks in time storyline was awful until "Time of the Doctor" because it ended in Season 5 with no explanaiton.

The Contenders

11 Heaven (Series 8)
12 The Hybrid (Series 9)
13 River Song (4,5,6) River Song (4,5,6)
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