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1 Leap Year

I think leap year dragons are the best, they are harder to get than rainbow dragons and look the same

Statistically, this is the second hardest dragon to breed in the entire game, besides the double leap year

Leap year produces more income and looks better (my opinion) it's a cooler version of the rainbow!

Great! I can't believe I have 2 of those! I make tons of money with those dragons

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2 Rainbow

Collects a total of 1000000 money! Dude whoever set up this website
Needs a brain because rainbow dragon is best! Not the stupid moon dragon! So kids get the rainbow dragon!
Ps too bad it is 2000 gems!

So awesome! I got it breeding flower and storm 17 times

Out of this short list of dragons, I would love to ride a Rainbow Dragon!


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3 Panlong

I still think this is the best and rarest dragon of all, plus my son was born in the year of the dragon and that makes it even more special to me.

Got It in the rift on my first try

Only every 13 years!

So cool

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4 Bone

I have a bone and a ghost dragon

Ghost dragon is tied w Bone dragon

It only comes once a year

It looks amazing (in my opinion)

Super awesome dragon that I wish I had. They look amazing! 😎

5 Sandstorm
6 Seasonal

I think the seasonal dragon is the coolest because it changes with the seasons. It's like four dragons in one!

It's so cool! I have none:( but I have seen pictures and it actually changes along with the season!

It is truly fashionable! And for every Season! Get it Seasonal Dragon

It can change seasons which makes it cool! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1

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7 Moon

It's the best because no other basic, epic dragon is female, besides, it and blue moon are just cool looking

Cool I have 100000000 of them

I have what? like 12 of them now?


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8 Sun

Bought it just to brag to my friends. The moon dragon looks like a teenage pop star but this one is just so cute

9 Double Rainbow Dragon

I expected to get a rainbow dragon when I started breeding my dragons but NOPE I got this baby! It was a surprise and I beamed it pop tart!

Collects more money than the rainbow dragon and is harder to get which makes it the best dragon in my opinion

It is more rare than the regular rainbow and it has more income

This dragon is better than the regular rainbow 🌈

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10 Reindeer

Reindeer is a supa Cute dragon and it attracts more visitors to your park

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? Permafrost

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11 Prism

Has anyone here noticed DragonVale dropping shady hints of danger? For example, in the description of the Omen dragon, it says "On the waning days of the ninth month, when land ascends to sky, the two-headed dragon will spread its wings, and bring forth its haunting cry". Strange right? Land ascends to sky... Like the floating islands... Ninth month... September... Creepy, am I right? Another thing is that if you look at the description for the Pillar of Prophecy, it says that magic is building in the pillar... I'm sure there are more that I haven't found. Stat on a look-out for more of these. I wonder what Backflip's planning. Think about it!

Prism should be #1! It is beautiful and literally there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

I love the prism dragon! They're so beautiful.

My Favourite dragon of all time!

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12 Gaia

I love her power. Gaia is awesome.

I consider "rare" to mean "Hardest dragon's to get through breeding" but with Gaia, like Kairos, Bahumat, and Tiamat, you get it through the game as part of the gameplay. It is a pretty amazing dragon, but I would not consider it "Rare" as you do not breed to get it.

Boi. When you go into dragontarium, and sort all dragons by rarity, (most common on top and rarest on bottom) Gaia is at the bottom! Rainbow is not even close! Karios is second, Gaia, RAREST (by the way I think it's cool that rarest dragon is a girl)

This is top 5!

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13 Magnet
14 Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse dragon is awesome! It's better than the sun dragon by far because it just looks to much cooler and more mysterious! I love it and I'm trying to breed one now!

I have this dragon and can't find it anywhere it's lit

I was lucky and glitchted the game and got this dragon within the first week of playing. It is by far my favorite dragon.

15 Bahumat

He is boss I have him and am about to get Tiamat next I need two more pieces

16 Singularity

Got this as a login gift, couldn't be more happy with it. It's adorable, generates loads of cash, and let me get galaxy dragons for free early on because of cooperative breeding.

It is a good dragon

It s the best

17 Kairos

Who doest't like a time speeding up dragon?! Unlike Gaia he speeds up time for eggs and Al other things in the park and he's super hard to get! He also sits on his own island and can be upgraded which is amazing and can be earned at a lower level!

He is like so cool!

18 Aurora

Yes, they can be annoying, but they are the most effective way to earn money. At 480/min, they are the fastest. Adult form is also very pretty

They are amazing!

19 Double Leap Year

In my opinion this dragon is even more rare than the leap year, looks different than every dragon in insane ways and produces cash extremely fast. It is also great for breeding, for I have breed it 10 times with other dragons and 8 out of ten of the results ended up being epics such as: double rainbow, Snowy Silver, gold dragon, bronze dragon, and more. You can also only get it during celebration times and leap year.

This is the best dragon because its earns the same as a DOUBLE RAINBOW dragon and its RARER too

Just got one when trying for Cerberus. So happy when I found out just how rare it was. I've gotten Tiamat, solar flare (using wish) and Doubke leap year all in the same month. November is lucky.

Looks amazing, it's GOLD,And has two heads!

20 Ruby

Ruby dragons are the best dragons in the game even better than leap years they are definitely the best looking as well

Rubies are so cool looking and produce gems

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