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1 Mega Man X

I never owned an NES. I mean, right now I have an emulator but that doesn't count. I knew all about the original NES games when I was little and occasionally got to play them at some friends houses...but Mega Man X was MY Mega Man game that made me fall in love with the series. I got an emulator and checked out all the old games because I loved X so much that I HAD to know what came before. Everything from the music, to the graphics and some of the best gameplay and level design I've ever seen makes Mega Man X my no-brainer #1

It's like the original Mega Man series got upgraded. Everything from that series is here too, but now you can climb walls and upgrade your armor. Also, while the original series is very lighthearted in terms of the plot, the X series is far darker and more serious. Unfortunately, the X series gets much worse as it goes on. However, most people would say the original series did too(at least until 9 came out and changed that).

This is my fist megaman game I played, (not counting fan games)and the gameplay is amazing for what it is and while it hasn't got the best weapons, (except spark mandrills and launch octopi') or the most difficult bosses, finding all those upgrades were a blast! And even street fighter fans get a little treat if they max out X, which is (spoiler alert! ) hadouken! The perfect game for core mega man fans and newcomers

It took everything great about the old school Mega Man games, and improved it with three big gameplay mechanics, the dash, the boost cannon charge, and the wall jump, completely reinventing the series and becoming an endlessly replayable game in the process.

2 Mega Man X4

Amazing play controls, beautiful sprite animations and backgrounds, great soundtrack and story, best maverick bosses in the series, you can play as Zero. A must play for mega fans. This game is a masterpiece.

The first in series where Zero is playable and he is so cool. Also X4 is where Mega Man series becomes epic.

Better than megaman 2

3 Mega Man 2

Go classic & old Mega Man games! This game could have crossovers such as Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide w/ Mario-based robots of Dr. Wily such as Mario Man, Yoshi Man, Goomba Man, Rosalina Woman, Daisy Woman, Waluigi Man, Toad Man & etc joining w/ all of Wily's old & new robots from the Mega Man franchise respectively. Also, Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land will be seen having frequent & bitter rivalries with Bass.

Pick your difficulty: for normal difficulty, play the game with no guide whatsoever. For a slightly easier game, play the levels in this order: Metal Man, Wood Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Flash Man, Heat Man, and Quick Man. If you want the hardest difficulty setting, select "difficult" on the main menu.

I have never managed to complete it, but it's easily one of the best games in the series so far!
People hate it just because it's old, which is a stupid reason to do so! Old doesn't mean bad!
In fact, there are a lot of great old games: This, Mega Man X, A Link To The Past, Super Metroid, Earthbound, etc.!

Oh man, I could never put down this masterpiece. It is part of your lifetime. Play it, for your own sake. It never gets old at all! I especially adore the graphics! And the music? What can I say? This is classic!

4 Mega Man 3

Mega man 3 is by far the best game ever! I love it! 9999999/10 amazing! Why? It has great ost, fun bosses, best level design, nice power ups and the list goes forever this game is king, better than 2 bite me mm2

One of the first decent stories in the series, some of the better robot masters in the series with pretty decent weapons. Plus you can also take on the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters (albeit in an exoskeleton) in revamped versions of the earlier stages. The slide ability makes movement smoother, it introduced Rush and has the best version of the Rush Jet (But when it becomes a jetpack is also cool.) Music isn't quite as good as 2, but still, there's Snake Man, Spark Man, Shadow Man, and Proto Man's themes, and they are pretty awesome. Add it all up, and it's overall my favorite game in the series.

Great robot masters, great stages, great music, great story. This also introduces Proto Man and Rush

This game brought a lot of staples that woud be later used I.E. sliding and Rush

5 Mega Man X5
6 Mega Man Zero 3

Why is it so low? Definitely as great as the first 2 picks. It's an expansion of the X series that takes out simplicity. Whether you prefer simplicity or complexity determines whether you prefer the highlights of the x series of zero series, but it still has to be right before or after for sure. I also think zero 2 is as good as zero 3.

Amazing level design, great weapons, amazing boss fights, perfect controls, and an amazing story make this the best Megaman game.

7 Mega Man

I think of the original Mega Man the way I think of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. There might be other bands I like and listen to more than them but it's really hard for me to actually admit it. The nostalgia factor is THAT strong. I think it's crazy impressive what the developers were able to come up with on the first game of the series. And the bosses...WOW! This is still my favorite boss lineup of the entire series. I'll never forget watching my best friend playing when I was younger and seeing him use Guts Man's power for the first time...Maybe throwing a big rock doesn't sound that impressive to younger gamers nowadays but back then it was mind blowing!

A technical nightmare. the issues... Bad Robot Masters ( Guts Man and Bomb Man) numerous glitches ( jumping in a certain spot in Ice Mans stage ruins the game) Bad bosses ( Yellow Devil, Hologram, BUBBLES) need I say more?

These are good old games. But still, Super Mario should be in it, although Capcom didn't know about Super Mario yet.

Honestly the first is the best! Mega Man all the way!

8 Mega Man X2

I really enjoy X2's level design and bosses over X1 or X3. X1, in my opinion, overused many enemies to the point where it was a lot more combat based than the classic series (not a bad thing, but I prefer the more platforming challenges of the classic series). X2 seems to fuse together X1's and the classic series's level design to something that's really nice. Every boss is beatable without their weakness, which is something I can't say for very many Mega Man games. The music is also pretty great as well (though not as awesome as X1's soundtrack).

I'd say this is better than Mega Man 2, but I might change my mind on that eventually (who knows).

Despite not being my all time favorite, I loved the gameplay, sort of like sonic 2. Perfect sequel

9 Mega Man 4

I agree. Best weapons in the series, the storyline was very original and interesting at the time, the music is not the best in the series but still top notch. The robot masters and bosses are by far the most unique in the series too.

Best weapon arsenal before 9, best castle bosses, 2 castles, lots of platform elements!

Beautiful game and the ost and bosses and plot defy this game, almost as good as 3

10 Mega Man X3

Is just my opinion, but this is the best megaman game, principally the musics

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11 Mega Man 7

My favorite of the classic series, just a bit ahead of MM2. It was horribly rare in our area with only copies of MMX3 to be found at the store, so it always had a bit of a mythical quality about it. The only way to play it was from one of the two rental stores in town if it was available. My dad ended up trying to phone order it through one of the rental's distributors who referred him to someone else and eventually I ended up with a latin american copy (still in english just different product code) from whoever he talked to. We still don't know where we actually called.

It gets better every time I play it.

12 Mega Man X6

This and X7 are low tier

13 Mega Man 5

How could this game be so low on the list? It's a masterpiece! I love the graphics and the music! Everything! I want this game so bad.

This game is good, but Nintendo's mascot should be in ALL Mega Man games! Imagine Mario & Mega Man: Worlds Collide.

I feel like one of the only ones who really likes 5...

I don't feed that peach hater troll anymore.

14 Mega Man Zero 2
15 Mega Man 6

Good old game which is underrated.

Also, Sonic & Mega Man crossovers are terrible & should not have happened in the first place!

How about Sonic & Pac-Man: Worlds Collide/Unite?

This game is perfect! I wish I had this game! Ah, the graphics, the music, etc...

16 Mega Man Zero

Such a fun game I loved it first mega man game I played and taught me that mega man was a hard game

17 Mega Man X8
18 Mega Man ZX Advent

A super cool Mega Man game! Great action and gameplay. Soundtrack is awesome. Everything is great about Mega Man ZX Advent.

19 Mega Man 8
20 Mega Man Battle Network 2
21 Mega Man Legends

This is the best 3D transition for mega man.

22 Mega Man X7

This game is underrated

23 Mega Man 9

My favorite Mega Man game.

This should be number 2!

24 Megaman Zero 4
25 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

I love this game as much as Powered Up!

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