Top 10 Best Super Mario Galaxy 2 Galaxies

Super Mario Galaxy 2, if you've ever played this masterpiece of a game, you're well aware of the interstellar adventure that awaits Mario as he navigates through space, conquering unique and vibrant galaxies. It's a sequel that took everything great about the original and sprinkled on even more starry magic.

But what are the best Super Mario Galaxy 2 galaxies? Perhaps you've got your personal favorites that resonated with you for their innovative design, charming aesthetics, or thrilling challenges. Maybe it's the way certain galaxies play with gravity, the memorable boss battles, or the serene music that has swept you off your feet.

Vote for the choices you think deserve to be at the top of this list. Remember those galaxies that kept you up at night, determined to collect every last Star? Or how about the ones that left you in awe at the creativity bursting from your screen? This isn't just about a personal favorite or a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It's about recognizing the ingenuity, artistry, and wonder that make Super Mario Galaxy 2 a standout in the gaming world.

As you ponder over your choices, consider not just the visual splendor but also the intricate gameplay mechanics, the storytelling within each galaxy, and the emotional connection you felt as you guided Mario through space.
The Top Ten
1 Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Peaceful water galaxies are great to just experience.

The most beautiful Galaxy. Very memorable.

This one just blew me away with how beautiful it looks! Please remake it in SMG3.

2 Slimy Spring Galaxy

The sunset at the end sold me. I was playing late at night, and I was concerned about the prospect of a water level. But then, the mysterious music in this level piqued my interest. The galaxy is extremely easy to navigate, and the overall experience is quite pleasant and extremely refreshing.

I really love the calm, wet galaxies.

The atmosphere here is so peaceful.

3 Throwback Galaxy

Basically a throwback (pun intended) to the Super Mario 64 level Whomp's Fortress, although I don't understand why this wasn't in the Special World, and why it wasn't called Whomp's Fortress Galaxy. It's way too easy for the final main world in the game! But I love it.

They tried their best on trying to put their level into that, even though it isn't Bob-Omb. It still sounds great, and I loved how they used the concept of putting Cloud Mario in the Level in the Seven Silver Stars mission.

When you get to see the REAL Whomp King, he says approximately the same thing as he said in Super Mario 64.

4 Starshine Beach Galaxy

I like to come here and pretend I'm on vacation. I always get all the enemies before so that it's safe. I like riding the leaf rafts, swimming, and going into that hole in the side of the ocean and watching those eel things. What are they called?

I prefer the beach levels in the first game way more than this one. It's pretty forgettable and bland, to be honest.

Peaceful and beautiful. A nice predecessor to the Seaside Kingdom in Mario Odyssey.

5 Cloudy Court Galaxy

Whimsical, the Cloud Flower is excellent!

6 Space Storm Galaxy

The "Follow me, Bob-Omb" mission could be a bit tough for me, but if I get through it, then the second mission will have a tower similar to Buoy Base's, and the MUSIC will be the same as Buoy Base's.

I love the second mission with the Buoy Base music!

7 Puzzle Plank Galaxy

This galaxy is where you fight 2 bosses from Honeyhive Galaxy: Mandibug Stack and Bugaboom.

8 Boss Blitz Galaxy

You get five awesome boss fights from the first SMG, all in one package.

9 Grandmaster Galaxy

It's the final challenge to top off an amazing game.

10 Chompworks Galaxy

Best mechanical galaxy, especially the part with the golden Chomps.

This galaxy is the only one with the spring mushroom.

I feel like this should be higher. The idea of having to lure the Chain Chomp into that hole is ingenious and really creative.

The Contenders
11 Sweet Mystery Galaxy
12 Sky Station Galaxy

This is the first level in this game.

13 Bowser's Galaxy Generator
14 Tall Trunk Galaxy

The slide level is what made this level great.

15 Boulder Bowl Galaxy

Home to the rock mushroom, an amazing power-up.

16 Freezy Flake Galaxy

This galaxy is a great snow level, perhaps one of the best of all time!

There's a planet that turns into a boss! It's pretty good, honestly.

17 Hightail Falls Galaxy
18 Shiverburn Galaxy
19 Clockwork Ruins Galaxy

This galaxy feels very adventurous, and in a good way!

20 Flipswap Galaxy
21 Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

I like how you find the wrecked remains of Megahammer and then guide a Bullet Bill to a cannon that's trapped in a dome. The boss itself, Boomsday Machine, is one of the bosses that uses the Cloud Flower.

I love how unique it is, and I really love that you can see Megahammer at the beginning completely broken, along with Bowser Jr.'s cockpit! Certainly an awesome galaxy.

22 Beat Block Galaxy

I love the music for this galaxy. It can be scary timing your jumps sometimes though.

I like the music and how it beeps. It is kind of foolish, but I got it.

23 Fleet Glide Galaxy
24 Yoshi Star Galaxy

This place is where we start off with Yoshi in the mission "Saddle up with Yoshi". After that, the mission "Spiny Control" has Mario and Yoshi fighting a King Lakitu. How do we defeat the king who throws spinies? Well, we have to use Yoshi to eat up a Spiny and throw it back at the King.

It's nice to see Yoshi in his definitive 3D form for the first time.

Awesome galaxy with awesome missions!

25 Melty Monster Galaxy

Fun and home to one of the best power ups; rock mushroom! And anyway, who doesn't like bowling

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