Top Ten Hardest Super Paper Mario Levels

These are the hardest, most tedious, most confusing and longest levels in the game. (They were fun and awesome still)
The Top Ten
1 World 7-4 (The Overthere)

This was far too long. I had to search up how to do it as it was almost impossible to do without it.

Ok I get the other levels are quite Lanier but this is too big.

It takes forever, it's confusing. You hafta go back and forth. Worst chapter ever!

Despite the fact I added a different level (8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck), I vote this one. 8-4 was hard enough, but this? -_-

2 World 7-3 (The Overthere Stairs)

That stupid Black Apple - the worst apple in the game that doesn't go well wakes up Peach. Well done for that sarcastic humour!

This is the hardest in my opinion. It's so confusing, long, and full of those annoying ruff-puffs.

All the other levels went by in 15-30 minutes for me. This one, however, took me 3 days.

Mario use your hammer to wake up peach already!

3 Pit of 100 Trials

It sounds very intimidating and you do indeed have to fight 60+ people each with their own room but some don't fight you and others give you riddles and some are just scared that their world is going to be demolished by a gigantic black hole consuming the entire galaxy, but who can blame them? I would not be happy in that situation either. Anyway it's mainly just annoying and long.

Hard indeed. And Super Paper Mario is 1000 a thousand times better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Not as hard as the thousand year door pit of 100 trials, but hard indeed!

4 World 4-4 (The Whoa Zone)

I think the complicated flips are a bit much.

This level is extra hard

5 World 5-4 (Floro Sapian Lair / Boss)

I liked the boss, but hated him at the same time. Very hard, hardest one so far (Haven't played chapter 8 yet, so the final boss might be harder, but King Croacus was a pain)

The Floro Sapien I was going to kill myself in this level. Lots of riddles and puzzles trying to match up paintings with their colors

Long and complex. But the level music, the battle with King Croacus, and boss music is awesome.

Hard. But the music is awesome!

6 World 2-3 (Merlee's Mansion)

This one has frustrated because of the constant sarcastic humour! Paying 1000000 rubees feels like a huge debt, until you search the internet and uncover a vault containing a million rubees. I don't think I have ever completed this without searching the internet. Even still, you need to take your pain into preparation as you will be staring at the screen constantly collecting rubees for valuable codes that can help you out. Can you guys imagine what it would be like to manually collect those rubees? This was absolutely terrible, and don't even get me started on the sarcastic humour they chucked in throughout the game!

It is easy if you know what your doing
1. flip on the 2nd floor to the closest door to the left
2. you find slim
3. get 10,000 (I think) rubies to get to know the code for the safe or the other work door
4. If it was the safe flip on the top floor on the left and enter the secret room
5. electric bars block you, use slim to avoid them and enter the given code
6. the door will open and will net you 1,000,000,000 rubies
7. cash them in and use slim to get past the bars in the bank area to hit the star block
5 and 6 are optoinal I think but it will save you a whole week

Oh my gosh, I remember this level. When the chick first said to get 1 million rubys, My reaction was, "D:". Then, I spent about 4 hours getting like 9 hundred thousand of those (Whoa, censored) rubies. Then I checked my guidebook, and... found the safe. Whelp, there's like 4 and a half hours of my life I'm never getting back. :I

Ugh, this one's terrible. Getting those combinations for the safe is terrible. And it's even more terrible if you spend four hours trying to get rubies just to be able to move forwad

7 World 3-3 (The Great Tree)

This isn't that bad but if you fall down the Dotwood Tree, likely you will have to start over.

I have a big headache trying to complete this level.

8 World 7-2 (The Underpath)

Yeah it can get annoying

9 World 5-3 (Floro Sapian Lair)
10 World 8-4 (Tippi & Count Bleck)

Why isn't this in the top 3? It's the final level in the game! That maze is a pain, and then you've got to fight two of the hardest bosses in the game!

The Contenders
11 World 3-4 (Fort Francis)

This one was difficult. It has tons of rooms and is extreemly long

12 World 4-2 (Paper Emergency)

This level is hard

13 World 4-1 (Space)

No guide Tippi tells you to just follow your instincts you go around random portals and end up back where you used to be...
It's a maze!

14 Flopside Pit of 100 Trials (Super Paper Mario)

Strongly agreed. Super Paper Mario has a thousand times better than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

15 World 6-1 - 6-4 (Sammer Kingdom)
16 World 4-3 (The Gates of Space)

This level isn't really that difficult, but you will need a butt ton of coins going into this level. To get Squirps' chocolate, you need AT LEAST 25 coins to get a Sweet Choco Bar. Usually, I get a Golden Choco bar for myself, but it costs 100 COINS!

This is one of the reasons why Chapter 4 is my least favourite chapter in the game (the other reason being 4-2). You just swim and go through portals just to get some chocolate for your squirp dude. As if the space enviroment wasn't already bland enough

17 World 1-4 (Monster of the Ruins)
18 World 0-1 (Merlee's House)
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