Top Ten Best Halo: Combat Evolved Missions

Halo: Combat Evolved was a great game with lots of action and a great story. Here are the top ten best missions for Halo: Combat Evolved!
The Top Ten
1 The Silent Cartographer

An exiting beach storming at the beginning and mysterious underground structures makes this level the most memorable. The diversity of the enemies and their placement in the mission keeps you on your toes. When I remember Halo CE I think of the Silent Cartographer.

The level featured in the demo probably because it is an amazingly well made and balanced map!

2 Assault on the Control Room

It was either this or two betrayals. I think this got the nod for better weather during game play. Spectacular levels the pair of them. These would be in my top 3 for the entire halo franchise.

This map is so fun. It has a veriety weapons and vehicles,great amount of battles, and is one of the longest level in the franchise. Two betrayals is great, but it is the same map but only going backward with flood at night. This map should be first (in my opinion)

This is the king of all the maps on halo one. This map had the most fun combat mainly because of all the vehicles and weapons availiable.

3 Two Betrayals

This is simply the best combat evolved mission yet or even the best mission in the halo franchise. (in my opinion) it has huge battles at key moments off the game till the start and finish off the level. For example just before you get the banshee at the start there a huge battle even the music makes it more tense.

Fist level to fly banshees yay! But mainly just an awesome level overall.

Re-activate the weapon at the heart of Halo... And learn the truth.

4 343 Guilty Spark

Bit of a maze and kinda repetitive as it featured way to much backtracking. However, I loved the introduction to The Flood via the marines memory data, like something straight out a horror movie.

A terrifying opening to the dreaded flood, "343 Guilty Spark" was perhaps not the best level in the game in terms of enjoyment, but was intense, beautiful, and creepy.

Foggy level at the start but turns even creepier as it is the first level with the covenent in it.

5 The Maw

Sick finale to the game! The escape was epic but so was the crazy chaotic combat that took place.

I don't think people are generally aware of how brilliant of a final level this is

6 Halo

The best mission in my opinion. The first Halo mission with freeroaming. It really showcased the graphical capabilities of the Xbox. Sure, saving marines and naval crewman from the covenant might not interest everyone, but it's much better than mindlessely killing flood *cough*The Library*cough*

Very open world and great as rescuing your troops by blowing away covenent is always fun.

This level introduced us to the iconic warthog p.s. I really love this level

7 The Pillar of Autumn

I voted Pillar of Autumn because I absolutely LOVE the introduction to this great game. Especially the part where they guy in the top part gets blown up. Tons of fun and by far my favorite mission

Great start to the game, fairly intense experience and great to help learn the game.

8 The Truth and Reconciliation

Great level. The designs were creative and the ship was a blast to shoot your way out of. Firstly use your stealth skills. Secondly use shooting skills to survive a massive warzone. Thirdly rescue keyes inside the ship. Lastly ABANDON SHIP!

Truth and Reconciliation is a frequently overlooked level. Taking a small band of Marines to assault a Covenant ship made this level one of the most exciting. I admit, the ship was confusing, but it deserves to place higher.

Under cover of the night is bloody sick. Purple everywher and the setting and atmosphere is immense and ancient. Love the gravity lift creative.

9 The Library

I voted for The Library just to give the level its due credit. I think the level is the most artistic in the game. It is about codependence and insanity. The mission is a companion piece to 343 Guilty Spark, the second part of the darkest segment of the game. The real low point. There's a feeling that things are getting out of control. You are in a helpless position, the body severed from the mind. The feeling of tininess of exploring the underground facility and the consternation of the mystery "where am I? " is amplified in the level The Library. What is this place? Where is it relative to Halo? Is it on Halo? In the helplessness, you find solace in giving in to a sarcastic and mocking floating testicle in the shape of a blue ball, who exploits your codependence as you jump through the hoops of a fight that turns around in circles and never seems to end. Guilty spark is a symbol for the pursuit of sex. At the end of the level, you look down the main shaft and see far down the door out of which you came out, feeling like an ant. For all you know you are an ant. You then gain access to something familiar, a phallic object called the index. Sexuality. The opportunity to fill up the shaft and give birth to Halo, a vaginal object as seen in the intro to the game. The floating blue ball snatches it from your hand, as a father figure. He wants you to impregnate the right woman: Halo. Mommy refuses. I think The Library is a complete triumph in atmosphere. It is a horror piece about childhood trauma, and the inability to find solace.

10 Keyes

This level represents a lot of batlles of covenant vs flood and a creepy story inside the cinematic of the middle.

Overall not a bad level, just the 8 others are better.