Top Ten Dumb Reasons Why Fangirls Like Justin Bieber


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1 They like him because of his looks

He's ugly as hell, even uglier than Sway Sway and Buhduece - MorganChambz

That's the same with boy bands, like one direction, music labels put good looking guys together cause they know girls will listen and buy their music. What happened to" don't judge a book by its cover". Beavers music along which boy boy bands really are god awfull, but girls can't get those " hot good lookers" out of their heads - RustyNail

I take offense to this because I like Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block and I'm a 16-year-old guy - Nick-brick8

Justin can't even sing! I hate her. She's a huge rip off of Miley Cyrus! She should go back to the hole she came from! (Just in case you didn't know, I'm joking ) But seriously, he sucks.

His face is like his music: HORRIBLE!

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2 He sings about love

Bah... Ugly reason, about 100000000 million people sings about love... Haha

Any band can sing about love! But it's still dumb to pick Justin's "love songs" over many other great ones!

What do I mean by that is that any bands can sing love song, right? So, they fangirl him a lot, and I mean a lot. You know what I mean? - Delgia2k

Just because he repeats “Baby Baby Baby OH” over and over again doesn’t mean love. It means torture - KingSlayer93316

3 They like his voice

I can't believe it they like his voice - Delgia2k

His voice, not his "singing". At least that reason is more valid.

He probably uses a voice thing because he can't actually sing haha

They like his autotuned voice? Why?! - KingSlayer93316

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4 They think he cares about them

After Justin Bieber spitted on his fans and called them 'Beached whale', fangirls still thinks he cares about them - Delgia2k

Apparently "Beached Whale" to them means "beautiful" and getting spit on means "I love you." - SwagFlicks

I would watch out fan girls, he groped a fans boobs!

"! He followed me! He cares a lot about me! " - A typically idiotic belieber

Heees so crap. just piss of

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5 They think he is cute

HE?! They can't see. Anime boys are cute

Justin Bieber admittedly looks cuter than a lot of anime boys. Yes I said it. I hate Bieber nonetheless. - SelfDestruct

I can't believe I have better eyesight than them! I wear glasses and I don't think he is cute!

Is that what they seriously call cute? I'm sorry but I think they just lost their minds

Fan girls who like him are probably drunk or they can't see.

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6 They think he is attractive

Well, I don't find him attractive - Delgia2k

... Do they have no taste?

Whoever added this is right. They have no taste in real music

7 They don't know anything about real music

Lol. If you wanna listen to REAL music, listen to Metallica. - Pony

I will kidnap the Beliebers and make them listen to The Beatles, The Who, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Yes, and many more good bands.

At least listen to better pop songs. Not this garbage.

Listen to the 80's you belibing idiots. - Gehenna

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8 They think he is sweet

"Yeah, he's so sweet that he spit at me! "

He gets drunk, does drugs, spits on his fans... YA he's SO SWEET!

9 They think he does a lot of charity work

To be honest, I never heard or saw him doing any charity work - Delgia2k

He does? I knew he only cares about getting HIS money...

10 They think he is cool

I hope you know what "cool" means when you describe people.

He is not cool even Chris brown is cooler than him

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11 They think he is amazing

He has no real talent what's so ever

12 They're scared of heavy metal

You can look for other great non-heavy metal songs. I'm sure you can find better ones.

Hey, I don't listen to it, but it can't be that bad. I read about a monk who sings heavy metal, so if a monk sings it, it can't be THAT bad!

Justin Bieber IS A LAME HIPPIE

Well i.listened a heavy metal song and at beggining I was a Little scared but after I enjoyed the song and IT was pretty good în comparasion with his songs

13 They think rock and roll is the devil's music

Which is 100% false. - Pony

Many rock bands deliver positive messages. - Croy987

I think the devil's music goes to heavy metal. - Nick-brick8

Which is a bunch of BS - KingSlayer93316

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14 Because he's rich and famous
15 They know a person who likes him so they go with the crowd so they can be popular.
16 They are desperate for love

As if JB loves them...

17 Because other girls like him

Don't you numbskulls get it

18 They think he is mature

He acts like a 5 year old with his attitude

19 They think his music is true music
20 They have no taste
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1. They like him because of his looks
2. He sings about love
3. They like his voice
1. They like him because of his looks
2. He sings about love
3. They like his voice
1. They like him because of his looks
2. They don't know anything about real music
3. They like his voice

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