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1 Mean Teachers

I hate these kind of teachers. My Math and Science teacher screamed at the class today about being in a straight line and we're in 7th grade so we're 12 and 13 years old. She was asking us how teenagers are supposed to act and I said disrespectful, because you know teenagers aren't known for good behavior and she sent me to the office! She will also literally give us homework about stuff she hasn't even thought us, like for example she gave us a 200 question math packet that was 16 pages front and back and we only had 3 days to do it and she didn't teach us any of the math in the packet. She noticed that my class talks a lot in line when we switch classes so she makes us line up in boy-girl boy-girl order in line! what! She still doesn't realize that we still talk in line. Even if we are going to Spanish class which is only 15 feet away from the Math room she will still make us do boy-girl boy-girl order! She is so closed minded that she doesn't realize that it takes longer just for to set up the line in boy-girl boy-girl order that it does with talking to get to our next class! She might be the worst teacher I've ever had in school.

2 Teachers That Give Too Much Homework

These teachers are especially annoying in high school. They bombard you with about 2 hours' worth of homework with no consideration to your other classes. This can be especially irritating when the teachers do easy problems with you in class and give you hard ones for homework. This is a lot to ask for considering most students also participate in extracurriculars, volunteer, and have jobs. This keeps many students up until 12, if they're lucky. Some students have been unfortunate enough to go to bed at 2. Plus, many schools start early in the morning, requiring students to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning in order to arrive on time. Studies have shown that getting 6 hours of sleep has the same effect on the brain as getting no sleep at all. If schools and teachers want students to be successful, they need to give out less homework. Besides, homework is basically work that students have to bring home because the teacher didn't have time to make the students do it in class. This is pretty unfair because we can't bring things we didn't finish at home to do in class. We can't bring our unfinished laundry to school and fold it in class, so why bring work from school to do at home? Giving out some homework is understandable, but there is no reason for a teacher to give out enough busy work to ruin your day.

3 Strict Teachers

One time I was taking a test in this civics subject. There's this ridiculous rule that says seeing a phone means automatic zero even if you didn't use it. After the test, I raised my hand so he could take my answer sheet because I'm done. That was dismissal time and we had to switch classes. He's taking a long time to take my test so I took my phone since I'm done. Then he saw my phone and even showed him that it was turned off so there's no way that I would cheat that time. He still give me zero. I hate him.

We once had a substitute teacher who taught in primary school who was pretty strict. She embarrassed a girl in Year 1 show and tell time when she brought a barbie doll with short clothes barely above the knee and said "In real life, we don't wear clothes like this." And she told everyone that if your clothes were above your knee, that meant you were naked. She said that speech while wearing a short dress that barely grazed her knees. I can remember certain times where her clothes were above her knees and one time, when we knew that she was subbing for our teacher one day, we all remembered to pull our school uniforms above our knee and roll them up in extravagant ways during class. Me and my friend also were wearing short school dresses and when we went on the monkey bars, we lifted up our arms which made our clothes "above the knee" while the teacher was watching from the bench, in a displeased way.

4 Teachers Who Blame the Whole Class When Only a Few Kids Did Something Wrong

This dumb kid in my 3rd grade class did that to us. The teacher put a timer for when we were allowed to go to recess. We were in the classroom by the way. She had to repeatedly reset the timer and put 5 more minutes each time, because all the kids were talking and being goofy. So the teacher said, "2 more minutes until recess." And at the last minute, this dumb kid got up out of his seat. He went to this other kids' seat, and said "Can I have my markers back? " We all yelled at him so hard. He said, "What?." The teacher was mean for doing that to us too.

Yeah it's super annoying! It's like if a guy was killed then arresting the murderer and everyone who lived in the same neighborhood as the murderer and sending the to jail too! I know the comparison is very extreme, but that's just how I see it.

My Spanish teacher deducted 1 participation point from the whole class if a couple people were being loud, and I never talked. How's that fair to me?!?!

5 Pedophiles

My Year 7 Science teacher, you know who you are. Commented on a girl in my class's photo for something that had a heart filter around it and said "Lovely!". I always felt like he went after young girls.

Who is letting their little kids on the internet to have "ugly" teachers be higher than this?

How is this not #1? This is physical danger, not just getting yelled at.

6 Teachers That Give Too Many Tests

My 9th grade Algebra teacher gave us a test a week before finals. And then a pop quiz about some of the topics two days before. She said that she was preparing us for pre- Calculus, but when I got to that class are teacher was super chill.

Math teacher. Every Wednesday and Friday we write a test but I actually enjoy it because I normally get the highest.

Teacher: Today we're gonna do a test.
Class: BOOO-
Teacher: No one asked for your opinion! *Hands out tests*
The next day...
Teacher: Who's ready for a test?
Student #1: But we just did a test!
Teacher: Yeah, we're doing another one!
Student #1: Seriously?
Teacher: Uh... Yeah, seriously! I'm the teacher, so if you can't accept that, then you can just go to the office!

7 Teachers That Stalk You

Student #1: My math teacher is horrible!
Student #2: *Looks behind him to see the same teacher following them* Uh... Dude, you might wanna look behind you.
Student #1: *Looks* Excuse me, have you been following us this whole time?
Teacher: Yep, detention, both of you, now! Hop two three four!
Student #2: Me? What did I do?
Teacher: You're hanging out with him!
Student #2: So you're gonna put me in detention for being friends with someone you don't like?
Teacher: Yep!
Student #2: Wow! Now I see why he hates you!

This isn't stalking, but my math teacher was looking directly at me whenever I was getting lunch.

Um, I think you mean we stalk teachers. That's what me and my friends do sometimes.

8 Teachers Who Pick Favorites

It's horrible because they treat other students with all this love and respect and them do something against the class rules without thinking about it and when someone else actually needs it, the teacher discards them.

OH. MY. GOD. My career teacher would treat a girl in my class better than anyone else in the entire school. She'd let her go on her phone, talk to other students, you name it. Would she let me do that? HELL NO!

My high school special ed teacher was racist! I was the ONLY ASIAN KID in her class at the time, and she ALWAYS gets me in trouble for no reason at all. She NEVER does that to the other kids. ONLY ME.

9 Ugly Teachers

I think it's unfair to judge someone by their outside but my seventh grade English teacher was really boring, so I think of her as ugly on the inside.

They give a really bad vibe. And I don't want to listen to a horrible voice for 6 hours a day.

10 Teachers Who Always Think They're Right and You're Wrong

They clearly are a horrible teacher because good teachers use feedback from students an then they will yell at you for correcting them because they can't see the mistake they made.

Yeah, my English teacher once pronounced island as is-land. I said its pronounced as I-land and the S is silent, and she was like " are you the teacher, you dare correct me blah blah blah"

I know if you try to reasonably tell them why they are wrong and camly and politly tell them how they might be able to avoid the mistake in the future they will yell at you. I once had a math teacher who always called me Brenna even though it's not my name, and I tried correcting her politely, but she just said I was lying and called me Brenna the rest of the year. - _-

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11 Teachers Who Humiliate Students

My teacher once made me sit at a desk facing the side wall in the classroom where everyone could see, just because I was talking to my friend during class. Another time, we had a teacher that would let us get away with everything and I sat next to my other friend during class, while two other girls sat next to each other, without him noticing for the entire class period. The next period, we had him for a double period and the teacher that made me face the wall came into the classroom briefly and caught me sitting next to my friend at the wrong desk. He then told me to go back and recorded this thing that shows everything you did wrong online. He also told my other two friends to go back and sit where there desks were, but didn't get them in trouble. That is literally picking favourites and humiliating me in front of the entire class.

I've got this one teacher who will call out a list of students who have not finished their work like 5 times. She all like "These are the students who did not finish their work: Jackson, Kylie, Adrianna, Justin, and Kaylee. Did you hear me? Jackson Kylie, Adrianna, Justin, and Kaylee didn't finish their work. Jackson Kylie, Adrianna, Justin, and Kaylee, you need to be doing your work". Omg! It's like she's trying to humiliate us!

12 Dumb Teachers

In my maths class when I was doing GCSE, I basically taught myself the maths I needed. I guess they weren't dumb in the subject, but they were dumb enough to not teach me what I needed to know! (small school so varied abilities)
Happened in science too. A terms worth of teaching thrown away because my teacher didn't know what he was doing, so I had to teach myself.

This one. Is annoying. Weird disturbing clothes. And seems caring about you but actually does not at all. A teacher I know is so dumb! She spills out evidence with body language that relates to "I don't care you are boring".

My Math teacher who was also my English teacher, said that she can't teach spelling. That was true because on EVERY TEST, there was a misspelled word on EVERY question.

13 Teachers That Will Not Let You Go to the Bathroom

My 7th and 8th grade orchestra conductor would never let us use the bathroom. Last year, one poor kid asked to go again and again and eventually had to pee himself. There was still 30 minutes left in class and by the end we all knew.

I know this is so annoying! If you don't go to the bathroom you can cause serious problems to your health. I guess teachers don't care if they cause health issues for students!

What if... A girl was menstruating and had to go to the bathroom. A boy might be busting.

14 Perverted Teachers

My 6th grade PE teacher is a bisexual, he looks at girls and boys butts why they are excersising.

15 Old Teachers

It actually depends. I had an old teacher in elementary school and she was very mean. She dragged me down the halls! My high school chorus teacher was old and she was strict but she was very nice.

My arabic teacher is very old and I hate him. he fell on his head once and now he has brain problems.

My art teacher is really old and constantly yells at everyone.

16 Racist Teachers

Ahem. Every teacher at my school. My school is so white, with so many white teachers.

17 Teachers Who Yell at the Entire Class for No Reason

Today my Geography teacher got mad at me for "laughing" when I was barely even smiling. What gave her the impression that I was laughing?

High school special ed teacher. We were just talking to each other during lunch and she thought we were bullying other kids.

Sixth grade math teacher.

18 Teachers Who Pick on Just One Student

My 3rd grade teacher did this to me before. I am and always was a good boy. She was so annoying. I got into a fight in that one grade. The teacher only took his side of the story and immediately gave me detention. Never called my parents about it or anything. The punk detention teacher said he was going to give me 10 day suspension if that happened. That was my first fight of that school year! The school system didn't work like that also.

My high school special ed teacher gets me in trouble for no reason all the time, and I was the ONLY ASIAN in her class! I swear she is racist!

Oh god... My tech teacher hates me. He always calls me out whenever a fairly large group of me and my friends are talking, always asks me for the answer even when I don't know and everyone else is offering to say and he ALWAYS GIVES ME TERRIBLE GRADES!

19 Teachers Who Prefer One Gender

Don't you mean schools that prefer one gender? Yeah A LOT of schools prefer girls over boys sad story I'm male

My teacher preferred the boys over the girls.

20 Loud Teachers

My 5th grade teacher was loud, and eventually became my absolute least-favorite teacher in my life.

They talk so loud when your like right their in their face!

21 Homophobic Teachers
22 Teachers With Bad Breath
23 Teachers Who Don't Believe You

All my teachers in 11th grade would always try to fail me because they thought I was really stupid or I had a mental illness. 11th grade sucked for me...

I got suspended after a kid put stuff in my backpack while I wasn't looking. I told them that it wasn't my fault but they were not convinced >:(

Zero tolerance policy

24 Insensitive Teachers

These teachers are terrible, and back in 5th grade a sub literally made me cry, and I got sent to the principal's office for being "overdramatic". What?! The reason she was screaming at me in the first place was because I was working ahead. WORKING AHEAD. That's a good thing, right? And when I tried to explain that the teacher let us work ahead, she yelled at me for talking back. And in the principal's office, I tried to explain myself, and they asked if I was calling the sub a liar, and I said "no, I was calling her mistaken", and they got even more mad, and said not to give them sass! I was in fifth grade, and was literally in tears! On a side note, the instant me and the sub were out of the room, the biggest jerk in the class stood up, on a chair, and she told the entire class that I deserved to be sent to the principal's office! I found that out later because my best friend told me. So glad I left that school, but really sad that I left my best friend.

My high school special ed teacher made me cry so many times and when I was crying she ordered me to stop in a harsh tone of voice! SO MEAN! >:(

25 Teachers Who Mess Up Your Grades

These are awful. Once when I got a test from my most hated class back, it turned out I got a D.

Then, I realised I put exactly what was on the answer key for a few questions but the teacher marked them wrong, so I just acted confused over why I didn't get the marks. She looked at the tests again and it turned out everyone's grades were wrong - in the end she bumped them all up, so I got a B and our overall grades (that were sent out to parents shortly after) were unharmed!

To think everyone could have got in trouble at home thanks to her incompetence (assuming she didn't do it on purpose! ) still makes me shudder to this day.

My online teacher posted a practice test that was optional, but the website marked it as required and it dropped my grade to a 40. I turned the rest of my work on time.

Student: *Arrives 0.0000001 seconds after the bell*
Teacher: Where were you?
Student: I'm sorry, there was a huge group of people in front of me walking really slow.
Teacher: Yeah right. That "huge group of people" are probably your skipping buddies.
Student: What are you talking about? I got here right after the bell!
Teacher: You were supposed to be here BEFORE the bell!
Student: Well, it wasn't my fault, so please stop assuming I was skipping because I have NEVER skipped in my life.
Teacher: Do you wanna fail this class?
Student: What kind of question is that? Of course I don't wanna fail!
Teacher: Well, you're going to if you continue skipping and lying about it!
Student: There are cameras all over the school to show that I clearly wasn't skipping!
Teacher: That's it! You have a 0% in this class!
Student: Seriously? You're going to put my mark all the way down from 85% (made up mark) because I was less than a millisecond late?
Teacher: Yep, I'm the teacher! I do what I want!
Student: But I wasn't even-
Teacher: Have fun being a grade behind!

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