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1 Kopassus - Gultor 81

Special Forces are ready to die for their country
do not hesitate and move quickly

Well trained soldier individual or group

Kopassus have amazing achievement freeing a hijacked aircraft at Don Muang in 1981. They killed 5 terrorist, lost one Kopassus member, and no one hostage were injured.

The best, the bravest and the ultimate soldier skills ever

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2 United Kingdom S.A.S.

The best known special forces unit in the world, the most respected and the strongest on earth. Who dares wins

Tough, scary, merciless and a lot of of experience since the start of the second world war, "Desert rats". Great Britain's SAS are the best in the world

The original and still the best and they don't kill hostages like the Delta Team recently did.

The first and best special forces in the world. All other special forces were based on their standards in the beginning. But they didn't stop to raise the standards since its inception.

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3 United States DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six)

These guys are the best trained, most fit, and smartest soldiers that work for the United States armed forces. The training they endure has claimed over 6 lives since their creation after the 1980's. No doubt the most elite team.

They terminated Bin Laden w/ extreme prejudice, who can top that?

These guys rescued hostages, terminated Osama Bin Laden. They're smart, very fit and have smart fighting techniques that pulverize terrorists.

We killed bin laden so we best

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4 Isreali Matkal / Shayetet 13 (YAMAN)

there is no other than the israeli YAMAN. They are original, with training for almost every situation and the SAS godfathering. They are also in constant training and constant action.

One of the best and if not the best training and hardest to get in, israel is under constant threat of terror, and only about 1% of people who apply get in. Not sure which team from israel it was but they won againts other 29 elite units around the world and broke the records in the urban shield thing

A US SOF team fails, the main result is lots of bad press. An Israeli SOF team fails, it could mean the death of the whole team, the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands. Every Israeli operation is a matter of life and death, possibly for the entire nation. Is that true for anyone else? No. That's why Israelis are the best soldiers, commandos, pilots and spies in the world. They have to be. Win or die.

They have the most successful operations. The Israelis have been doing counter terrorism and special ops before most military's were still thinking about it.

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5 United States 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force)

They are the absolute best counter-terrorism unit on the entire planet. They are also masters of covert operations and hostage rescues as well as experts at conducting raids. They fight and win the secret wars that keep us all safe.

If you want to be awarded for operations that are supposed to be covert, then you can join the SEALs, but if you want to be better than the SEALs by ten fold then try delta force. You'll be lucky to even hear about selection. And if you do, chances are you won't complete it.

Why is Seal Team Six above the SFOD-D? Sure, they are SEALs, but remember, Delta Force recruits FROM the SEALs. In a book written by one of the SEAL Team Six members who knocked out 'you know who', he talked about Delta Operators like they were Gods. And they basically are... - Operation_Fortitude

Delta force doesn't deserve spot five on this list they should be 3 at the very least. delta force has rough training but keep in mind they recruit from the navy seals making them the best of the best. there is no reason delta force is below the navy seals, SAS or YAMAN other than people don't know there facts and they just assume that the navy seals are more elite becuase they have a reputation. but why doesn't delta force?

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6 Germany's GSG9 / KSK

GSG 9 won the SWAT Competitions twice, once winning 7/7 events. Additionally they have many real life operations and they exist for over 30 years.

The German ksk and gsg9 are two completely different units. the ksk is comprised of elite soldiers from the bundeswehr, and the gsg9 is an elite police unit. the gsg9 executed more than 1500 missions, but in only 5 of them, had to make use of firearms.
Members of the ksk are frequently asked to join counter terrorism missions together with the SAS and the Seals. the ksk has received numerous decorations from NATO and is with no doubt one of the top units in the world.

Better than Kopassus. In the hundreds of Counter-Terrorism situations, they have only discharged their weapons four times. That is truly amazing.

If they can do 1500 missions with only using firearms in 5 it shows how good they are and not using firearms reduces casualties to a minimum

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7 Canadian Joint Task Force 2

Being the son of a legend in this elite unit I can definitely confirm their fearless determination, I've witnessed a hostage situation and those boys ran around the corner a split second after they placed the charge and set it off scaring the hell out of me and mezmorizing everyone. These boy get it done right regardless and they are ghosts until they want to be seen. Hands down the best of the best. I can only release so much information due to safety concerns and plus I'm next to try my hand at this proud unit and they frequently train with every special forces unit you can think of, #1 choice of every special forces unit when needed. They rapidly respond to any situation within a week. I wish I could say more and stress their training but I can't. Their tactics still need to remain a secret to this world. CSOR doesn't even come close to the standards of JTF2. Proudly Canadian, proudly fearless, and proud enough to die without a second thought for their country. I myself will it my ...more

Hands down one of the worlds best trained and most effective special forces / anti terrorist group

They have an estimated 600 men and women working inside of JTF2 and there has only been one death known of in the last 18 years of this unit being formed.

Simply our Finest...

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8 Russian OZNAZ (Alpha Group)

Brutal But bad for hostage rescue. Western special forces aim in a hostage situation is to rescue the hostages OZNAZ's is to kill the terrorists

If your talking about Spetsgruppa ALFA, this unit came from the legendary Soviet "Tunder" group that never failed a mission (not including the cancelled assassination attempt on Boris Yeltsin). Not only do they have one of the most sophisticated equipment in the world (strange for Russian standards), they can operate in almost any environment (they are trained to paradrop, CQB on land, diving group). With only 700 men and brutal/harsh training that lasts 5 years, you could only expect a very professional group.

They are just the best in the world, without doubt. Enough said.
Not, they can kill every terrorist in th e world if they want.

Excellent counter-terror group. Indonesian counter-terror and special forces very much hoping to have strong Russian Indonesian joint training as SEALS, Rangers, Green Beret, SAS, SBS, Commandos (UK), DST, SAS/SASR, Para Mortar 3 have nothing more to teach. - IndoRaya

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9 National Gendarmerie Intervention Group

Telling which unit is the best in a rigorous order has no real meaning as most of them follow almost the same training, share their tactics and have access to the best technologies in intel, breaching, and weaponry. If units had to be ranked, it would be on criteria such as age and experience of the unit and its members, numbers of operation made, rate of success and innovation in tactics and use of new tools. In that regard, I think gign is probably one of the most experienced. And I don't understand how it can be ranked under let say ksk or gsg9, as gign was in charge of their training. They made much more missions, rescued much more hostage and face real terrorist threat several time, including several fierce gun battle in close quarters, or even in jungle for instance. They were the unit which gave advice to handle the mecca hostage crisis, they were the one who entered secured and hostage plane in 1994, who killed armed terrorist last year in France. Their reputation has push the ...more

These French soldiers (the gendarmerie is one of the four components of the French armed forces) are the best in close combat and hostage liberation. Training is the hardest you can get. - CommandoMarine

Best in the world

French rock

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10 Australian Special Air Service Regiment (Tactical Assault Group-West)

The Australian SASR is one of the best Counter Terrorism units in the world because of their operational support assets, advanced weapons systems and their niche combat skills. These skills are demonstrated annually during Exercise Mercury were the Regiment responses to mock terrorist scenarios across four different states and territories simultaneous.

The Regiment is also responsible for the training of the Indonesian Kopassus in CT tactics and conduct a annual exercise with the Indonesians to improve their CT skills.

Unlike the Canadian JTF2 which has only started it's CT role in 1993, the SASR has been training constantly since 1978. Before an operator is allowed to join the CT Squadron, they must complete a 18 month reinforcement training cycle to qualify as an operator and then must complete a 12 month training cycle and 12 months of deployments before joining the CT Squadron. They training 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and 2 nights a week expanding thousands of ...more

There Aussies that means were hardcore. we wrestle crocodiles and snakes and sell their skin and teeth for a living so watch out!

These guys are badasses that will mess your day up

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11 Austria's EKO Cobra

EKO Cobra ended a high plane hijacking while the plane was still in the air, allowing for the plain to land safely; and handed over the terrorist to the local authorities. For that they received a decoration by Russian prime minister Putin.

A very professionel and well trained CT-Force. Can be everywhere in Austria within 72 min. They are known for training with the GSG9 and rarely using firearms in operations. Very high-end equipment and gear. definitely one of the best Special Forces Unit in the world.

Like the guy said, EKO Cobra is until this day and probably will for a long time be, the only counter terrorism unit who defeated the terrorists while stil in mid flight.
No American/UK/French/German/etc unit has ever acomplished the same.

12 The Reces - South African Special Forces

The South African Recce's (for Recon Commando Units) were the best prior to 1994, when revolutionary elements took over the South African control. Following this take-over the experienced elements of the units migrated out of the SADF to Western alighned nations and their special forces. Today you will find ex-South African Recce's and other special forces members in many of the special forces units of UK, USA, Australia etc.

The recce force is still the best they are not that much part of the normal South African military the recces are an elite group that do mostly under the radar operations now they are in my opinion the best in the world

Toughest there is. Deep cover tactics. Invented the term behind enemy lines. No drama. Still the best. Fear naught but God.

Isolated up to 2000km behind enemy lines with packs up to 130kg, these guys statistically only had a 20% chance of long term survival when deployed at the height of the war due to the nature and frequency of deployments during the war. You don't get any tougher than these guys

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13 National Security Guards, India

I am an Australian-Indian, and I can tell you right now, I have NOT seen a single mission profile FAILED with these guys.
No other special forces unit has matched up to that.
Plus, these guys are given top notch training, and money is literally no problem for them.
They get the very best equipment, and they produce the very best performance, no exception.
These guys are easily, without a doubt, in the top 5's, with the SAS and Seal Team Six, and Kopassus!

One of the most bad-ass counter-terror groups in the world. Performed heroically and with superb professionalism in the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008. Criticized for delay in arrival and other things. This unit has come a long way since then.

The best equipped elite fore with more than 5 lacks rupees spend on each commando which includes up to date sub machine guns and other world class accessories.

One of the best

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14 Philippine Scout Rangers

These guys can use their handicraft skills to make their own weapons. They CAN survive the wilderness for months with just a KNIFE. Their skill pays for their lack of equipment. - jnpas

There are the best... Trained even not to eat for 1 week... On the most hostile conditions of the land

They have been boasted as one of the best anti-guerrilla fighters in the world

Rangers lead the way!

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15 Dutch Korps Commandotroepen

Highly trained and very intelligent, these guys know how to do their job. Each member is highly trained in their own specialization and general skills. During recent deployment they have shown that they can do every job, from observation, to capturing HVT or conducting search and rescue.


16 Romania's Brigada Antiterorista

These guys are some of the best, definitely. When they had to do their stuff, they did it well.

Surprisingly good for a third world country.

These guys are higly trained, highly disciplined and capable of working under high risks.

17 Jordanian SOCOM

Special Operation Command of Jordan have made a huge Anti-Terrorism mission in Saudi Arabia within only half an hour when the authorities there took days without being able to find a way to capture the terrorists without having any deaths in the holy mosque in Meka.

Plus, they have trained special forces from all over the world. - ricolopez

18 Japanese S.A.T.

Japan knows what its doing. - Carlosgutierrez

I'm counting on Japan.

There are very little terrorist threat in japan - ronluna

Well-trained unit.

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19 Tunisian BAT

They never lost one single operation.
They captured 361 terrorists armed with AK-47 and RPG-7 with just 8 man armed with HK-MP5 and M4A1

They didn't kill one single hostage during the negociations with terrorists and during the rescue ops. They are just amazing guys.
Go BAT go.

The best in the business, they caught many Al Qaeda Terrorists and GIA's. Professional guys. The best in Africa

the best

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20 Serbian PTJ (Anti-terrorist Unit)

Remove kebab

Kosovo war.Criminal of 2015 was fall to much down.

As its name states, the PTJ is oriented towards anti-terror operations as well as securing and maintaining the internal security of Serbia. Often only used in operations deemed too dangerous for other police units, it is highly trained and equipped. The PTJ's responsibilities include: resolving hostage situations, anti-terrorist operations, high profile arrests and bomb disposal. Members of the PTJ operate with extreme professionalism and devotion to their responsibilities. This has earned the PTJ great respect throughout the world as an elite special operations police unit among other such units. In 13 operations across eight cities in Serbia, the PTJ arrested numerous members of the so-called "Customs Mafia". They detained known organized crime leaders such as Sreten Jocić from the Netherlands; Dejan Milenković from Greece; Ridvan Rašitija from Switzerland; and extradited Abdelmajid Bouchar, (a member of "Al-Qaeda" suspected in connection with the 2004 Madrid train bombings), to ...more - Arijan3000

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