Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe

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1 Napoli (Italy) Napoli (Italy)

I was living in Naples for some years.

Even if it's dirty and deteriorate, the city itself is very beautiful and some places are special.

By the way, I must admit that many people are arrogant. They say they are friendly and warm but I found a lot of rude and impolite people and they're often extremely intrusive.

The ignorance you can find here is rare in other European cities and it's very difficult to find people who can speak English (even in a basic way). Italian its self can be a problem for some people, especially in some neighborhood.

Episodes of racism and xenophobia, sometimes even resulting in violence, are quite common, based on personal and friend's experiences, and I saw people insulted or even beaten even for having disabilities or physical difficulties.

Personally I've never had problems with robbery but I know about many people having had this kind of problems and it happens quite often to see tourist robbed or bag-snatched.

I ...more

I really wonder who those people are writing all these bad reviews. To me it seems like either fat white americans or other european white-collar-sit on the desk all day-people who lost connection to actual life and reality. Probably peole who live in suburbs or rich people communities without any sense for anything else besides their little world..
I've spent 6 days in Napoli with my girl in 2018 (my second time after 2013), both looking like dumb tourists with backpacks 50% of the time. She lives in London, me in Berlin.
Napoli is an amazing place to visit, offers great cultural depth, the best food, affordable everything, amazing weather, great sights and the ocean.
It's proper italian and I mean it.
All these people saying the northern italy is so much better don't want to see real italy in my opinion.
Outside of Napoli you can visit the volcano Vesuvio and the lost city of pompeii. You are in a good place to go further south as well to go into proper food ...more

It's a fact that London is very dangerous even under CCTV. It is statistically the most dangerous city of Europe, straight after comes Glasgow with knifes aggression. Foreigners can easily see the difference on the high level of violence compare to their other European countries. South west London is considering as safe because posh, but it is not the case at all. French people and other foreigners have stories to talk about this area. Blood, dangerous crazy people, junkies, extreme poor-less, fight, murder, etc. We are witness of chocking and bad acts each week. I come from Paris, an area considered as a bad one, but I have never seen in Paris, what I have seen here in 3 months. That's crazy. I live Fulham, my neighbor was killed in his house, an old woman was sexually abuse in the street, 3 children were kidnapped, a man tried to kidnap myself, a girl punched a man, a man had a cheek cut and many more witnessed. When I come back around 8 pm from work, there is more than 50 percent ...more

I am Italian and have actually been to Naples a few times. First time was in middle school, and I got my wallet stolen as soon as I got there. Then I went again recently for business. The city is, in all honesty, a mess. It's dirty, noisy, smelly. There are ALWAYS people harassing you, even multiple times in a single day. There is a lot of criminality as well, and you constantly feel unsafe to walk in streets alone (even at morning! )

On the good side, food is just amazing. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
(To those who said food is bland, please don't let the bad experience of the city get you! The food in Naples in unquestionably good.)

2 Moscow (Russia) Moscow (Russia)

Russia: Anywhere within any city with a population above 100,000 be indoors by 7pm. Drinking in public is allowed and beer to a 9 month winter Russian is same as koolaid for anyone from the USA.

March of every year, Russian girls need extra vacation money for summer vacations and send love letters to romantics and spouse hunters on the net. Scammers do not lament, it is just about the cash money.

Food: Do not go there for fine dining unless Andrew Zimmern. If you do not speak Russian, they may very well refuse to serve you. McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. will however do you well all over Russia.

Buy all your booze in the market; never at a street kiosk. Do not booze in a bar even if run by Hindus. They will separate you from your cash quick.

Lots of gangs. The most powerful of them operates from Kremlin. Locals depending on age have a chip on the shoulder (younger ones) or gold mine instead of teeth (older ones). If you happen to be dark skinned expect trouble - if you're lucky you will regain consciousness in a week or two, and loose it immediately when you see how hospital looks like and how much "gratification" docs, nurses et al expect.

I'm English and lived in Moscow for a couple years without a single problem. I used the Metro daily and nightly without a hitch (the armed police on every station is something most counties should replicate). Refreshingly, there aren't any real no-go areas. A far safer city than most capitals in Europe.

Muscovite are very aggressive people. Even in relation to foreign tourists. Everything is connected with corruption and mafia - the crime is EVERYWHERE! This is not Europe - it's barbarians and savages! Avoid Moskova / Moscow (Russia).

3 Sofia (Bulgaria) Sofia (Bulgaria)

As a 16-year old Sofian, I can tell you that I loathe this HOLE with all my heart. You can get robbed on every corner, you can step over a fresh dog excrement on every street, even in the city centre. Everywhere there are these unbeatably ugly Stalinist high-rise apartment blocks from the communist era that look as if they were a part of a horror film set. Worst sidewalks in the entire Universe, dirtiest air in Europe, dumbest mayor ever, and of course, as everybody here has said, gypsies. Tsigani in Bulgarian, these creatures live on the edge of the acceptable, frenetically building illegal craphouses around Sofia's outskirts. The corrupted pseudo-police never does anything against them, that's why they terrorise the people, they steal, and also ride for free in the messy public transport. All of these unfixable issues contribute to the ridiculously harsh, prison-like atmosphere for those like me who just wait for the day when we'll get out of this hell on Earth...

Sofia is not unsafe! It is actually a very safe city and if you are worried - taxis are extremely cheap. I used to live there for 6 months and walked at night numerous times from the center to Lozenets - I never had any incident. I also used to work in Lyulin - considered to be unsafe and I did not feel that at all. I saw a Gypsy once - I ignored her and she did not care about me anymore. All city center is with cameras. You should use the same precautions as in every other bigger city. The locals are really kind and they like foreigners.

Me as a Dutch person in Sofia lives here fantastic with no problems at all! The street dogs just want to have food and beg, the gypsies are 99% scum, will only rob you when you are small, elderly or a girl. Local hooligans and nationalists? For me that's a good thing and they will never bother you with anything and the locals are friendly (not always of course). Good and safe place to live for sure!

Went there a few years ago and found it cozy, atmospheric and like a hidden gem in Europe. But I also was accompanied by a man who lives there so he was my guide. That felt safe but as I said I didn't feel insecure, I just noticed there were a lot of beggars sadly.

4 Belgrade (Serbia) Belgrade (Serbia)

People will tell you it's safe, but the matter of fact is that it's really not THAT safe. People get beat up by the police and the authorities all the time and God forbid any homosexuals openly show their affections. They might get killed on the spot by someone. They would certainly get beat up at some point. Murder is not common compared to other post communist countries, but it still does happen. Robbery on the other hand is more common, but the thing that is most troubling is larceny and Belgrade does suffer from it very much.

I think Belgrade is the most dangerous city in Europe, by a clear mile. We can't forget that Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, or as locals call it "the little Russia". Most of its inhabitants are racist and anti-western oriented thus would probably hurt anyone who speaks in one of the languages commonly spoken in Western Europe. Just a year or so ago a French tourist was beaten to death in the Center of Belgrade just because he spoke French. My advice to you is, if you aren't Russian or Slavic, avoid Belgrade, for your own sake.

I have lived in Belgrade all my life and I think the city is generally safe. Sure, there are a lot of people that are hard cored nationalists, prone to pick-pocketing and yes there are gangs. But not all people are in Belgrade are bad and not all part of the city are dangerous. It's a shame that a lot of people don't visit Belgrade because of what happend in the past and what only a few people do. Most of the people leaving here in Belgrade are kind and friendly. Don't judge us because of actions of some idiots.

Wait what?! Car bombing, shooting on street and robbing?! Holly god, I don't know where you have been, but you my friend are lost! Belgrade is a super chill city, where there is a lot to see, and off course there are people who will try to harm u, just like in any other mayor cities... you should just ask locals where is a bad idea to walk around at nighttime, and you just avoid those parts! I was in Paris, and I got attacked, I was in Athens, also got attacked...

5 Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herezgovina) Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herezgovina)

Sarajevo is pretty. They have pretty houses and there are trees everywhere. The city is polluted and the air isn't the best, but it isn't that dangerous since there are many people. During the day is WAY safer than the night, at night. There is crime and they sometimes shoot, but it is still nice.

Sarajevo is nice city, however it is true that you can get robbed easy. Who ever does visit the city should keep him/her self in the downtown, should not walk around the suburbs. City with whole lot of historical buildings, and I would call it European Jerusalem. Diversity of different religions on one place, city with good people ready to help at any given time. Like any other big city, yes there are gangs, however it is safe if you keep your self in the old town. Beautiful city with nice night life, nice restaurants, nice food. You just need to get in contact with someone local and than you will discover beauties of the city it self and people that do live there. True it was much nicer, however war has done the damage. Lots of local people are not really from Sarajevo, huge population migration happened during and after the war. My opinion is a must see city.

I truly do not know what this city is doing on the list- I have never felt unsafe in Sarajevo, I have been there several times, and stayed for several weeks, and never, ever saw anybody being robbed. People are helpful, and the city is just amazing, as well as the nature around the city - I have been walking alone at night and nothing ever happened. I even forgot my credit card in a place, and had a guy running after me to give it to me, and this was at 3 am in a suburb. Having it so high on the list compared to London, Berlin, or Bucarest is just ridiculous!

I am Bosnian and I say Sarajevo is very dangerous city, with much corruption and poor people, that drives them insane. It is true that you can get robbed easily, murdered, kidnapped and police down there are criminals too, they don't care if you get shot or robbed, etc. It is a beautiful city with nice clubs, cheap alcohol, nice food (good nightlife), but unfortunately, the city is very high with crimes. For 3 days ago, it was a big shooting in Sarajevo. But like everywhere else, even in the most dangerous place in world, if you don't look for trouble (don't stare at someone, flash with something, have expensive things, be rude, etc.). Just be careful and nice, because people down there have a different mentality, especially those who have been in the war. Don't look like a tourist down there.

6 Kaliningrad (Russia)

Organized crime haven. Very dangerous

7 Malmö (Sweden) Malmö (Sweden)

Been there several times and the bad rap is exaggerated. There are parts of the city where you don't want to go night time but that's the same with a lot of cities even smaller ones. It's not beautiful, but cozy. And there are a lot of creative designers, musicians, good shopping, great food from all over the world. In the central parts, there is a "bohemian" neighborhood which is multicultural, young, cool and I would say rather safe to go even at night.

A lot of immigrants aka "youth" in this city in Skåne, it's a real shame. Malmö used to be a great city but ever since the social-democrats and moderates decided to enrich it it's been crap. Here in Sweden you always hear it mentioned when talking about crime, immigration and violence. I recommend everyone to keep away from this hell hole of a city.
And to my fellow Swedes I recommend voting for a party that actually cares about the Swedes and not just about the "Newswedes" next election, or you'll have yourself to blame when it spreads to your town.

Immigrants who live here are forced to live in poverty and lack acceptance from the Swedish population. That is how dangerous people are systematically created. Segregation and poverty. In some regions they separate the Muslim immagrant sand Swedish students. Swedish people act very entitled and call immigrants terrorists and rapists.

I'm Swedish but I live far away from this city. It is known for it's multicultural ''enrichment'' and a lot of crime. 50% of the inhabitants are not Swedish. Yeah I vote for this because I read and hear about a lot of gang criminality, drugs and murder from there.

8 Odessa (Ukraine) Odessa (Ukraine)

Its one of the most mafia cities, I never seen like this one. I have terrible experience and got rub by police mafia.

I never had problems in Odessa. Only problems are corrupted cops wanting to steal your cash.

Tough city, most people just looked pissed off while the rest look crazy.

Too many sexy women

9 Glasgow (UK)

Some total nonsensical comments on here. Glasgow's dangerous reputation comes from historical gang crime between youths that live on housing estates in the cities suburbs. Those who complain about growing up around crime are likely to live in areas like this, particularly in the east of the city. They are notorious to locals. The city itself continues to offer high levels of quality of life, particularly in the west of the city which has some of the most affluent areas in Scotland. Glasgow is rich in culture and beauty and was visited by over 3.2 million tourists in 2018. Do not believe everything you see in the media.

Knives are the big thing easy to conceal and the neds like to get up close and make it personal.

Mix this with drink and drugs to an already violent society and its all set to go.

Most people are friendly and welcoming.

Employment and poverty problems are the root cause. If you get a job then most bosses will treat staff with contempt long hours and basic wages.
Basically if you don't like it then leave there's plenty more idiots waiting to take your place.

This is a main problem in glasgow which just makes life harder for the ones trying to climb out of the poverty trap.

But there are some good employers.

Glasgow can be a great place to live if your street wise you will be ok.

Stay out of scheme areas which are gang areas and leave the city centre area well before closing time to ensure you get a taxi home.
Finally if your asked what football team you support say none.

Utter pish, this is based on fiction not fact. Glasgow's not even the most dangerous city in the UK. Just a load of wee bams commenting because they love to perpetuate the idea that Glasgow's still a tough city, when really they're just clad in trackies drinking buckie pretending to be hard because they've got nothing better to do, and that truly is a sad thing. Many areas of Glasgow have moved on but these people have been left behind in areas of deprivation, poor health and poverty, this is the true problem with Glasgow.
Glasgow's hoachin wae hipsters, heard of Finnieston? Apparently the hippest place to live in the UK or something...

Glasgow is wonderful place only the 10percent wee silly needs that ruin it!

The other lot the drug dealers and gangsters! There not so bad most of the time as they do there own thing and keep to them selfs pretty easy to spot too, track suits! Gucci cruise clothes rollex! Veneers! Big cars

The rest are ok

Nothing worse than junks but there everywhere in most run down areas,

City centre at we for most of you bet to get your taxi after dancing this is we're the trouble starts walking about Glasgow late at night!

10 Pristina (Kosovo)

As an Englishman, I cannot understand why Pristina is so high up in this "most dangerous cities" list after the friendly welcome by local people given to the England football team and their supporters last Sunday (17th November 2019). It is quite likely that my next foreign holiday will be in Pristina and Kosovo now.

This place should be higher on the list. When I went two years ago they asked me randomly on the streets if I was American and wanted to be f*****. I felt extremely vulnerable everywhere I went. Safe for the locals maybe, but not for tourists. Travel with a men and a large group if you go. (And I dressed conservatively, so don't even try to think I deserved to be harassed by these scary people... And I'm Canadian. )

Considering that members of the Albanian mafia and the former Kosovo Liberation Army continue to dabble in organ harvesting, prostitution and drug trafficking, it is not surprising that this city is on the list.

Modern Kosovo is the most dangerous place in all of Europe anyway.

You must be crazy to visit this place if you're a Christian. It's a decade ago when the Albanian Muslim mudzaheedin KLA Army slaughtered Serbian Christians and destroyed over 400 Christian orthodox churches in Kosovo.

It is also known as a drug traffic place between Afghanistan/Europe thanks to the help of CIA at Camp Bondsteel and American Zionist politicians like Joe Biden, Tom Lantos etc.

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11 Tirana (Albania)

Honestly, the Tirana is not even that bad... Most of the people saying bad things usually are just people that don't like Albania. But obviously there is the very strong Albanian Mafia, they are very similar to the early Sicilian mafia, very violent and hypersensitive and hates traitors. I go to Albania every year and I have never encountered the Albanian Mafia because I have not business with them... This is the same for anyone who goes there, you are not in danger unless you have business or bad history with the Mafia. Overall since Albania's new prime minister has come into place things have got a lot better, crime rates decreased, the city is looking better and you can feel safe walking at night and the nightlife in Tirana is very nice.

Well honestly I was there like 100 times because my country is on the border with Albania, and yes I was in Tirana and everywhere in Albanian, not so impressed, but yet very beautiful seasides. I was in Tirana with my school and we were walking on the main Square Skenderbeu, when a homeless guy got beaten by a guy that was walking next to him and just few meters away was a police they never did anything! After a guy beat the homeless (there are a lot of them), the police approach and asked the homeless guy if he is okay. So yeah, we as a kids back then were shocked!

I am an Albanian and haven't lived in Albania for 20 years and every time I visit although I look and sound like a tourist never had any problems there everyone is friendly. However, I still say that Albania is dangerous but not to genuine visitors, the only people that will be in danger in Albania are gangsters, show offs, and people with attitude problems (due to the Albanian pride not to feel inferior or second to no one) Everyone else will be more welcomed then visiting relatives go and check it out or ask anyone who has been there.

I am an Albanian and I live in Tirane. I was reading all the posts here made by the user and felt I don't agree with some of them.
Albania is really not a good country to live in but many of the posts are not true. You can live in many part of Albania normally ( even poorly). I live in one the center districts of tirana and here is very common to walk in the streets at 2 AM of the night without any problem no one bothers you. There are no groups of gangsters in the streets like you can find in some european cities. And never groups of young guys standing in the streets bother someone, not to mention stealing you or beating you.
Said that, Albania have many many criminality problems, and these are mostly related to drug trafficking. In many parts of the country drug trafficking is seen by the young people as legit profession. And in many of the business is funded by the drug trafficking.
Northen people are more rude and savage than the others, but in the south you have parts ...more

12 Donetsk (Ukraine)

It makes me worried to hear that my grandma's home town is so deadly. She says the crime is terrible there. Also with a war with Russia and Ukraine doesn't help.

Nothing dangerous in Donetsk really... Just an avarage industrial city in Eastern Ukraine. Not much to see, but not dangerous, unless you go to the suburbs in the night and show you are a tourist

You know what is happening in the East Ukraine? With this war going on in Ukraine, it is certainly one of the most dangerous cities in Europe

The worst and the most dangerous city in Ukraine. The most brutal, violent and just scary crimes come from Donetsk. It should be in the top 10

13 Pripyat (Ukraine) Pripyat (Ukraine)

No one even lives here! Everyone was evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster, and now it's a dead zone! The only dangerous thing there is the radiation!

I don't get why people would visit this place. I know that there's a limited amount of time that you can be in Pripyat for but you shouldn't risk it.

Donald Trump should go there to collect nuclear waste for overpriced nukes, and hopefully die in the process.

It's abandoned and overgrown did I forget to say that it is full of radiation. no nothing bad about this city.

14 Istanbul (Turkey) Istanbul (Turkey) Istanbul, formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople, is the most populous city in Turkey and the country's economic, cultural and historic center. The city straddles the Bosphorus strait, and lies in both Europe and Asia, with a population of over 15 million residents, comprising 19% of the population more.

This is the worst City and the worst people I have ever been to in my 10 years of travelling around the world. Since from the airport you will regret going to that city. Though Istanbul is very good city to visit as a tourist but the people there are not nice. The taxi drivers would definitely cheat you around tourist areas like Taksim. I enjoyed the city but had a very negative experience with the people. I have been to a club in Istiklal because I am black one stupid bouncer asked me to stay only by the bar. I nearly punched his face but men he was stronger than me. I wouldn't take the risk. That was the first time I experienced racism in my life.

Europeans who visit "Clean" areas might not have any problems and would say "Safest city" but you've got to live there to understand. Has very big sexual crime problem. One of the worst places for a woman to be because of Islamic and racist and pervert attitude of people. Sellers always try to scam foreigners. People have very big tension and always looking for people to beat up.

It is very safe, conservative and clean except for very few areas well known like any in the world. I stayed there for almost a month. I love it people are very friendly and helpful unlike other countries I visited.
In Istanbul, you will enjoy friendly atmosphere, stay away from Aksaray.

The only good thing in this city is the Saint Sofia temple. Other than that, horrible place. Dirty, dangerous, unsafe for women, thieves, provocative locals, rude taxi drivers, and people ready to take advantage of you as soon as they realized you were a tourist. Would I go there again? Hell no.

15 Milano (Italy)

Gipsies and clandestine immigrants that I believe entered the country when their Labour Party was in charge are selling drugs, pick pocketing and the African lucky lucky men molest girls but I heard that they are sending them back to heir country now!

Never experienced any problems in Milan, there are pickpockets so watch out but it's nothing more than that. A busy city and a bit overcrowded with traffic, but also extremely interesting and inspiring and elegant.

From my point of view, a person whom they call "Asian bitch".
I faced a sexual harassment on the bus, a pickpocket and I lost my blackberry at Duomo, and racism conversation and gesture on Milan subway green line.
The way they celebrate Christmas Eve was squibbing dozens of super-loud firecrackers. Policemen chased around teenage gangs all night. Totally scary. I vote this city from the deepest of my heart.

Quite safe city, just pay attention to refugee and gipsies. Do not walk nightly around railway stations.

16 Bucharest (Romania) Bucharest (Romania)

I lived in Prague for 2 years and I was beaten up on a bi-weekly basis because of the colour of my skin (Indian), I lived in Bratislava for a year and the people there were just as horrible, slightly better than Prague. I have since lived in Bucharest for 4 years and it is literally my favourite place on earth. The people are absolutely lovely here, they are not racist, it is a cheap, safe paradise. I should also mention that I am born and raised in UK, where the people are not too racist but very violent. I was attacked racially as a child but since I've grown up it's not been too bad. I've been working as a Doctor in the Uk for almost a year now and the level of violent attacks is insane.

Honestly, the Bucharest Romania is not that bad... Most of the people saying bad things usually are just people that don't like Romanian. But obviously there is the very strong Romanian Mafia, they are very similar to the early Sicilian mafia, very violent and hypersensitive and hates traitors. I go to Romania every year and I have never encountered the Romanian Mafia because I have not business with them... This is the same for anyone who goes there, you are not in danger unless you have business or bad history with the Mafia. Overall since Romanian's new prime minister has come into place things have got a lot better, crime rates decreased, the city is looking better and you can feel safe walking at night and the nightlife in Bucharest is very nice.

Attacked in the Victoria area by a group of guys who were shouting that "English people didn't belong in Romania and that Romania is for Romanians." This was around 10 on a monday night. They smashed my phone and sunglasses. One of my friends was also attacked in a bathroom at a bar in the center. Luckily, she was okay and someone else intervened. Tons of stray dogs also pose a risk. I've lived in cities around Europe and would say that this is one of the most dangerous. It has a veneer of being safe but if you stay long enough you will see through that very quickly.

Bucharest is not at all a dangerous city. I was born here and grew up here and in my 30 years of life I've never encountered any violence against me, although I was not always living in the good areas of the city. You can walk alone, as a girl, in the middle of the night and nothing will happen to you.
Gypsies are just noisy, they like to be together and listen to music and have fun together, but they are not a threat to anyone.
It is very safe, take this from a girl.

17 Palermo (Italy)

Was there a week ago with my girlfriend and felt very similar to Mogadiscio in almost all the streets except the few centric commercial ones. Looks like if it has been bombed recently. Didn't happened anything wrong to us but there were lots of people looking at us in strange ways in some streets. Felt like someone will assault us at any moment. Left off in the evening, wouldn't like to be walking by there at late night...

I'm surprised this and Corleone weren't on the list already.

18 Rotterdam (Netherlands)

The city center of Rotterdam is safe, nothing wrong with it. But as soon as you enter the southside, it starts to get dangerous. Heroin and crack junks everywhere. I have never felt safe there, the big problem is that there are more drug dealers than drug users, which means there are more scary looking drug dealers wandering on the streets. Don't worry about them, they usually don't do anything, just as the young people who swear to you and call you: kanker homo. You won't get murdered in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a city of fights, stabbings, and sometimes shootings. Just make sure not to make contact with the junks, they are unpredictable.

Though the inner-city center isn't that bad, many of the outlying neighborhoods Rotterdam, much like Amsterdam, has seen huge numbers of migration over the last 30 years (North-Africans/Eastern Europeans) - often leaving many of the neighborhoods a little run-down in comparison. Unlike Amsterdam, however, Rotterdam is not the Dutch poster-child to tourists, thus leaving the level of control far lower than Amsterdam would.

There are a number of minor slip-ups here and there, and the occasional junk that wants to make a run with your cash, but that's as to be expected. Though it's higher I'm Rotterdam than in the rest of the country, hard-violence and serious robbery are still very low. Just make sure to avoid the bad neighborhoods at night and leave the loud, drunk hooligans and the likes alone, don't draw their ire. Rotterdam isn't as bad as many other cities listed here in comparison. However, in comparison with the rest of the country, it's by far the most dangerous.

This city has maybe 3 good areas and the rest is full of street culture. Woman won't be raped and it will be safe for them unless they are scare of men chatting them up and say annoying things. Guys can easily get sucked in the street culture here and everybody knows violence here allot which makes the vibe in te city grimy. Things are more about fighting and crime and not allot about killing. In general people can walk anywhere if they act confident. There is almost nobody I know that didn't spend some time at the police station. The city is awesome for the rest and getting better and better! It used to be more fktup here.

The city is over taken by African Muslims. Don't go here to experience Dutch culture, because you'll be surrounded by African culture.

The vibe I got from this city was so bad, that l fled after one night. I've never felt scared in Europe anywhere, but as soon as I got to Rotterdam, I felt so uncomfortable.

19 Budapest (Hungary) Budapest (Hungary)

It is not true at all. I am from Budapest. I grew up there. You just have to watch out with pickpockets, like in any other big city. Obviously, if you walk alone in bad parts at night with your brand new mobile phone when you're not experienced in the city, of course it can be that if you get into a situation, but in this case, do not ever travel to nowhere! You can not know where you can get into trouble. It depends on the situation and on the person as well. A lot of cops are walking around the city! It is a lovely place, must to see and the Hungarian culinary is world-wide famous!

I note the comments here about the taxi drivers, when I was in Budapest (admittedly a few years ago now) I found that there was no need to use taxis because the public transport system was so good, as was often the case in places that had been under communist rule in the recent past. The ticket inspectors (also the subject of some comment here) are vigilant but only doing their job. When one approached me on the metro, I had previously correctly validated my ticket and so there was no problem. However I did find you had to be careful with the waiters in some restaurants because when you had ordered the meal (or believed you had ordered the meal in full) and the waiter had taken the menu away, he would return a minute or two later and start asking questions like "do want bread? do you want salad", etc. and if you just said "yes, please", you could find that your final bill was about three times as much as what you had expected. After I had been caught twice like this, I made the waiter ...more

Having commented about the Budapest taxi drivers, metro ticket inspectors and waiters, I should add that I found Budapest to be a very sedate, civilised and cultured city, and the streets and public places there felt very safe indeed, as though you could walk around alone all night and never come to any harm. (I found the same to be true of Vienna.) I was particularly impressed by the displays of Roman relics in glass cases in the Budapest metro stations, and was amazed that these were never vandalised or stolen.

Someone tried a burglary attempt into my house in 2017, my neighbours heard the noises. Luckily the burglar can't handle my lock but when I arrived home I saw some minor damage around the door lock. I found weird how could anybody enter a 6 floor block of flats house at afternoon unnoticed despite it has gate-camera in the enterance gate from the street. Of course police didn't investigate because nothing crime happend just an attempt.
I live in Budapest Kőbánya part since 2012, in these years only this 2017 burglary attempt happened only. There are most-least dangerous places around. In night Budapest is dangerous mostly like other capitals.

20 Milan (Italy)

I have been to this city many times and I've never encountered any crime. Military and police is everywhere though.

When I went when I was 2, it was extremely safe, no robberies have been recorded since the past month, it is VERY safe.

In Milan,crime is barely seen but only military officers and police officers who are seen everywhere.

21 Nottingham (UK)

Still on the subject of car parking in Nottingham, I read in the local press (April 2017) that almost 40% of people who challenged car parking fines in the city last year (2,814 out of 7,247 challenges) successfully appealed them. This is quite unacceptable and indicates how traffic wardens are behaving in such an irresponsibly ticket happy manner. Nottingham City Council needs to give them a refresher training course, because if penalty notices are issued like this, it will certainly put people off visiting the city by car. I am sure that many other people who have obediently paid their fines would have found, if they had taken the time and trouble to challenge the notices issued to them, that their notices were also spurious. It's just that people pay the fines because they do not always have the time or take the trouble to challenge them as they should.

I live in Nottingham, Hucknall, and I'm 19. I have say, you have your nice places and not so nice, just like any city. The bad places are really bad. Don't go walking around late at night, and it doesn't matter if you act big, or you're just acting normal, you have the same chance of getting mugged or stabbed. I remember as a kid, around 6 years old, me and my friend went down River Lean, and we saw a man sitting on the floor in the woods with a shot gun, we got so scared and we ran like hell, he started shouting at us, but some people on the tram saw him a bit before and called the police, and as a kid, when I was 13 - 17, I was scared to go outside because my friends estate was so scary. Also, Holgate School was horrible, fights every single day, the outside class rooms got burnt down, and people brought knives to school. I wouldn't advice anyone to go roaming around towns unless you're a well known local. I also lived in a pub, and it was really nice, but I've been in recently for ...more

)30th April 2019) This post follows on from the one here prefixed (16th March 2018) on the subject of Mariam Moustafa. Reporting restrictions have now been lifted on the case in which six teenage girls appeared in court charged with affray following her death. We learn that last year in a youth court three of the girls admitted the charge and recently three other older girls involved have also admitted to affray. All of the defendants will be sentenced next month. It seems that Mariam''s family, who have since left the U.K., were never kept informed of the case and so are only reading about it in the press like us. Apart from that of course, these girls committed a vicious crime that left Mariam fatally injured, and if they could not be convicted of murder, then at least they should have faced a joint enterprise charge of manslaughter. As it is, they were only charged with affray (with no mention of Mariam's in the charge sheet, as I understand it) - as if any right thinking person ...more

Haha. As if this is on the list. As for the people commenting saying it is dangerous... I've lived in Nottingham for nearly 5 years now since coming to Uni from London. I feel safer here than in certain parts of London. The only bad thing that has happened is my student house was burgled once - but that can happen anywhere. Besides that. Its just like any other city. Be aware of your surroundings when in an unknown place or a place with a reputation. I've lived in Bulwell, Radford, Forest Fields, Clifton and the City Center with no issues. Slight exaggeration for me here in my opinion.

22 Riga (Latvia) Riga (Latvia)

If you want to drink in some of the worst bars in Europe, Riga is for you. If you want get ripped off, Riga is for you. If you want to go and have a fight, Riga is for you. If you want to get mugged, Riga is for you. If you aren't able to pull a beauty in the U.K and want to pay to sleep with a good looker (who has probably slept with five other men that night) Riga is for you. If you want to visit a city so corrupted by its greed that it is prepared to prostitute itself and its women to the extent that even the staff in a five star hotel offer to provide you with a woman for the night, Riga is for you. If you want to visit a city so corrupted by its greed that it is prepared to turn a blind eye to the astonishing level of violence aimed towards its visitors, Riga is for you.

When you enter a bar in Riga you have little idea if it is a bar, a strip club or a brothel. Worse still you have absolutely no way of knowing if you are owing to get ripped off or even leave the joint in one piece. When you are walking from bar to bar, you are besieged by "party promoters" all of whom you cannot trust. It can be difficult to meet a single stag party where one member of their group had not been assaulted in one way or another when walking between bars. the favorite trick of the locals is to hit or kick you in the head from behind so watch your back!

The majority of stag parties travelling to Riga from the U.K. consist of blokes who probably come from council estates that look similar to Riga and hang around in the pubs that most would avoid anyway. I have no doubt that if these stag parties went round three or four pubs in one of our local U.K dodgy areas then they would find more trouble than they find in Riga. The stag parties in RIga are often renowned for boasting about the fights they had managed to get into and the prostitutes they had notched up!

One of the reasons why Riga can be a dodgy place is that the local women are very good looking and the local men are typically ugly. If you introduce plane loads of British stag parties with a load of money to blow in a weekend, then you can understand why the locals get miffed about Brits flashing their cash trying to take their women from them, and why trouble can kick off.

23 Athens (Greece) Athens (Greece)

Athens is one of the safest cities / capitals in the world. It used to be just a short time ago when people literally walked "every" and "any" street in the capital at any time without a second thought. Today with the masses of illegal immigrants that seek asylum/refuge in Europe enter the gates of the country and along with them the ills of having to accept the record number of illegals is what makes Athens today a city that is still VERY safe but like any other large city, have people use common sense and not walk into unknown territory which may be prone pickpockets etc. Despite the growing number of criminal acts, these are mostly crimes that equate to stealing/pickpockets and the like. Under no circumstances should anyone say that you are not safe in Athens. It is FAR from the truth and it is either ignorance or a lie. Drug addicts and gypsies are not criminals. Gypsies are people that are found in every single country of the world and they are to be singled out as being ...more

Athens is really one of the safest capitals in the world. Despite its problems with illegal immigrants. I've been living in Athens for over 20 years and changed several neighborhoods. I lived in the most crowded part (Kipseli) for the first 3 years and it was probably the best time of my life - vibrant, filled with people from all around the world, not violent at all and everyone was very friendly. Then I moved towards Nea Ionia and Iraklio and now living Voula.

Yes, Athens has some crime but compared to the crime you face on daily basis in top destinations like Paris, London or NYC, what we have here is just banter.

Athens is a very safe city. In fact I believe its one of the safest cities in the world and believe my I have travel a lot. The Greeks are notorious when it comes in protecting the tourist since most of them live their life out of incoming tourism. There are a few problems from minorities in the downtown center of Athens but really you don't have to go there because there isn't much going on anyway.

Athens is a horrible city! And now with the economic crisis it's getting more and more horrible every day. Poverty, unemployment, racism, pollution, drug dealers, robberies, attacks and whatever you could think of. If you want to stay just for two or three days it' s OK, but if you want to live in Greece, you should probably choose another city!

24 Paris (France) Paris (France) Paris is the capital and most populous city of France, with an area of 105 square kilometres and an official estimated population of 2,140,526 residents as of 1 January 2019. Since the 17th century, Paris has been one of Europe's major centres of finance, diplomacy, commerce, fashion, science, and the more.

Terrible city. I regularly travel to the French capital. Over the past few years the city degraded in every single aspect. The criminals just have no limits there, they can do what they want and police would not help the victim. If you are going to call the police and tell that you've been bullied or robbed they will simply laugh at you.
The service is terrible, the prices are ridiculous. The only upside is the heritage (cultural and architectural) which is quickly devalued by the hordes of black people who behave as if they are masters of this city and there are no rules or laws. They do not respect anyone or anything. I personally know a few tourists who were robbed and beaten up.
My advice is to stay away from this place. France is not Europe anymore; it is a part of third world.

Only place in Europe I got into a fight (and I spent a while in London! ). Sat down in some dirty fast food place, kinda like a McDonald's near Notre Dame. Sitting there with my wife eating when this dirty Algerian Muslim walks up and takes my food. I jumped up and he starts threatening me and screaming at me that I'm a tourist. Other than that, gypsies all over the place running scams up and down every street. Can't fault the French though, they were friendly, as were some of the former eastern bloc workers in the city. Got helped out by quite a few of them. Not sure if I felt really unsafe but definitely held my stuff closer to me here than anywhere else in the world, always felt like I was going to be robbed.

Pickpocketers everywhere. Watch out! People will often try to distract you while they (or someone they are working with) take your money/phone/purse. They also will slash purse straps, take phones out of pockets, etc. So beware where your stuff is. The further you are from the center, the more dangerous, especially at night. But the tourist areas in the center can be just as dangerous for pickpocketing as in the day. The Louvre is a big spot for pickpocketers! Watch out for children too - they often are the ones doing the pickpocketing or distracting, especially at the Louvre since they get in free. And don't give money to beggars on the street, as many are faking it or are setting you up for someone else to come by and rob you.

Lots of itlians making mess, try to sell you fake Italian fashion clothes, pickpockets from Eastern and south Europe (Romanians, Bulgarians and Italians) but only in crowded touristic places.

For the rest, it's still the first most visited city in the world and it is normal.

You find a lots of restaurants from the world: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Moroccan, Tunisian, From Africa, Caribbean etc.. And of course French ones.
But still avoid like everywhere the touristic areas for food etc...

It is so an incredible city...

It is number 1 but not on this list.

25 Madrid (Spain) Madrid (Spain) Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.4 million inhabitants.

Was in Madrid for 4 days, was robbed by local youths on first night... I was drunk, alone, and did not know my way around these mazy streets. So I blame myself as with those factors involved, you can be attacked in any city... Over the next 3 days though, I actually grew to love the city (and made sure I knew my way home! ). The people are beautiful and the history of this city is so interesting and I would never have this city on this list.. I have travelled to many cities across Europe, and although I was robbed here, it is probably my favourite city in Europe.

I have been there a lot of times in my vacation and I can say for sure that the city is secure. No problem at all. People are great and you can have a great time. Be careful with the robs, specially on the subway, they are very tricky and stole you everything in 1 second, without you notice. But I'm pretty sure you wont be robbed, unless you act like a really lost tourist using map in crowed areas and stuff... In that way you will caught atention...

Bloody awful city - anti-tourist, particularly anti American. Awash in graffiti. Population wouldn't help anyone in distress, as the preference is destruction. No respect for the person or property. Institutional employees could give Hitler lessons! Pushy, pushy, and of course it always helps to shout. Will NEVER be back.

Madrid is one of the safest cities in Europe! I always feel safe here and there is little to no trouble on a night out. The chances of getting mugged are exactly the same as if you were to take a walk to your local supermarket.

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