Most Epic Iron Maiden Songs


The Top Ten

1 Hallowed Be Thy Name

my favorite song of all time I know thats lame to say but it makes me cry and I'm a metalhead

Hallowed Be Thy Name just blew my mind!

2 Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The lyrics, the way that guitar riifs are telling us this epic story and the most excellent vocal of Bruce just knocking me out every time I listen to this track. Pure awesomnes, Hallowed Be Thy Name is just another great song in the Iron Maiden history, but Rime of the Ancient Mariner blows mind in to the unkown frontiers of space and far away and, yeah, this trip is something you'll never forget and you will love it!

3 The Trooper

The best iron maiden song of all time! Epic guitar solo catchy chorus and bruce waving the flag opn stage hell yeah!

4 Fear of the Dark
5 Alexander the Great

Absolutely brilliant. It has everything that you want from music

6 Dance of Death

the guitar in this is just epic

7 Phantom of the Opera
8 The Longest Day
9 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
10 Paschendale

The Contenders

11 The Number of the Beast

666 the number of the beast! Best IM song. - LordA117

12 The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner
13 When the Wild Wind Blows

I'm sorry, but why isn't sign of the cross on this list? In terms of Maiden epics, it has to be top 5.

14 Sign of the Cross
15 Empire of the Clouds
16 Stranger In a Strange Land
17 To Tame a Land
18 Where Eagles Dare
19 Flight of Icarus

An epic song. You fly when you hear it

20 Dream of Mirrors
21 The Clansman
22 For the Greater Good of God
23 The Book of Souls
24 The Red and the Black
25 The Talisman
26 The Man Who Would Be King
27 Isle of Avalon
28 The Alchemist
29 Face in the Sand
30 Blood Brothers
31 When the River Runs Deep
32 The Great Unknown
33 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
34 Powerslave
35 If Eternity Should Fail
36 Shadows of the Valley
37 The Man of Sorrows
38 Starblind
39 The Legacy
40 Afraid to Shoot Strangers
41 Mother Russia
42 Infinite Dreams
43 Moonchild
44 Revelations
45 Remember Tomorrow
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