Top Ten Episodes Which Should Be Created for Life With Boys


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1 Dancing With Boys

Tess asked Bobby to take her to the dance but as The Boys at Home are Counting Her to do their Chores she told Allie to go to her house and do the chores whilst She takes Bobby to the dance. But Allie doesn't want to go Because as Sam has a Huge Crush on her she tries to avoid it. But Luckily he was out so she can do the chores The Boys left for Tess.
Note: Life with Boys have returned again for this episode - Dreamformusic

2 Finding The Treasure With Boys

Tess's year group have to find the treasure by putting them into 3 groups Tess's Group: Tess, Allie and Darwin (Some Random Person) who has a Crush on Tess. But it is hard to find the treasure but they did found it eventually by Tess saying "Would we find the Treasure" to Darwin which made him find the treasure. - Dreamformusic

3 A Vacation with Boys

The Foster family have booked a Holiday to the coast of Portugal. - Dreamformusic

4 Sports with Boys

It is sports day at Tess's school and she was hoping that she would be paired up with Allie but instead she was Paired up with Darwin (The Guy who likes her). During the events she hardly talk to him but it was pretty tough as Darwin is trying to get Tess love him. - Dreamformusic

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