Episodes that Would Be Created If Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale Was a TV Show

The Top Ten

1 A Pal for Walt

These are Spongebob episodes but with the characters' names changed to those from A Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale... get a life. - KennyRulz244444

2 One Coarse Pig
3 Walt Abuse
4 Walt Gets Grounded
5 Plankton Kills Walt and Gets Away With It
6 Walt's Splinter
7 Walt in the Wringer
8 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
9 The Creator Figures Out the Basics of Writing
10 Gidget (The Secret Life of Pets) Beats Up Walt

The Contenders

11 Fake Boris Grounds Walt
12 Walt Kills Liv and Maddie
13 Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Walt

...what? - KennyRulz244444

14 Walt Meets Waltt (UTAU)
15 Walt Kills The Teletubbies
16 El Tigre Kills Walt
17 Walt Joins the Circus
18 Big Brother Walt
19 Walt's Quarrel
20 Walt Gets Turned Into Bacon
21 Walt Goes to the Justin Bieber Concert

Walt probably likes Biebers music

22 Walt Meets Walt Disney
23 Walt Gets Arrested for Copying Walt Disney
24 Walt Gets Eaten by a Titan (Attack on Titan)
25 Deadpool Breaks the 4th Wall in Spider’s Web: A Pigs Tale
26 Walt Gets Dusted by Thanos’s Snap
27 Walt Gets Captured by Elmyra (Tiny Toon Adventures)
28 Walt Gets Mutated
29 The Snakes Gets Eaten by an Mongoose
30 Walt Gets Hunt Down by Violence Jack and Gets Cooked Into Bacon
31 Potty Mouth Walt
32 Walt Becomes Honey Boo Boo’s Pet
33 Walt Gets the Stutters
34 Walt in Ren and Stimpy Animation Style
35 Walt in Family Guy
36 Walt vs. Madeline

And Madeline Wins! - Rainbowkid38

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