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21 Krisho (Kris + Suho)

Suho is like the mother of the EXO family, and Kris is the father. They're both leaders and take care of all their children just like parents.

The leaders look good together

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22 Sulay (Suho and Lay) V 1 Comment
23 Kray (Kris and Lay)

! Kray is more than real. If you don't look every move of kris and lay, you can't know that they are real.But Every kray Fans know that. Hee

24 Sesoo (Sehun + D.O)

So underrated but so adorable! They have grown so close lately and spend so much time just the two of them, whether it's going to the cinema or going out to eat. D.O definitely has a soft spot for our maknae Sehunnie!

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25 Sudo (Suho + D.O)
26 Suhun (Suho and Sehun)
27 Seohan (Seohyun + Luhan)
28 Chanlay (Chanyeol and Lay)
29 XiuSoo (Xiumin + Kyungsoo) V 1 Comment
30 SuChen (Suho + Chen)

They have a very strange connection. It's similar to XiuChen, but Suho can control the troll of the group a little better(leaders privileges). They actually both have similar attributes, hobbies, and are both funny in there own ways(if you can count Suho's humor as funny).

31 Tahan (Tao and Luhan)
32 Taohan (Tao and Luhan)

They always fight and diss each other like a cute couple/ Husband and Wife. I truly ship them more than I ship hunhan. Because hunhan, they are just like 2 pdas, but LUHAN and TAO are like secretly having a feeling for each other and don't wanna show it, which makes it very cute

33 ChanIn (Chanyeol + Kai)

We always see Chanyeol fanboying over Kai... they're a perfect couple

34 Nahun (Natalia & Sehun)

They are very cute and sweet couple

35 Luyoon (Luhan & Yoona)

Because luhan and yoona are very siutable to each other and so cute couple

36 Baeksica (Baekhyun + Jessica)
37 LuSoo (Luhan + Kyungsoo)
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