Top Ten Reasons Why Facebook Will Die Off

We all know that it's coming. (That's what she said. )
The Top Ten
1 Lack Of Active Users

Wait! It's gonna die off?

2 Twitter Is Better

Better looking, better name, slightly newer, more popular (now), and just overall a better site.

I feel more free to express my opinions on Twitter.

3 It Has Become Obsolete

No one wants to here this about a website they use, but in Facebook's case it is true. It has become obsolete.

4 Pointless Facebook Pages

People making pages for their dogs, goldfish, and dead people. (Like Abraham Lincoln).

5 Its Target Demographic Has Lost Interest
6 Your Followers Are Called "Friends"
7 An Hero Meme

Here's a little backstory. An Hero is a meme that originated from MySpace. Long story short, An Hero is slang for suicide. Facebook replaced MySpace and now Facebook is dying. There have been many cases of people who use Facebook that have committed suicide, which gives us reason to believe that these two events are somehow connected.

Either that, it it's just a fancy way of saying that Facebook is killing itself.

8 The Name Is Stupid
9 It's Ugly

Just in my personal opinion.

10 The Movie Is Better Than The Site

These lists are so stupid, senseless.

The Contenders
11 Myspace Is Better

Who added this? That's hilarious.

I see you like vodka!

12 There are So Many Profiles of Deceased People
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