Top 10 Most Annoying Things People Do on Snapchat

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1 Post Christmas gifts on their story

Every Christmas we can count on people who like to show off what they got usually an expensive item like an Xbox or PlayStation. Like that's cool and all but I promise you we don't care what you got for Christmas. You're not the only person to receive that gift either

2 Post they’re "taking a break"

In other words you're saying "hey give me attention because I'm desperate!" Nothing gives off middle school energy like this. Like take a break no need to announce your absence. Then again in middle school having a streak over 100 days and over 20 streaks is living life to the best. Also 90% of these people are posting stuff 2 hours later lol. Also the "don't hit me up only real ones know" basically same thing as this just different wording

3 Send you the same thing as their story

Look I saw your story and if not I'm gonna see it eventually no reason why you should send it twice. If anything I'm gonna see it once and most likely not think anything of it. This is also attention seeking like you're saying hey man check my story! What did you think of it?

4 Overuse filters

I promise you don't look as cute and funny as you think you do. These things are more annoying than anything I don't need to see that stupid dog filter or the one that makes your voice super high pitched. Even worse is the people who try to make an announcement or say something with a filter on because A.) nobody can understand what you're saying and B.) the filter itself distracts from your message

5 Leave people on "seen"

Look I get people are busy but it takes like 3 seconds to send a snap. This is one of the most annoying things people do. Like oh now the conversation just ends here? Just saying hey I'm busy I'll talk later is the least you can do.

6 Leave people on "delivered"

Just as bad as being left on seen. If you're left on delivered for more than like a day that's messed up who does that person think they are a celebrity? No you're lucky if you can get 200 likes on a post and over 300 views on your story

7 Record a concert and post it to their story

On top of the fact that we don't care there's the problem that nobody can understand what the song is because there's too much background noise from everyone else screaming and doing the same thing.

This applies to basically any kind of social media. To be honest I do sometimes watch videos of concerts but I feel like we don't need 3,000 people recording each one.

8 Post a "bored, hit me up" story

In other words you're in middle school looking for attention. That's not how you get it. Nothing gives off desperate vibes like this does like get off snap and go do something else

9 Spam you with chats

This makes me less likely to talk with that person tbh. Like texting I'll respond when I have time don't leave me 7 unopened snaps and an essays worth of chats to read through. If they want to talk to you they will.

10 Post their meal before eating

Yes I see your generic order from Olive Garden or Applebees maybe an occasional steak Or sushi or Chinese food like I promise you nobody cares. Yes we see your food no we are not interested in knowing what you ordered. What's next a full on review of the order?

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