Worst Things to Post On Facebook

The Top Ten
1 I'm So Fat and Ugly
2 Where You Live and Keep Your Spare House Key
3 "Like and Share If_____________ (Enter Crap Here)

I just ignore posts like these.

4 Creepy Chain Mail

These are very... I don't know. Weird.

5 How Depressing Your Life Is.
6 Duck Face Pictures

It supposedly brings out your cheek bones.

7 People That Like Their Own Status.
8 Horribly Spelt Things
9 Miles Upon Miles of Selifes at Once
10 Hashtags
The Contenders
11 Your Libido
12 Politics
13 School Shooting

Our school went on lockdown and people got arrested because of this. One of the reasons I don't use Facebook.

14 People Thinking Cyberbullying Is a Big Deal

It is a big deal

15 I Am Going on Vacation To, _________

This is not a good idea, then some people may break in your house since they know your gone

16 Mean Things About Your Job

This could get you fired

17 Status: Deceased
18 Stuff About Bullying and How to Stop It
19 "Like If You Agree, Share If You Want_____"
20 "Do Not Ignore, X years of Good Luck"
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