Top Ten Failed Gaming Consoles

Consoles are brilliant, but we have failed ones.They might not be bad per day (PlayStation and Xbox) but they weren't very popular or just didn't get enough sales.

The Top Ten

1 Philips CD-i
2 Nintendo Virtual Boy
3 Apple Pippin
4 Atari Jaguar
5 Gizmodo
6 Air Wireless 60 Gaming System

Pretty Much Any Wireless System Can Be In The Top 5 - VideoGamefan5

7 3DO
8 Sega Dreamcast

Dreamcast Is So Underrated - VideoGamefan5

9 N-Gage
10 Sega CD

The Contenders

11 Xbox One
12 Atari 5200
13 PS Vita

It kinda failed but it was still a good handheld - VideoGamefan5

14 Wii U

It didn't fail, it just didn't have enoug 3rd party support - VideoGamefan5

15 Wii Mini

Guys, This Is The REAL Fail Here, not the wii u - VideoGamefan5

16 PS3

Lol, This wasn't a fail - VideoGamefan5

Well, there was a large price tag, and the servers were about as powerful as a ham sandwich. - DapperPickle

17 Xbox 360

You have to pay to go online, - VideoGamefan5

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Top Remixes

1. Air Wireless 60 Gaming System
2. Nintendo Virtual Boy
3. Philips CD-i
1. Philips CD-i
2. Atari Jaguar
3. Nintendo Virtual Boy
1. Gizmodo
2. Nintendo Virtual Boy
3. Philips CD-i



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