Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Family Guy Episodes

NuMetalManiak I watch Family Guy usually when nothing interesting is on, which is most of the time. I don't even like watching any tv shows anymore since they all bore me. Animation is usually better than real-life shows anyways. And let's take a look at some of the Family Guy episodes that are considered worst. Who wants to bet that every single episode is on this list? I know how you haters function.

1. Seahorse Seashell Party: This was the one where they were sitting in the hurricane. And also the one where Meg finally snaps. It's nice to see, too bad the rest of the episode was them still harassing Meg or Brian getting lost on shrooms. The whole thing was just nauseating.
2. Life of Brian: This is surprisingly not #1. Who even was that driver? And just a foreshadowing, the new episode coming out tonight will be "Dead Dog Walking". What's gonna happen?
3. Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q: Probably the most disturbing one that can actually be realistic. You legitimately feel bad for Quagmire in this episode.
4. Fresh Heir: I don't remember much about this one but if it involved incest, it's pretty bad
5. Brian's a Bad Father: I'm surprised they decided to bring back Dylan.
6. Herpe the Love Sore: The part where Stewie and Chris apparently have herpes is disgusting, but man, the WORST part of this show were the army guys taking over Peter's booth and being applauded for beating up the guys.
7. Not All Dogs Go to Heaven: There are a lot of Brian-centric episodes, where he's the brunt of many things that are political or religion-related. And he has to deal with them. Being called out for being an atheist is certainly ridiculous enough. Odd how Peter can get away with many things Brian cannot.
8. Brian and Stewie: One of the more boring episodes, involving both characters getting locked up in a safe. If I wanted to see them bond more, there were other episodes for that.
9. Brian Griffin's House of Payne: James Woods really needs to get off Family Guy, and the rest of the plot involved the kids trying to hide Stewie's injury, with Peter eventually helping.
10. Fore, Father: This was before Cleveland Jr. got all fat and Chris-like. He was annoying then.
11. Family Gay: This is a funny satire of gay people. Yes it's offensive, but funny too.
12. The Juice is Loose: I also wish the Conway Twitty cut-offs would go away. It's also weird how OJ's character is all nice and then the ending ruined it.
13. Quagmire's Dad: A FANTASTIC episode. The 30-second puke was amazing. But I don't like Quagmire in this one though.
14. A Fistful of Meg: Yet another episode where Brian gets abused, this time by nude Peter. What follows is worse. At least the plot with Meg was more interesting, and she somehow won.
15. The 2000-Year-Old Virgin: I don't remember this one that much.
16. Foreign Affairs: So apparently this episode makes a character not known for being hated hated. Good one, Seth.
17. Hannah Banana: This was actually quite fun, and I liked the monkey.
18. Peter-assment: MEN CAN BE SEXUALLY HARASSED. And that was what happened to Peter, FROM HIS OWN BOSS.
19. Vestigial Peter: Chip's interesting
20. The Kiss Seen Around the World: The part where Neil was going to commit suicide was awful.
21. Brian Writes a Bestseller: The one episode I clearly remember Brian being a jerk.
22. Peter Problems: Peter sure gets obsessed with things. And that whale scene literally stole the entire plot.
23. Movin Out (Brian's Song): Brian just can't score.
24. And I'm Joyce Kinney: Another episode where a family member (Lois) gets called out by the entire town for something in the past. This is why people these days are awful.
25. Stewie Is Enceinte: I give Cleveland credit for watching this main plot happen through the window.
26. Excellence in Broadcasting: I like this one. It shows that Republicans really aren't bad people.
27. Love, Blactually: Trying to bring back Loretta into Cleveland's life was awful.
28. Chris Cross: I think Stewie was worst in this episode.
29. Be Careful What You Fish For: The dolphin episode was okay.
30. Dammit Janet!: I don't remember this one. Would be better if there were comments on this item.
31. Go, Stewie, Go!: Who even cares about what Stewie's doing, the sub-plot where Meg actually dates a normal guy and the family gets obsessed with it makes NO sense.
32. Foxx in the Men House: I also don't like the ones where Peter angers his friends for celebrities as well.
33. I Never Met the Dead Man: This is a CLASSIC episode, and actually funny.
34. Carter and Tricia: I don't like Carter at all
35. You Can't Do That on Television, Peter: The frickin' tiger nearly killed Peter. Who would've thought Meg saved him?
36. Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog): Sigh, another episode where Brian fails yet again at getting a girl.
37. FOX-y Lady: The main plot is good, the other one with making a cartoon was annoying because of the whispering.
38. April in Quahog: "YOU DICKS!" - Brian, hah, I loved that part. Also there's an Xbox at the end.
39. Airport 07: Not that bad. Also Hugh Hefner was in it.
40. He's Bla-ack!: The wife feud was ridiculous and almost ruined the friendship Peter and Cleveland had.
41. Brokeback Swanson: Boring episode where Brian ends up as a Navy SEAL's dog. Also the A-plot is boring and Joe Biden's cameo doesn't do much.
42. Friends of Peter G.: Yeah, there really was no difference to Peter's drinking problem before or after this one.
43. 3 Acts of God: Lame, and who cares about sports?
44. Jerome is the New Black: That was an interesting long argument Quagmire made. And Peter getting jealous of Jerome was bad.
45. Brian the Closer: What's with all the Brian episodes being awful? At least he outsells Quagmire here.
46. Secondhand Spoke: Don't like the fact that Peter's face is permanently screwed, although in the next episode he's fine.
47. Hot Pocket-Dial: Lame
49. Play It Again, Brian: Why would you leave your kids with Herbert, seriously.
50. Quagmire's Quagmire: Again, another episode showing that women can be just as abusive. And to Quagmire no less.
51. Christmas Guy: Well I like how they decided to bring him back.
52. Peter's Progress: This completely retcons the history of Quahog by removing that Miles guy and making some random story up about Peter's ancestor, where every family member is represented in some way.
53. Livin On a Prayer: Those two parents were annoying.
54. Chap Stewie: It's an interesting plot, too bad what Stewie gets afterwards is worse.
55. Call Girl: Both parents were dumb in this one, where they don't even know what had happened.
56. Send in Stewie, Please: Give it credit, it was a commercial free episode, but it was just an excuse for Seth to use several voices on one character.
57. The Dating Game: Why do all the Brian and Quagmire-centric episodes have to be terrible?
58. No Chris Left Behind: I hate boarding school kids.
59. Turban Cowboy: Again, Peter get's obsessed with something, nearly dies, finds a new friend, and new friend turns out to be a terrorist. Interesting, but there's some racism.
60. Thanksgiving: It certainly is a shame that deserting the military is a crime in the US.
61. Baby Got Black: The song was ridiculous, like all other ones. Also Jerome is an overprotective dad.
62. The Giggity Wife: What is it with these terrible Quagmire episodes?
63. Road to the Multiverse: One of the few Road episodes I didn't like.
64. Candy Quahog Marshmallow: As an Asian I'm offended by this, nah.
65. Road to India: Don't remember this one, actually.
66. Lois Comes Out of Her Shell: Poor Peter had to deal with a much more annoying Lois. But he did beat up Justin Bieber.
67. Roads to Vegas: I like this since it follows two different Brians and Stewies.
68. Quagmire's Mom: I just don't get it. Quagmire has some of the worst episodes around him.
69. The D in Apartment 23: Has one of the saddest endings in an episode. The worst part is that NO ONE WOULD LISTEN TO BRIAN. He's been reduced to living in a crummy apartment all because of a not-so-offensive tweet.
71. Road to Germany: It was okay, and interesting to get Mort into the Road plot.
72. Partial Terms of Endearment: So this was a banned episode. I never even saw it.
73. Episode 420: The song was at least cool here. But wow, all the crimes Peter committed and the cop arrests Brian for weed.
74. Brian's Play: He tries sabotaging Stewie's play, which is wrong.
75. Back to the Woods: A terrible identity theft episode which was just depressing. Also James Woods should go away.
76. Into Harmony's Way: All the episodes where characters become entertainers are either boring or cringey at best. This is no exception. It seems that when two characters get together for this kind of thing (like with Peter and Quagmire) it doesn't work out.
77. And Then There Were Fewer: I love this one, shouldn't be hated.
78. Road to the North Pole: Yes, you really feel bad for Stewie one minute, then Santa the next. Great points.
79. The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire: Well, this ruined Cleveland's marriage.
80. Model Misbehavior: Some of the Lois-centric episodes are ridiculous too.
81. Ratings Guy: Probably the worst episode involving Peter getting obsessed with something.
82. Meg and Quagmire: I just knew what this episode was gonna entail by its title.
83. Mother Tucker: How does Peter get away with acting like a child then acting like a jerk to Chris?
84. Internal Affairs: Only the chicken fight was memorable.
85. Yug Ylimaf: This was more disturbing than I realized.
86. It's a Trap!: Eh, I could care less about Star Wars themed episodes.
87. When You Wish Upon A Weinstein: The whole Jew thing was ridiculous.
88. Three Kings: Again, eh on the history-told-with-Family-Guy-characters episodes.
89. Da Boom: This was okay. Wasn't this a first season episode?
90. German Guy: The fight was just agonizing to watch.
91. The Courtship of Stewie's Father: An actual classic episode where Peter manages to bond with Stewie. Not bad.
92. Jungle Love: Why did they include the George Michael song in this one.
93. Big Man on Hippocampus: It was interesting to see the Family Feud show here with Richard Dawson at least.
94. A Shot in the Dark: Man, the media overdoses on racism as a hallmark of potential crime. I hated it. At least Cleveland keeps the friendship with Peter by saying he committed black-on-black crime, but the double standards are ridiculous.
95. Prick Up Your Ears: The satirical high school kids were admittingly funny, but the morals of sex were lost on me.
96. An App a Day: It seemed good but wasn't. Chris's plot was bad. Stewie and Brian had it worse with the tennis match.
97. Baking Bad: OH GOD A DRUG EPISODE.
98. New Kidney in Town: You feel really bad for Peter and Brian here. Stewie's crying was even worse.
99. Welcome Back, Carter: Oh this was the one where Carter had that affair.
100. Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows: If only Pearl wasn't such a stuck-up old lady, urgh.
101. Don't Make Me Over: This is one of the better ones.
102. Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air: While it seemed good for Joe to be walking again, he then proceeds to be a real jerk to his friends then.
103. Lois Kills Stewie: The whole thing felt like a nice reversal to the previous episode.
104. Stewie Loves Lois: Actually not bad, kind of funny.
105. Hell Comes to Quahog: One of my favorites. Especially when the tank is used to destroy the superstore.
106. I Take Thee, Quagmire: I give Quagmire some credit for being in love, but Joan was insane.
107. The Simpsons Guy: Gotta admit, this crossover wasn't too bad.
108. Bigfat: Annoying episode where Peter turns completely feral.
109. Petarded: Actually, what's bad about this episode is that in Boys Do Cry Peter mentions he's retarded and he almost gets executed there.
110. North by North Quahog: The honeymoon and Mel Gibson were lame, and the B-plot was okay at best.
111. Meg Stinks!: Meg's okay. What happens to Brian, oh.
112. Death Has A Shadow: For a pilot, it somehow managed to be good.
113. Space Cadet: Stewie caused the rocket to go to space. Chris surprisingly puts everything together in the end though.
114. Road To Rhode Island: One of the better Road episodes.
115. Brian: Portrait of a Dog: Not too bad, but even in the earlier Brian episodes he's maltreated.
116. Family Guy Viewer Mail #1: The Lil Griffins was pretty cool.
117. Brian Sings and Swings: Well this is a good episode with Frank Sinatra Jr., too bad the following ones aren't as good.
118. The Former Life of Brian: Well at least Dylan gets better.
119. The Man with Two Brians: Another episode with Brian being mistreated, first in the Jackass parodies, then neglected for a newer, actually more annoying dog.
120. No Country Club for Old Men: Very unmemorable episode.
121. Encyclopedia Griffin: That doll was STUPID.
122. Ocean's Three and a Half: The cover song Stewie wrote was lame.
123. Our Idiot Brian: Well apparently Brian isn't smarter than Meg. Whatever.
124. Dr. C & The Women: If you're not skilled at a certain job, don't take it. Harsh lesson for Cleveland here.
125. We Love You, Conrad: I thought Conrad would be the name of Jillian's new boyfriend, but instead it's Derek. Sting's in this episode at least.
126. Tiegs for Two: And yet I still don't know why Quagmire and Brian are at odds with one another while simultaneously having the worst episodes.
127. Take My Wife: This is NOT how couples should be counseled, by staging terrorism.
128. Halloween on Spooner Street: Honestly I wanted to see a Halloween special for so long, and I thought it was good. Well, apart from Chris and Meg unknowningly making out.
129. Dial Meg for Murder: Meg certainly was her own in this one.
130. Fifteen Minutes of Shame: It's an interesting meta-episode, with a sad ending considering where the family ends up.
131. Run, Chris, Run: What a terrible experience for Chris.
132. Scammed Yankees: I really don't remember this one.
133. Turkey Guys: Really do feel bad about the whole odyssey to get a turkey, again showing that some people want too much on the holidays. It also almost ruins Peter and Brian's friendship.

So okay, not every episode is on here. But there are bad ones, and a few actually not so bad ones.


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