Top Ten Weirdest Names from the Wheel of Time to Name Your Child

Just so that we're clear, I've provided you with the gender for each name. I don't want you to get a guy cat then name him Tuon, when she's a girl.
The Top Ten
1 Seluicia
2 Nynaeve

Female You try to pronounce her name! - Merilille

What, Ni-nave? - Firemist

3 Tuon
4 Lews Therin

I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce "Lews".

5 Cadsuane
6 Faile
7 Valan
8 Bayle
9 Tam
10 Moghedien

I like the sound of this

The Contenders
11 Siuan
12 Merilille
13 Rand
14 Ray Ray

Is this name even in Wheel of Time?

15 Egwene
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