Top 10 Warrior Cats with the Saddest Lives

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1 Crookedstar Crookedstar is a huge, light brown tabby tom with green eyes and a twisted jaw.

Crookedstar was a RiverClan leader in the forest territories. He was born as Stormkit to Rainflower and Shellheart alongside his brother, Oakkit. Following an accident in which he broke his jaw, Stormkit was renamed Crookedkit at the request of Rainflower. She disowned him, leading to Crookedkit running away from the Clan. After returning, he was apprenticed as Crookedpaw to Cedarpelt. He was continually visited in his dreams by Mapleshade, who trained him and demanded he stay loyal to RiverClan above all else. more.

Well, this is definitely a difficult topic to vote for. I mean, loads of these cats have sad lives, but it's important that we also think about what happened after. As much as I love Ivypool, Dovewing, Brightheart, Violetshine, etc. they all have happy endings. Ivypool has a supportive, and loving mate. Dovewing is happy with Tigerstar, and her kits. Brightheart recovered from her experience, and has a lovely mate too who cares about her! Violetshine is living a happy life with Tree by her side! All these cats have seen hardships, but they've recovered, and they're happy now. The same can't be said about Crookedstar. From the moment he broke his jaw, life went downhill. Every cat he loved died, he never even got a happy ending really. He only got that when he died. And how depressing is that! The only way you can live the life you deserved, the only way you can have your happy ending is once your story is over. His whole life, any happiness he had was torn away from him. His mother, ...more

I know Crookedstar had a super sad life, but what about Leopardstar?! She lost her mother, got bullied, lost her mentor, last her best friend, lost her mate, lost her former apprentice, lost her deputy, was betrayed by her crush, her clan was almost torn apart, and she had so much trouble during leadership. I think she had the WORST life.

1. I think what makes this book so sad is how he was rejected by his own mother for a horrible mistake he regretted so much he had to flee the Clan. Echomist was more of a mother to Crookedstar then Rainflower who couldn't admit how wrong she was about Crooked.

2. When Willowbreeze died I couldn't stop crying, she was a kind, loving cat that accepted Crooked and loved him. Crookedstar's excitement when he heard Willwbreeze was having his kits was so heartwarming and beautiful. When she died and Crooked went into the Dark Forest to kill Mapleshade I could really feel how heartbroken he was.

3. THE KITS! When the died along with their mother I for sure thought that Crookedstar would leave the Clans again.

4. This was just a heartwarming moment, I loved the scene where Oak and Crooked fought over Silverstream and how Crooked should be a better father. The book ended on a high note when Crooked promised to always take care of Silver.

Let me tell you who has the saddest life.
Every single person for ever commenting on this terrible series. The books are read by 8 year olds who are unaware of the racism in the books.
As for all you

Look at yourselves. You are reading a series about talking cats with double barrelled names and a totalitarian law.
That's just plain sad

Sorry warrior cats furries but these books are sad. They possess no excitement or invention whatsoever, no character development, no IDENTITY. Let me just tell you what happens in the first series.

A random cat meets a brutal kitten trying to murder him and two adult cats who are shouting at him. He then decides to leave everything, his home, friends and owners, to go with the cats who attacked him.
This is sad
Warrior cats is not good
It is not well written
It is not satisfying
It is not interesting
The plot is crap
It's just sad

Someone shoot Erin hunter

2 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane, and she has a broad muzzle and face. She has amber eyes. she is mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

Mapleshade had a really sad life. Some people think of her as selfish from the times she thought stuff like "Back off Reedsville! Appledusk is mine!" But she's really just misunderstood. I don't support Mapleshade haters, but maybe listening to this can help you change the way you look at her. Let's start. It's possible that Mapleshade actually had a difficult childhood. Maybe when she was a kit, her mother, father, and siblings died or neglected her. The cause of this led to her becoming selfish. It could be that when Mapleshade took Appledusk as a mate, she was deeply hurt by how Appledusk treated her after she fell into the river. It could be that she became selfish and evil because she always thought that Appledusk would always be the one to love her. I mean, what would you do if you were Mapleshade? Can you imagine what it feels like to be cast out as a loner by your own mate when all you ever tried to do was love? "You have everything I ever wanted, Sandstorm! A ...more

Mapleshade is not what I would consider a 'bad character', but rather a broken character. Yeah, she made mistakes in her past, but who doesn't? What wrecked her life was the denial of her mate, Thunderclan's choice to exile her, and the choices made by many others who turned her away. Mapleshade was a desperate mother. And when her kits died, she lost everything. I don't agree with her actions, but people/cats need to acknowledge that her life was torn apart. Time and time again, she was rejected, turned away, banished. And just think, if Tigerheart was a fox-hearted fool, and the leader of Thunderclan was cruel, then this would have been Dovewing's fate too. A DESPERATE, AND BROKEN MOTHER.

-Birdcreek's Opinion :)

Not gonna lie, before I read Mapleshade's vengeance, I despised Mapleshade. I read Crookedstar's Promise before and, Crookedstar being my favorite character, I developed a deep hatred for her. After reader her side of the story, it is clear to see why she did what she did.

I really think Mapleshade should be in Starclan. I give credit to the person who gave me this idea, but think about it! She had a bad childhood. If she was exiled, and no cat called for her to stay or anything, that means her parents and siblings don't care about her or are dead. Which leads to a bad childhood. I watched a video on youtube and Bright Guardian Akira and Moonkitti really said that Mapleshade was always selfish, and they got that proof from when Mapleshade thought or said several times " Back off Reedshine! Appledusk is mine!" But they didn't look into the story. What really made Mapleshade evil and selfish? What I said about the bad childhood. If her parents and siblings were dead or if they didn't care about her, Mapleshade never learned to love. She was selfish becuase she thought Appledusk would always be the one to love her. This is Why she DESERVES Starclan. Thx for the person with this theory and Bright Guardian Akira is no longer active I think.

3 Briarlight Briarlight was born to Graystripe and Millie alongside Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. When she was an apprentice, she tried to save Longtail from a falling tree and crushed her lower spine. After that, she had to do exercises to strengthen her backbone. She lived in the Med Cat den, until a case of greencough took her down. She now hunts in StarClan, where she can run painlessly forever.

A cheerful, and optimistic cat. Her future blurred when she was paralysed. What could she do? There was no way she could be a warrior now. No, her mother didn't neglect her, but she still suffered. Blossomfall and Bumblestripe /were/ tossed away, but Briarlight felt the guilt. If you take a look at her personality, she's the sort of cat who would hide her pain. She wouldn't want to worry anyone. Think of all the anxiety, guilt, self-doubt, and loneliness, as well as resentment towards her own body. She masked her emotions by being cheerful, and she did kind of learn to be happy again. But still, we don't know what demons haunted her mind, and she never lived up to her full potential. The happy ending that was given to her was a disappointment. Oh, she died, and that's good now! She's happy! She can walk now! That is really depressing, and I think she's a character who has such a sad life.
- Ravensflight

please don't hate me, but it's kinda mousefur's fault for her broken spine and Longtail's death! It was JUST ONE MOUSE! It wasn't fair! Longtail shouldn't of gone to get it. And Brialight shouldn't of gone with him! She had to spend the rest of her life on the med den doing exercises. It's so unfair that she couldn't become a warrior!

She was paralyzed trying to save Longtail from retreating Mousefurs piece of fresh kill. She thought she was useless after that but Jayfeather was very kind to her and told her that she should not give up on life just yet.

She was (and still is in StarClan) a compassionate cat. Despite her broken spine and not being able to walk, she never put herself in front of others. She suffered the feeling of uselessness and depression, but Jayfeather always was there. In the end, she had a few ups to her downs.

4 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower, and a father named Stormtail. Bluestar is a large, lean, blue-gray she-cat with thick, dense, long fur, a broad face, a broad head, silver hair tinged around her muzzle and tail, a torn ear, broad shoulders, a scar that parts the fur across her shoulders, a long, sleek tail, and piercing, round, wide, clear, brilliant, blue eyes.

Blue star lived a life of death. She got Oakheart as a mate, but had to give away her kits, Mystyfoot and Stonefur, to RiverClan so she could become deputy and leader. MossKit, er final kit died of Hypothermia. Stonefur AND Oakheart died for Tigerstar's wants. His treachery devastated Blue star so much that she doubted the loyalty of all her warriors who were friends with him.

She has a sad life. Its not her fault really she gave her kits to Riverclan is it? I was really sad when her kits rejected her but at least they apologised when she died.

Her life was so sad her kits never new her that good and in in the end she did not trust anyone.I think at they end she was a real psycho though but that does not change the fact that she lived a sad life with a lot of fear.

Bluestar lived a life of death. Death for her parents, death for Oakheart AND Stonefur (Who were both killed for Tigerstar's wants)! This is unfair and I wish she ended the first series with 2 lives or 1. She also has so much character development and we grow into a better understanding of her life full of death. She deserves better.

-Flamesoul from Windclan

5 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a small, fluffy, sleek and soft-furred, smoky dark gray she-cat with wide blue eyes. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a medicine cat instead after a monster breaking her leg on the Thunderpath. She died saving Sorreltail and her newborn kits from badgers. She new of her death in advance, but accepted it. She was reincarnated as Cinderheart so she could accomplish her life-long dream of becoming a warrior and her spirit was released by Lionblaze, before the battle with the Darkforest

CiderPelt was given FireHeart as a mentor, but her dreams to become a strong warrior were destroyed when she broke her leg. Instead she became a medicine cat apprentice to YellowFang. YellowFang died in a fire and CinderPelt became medicine cat. She had deep feelings for FireHeart, but could never reveal them as she died saving SorrelTail and her newborn kits from a badger. CinderPelt definitely had one of the saddest lives in Warriors.

She was hit by a car when she was only an apprentice. She must have been bitterly heartbroken when she found out that she would never be a warrior. She trained hard as Yellowfang's apprentice and she was a very loyal ThunderClan medicine cat.

Cinderpelt would've been a great warrior ngl. She twisted her hind leg and she couldn't walk very well. While she was an apprentice without her injury, Cinderpaw's dream to become a warrior, her feelings for Firestar...And all that was taken away after Tigerstar's trap nearly killed her (she was hit by a monster). She had to stop her warrior training and become a MEDICINE CAT. Firestar didn't know she had feelings for him so he went of with Sandstorm :(. Cinderpaw blamed herself for killing Silverstream, her mentor Yellowfang died in a fire.
Many moons later Cinderpelt was killed by a badger.

Cinderpelt is truly my favorite character. She could have turn into a great warrior if Tigerstar was killed earlier. She blames herself of Silverstream's death even though it is not her fault. And not long after she received her full name, her mentor Yellowfang died. It must have felt awful. Even when she received the omen that she will die soon, and don't have a medicine apprentice. She risks her life of saving Sorreltail and her kits. And a badger killed her. The worst creature ever is badgers.She died so young. I LOVE Cinderpelt.

6 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I feel so bad for her, her kits hated her, she watched Crowfeather grow a different family, and I could go on forever but I can't cause I have to go through my other votes and I only have a few more minutes. Thanks!

You poor girl, fire star is proud even through this,
1. Mates with crow feather
2. Runs away with crow feather
3. Comes back to find cinder pelt died
4. Has crow feather's kits
5. The kits don't know who they real parents are
6. Cover is blown about the kits
7. Holly leaf tries to kill you and is turned into a Warrior
8. Holly leaf runs away
9. Your kits forgive you
10. Your daughter comes back
11. Your daughter dies

Leafpool lost everything. Her mate, mentor, kits, her role as medicine cat. And (spoiler!) the saddest fact is that when she dies is when she seems happier than she was when she was alive

Leafpool's life was so sad... The second saddest warrior life. Her life was better than Cinderpelt, at least she got Crowfeather. List of Leafpool's whole life:
1. Grew farther away from her sister
2. Fell in love with Crowfeather
3. Ran away with Crowfeather
4. Comes back to find Cinderpelt DEAD
5. Breaks up with Crowfeather and is devastated
6. Had Crowfeather's kits
7. Her kits didn't even know who their real mother & father were
8. Lied to her whole clan about them
9. Watched Crowfeather mate with Nightcloud and their son, Breezepelt
10. Exposed in front of the gathering that she was Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, & Lionblaze's mother
11. Her kits hated her.
12. Her daughter tries to kill her.
13. Her daughter "dies"
14. She couldn't be a medicine cat so turned into a warrior
15. Her kits forgave her and she was a medicine cat again, yet Hollyleaf dies.
There's a lot more though. I love Crowfeather, but Leafpool's pain started with him...

7 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes, glossy fur, and a torn left ear. He has a purple collar studded with teeth from dogs and cats, and claws reinforced with dogs' teeth.

Honestly Scourge is the best character, he is so understandable, and so well developed. And who doesn't like a good villain #1! Scourge also has really good quotes one is "I had to have ice in my veins to do what I just did, I expect the ice to melt but it just gets colder and colder and I welcome it." Who can deny a quote like that. One thing I don't understand is why he isn't known as a hero in the clan because he killed tigerstar, its not like anyone liked tigetstar, and the clan moved any way. I just don't think they had to kill scourge, they could have moved sooner and just given blood clan the land.;-)

I am so sorry Scourge! I love you, you did some good things, ummm, you killed Tiger star, that's good, even through you didn't believe in starclan, if you did, you would be in it, well, you should had, I created your sons and daughters, tiny, the leader of your clan, ( this is not canon in the books, in my story it is) Tiger, your strong son, dog, your other son, he was heartbroken when you die, and shadepetal, your daughter, the future leader, and that's it bye Tiny scourge! Guys said bye!

Scourge was evil and all, but his sibling bullied hare and his father left him. His half brother killed him and Tigerstar almost killed him when he was a kit! He was kicked from his home! Thanks for reading!

Scourge honestly did have a pretty sad life. If it wasn't for socks and ruby and tigerstar, scourge actually wouldn't be evil! Scourge somehow got a whole alley of cats to join this so called new clan called blood clan, and he became evil, and he was now born to fight, and kill. I fell sad.

-Silentwhispers the Riverclan medicine cat

8 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan. Her last words were "Thank you for bringing me to Thunderclan. Tell Bluestar I have always been grateful for the home she gave me. This is a good place to die. I only regret that I will miss watching you become what Starclan has destined you to be."

Yellowfang lived a life of death and regret. Her son, Brokentail, was a terrifying leader until he died and her last words and her actions explained that she killed her son after saying that he even was her son and wanted Firestar as her son instead. She died trying to save someone's life that almost got lost because of the fire and they both died instead. And most of all, ITS ALL FIRESTAR'S FAULT! He saved Bramblekit (star) instead of Yellowfang!?!?!? That's what makes me think Firetstar is a total jerk. Why couldn't he save YELLOWFANG instead of Tigerstar's son!? But then again, that means Bramblestar never could've became the next leader.

-Flamesoul from Windclan

I cried when reading her super edition- and I am not one to cry over books. Sometimes I feel really sad, but the only things I have cried over are Yellowfang's Secret and Leopardstar's Honer... Who, by the way, should be on this list.

YellowFang was born in ShadowClan and became a medicine cat, but was chased out by her own son BrokenTail who blamed her for killing some harmless kits. FireHeart found her and she was brought to ThunderClan. At first she was a prisoner, but when SpottedLeaf died she became the medicine cat. She took CinderPelt as her medicine cat apprentice and died in a fire trying to save HalfTail.

Even though she had a bad temper, I still liked her! She shouldn't of died in the fire. She may of been old, but she wasn't useless! She became med after Spottedleaf died in the first book! Anyone who hates her is an absolute FOX HEART!

9 Breezepelt

I think breezepelt is pretty underrated, he's gotten hated for supporting the dark forest and have his father nearly kill him when hauling him off Dovewing/Ivypool (forgot which one) in the last hope. He also has extra support from his mother, I don't know whether that is good or bad but he is hated by his father and I think he MIGHT deserve some more love (I'm only on a vision of shadows so I don't know that much.

Alright, Breezepelt was evil and all, but Crowfeather treated him terribly! Poor Breezepelt. He just Ed wanted Crowfeather to be proud of him. I get why he attacked Jayfeather. Crowfeather was proud of Jayfeather, and probably of Breezepelt but he didn't show it for Breezepelt. But really? A pregnant queen? AT THE MOONPOOL?

Breezepelt is the best character and everyone who hates him is a fox-heart! It's so sad the way Crowfeather ignores him, even when Breezepelt tries to impress his dad. He also has to grow up with parents who hate each other and are constantly fighting, and dead siblings.

And then he learns his father has other kits! In a different clan! And then Crowfeather acts more caring towards Lionblaze Hollyleaf and Jayfeather.

After the great battle, almost every cat hates him for siding with the dark forest. Then, his mother Nightcloud is captured by the stoats. Some cats think he killed her! I mean, his mother is already possibly dead, and then people calls him a murderer! It's so sad 😭! Later he almost dies, luckily he survived though.

Breezepelt, I blamed him for his actions at first but then I looked at his parents...

Crowfeather neglected his duty as a father, one of the things I find hard to like about him.

Nightcloud, on the other hand, pampered her son. I mean, he was the last living of his litter (as far as I'm concerned) so she must be protective.

But Crowfeather just pisses me off. He didn't comfort Nightcloud when she was grieving or actually became a father to Breezepelt until he saw what his son had become.

Breezepelt was taught growing up that he didn't need Crowfeather, and that Crowfeather was just a piece of fox dung father.

He was visited by the Dark Forest, who became role models replacing the role model his father should have been.

Sure, he made mistakes, and is probably still shunned for them to this day. His mistake lead to a lot of problems, and that was when Crowfeather finally realized what he did wrong.

Breezepelt is to blame for his actions, ...more

10 Crowfeather

I know what you're thinking, but hear me out.

Crowpaw only ever wanted to prove he was good enough, and I guess when he was given the prophecy from StarClan, he thought he was special at last. But when he fell for Feathertail during the journey, Crowpaw was stuck. He wanted to be her mate, but at the same time, he wanted to be a loyal WindClan warrior. However, he stayed strong and waited, and just when they finally got close, Feathertail dies. Crowpaw must have felt super alone at that point, but then he meets Leafpool and starts another forbidden love. And this time, he was ready to leave the clans for her, but I guess she just wasn't ready to do the same.

And when he finally finds a mate in his clan, all they do is fight each other. So yeah, a pretty sad life.

How is he not #1? His parents died, Feathertail died, he tried to KILL HIMSELF over Feathertail, Leafpool left him, he was forced to have kits with Nightcloud to save his reputation, he never got to know three of his kits, three of his kits died (Breezepelt's littermates and Hollyleaf), and he cared about Nightcloud and Breezepelt and regretted ignoring them!

Is there anything sadder than that?

So underrated. His life was sad, lost every cat he loved to some sort of rockfall, forced to leave leafpool, has to mate with night cloud and live with the constant pain of knowing leaf pools still alive and without him, watches his son become well...his son. All because he was too sad to care for him! Plus his mother dies, he's acused of code breaking, his kids hate him, and leafpools dead SO...oh yeah, he has no friends and is lonely as an apprentice.

I know many people hate him for being difficult or even abusive sometimes though if you look deeper into him you'll understand why he is the way he is… Growing up as a kit, he was born to Deadfoot and Ashfoot - his father was the deputy of WindClan which would probably mean that they would have less time together. In his first major appearance in book Midnight, he is shown as stubborn and always being difficult - he always does the opposite of what he's told which results with everyone else in the group being annoyed with him. How ever uncooperative he may be, Feathertail always tries to understand him and in the end they get along very well. When he spends more time with Feathertail he experiences something he's never felt before, which was love. Later on in the book, The Tribe of Rushing Water was given a prophecy by The Tribe of Endless Hunting that a silver cat shall save them all from the Sharptooth. At first they think it's Stormfur though the prophecy actually meant ...more

The Contenders
11 Gray Wing

Gray Wing is my 2nd favorite Warrior cat. But he had asthma, Storm left him, Clear Sky tried to kill him and was upset he tried to defend himself, Wind Runner left, I forgot his name, the leader who got hit by the monster, the leader before Tall Shadow, died, he couldn't see his kits grow up, or the clans, I could go on, but I tried to make this one short. Thanks!

I hate it when they kill the main characters- also, I feel like if they were going to kill him anyway they should have made him leader of Windclan at the beginning, and then make his last words be appointing Windstar. Then He should have become Leader of Starclan. He would have a concil and all, but would be their to organize things and give an unbiased opinion.

I haven't read the book series yet but I know he had a hard life from looking at the comments on his thingy so that's why he is 2nd for me. He suffered but not as much as bluestar

How the heck is he number 20 his life is so sad! So he has a crush on Bright Stream but then Oh no! She is expecting kits with Clear Sky. Then Clear Sky hates Gray Wing and after that becomes evil. Gray Wing falls in love with a rogue named Storm but... Of course that doesn't work out it's Gray Wing after all. Storm falls in love with CLEAR SKY! She has three kits but then she dies with her two kits and only one servives. So Gray Wing has to take care of Thunder cause Clear Sky regected his son. Now Turtle Tail comes back after her kittypet vacation carrying kits. There father later tries to steal them, and Turtle Tail gets hit by a car. So Gray Wing is left alone to take care of his mates kits. But of course the kits don't consider him as there father so Sparrow Fur just LEAVES! Later he falls in love with Slate and they have three kits but this time HIS mate doesn't die it was his turn!

Also I forget witch book Pebble Heart dies in.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes!

12 Longtail Longtail is a lean, pale brown or silver tabby tom with black stripes, a "V"-shaped nick in his ear and a long tail. more.

Long tail, I hated you, and for good reason, you hated fire star! Come on who hates my most favorite character! You hated cloudtail kittypet eh? Nope strong warriors you are friends with Tiger star even worse! Your friends with dark stripe! He should be on the worst Warrior cats list, not this, I mean, he did get blinded by a rabbit, he tried to be mates with mouse fur, (wait isn't he male? Mouse fur a male I think, I'll check after I finish) he got crushed by a tree, maybe he does belong on this list- Sprout feather, River clan

LongTail was given a bad introduction as he challenged FirePaw and was defeated. He was one of TigerClaw's closest friends and when his treachery was revealed LongTail was no longer trusted by Blue star who refused to make SwiftPaw, LongTail's apprentice, a warrior.

Longtail really was a good cat! He just didn't trust another cat coming into his clan. I wouldn't. And he saved Fireheart, and I feel bad he died, but he had a fine life. I feel bad he got blinded. I hope you agree. You just have to look at Longtail from a different point of view:3

I mean, Longtail had a sad life. Being blind and then crushed by a tree getting the mouse for Mousefur. I nearly cried when he died.

13 Ivypool Ivypool is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the Book series named Warrior Cats. Ivypool is a common silver-and-white tabby. She spied in the Dark Forest and has dark blue eyes. She is the sister of Dovewing and the kit of Whitewing and Birchfall. Her mate is Fernsong, and she is the mother of Flipclaw, Bristlefrost, and Thriftear.

Ivypool, your life was so, so sad. I really feel bad for her, she is such an underrated character! Dovewing is just a brat. I really don't like that princess in fairy land. Ivypool you had such a bad life! We love you!
-Moonsong medicine cat of ThunderClan

I like Ivypool don't get me wrong, I love Ivypool but I think she overrated, and Dovewing is underrated. Her life wasn't that sad. Sure she went to the dark forest and risked her life, but after that she was well respected got a mate and lived a great life. Nothing compare to the others cats lower on this list if you ask me.

She was ignored and why? For being better than her Mary Sue sister? For being kick but? For being plain awesome? She was so spectacular that it was a shame she wasn't the prophecy cat, but honestly, I think I like her better as a non prophecy cat. It shows that cats can actually train for what they have without having dumb StarClan cat hovering over your headd.

She was overshadowed by her sister, and always felt like she was less than her. Dovewing even blames Ivypool and calls her a traitor when she founds out Ivypool was training in the dark forest! Ivypool didn't even know! Her story's a lot longer, but I'm afraid I don't have time to go on.

14 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan.

Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost and spent her last moments with her mother Leafpool saying her last words ”I couldn’t bear to… to leave without knowing my mother.” more.

I first took pity on Hollyleaf when she discovered that Leafpool was her mother. Nobody in the warrior cat world thought this was going to happen, and her father… to find out she was half-clan? Sheesh, that must have been harsh. But most of all, to hear that the cat you called your mother lied to you all along? I can't imagine what that must have felt like. She must have felt as if her whole world and future were over.

Then, after she killed Ashfur and tried to kill her mother, grief and guilt hit her. She must have felt so lonely, even though Fallen Leaves was with her. Nothing could ever have worked out.

When she came back to ThunderClan, I thought, "Yay! She will finally get a happy ending!" But I was wrong. Just when things went right, she had her whole future and destiny ripped from her…

PS: She would have made a good leader!

Featherfrost of skyclan

I don't know what is sad but I'll list what I know about her
1. She is born
2. She doesn't know who her mother is
3. Soon, leaf pool's cover is blown
4. She tries to kill her
5. She runs away
6. She comes back
7. She doesn't hate her mother anymore
8. She "dies"

Hollyleaf's background is SO SAD. She never got a power and had to accept she wasn't part of the three, turns her BIRTH was breaking one of the things she loved the most, she was lied to about who her parents were, she killed a cat out of anger and got depressed out of it later and she finally forgave herself after and went back to the clans only to be KILLED a book after.

Hollyleaf, she was one of the most important cats to me. Like Ivypool, her siblings were part of the prophecy, and she thought she was too for a long time. She was lied to about her parents for a long time, and her birth was against the warrior code, which means so much to her. Later, she died without being able to celebrate victory with her brothers and clan. This is so sad

15 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker as her new mentor. After earning her medicine cat name, Spottedleaf received a prophecy from StarClan that referred to the newcomer, Firepaw. The two felt something for each other, but they never revealed their true feelings as Spottedleaf was killed by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior. She ascended to StarClan and particularly appeared in Fireheart's dreams. She then gave Fireheart a life more.

SpottedLeaf was Blue star's medicine cat and soon after being named it she had the vision that fire will save the clan. SpottedLeaf and FireHeart had feelings for each other, but were never able to state them as ClawFace killed SpottedLeaf.

OK guys. If I were spottedleaf I would love my life she is pretty kind and heals that is one great life and everyone dies at some point it is the circle of life you can dislike me but it is true

My favorite Character. Some people just voting for their Favs because they are their Favs, but Spottedleaf did have a very sad death.

SpottedLeaf's life was SO sad! She got hypnotized by ThistleClaw and witnessed him murdering a cat! And she had trusted him! She had been forced to become a medicine cat to get away from him and then she died so young! And she had to watch SandStorm and FireStar fall in love and go on missions together and travel to the lake together and she just had to live/die with it! Then she got killed by MapleShade and her spirit died! I love MapleShade but... GRR

16 Violetshine

I feel bad! Her mom died, she thought her dad was dead, her sister left and didn't want to grow with her in ShadowClan, Rootspring and Needletail left, and they could have died, her and Twigbranch and he fought some times. Thanks for reading, and I feel bad for Violetshine

She faced her worst fear when Darktail reigned. He found out about her treachery and killed her best friend right in front of her. Then her sister left her for ThunderClan. At least she had Tree.

She and her sister were abandoned as kits, and would have died if Alderheart and Needletail hadn't have found them. She was separated from her sister and forced to live in ShadowClan (I think, correct me if I'm wrong), which then proceeded to completely crumble and get taken over by rogues. She was abused, starved, scared into submission. Her foster mother wasn't very good to her. She had a very difficult relationship with Needletail, who was her only friend there. One of the most horrific scenes I have ever read in Warriors was when Violetpaw was drug out to the lake in the middle of the night (by was it Darktail? And one of his goons? ) and they almost drowned her until Needletail came to save her, and then they forced Violetpaw to watch as they drowned her only friend, which allowed her to escape as Needletail was murdered.

I hate her, but her life was pretty sad. She got taken to a different Clan, separated from her only family member, her only friend got killed by Darktail, and yeah.

17 Brightheart Brightheart is a character from Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a white she-cat with ginger patches. As an Apprentice she got attacked by dogs and got half of her face torn off. Her mate is Cloudtail and her kits are Whitewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, and Snowbush.

k, I admit it, Brightheart was attacked by dogs and was called ugly. But that was ONCE. And it was by a kit. They didn't know any better. Plus, she got all she ever wanted. She become mates with her crush, Cloudtail, and had kits that all survived until adulthood. Cloudtail liked Daisy for a while, even a bit more than Brightheart at the time. This is a true fact. But Daisy never stole him from her. She just wanted a friend. And yes, she did like him, and he liked her, and it's a good development. Anyway, Brightheart's life isn't sad. She doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Starclan this girl had a bad life, she got mauled, and watched swift paw DIE in front of her, and lost cloud tail to daisy! And blue star rename her lost face! Go girl!- sprout feather, river clan.

She almost got killed by dogs, and had to watch swift paw die, blue star renamed lost face, she lost her eye, then daisy took cloudtail!

Bright hearts life was sad. She nearly got killed by the savage dogs, saw Swiftpaw die and then nearly lost Cloudtail when he started liking Daisy! Poor Brightheart

18 Tallstar Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail with a white tail-tip, powerful shoulders, amber eyes, strong paws, short, thick fur, and a white muzzle and paws.

Tallstar's revenge was such a good book. While other good cats wanted revenge or wanted to kill throughout the books, no one turned themselves around quite like Tallstar.

Let's see. Hated by his father, not even noticed by his mother, laughed at by the other apprentices, and this is such a sad sad life

BOTH his parents rejected him! It seemed like Palebird basically forgot she had a son after she took another mate. Dawnstripe cared more about him than Palebird ever did.

Tallstar book was such such a good book, BOTH his parents rejected him! People his father was angry then died full with rage ssad sad. Lets see.

19 Graystripe Graystripe is a cat in a series Warrior Cats. He is named after the grey stripe that goes down his back. In the second book he falls in love with a cat named Silverstream. He is also friends with his childhood friend Firestar. He became mates with Millie who gave birth to their kits Blossomfall, Bumblestripe and Briarlight.

He lost everyone he knew since kit hood and some of his kits and he also had to watch stormfurr join the tribe. As an elder other cats would treat him like he was ancient and stupid. I'm surprised he didn't snap near the end. At least he died an brave death

His life was so sad he lost his first mate while she was giving birth to his kits. Imagine how grateful he would be if she stayed alive

Everyone Graystripe was related to died or abandoned him! If that's not sad then I don't know what sad is!

He lost his mate because she was kitting, because there was no time to get a medicine cat.

20 Hawkwing

He lost his mate and his kits and couldn't live in his own home that's pretty self explanatory .

Poor hawkwing lost his kits and mateT_T I am SOO happy he managed to find his kits again!

Why did his mate and bro die!

Once I read Hawkwing's Journey I will see what I have to say about him

21 Dustpelt

Sorry dust pelt that I hated you, you lost your mate, your kits, you lived a life of death, like blue star. But now your happy in starclan

Every one of his kits died, and he had like 10 of them! After that, Ferncloud dies in the Dark Forest Battle.

Screw Bluestar! Dust 'Pelt would have been a good mate, I don't think Bluestar loved him.

He lost most of his kits
No poor Dustpelt
And when his mate died..
He practically died.

22 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight is a dark ginger she-cat with forest-green eyes. She has one white paw, short legs, a torn ear tip, glossy fur, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail. She has a scar running from her chest to the top of her hind leg along her right flank. She is a cat in the series called Warrior Cats. Her father is Firestar, her mother is Sandstorm, and her sister is Leafpool.

Squirrelflight had a hard life. She's undecided between Bramblestar & Ashfur, and when she chooses Bramblestar, Ashfur takes revenge by almost killing her sister's kits. She also lied to Bramblestar about their kits, and Bramblestar breaks up with her. Then her mate turns into Ashfur, and might lose Bramblestar. Poor Squirrelflight...

Honestly I don't think her life was that sad, but she's my favorite, so I mean like, why not vote for her?

Her mate died because of a greedy cat, sister died, parents died, one of her kits die.

Squirrelflight! I cannot believe she lost bramblestar like that! And two kits AND her sister! T_T I litteraly hate ashfur! If only I could just.. aargh! Poor squirrelflight she's one of my fave characters

23 Stonefur

Guess who killed this guy? Tiger star! Fox heart! He was the son of bluestar, and oak heart, but he had to leave- sprout feather, river clan

StoneFur was BlueStar's son, but was never given a chance to connect with her because he was brought up in RiverClan by GreyPool. He was loyal to RiverClan until TigerStar forced him to kill an apprentice which lead to him being killed.

Leopardstar watched her loyal and kind deputy get killed because of a stupid crush on Tigerstar! Stone fur was so nice I sobbed when he died, I wanted to close the book. He died a noble death.

He was just a cat loyal to his clan until Tigerstar came and made him try to kill an apprentice, leading him to be killed. It wasn't fair because wasn't the other prisoners a part of Riverclan and loyal.

24 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous When he was around in Thunderclan as an apprentice he was traumatized as a he witnessed the Thunderclan warrior, Tigerclaw murder the Thunderclan deputy, Redtail. To keep him safe from Tigerclaw, his best friends Firepaw and Graypaw sent him away to become a loner and live with a cat named Barley at the barn, who he spent the rest of his life with.

RavenPaw was terrified in ThunderClan because he saw his own mentor, TigerClaw, kill the ThunderClan deputy, RedTail. Because of this his best friends, GreyPaw and FirePaw, took him to live with Barley who he spent the rest of his life with.

Ravenpaw had such a sad death that I cried! Spoilers and when I read the ending of Ravenpaw's farewell I realized why they called the book that I really liked him. but I do wonder what happened to him in his afterlife?

Raven paw had to escape from thunderclan from the blood and power thirty tigerstar. Tigerstar was about to kill, him. I guess he had a better life with barely, but I could see him being a proud warrior too!

Oh ravenpaw, you were threatened by tigerstar and witnessed him kill red tail, still terrified, he runs off to live with barley. I'm so glad barley offered to take him in, if it wasn't for ravenpaw, tigerstar would've probably killed bluestar. - squirrel'heart

25 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds, emotions, and walk into other cats dreams, He was born blind. according to the Warrior Cats Wiki Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale gray tabby tom with blind, pale blue eyes like a jay's wing. He has thin and silky fur, and a scar running down one side. In fanart Jayfeather is depicted sometimes with his "beloved" stick that he uses to go back in time to become jay's wing.

Matte after is so wise and calm. He has a very grumpy character, but you can't blame him he is part of an important prophecy, can talk to the dead when ever he likes, is blind, talks to rock, and is born not knowing who his real parents are. That's a lot of wait to carry on one cats shoulders, throughout this he never stopped carrying for his clan mates and brother and sister. This is why he is totes my second favorite character!

I'm a massive fan of Jayfeather, let me just say! I think it's so sad he wanted to be a warrior but had to be up being a med cat! Also in the time before the Tribe Of Rushing Water, he truly loved Halfmoon so as that he cannot have kits or a mate in his own time. Also he could never be with half moon, so as he doesn't belonging that time, also he is always treated like a kit for being blind, which I find so sad!

I am such a big fan of Jayfeather, let me just say! It's so sad he wanted to be a warrior before being a medic cat! Like I cried when he died too! :(

Although I'm not a massive fan of Jayfeather (still like him though, just the series he was in I found boring) he had a sad life, he was blind his whole life and was treated like a child, really just sad to be honest that his dreams of being a warrior were crushed and then he also lost his powers.

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