Top Ten Warrior Cats With the Saddest Lives

The Top Ten
1 CrookedStar

Guys, you are not very bright. Sure, I would understand if you didn't put the cat with the SADDEST life on top because opinions and all that. But he isn't even on the list. Who am I talking about? SKYSTAR! He lost more than half his mates and kits. Everyone says he rejected Thunder, but the truth is, Thunder broke his heart by leaving SkyClan THREE TIMES! Not once did Clear Sky tell Thunder to leave. He watched his mother die a painful death. He was the least trusted cat in the Clans. He watched his favorite brother die of a lung disease. And you but DAISY on this list. She lived a life of caring for kits, lived a long life. Almost every cat in the clan loved her. You guys are nuttier than a jar a extra crunchy peanut butter not to put Clear Sky on this list. He might not have led well at times, but he learned from his mistakes, and last I checked, this was about saddest lives, not morality. Skystar forever!

When I was reading Crookedstar's Promise, I really really felt bad for him! He was rejected by Rainflower and renamed Crookedkit. Then he makes one bad choice and looses everyone he loves. The poor guy went through so much torture, and he didn't deserve any of it.

Poor Crookedstar. I honestly love him so much. As a kit, he was named Stormkit. Stormkit broke his jaw...and you know what? His mother neglected him. He was cast in the shadow of his brother. Not saying Oakheart is bad. Rainflower requested for Hailstar to change his name to Crookedkit. Becoming an apprentice late, he meets Bluepaw at his first gathering. Bluepaw is surprised that he just became an apprentice and he explains that he was a sick kit. Crookedpaw was good humored about it and kept cracking jokes. Bluepaw claims that she likes this cat, and he never seems to get fazed about anything. But Crookedpaw kept climbing. He became Crookedjaw, then deputy, then after Hailstar was bit by a rat and lost his final life, he became Crookedstar. Crookedstar never gave up or just said "I'm not good enough. I never will be."

OMG such a sad life! can anyone agree? tortured by Rainflower was he, SUCH a meanie is Rainflower, he was only a "kit" and look actally very much does not matter, it's the persanality that makes the changes, does any one agree with me now? any ways, Crookedstar has a very good persanality and definitely deserved a mate, that he got. go Crookedstar! oh yeah, and Rainflower, one last thing,

Rainflower: is it about my beaty? I bet it is that kit of mine is so ugly-

speacil memorys, Crookedstar, I wish you happieniss

2 BlueStar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a more.

Bluestar had the worst life ever! First she saw her mother die, then she saw her sister die, then she had to give away her kits and watch Mosskit die! But she stayed strong and became the best leader Thunderclan has ever had! Later Oakheart dies. Then Tigerstar betrays her. After that everything gets a downwards spiral. I don’t blame her for it. Crookedstar also had a sad life but at least he got to have Silverstream with him in his clan until she died. I HAVE AND WILL ALWAYS KNOW THAT BLUESTAR IS THE BEST CAT EVER!
Moonlight of Thunderclan

Bluestar life was sad Everyone she loved died. She was depressed when her mom died Why dose people get mad at her for being depressed And stuff she is depressed think about it how well u feel if u were her? She is was so devastated when she had to give away her kits and her dead kit as well She loved Oakheart and he loved her back they are so cute together... Shes so confident and wise and pretty no wonder why crookedstar and thrushpelt and Oakheart had an crush on her She had an HORRIBLE LIFE She is very stubborn that's what I like about her lol

It was so sad! First she loses her mother then her sister. She also had her very good mentor retire to the elders den. Also she fell in love with someone from river clan, gave her kits away and died. There was not a lot of happy ness. I can't stand it.

Bluepaw watched her mother, Moonflower, get murdered by Hawkheart. Then later, her sister, Snowfur, mated with Thistleclaw, who was an awful cat. After Snowfur gave birth to Whitekit, she was hit on a thunderpath. She made it her mission to raise Whitekit...and not let Thistleclaw become deputy, let alone leader. After Whitestorm was made a warrior, she met in secret with Oakheart. Then, she was expecting his kits.She painfully gave birth. It was a surprise to the Clan, since Bluefur always had felt pressured into having a mate and kits of her own. Everycat assumed they were Thrushpelt's kits, which annoyed her, but also pleased her so she didn't have to make up a lie about the father. She had to give up her kits, watch on of them (Mosskit) die, and lose her one true love.

3 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane, more.

I think Mapleshade should be on the top. She had faith in her mate and when her mate rejected her she felt rising anger. I mean I understand I would feel the same way if the hapend to me. She had a very sad life. Her kit's soon died after she got kicked out of the clans. She was so sad I felt soooo bad for her. Her mate was the worst. And whoever killed her (I forgot) is the worst. she killed because she was so sad. And the one thing supper sad is that when she died she got sent to the Dark-forest and not StarClan so she never got to see her kits again :( she had such a sad life I feel so bad for her

She Deserves To Be Number 1! She was a Thunderclan cat that fell in love with a riverclan cat like Bluestar and Graystripe but she got a much worse story because of her actions. When Ravenwing found out she got kicked out of Thunderclan! She lost all three of her kits in the river filling her with pain and sadness. Riverclan wouldn’t let her in, and Appledusk her mate, dumped her for Reedshine! Because of her kits dying and everything else, her actions make some sense, because she was clouded with anger and grief. I think her story is the saddest in Warrior Cats.

She definitely had a saddest life! SHe got exiled out of the clan, lost her kits and her mate didn't like her anymore. That is so sad!
If Mapleshade isn't the cat with saddest life, than who is it?

I think Mapleshade should be on the top. She dereves to be number 1! SHE SHOULD BE NO.1! How is she not even number one? Mapleshade deserves better. All the cat she killed deserves to die.

4 BriarLight Briarlight was born to Graystripe and Millie alongside Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. When she was an apprentice, she tried to save Longtail from a falling tree and crushed her lower spine. After that, she had to do exercises to strengthen her backbone. She lived in the Med Cat den, until a case of greencough more.

Honestly, where do I start? Briarkit was like a normal kit. Playing with Bumblekit and Blossomkit. listening to elders stories. Then, Briarpaw is apprenticed to Thornclaw! What could go wrong? Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. A falling tree is going down--straight for the elder's den. Briarpaw bolted back into the camp in a desperate attempt to save the blind elder, Longtail. She...failed. And in the process, broke her spine. The medicine cats couldn't figure out what was wrong. Leafpool suggests that Jayfeather travels to ShadowClan to ask Littlecloud, since the ShadowClan medicine cat had a similar case. In the end, Jayfeather gives Briarlight different work outs to keep her strength up. Although she stay optimistic, Briarlight often feels like she's not good enough.

She lost her use for her back legs, but she had Jayfeather to help her throughout all that. This is why I ship them people. -Cosmic of DarkClan

Briarlight, Briarlight... where to start? Her life was doomed ever since the tree fell on her, she would just feel useless while her clanmates would hunt, fight and risk their lives, she couldn’t have kits, she would never be a warrior, basically she spent her life feeling like crap! She is definitely one of my favorite character<3 I just wanna hug her

How come she ain't number 1? She suffered, stuck in the den doing painful exercises while everyone was hunting and fighting for territory. Briarlight is the bes I love her.

5 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and was reincarnated into Cinderheart until Lionblaze freed her spirit before the battle against the Dark Forest. Cinderpelt is a small, fluffy, sleek and soft-furred, smoky dark gray she-cat more.

Cinderpelt was such a considerate cat. She died trying to save Sorreltail from badgers. She was also a talented medicine cat and taught her apprentice well. Even with her limp she got from the Thunderpath she fought bravely to protect her Clanmate while they were giving birth.

She wanted so much to be a warrior because she fell into a trap meant for someone else. She had liked Fireheart throught that and he never found out! She wanted to help her clan so much! but she still did as one of the best medicince cats ever!

She wanted nothing more than to be a warrior and had that taken from her because she fell into a trap meant for another cat. Then StarClan tells her how and when she will die to test weather or not she is worthy of being a medicine cat. Then she succeeds and has to live her life going to the moonstone/pool and go on the journey from the forest to the lake with a crippled leg.

Eh. I mean, she got a second life (Cinderheart). I got a heart attack when I found about the she had a crush on Firestar. -everyone gasps-. -Silvercloud

6 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

Poor Yellowfang was cursed, forced to be a medicine cat, she fell in love with Raggedstar, her two daughters died, her only surviving son became destroying leader, her mate turned his back on her and did everything to make her jealous with Foxheart, her son killed her former mate which she still loved, her son killed her younger siblings and blamed it on her, she got kicked out of ShadowClan, almost killed in ThunderClan, treated bad, Spottedleaf's death got blamed on her, and she died a very painful and long death. And she kept strong after all.

She's got one of the saddest stories. I mean she lost her grandmother (Silverflame) when she was really young. Then she falls in love and soon after StarClan desides that "yeah, you need to be a medicine cat. you don't want to? too bad." Raggedstar hates her, and she loses Hopekit and Faithkit as soon as they're born. She's cursed to treat her Clanmates as Brokenstar (her son) goes wacko and starts to commit mass genocide (or pretty close to it) and is blamed for the death of her little sisters. The worst part is, everyone except her siblings (Nutwhisker and Rowanberry), and Runningnose (I know there's someone else but I can't remember who), even her parents! Brightflower and Brackenfoot, along with all of ShadowClan are nothing but jerks!

Yellowfang's mate was killed by her own son. Heer only two daughters were killed by Brokenstar and he blamed it on her, forcing Yellowfang to be kicked out of the clan

Her son was so evil and kicked his mother Yellowfang out and was mistreating the cat who gave birth to go. Thankfully she ended his life.

7 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes, more.

I LOVE SCOURGE all you Scourge haters please back off he is awesome and was bullied by his siblings and you know he has a SAD LIFE and all he did was try to protect himself I cried when he died he should have lived he really should have and I relate to him I am small and am bullied etc...


Lets face this poor guy only went crazy bc socks and Ruby where so mean to him ;> We all know that he tried to take over the forest but this guy should of had a chance at life. He was bullied by his sister and brother, known as Tiny at first, Umm.

He was bullied by his littermates until he was forced to leave. He was attacked by Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw, but saved by Bluefur. He finally found power in BloodClan, cats who would die to protect him. -Cosmic of DarkClan

Lets face it this poor guy only went crazy bc socks and ruby were so mean to him ;< We all know that he tried to take over the forest but this guy should of had a better chance at life. We know he is evil but it was never his fault remember that.


8 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool was brokenhearted after she broke up with Crowfeather and watched her mentor die. She had to give her kits up to her sister. EVentually, Squirrelflight let the word slip that they weren't here kits. After Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze found out Leafpool was their mother, they hated her. Hollyleaf exposed her mother and left the Clans, Leafpool was excused from her medicine cat position (for a while,) and her two sons didn't like her any more than Hollyleaf did. After her kits forgave her and she became medicine cat again, Hollyleaf died. I think leafpool had a rough go.

Okay I hate the medicine cat rule that they can't have a mate or kits, IT IS THE MOST STUPID RULE IN THE WARRIOR CODE, alongside the "cats can't have mates outside the clans" thing.

She had to give up her kits and watch the cat she loved have a "family". And had to watch her kits think that their mother was her sister.

AND she had to give up her medicine cat role once the clans found out their true heritage.

She lived one of the saddest lives. -Cosmic of DarkClan

Oh leafpool! People say she is bratty and can't let go but here just listen
1. she bared crow's kits
2. she felt guilt from cinderpelt after she ran away
3 her mentor DIED
4. her kits did not know she was there mother
5. they hated her when they found out
6 one of them died

Oh, Leafpool! I don't understand how you could've managed. You sacrificed all you had. First your mate, then your kits, then your position as a medicine cat, and finally your life! And none of it was your fault. You were so brave to follow your heart. And then you lost your mentor, too. You felt that it was all your fault. Your heart broke. I understand, Leafpool, that it was terrible for you. Having your own kits hate you, seeing them grow up not knowing who you really were. And you loved them with all your heart! It must have cracked with despair. I understand, Leafpool, I do.

9 IvyPool Ivypool is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the Book series named Warrior Cats. Ivypool is a common silver-and-white tabby. She spied in the Dark Forest and has dark blue eyes. She is the sister of Dovewing and the kit of Whitewing and Birchfall. Her mate is Fernsong, and she is the more.

I LOVE IvyPool! She was pushed around and outshadowed by her sister, DoveWing, Who also took most of the credit for things poor IvyPool had done. Her story is sad. Go IvyPool! Go IvyPool!

She was ignored and why? For being better than her Mary Sue sister? For being kick but? For being plain awesome? She was so spectacular that it was a shame she wasn’t the prophecy cat, but honestly, I think I like her better as a non prophecy cat. It shows that cats can actually train for what they have without having dumb StarClan cat hovering over your headd.

Honestly I HATE Dovewing. She SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO perfect and can do EVERYTHING RIGHT. While poor Ivypool is jealous of her sister.

And Ivypool haters, ask yourself one question.

Put yourselves in her paws, your sister gets all the attention and ALL the guys, even Blossompaw wanting Dovewing to hunt with her instead of you saying, "At least she can hunt".

How would you feel? -Cosmic of DarkClan

I like Ivypool don’t get me wrong, I love Ivypool but I think she overrated, and Dovewing is underrated. Her life wasn’t that sad. Sure she went to the dark forest and risked her life, but after that she was well respected got a mate and lived a great life. Nothing compare to the others cats lower on this list if you ask me.

10 Gray Wing

Gray Wing definitely has the saddest life (I don't remember much cause I haven't read Dawn Of The Clans in 293209320 million years) because first she has to leave the mountains to chase Jagged Peak, and then Turtle Tail (his mate) runs away to the twoleg place to live with Tom when they get settled. Later Gray Wing saves Clear Sky in a fire, giving him asthma for his whole life (sorry if this is not in chronological order) and when Turtle Tail comes back, she dies shortly after. Gray Wing than has to split with Turtletail's kits and Thunder to live in Tall Shadow's territory, and then Gray Wing makes a hard decision to leave all his friends in Shadowclan to live with Slate in Windclan. Gray Wing then finds his mother who dies a short amount of time later. After Slate gave birth, Gray Wing had a asthma attack that killed him and he barely got to know his kits. I haven't read dawn of the clans in 2 years, but I think that's what happens, and if you don't that's sad your a foxheart.

I just really, really feel bad for him. He never got to be with any of his crushes (because his stupid brother took them) except for one, and when they finally had kits, he fricking died. Bruh. Also, Clear Sky and Storm had a few kits, and Gray Wing had to take care of one of them because his brother didn't give a frick. Then Gray Wing watched Thunder betray him and join his idiot dad and he was sad. He also got asthma.

Seriously! How come he’s so low?! I mean come ON people read dawn of the clan and you’ll see how miserable his life was! SPOILER ALERT! Ever since he was a kit he spent his life STARVING and watching his clanmates starve. Then he fell in love with his brothers mate who got snatched by an eagle while she was expecting. After that his brother (clear sky by the way) went in serial killer mode and started harassing him and the rest of the cats with him. Then he fell in love with storm who went to his brother (2nd time) and had kits, but left because she realized how he really was. She died along with two of her kits and he had to take care of him because clear sky didn’t want him (did I mention I HATE clear sky) and then the cat that loved him had kits who weren’t his and died leaving HIM the job to take care of them and finally when he managed to have a stable relationship and kits HE DIES before even being able to spend a moon with them!

Like why did he have to get asthma?!?!? It's unfair. HE MADE AND NAMED all the clans and then dies without seeing his kits grow and flourish! He also should have been leader, he had so much respect by the way! Gray Wing my favorite anyways! -Saberfang(an ancient clouded leopard who join Leopardclan out of thankfulness)

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11 BreezePelt

I got feels for the guy! Tsss I hate nightcloud (sorry night loud lovers! Are there really any?) spoiling him and pampering him, turning him into a brat, and well crow feather wasn’t really a big help either but still Breezepelt just was an insecure and misunderstood cat

I feel bad for him, because his father didn't care for him (AFTER he tried to kill is HALF BROTHER), and because his parents were always fighting.

Oh my gosh. His own father ignored him! And his mother just pampered him like a spoiled kit. AND HIS LITTERMATES DIED! He always felt like he had to earn his clan’s trust, but he didn’t. All he needed to do was be a little more loyal and everything would be perfect. He was a good cat before the dark forest, I know. Before dark forest, he was just a grump like his father (who I am in love with).

I know not many people like him but, he did have a reason to be so grumpy. His father pretty much rejected him, and I remember Crowfeather congratulating Lionpaw (this scene was in Outcast) on his catch instead of his own son, Breezepaw! Guys, you have to agree that Breezepelt did have a pretty hard life, and he was annoying but only because Crowfeather rejected him.

12 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost.

Hollyleaf’s background is SO SAD. She never got a power and had to accept she wasn't part of the three, turns her BIRTH was breaking one of the things she loved the most, she was lied to about who her parents were, she killed a cat out of anger and got depressed out of it later and she finally forgave herself after and went back to the clans only to be KILLED a book after.

Bollyleaf's background was so SAD. She has o live in the tunnels almost her entire life! She was true role-model for the Warrior cat series. She runied her whole life,

Se had to live in the tunnels for almost her entire life! When they finally found her, she only lived for about one book longer before she died.

She was true role-model for the warrior cat series. She died bravely, she died with courage and she died knowing that she did Thunderclan proud. She died young. She didn't have a mate. She didn't even know her true family.

13 LongTail

He had to become an elder early because a rabbit blinded him as he became a laughingstock of the fandom. He tried to impress mousefur but failed. He was hated by everyone’s favorite character, Firestar. Everyone thought he was a traitor. He had to watch his friend die. He got one of the worst introductions is warriors readers seeing him as a bully. People have him when sandstorm was a bigger bully than him. Tigerclaw was his friend but was a traitor. Swiftpaw was denied being a warrior. He has to swallow up hid pride and beg fireheart to make his apprentice a warrior. Longtail’s mentor was a traitor. One of his apprentices is a jerk. Longtail died getting fresh kill. This character needs a rest forever.

His life is the saddest of all to me, he lost his eyesight hunting a rabbit, got crushed by a tree and much more, not to mention the Erin's had said he was also as old as Mousefur so living that long with all the bad things that happened to him had to be pretty bad.

Blinded not even halfway through his life and joined the elders early and died because of a tree!

He was forced to move to the elders den when a rabbit-
U know
And he could've served his Clan for so long!

14 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild. she was killed by a cat named Clawface. more.

... Just why? Spottedleaf was in love with Firestar. Preety sure Firestar was in love with her. She gave Bluestar the "Fire alone will save our clan" prophecy. She gave firestar the life of Love for all cats ou care for. She is very pretty to. So what is she in the top 11? she lost all she cared for because of that code breaker fox hearted bastard Clawface. I wish I could claw his face. I was so pissed when she died. Vite for Spottedleaf! The best medicine cat of all time!

I don’t like her, but honestly she has a pretty sad life
Thistleclaw tried to be mates with her despite what she wanted. She got killed. She died before telling Firestar how she felt and had to watch him grow up with Sandstorm. And She died yet again saving Sandstorm, and now lives in a world of nothing-ness

She died twice, she knew she could never be mates with the cat she loved. How is this not in the top three?!

She died in the first book, forcing her to watch her love Firestar mate with Sandstorm.

15 AshFur Ashfur is a character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. Ashfur is a muscular pale gray tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes. He has short, thick fur, and a torn ear.

I don't know how old this list is, but ashfur took a turn for the worst. I would still like him and feel bad for him if he hadn't STOLEN BRAMBLESTAR'S BODY. He would have had my sympathy but he is just evil and obsessive. good job hollyleaf you killed a truly evil cat

His life was SO sad! Ash fur deserved squirrelflight! Bramble star treated her like crap and ashfur at least cared about her! he did evrything to make her happy! just to be rejected and then killed by her child?!?!? I still don't really like Hollyleaf... Ash fur get s much hate for being sad after a total rejection from a cat he thought loved him

Ok, I know a lot of people will very strongly disagree with me but I ship Ash x Squirrel. I think they would’ve been a better couple than Bramble x Squirrel. I wish they had been together.

Theory: ASHFUR only seemed to love squirrel when he saw how close squirrel and bramble were maybe he just hates bramble I mean brambles dad is tiger who killed his mom maybe he wanted to make bramble sad or something (not trying to ruin and the debates and bramble x squirrel and ash x squirrel and all the drama just a passing thought)

16 Hawkwing

He lost his mate and his kits and couldn't live in his own home that's pretty self explanatory .

Seriously, he had the saddest life ever! HUH, read the book if u don't believe me.

Poor hawkwing lost his kits and mateT_T I am SOO happy he managed to find his kits again!

Why did his mate and bro die!

17 Tallstar Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail with a white tail-tip, powerful shoulders, amber eyes, strong paws, short, thick fur, and a white muzzle and paws.

Tallstar's revenge was such a good book. While other good cats wanted revenge or wanted to kill throughout the books, no one turned themselves around quite like Tallstar.

Tallstar book was such such a good book, BOTH his parents rejected him! People his father was angry then died full with rage ssad sad. Lets see.

Tallstar's book was such such a good book, but it was very sad..His father wanted him to become a tunneler, but he didn't want to he was bullied by some other cats (I forgot there names )nHis father denied him and rejected him and when some rouges came to visit, he died and tallstar was so angry, he litterally almost killed a few cats, I haven't read his story in a long time, but all I know is he died without a mate, even though the writers didn't mention him and jake being together, like they did with ravenpaw and barely. He didn't really have anyone to love, I mean sure he had jake as his friend but jake had to quince and nutmeg, and when rusty joined he treated him like a sun, but still he had to die when the clans were falling apart. He is one of my favorite cats to this day <3 -Avella

BOTH his parents rejected him! It seemed like Palebird basically forgot she had a son after she took another mate. Dawnstripe cared more about him than Palebird ever did.

18 Brightheart Brightheart is a character from Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a white she-cat with ginger patches. As an Apprentice she got attacked by dogs and got half of her face torn off. Her mate is Cloudtail and her kit is Whitewing.

There's no doubt about Brightpaw and Swiftpaw's feelings for each other. When the not right in the head Bluestar makes Cloudtail a warrior, all the apprentices fumed. They were older than him, for StarClan's sake! So Swiftpaw cooks up a plan to kill the dog pack that's been causing nothing but trouble. The apprentices feel uncomfortable about this, so they refuse. Except for Brightpaw. So Brightpaw and Swiftpaw attack the dogs. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered and terribly small compared to the dogs. If it weren't for Fernpaw confiding in Dustpelt about Swiftpaw's plan, they both would've died. Brightpaw was in the medicine den for a very long time. For a little, all she could say was "Pack pack...kill kill..." Cloudtail stays with her, promising that she is still beautiful. Brightpaw was named Lostface by Bluestar, and later renamed Brightheart by Firestar.

She obviously loved Swiftpaw before Cloudtail. No questions asked. She took a while to be comfortable with who she is. Daisy just made it worse by trying to take Cloudtail from her. -Cosmic of DarkClan

Brightheart was an apprentice when she got her eye torn out. She wasn't made a warrior and wanted to prove herself, being rewarded with the name Lost face that got turned into Brightheart.

Reasons Brightheart is the best:
1. I HATE bluestar and blame her for swiftpaw’s death.
2. I love ivypool
3. Brightheart is amazing and deserves to be deputy.
4. Pay attention to her name: bright - heart. She is a kind person and her heart is bright. Now you know why I love Brightheart

19 Violetshine

I hate her, but her life was pretty sad. She got taken to a different Clan, separated from her only family member, her only friend got killed by Darktail, and yeah.

I was lowkt pissed of at ShadowClan. She and her sister were abandoned as kits, just had to add this. She has be be sperated from her sister and whent to join the Rouges just so she could have a friend.

I was lowkey pissed off at ShadowClan. Like you take Violetshine away from her sister and than you don't even take good care of her. Stupid Pinenose!

She and her sister were abandoned as kits, and would have died if Alderheart and Needletail hadn’t have found them. She was separated from her sister and forced to live in ShadowClan (I think, correct me if I’m wrong), which then proceeded to completely crumble and get taken over by rogues. She was abused, starved, scared into submission. Her foster mother wasn’t very good to her. She had a very difficult relationship with Needletail, who was her only friend there. One of the most horrific scenes I have ever read in Warriors was when Violetpaw was drug out to the lake in the middle of the night (by was it Darktail? And one of his goons? ) and they almost drowned her until Needletail came to save her, and then they forced Violetpaw to watch as they drowned her only friend, which allowed her to escape as Needletail was murdered.

20 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight is a dark ginger she-cat with forest-green eyes. She has one white paw, short legs, a torn ear tip, glossy fur, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail. She has a scar running from her chest to the top of her hind leg along her right flank. She is a cat in the series called Warrior Cats. more.

I love this cat, lost her father, two kits, her sister, and so much more. Her sister got all the attention. Now she is stressed being a leader.


Squirrelflight! I cannot believe she lost bramblestar like that! And two kits AND her sister! T_T I litteraly hate ashfur! If only I could just.. aargh! Poor squirrelflight she’s one of my fave characters

Her life is like, Sooooo Sad, she had to lie to her mate! HER MATE! I have anything to say. Just... YAY SQUIRRELFLIGHT! Like her dad if Like Firestar! Firestar! Her sister is Leafpool! Leafpool! Her mother is Sandstorm! Sandstorm! Ahpoo, Gimme a sec? Aphoo, Please Vote for Squirrelflight!

I know people don’t think she has the saddest backstory but if u rlly think about it, think about how much she gave up, she really does. She had to build up a great life just to loose it all in the blink of an eye. But she still picked herself back up. Rather impressive if u ask me.

21 Stonefur

He was just a cat loyal to his clan until Tigerstar came and made him try to kill an apprentice, leading him to be killed. It wasn't fair because wasn't the other prisoners a part of Riverclan and loyal.

Leopardstar watched her loyal and kind deputy get killed because of a stupid crush on Tigerstar! Stone fur was so nice I sobbed when he died, I wanted to close the book. He died a noble death.

Poor warrior. Got killed just because he wouldn't kill his own apprentice, who was very important to the clan's growth. He died for them.
-Cloverkit of Darkclan

I cried when he died it was all because of tigerstar I hate tigerstar so much

22 Crowfeather

Just a heads up, in this comment I might simp over Crowfeather. He's my favorite character ever.
Crowpaw was chosen by his father, Deadfoot, to embark on a journey to save the forest. On the way, he falls in love with a kindhearted she-cat named Feathertail. But when they reached the mountains, Feathertail died saving the tribe from the vicious Sharptooth. After a while of being back in WindClan, Crowfeather and Leafpaw fall in love. It took them a while to figure things out, but Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away together. But they soon met Midnight the badger. ThunderClan was in danger. After the ThunderClan medicine cat, Cinderpelt, died, Leafpool made her choice to stay with her true Clan and be their medicine cat. So my favorite warriors cats ship broke up...(;~;)
Crowfeather's Clanmates accused him of disloyalty. So the tom took Nightcloud as his mate. Not out of love, but to prove his loyalty. The couple often quarreled and lived in a toxic relationship, which ended up ...more

Just a head up, Why isn't Crowfeatehr at the top? Well, how is he not #!? He lost BOTH his parents and Feathertail, saving his life! He also lost his mate and her daughter!

Why isn't my boy Crowfeather at the top? He has one thing ALL of the cats above him don't. They were all able to move on, while every day Crowfeather mourns the lose of Feathertail and Leafpool. I feel bad for my Crow boy. :(

Well, I love him, darkstorm! I love him and wish nightcloud were never born! Then he could have picked me to mate with and I would have been nicer. AND NOT TO MENTION THE FEATHERTAIL SOB! the Feathertail sob is we’re everyone gathers around to sob about feathertail’s death.
But leafpool was WAY out of his league.

23 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous more.

I mean, he has a pretty sad life!
Here are the sad things about his life:

1: Had a very mean mentor
2: Almost got killed by his mentor
3: Was tortured by his mentor
(Practically all his mentor)
4: Had to be away from his Clanmates

Here are the happy things about his life:

1: Has a warm home (The barn)
2: Has company (Barely)
3: Has lots of food! (Rich prey!)
4: Pretty much seems like he is in love with Barely
5: Is allowed to go into ThunderClan

He was a great guy! He is a cute cat
He was purrfect

I'll make this short, okay? Ravenpaw had PTSD from seeing his mentor murder Redtail. Nobody believed him, sadly. His friends overheart Tigerstar's plan to kill Ravenpaw, and smuggled him out of ThunderClan. It was hard for him to say goodbye to Firepaw and Graypaw at such a young age. But he lived with the farmcat, Barley. Ravenpaw said that he always would be a warriror in his heart.

I am like him and Squirrel, I am shy but luckily Barley saved him and took him in.
Raven was traumatized after watching Redtail get killed by Tigerstar. Then he was threatened by the latter.


I honestly love ravenpaw, but after running away from his evil mentor, he lived a quite happy life with Barley. I mean, he caught a SNAKE and an ADDER!

24 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds, emotions, and walk into other cats dreams. He was born blind. Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale gray tabby tom with blind, pale blue eyes like more.

Although I’m not a massive fan of Jayfeather (still like him though, just the series he was in I found boring) he had a sad life, he was blind his whole life and was treated like a child, really just sad to be honest that his dreams of being a warrior were crushed and then he also lost his powers.

Ya, I gotta agree with Y'all, He should be 1 ! He's blind! others treat him like a.. a.. Okay... Like he's a kit!
though it IS like his heart is covered in "Leaf-Bare" 'cause he snaps at everyone but... that's probably because he's blind and he wanted to be a warrior, he COULD have been a Warrior if firestar had given him a chance! Longtail survived just fine!
Until he retired, anyway I think Jayfeather is sooo Coooooollll!

Jayfeather has to leave Half Moon, he loses so much, and now cats hate him for being Leafpool and Crowfeather. And now everyone hates him.

25 Daisy

Everyone left her and treated her like garbage. Poor Daisy and a really tragic life.

I think she deserve to have Spiderleg as her mate. I like Spiderleg, but I always hate this character. Is... useless

Treated bad (all her mates were jerks) and she got injured.

Treated badly by spider leg and her face got scarred.

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