Top 10 Warrior Cats with the Saddest Lives

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1 Crookedstar Crookedstar is a huge, light brown tabby tom with green eyes and a twisted jaw.

Crookedstar was a RiverClan leader in the forest territories. He was born as Stormkit to Rainflower and Shellheart alongside his brother, Oakkit. Following an accident in which he broke his jaw, Stormkit was renamed... read more

1. His mother neglects him.
2. His brother is favored.
3. His apprentice ceremony is delayed.
4. Mapleshade curses him.
5. Becomes a loner after all that has happened in just 6 moons.
6. Returns to find that Mapleshade has made him swear to something that will make his life terrible forever.
7. Has to know he is kin to the cat who cursed him.
8. Has to watch his mate die.
9. Has to watch his kits die.
10. Has to watch his leader die.
11. Has to become the most important cat in the Clan and be responsible for everyone.
12. Is forced to fight deadly, unnecessary battles over rocks.
13. Dies from the most painful sickness the Clans have ever known.

2 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane,... read more

There's a difference between a "sad life" and a "sad but got better." Cats like Crookedstar and Bluestar were able to find peace and acceptance with their lives, but Mapleshade didn't. She was possessive and maybe overconfident of herself in her life. After everything that went down in "Mapleshade's Vengeance," she never found the peace they did. She went insane and was hallucinating the spirits of her kits.

Mapleshade only got worse after her death. She never has and most likely never will find the peace everyone else got. -Songshaodw

3 Briarlight Briarlight was born to Graystripe and Millie alongside Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. When she was an apprentice, she tried to save Longtail from a falling tree and crushed her lower spine. After that, she had to do exercises to strengthen her backbone. She lived in the Med Cat den, until a case of greencough... read more

A cheerful, and optimistic cat. Her future blurred when she was paralyzed. What could she do? There was no way she could be a warrior now. No, her mother didn't neglect her, but she still suffered. Blossomfall and Bumblestripe were tossed away, but Briarlight felt the guilt. If you take a look at her personality, she's the sort of cat who would hide her pain. She wouldn't want to worry anyone. Think of all the anxiety, guilt, self-doubt, and loneliness, as well as resentment towards her own body. She masked her emotions by being cheerful, and she did kind of learn to be happy again. But still, we don't know what demons haunted her mind, and she never lived up to her full potential. The happy ending that was given to her was a disappointment. Oh, she died, and that's good now! She's happy! She can walk now! That is really depressing, and I think she's a character who has such a sad life.

- Ravensflight

4 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a... read more

Bluestar lived a life of death. She got Oakheart as a mate, but had to give away her kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur, to RiverClan so she could become deputy and leader. Mosskit, her final kit, died of hypothermia. Stonefur and Oakheart died for Tigerstar's wants. His treachery devastated Bluestar so much that she doubted the loyalty of all her warriors who were friends with him.

Her life was full of death. She watched her mother get viciously murdered right after she became an apprentice. Her father didn't really care about her and ran off with some other she-cat right after her mother was murdered. She watched her sister get hit and killed by a car, then had to raise her nephew, Whitestorm, and protect him from his evil father, Thistleclaw.

She fell in love with Oakheart, from another clan, and got pregnant. She was pretty much forced to give up her kits, or Thistleclaw would have become leader and most likely destroy the Clan. She had to bring her kits through a blizzard, and Mosskit died, so she had to bury her in the snow. She couldn't even watch the other two grow up because they were in RiverClan.

Right after she dealt with losing her kits, she immediately became deputy and soon leader, and had to carry the weight of the Clan. Her best friend, Thrushpelt, died, and she dealt with the guilt of never giving him the life he deserved. Tigerclaw's treachery and plotting against her drove her over the edge. She died drowning. Way sad.

5 Cinderpelt A Medicine Cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter, she is a small, fluffy, sleek, and soft-furred she-cat with a smoky dark gray coat and wide blue eyes. Initially, she started out as a Warrior apprentice but was forced to train as a Medicine Cat after a monster broke her leg on the Thunderpath... read more

Cinderpelt was given Fireheart as a mentor, but her dreams of becoming a strong warrior were destroyed when she broke her leg. Instead, she became a medicine cat apprentice to Yellowfang. Yellowfang died in a fire, and Cinderpelt became the medicine cat. She had deep feelings for Fireheart but could never reveal them, as she died saving Sorreltail and her newborn kits from a badger. Cinderpelt definitely had one of the saddest lives in Warriors.

She was a very enthusiastic kit at her naming ceremony. She got hit by a monster, which I was heartstruck about, and never became a warrior.

6 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

She didn't get to be mates with Crowfeather because of the badgers

Cinderpelt was dead when she got back

When she revealed her secrets to her kits, they exposed her at a gathering and hated her

Hollyleaf tried to kill her

Crowfeather said he didn't care about her

Just so sad!!

Leafpool's life was so sad, arguably the second saddest among warrior cats. Her life, albeit better than Cinderpelt's, still had its share of heartache, especially since she got together with Crowfeather. Here's a list of the events in Leafpool's life:

1. Grew farther away from her sister.
2. Fell in love with Crowfeather.
3. Ran away with Crowfeather.
4. Returned to find Cinderpelt dead.
5. Broke up with Crowfeather and was devastated.
6. Had Crowfeather's kits.
7. Her kits didn't even know their real mother and father.
8. Lied to her whole clan about them.
9. Watched Crowfeather mate with Nightcloud and their son, Breezepelt.
10. Exposed in front of the gathering as Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze's mother.
11. Her kits hated her.
12. Her daughter tried to kill her.
13. Her daughter "died."
14. She couldn't be a medicine cat, so turned into a warrior.
15. Her kits forgave her and she became a medicine cat again, yet Hollyleaf dies.

There's a lot more to her story, though. I love Crowfeather, but Leafpool's pain started with him...

7 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin. One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth. Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes,... read more

Scourge was evil and all, but his siblings bullied him and his father left him. His half-brother killed him and Tigerstar almost killed him when he was a kit! He was kicked from his home. Thanks for reading!

Known initially as Tiny, he had a sad life. He famously killed Tigerstar in one blow (Yay!). I can't stand Ruby! Socks wasn't as mean, but Ruby was really cruel to Tiny. Poor Tiny was attacked by Tigerpaw and was severely injured. He could have died if it weren't for Bluefur. Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw's actions were partially why Tigerpaw and Tiny turned evil. When Tiny reached the city, he wanted to remove his collar. Then he found a dog and a tooth, which he tried to use to remove the collar, but it just got stuck. He became the leader of BloodClan, changing his name to Scourge, and all the cats in the city feared him.

8 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan. Her last words were "Thank you for bringing... read more

Yellowfang lived a life full of death and regret. Her son, Brokentail, was a terrifying leader until he died. Her last words and actions revealed that she killed her son after acknowledging that he was indeed her son, and she expressed a desire for Firestar to be her son instead. She died trying to save someone's life during a fire, and they both perished instead.

Most of all, it's all Firestar's fault! He saved Bramblekit (Star) instead of Yellowfang. That's what makes me think Firestar is a total jerk. Why couldn't he save Yellowfang instead of Tigerstar's son? But then again, that means Bramblestar would never have become the next leader.

-Flamesoul from WindClan

9 Breezepelt

Breezepelt, I blamed him for his actions at first but then I looked at his parents...

Crowfeather neglected his duty as a father, one of the things I find hard to like about him.

Nightcloud, on the other hand, pampered her son. I mean, he was the last living of his litter (as far as I'm concerned) so she must be protective.

But Crowfeather just pisses me off. He didn't comfort Nightcloud when she was grieving or actually became a father to Breezepelt until he saw what his son had become.

Breezepelt was taught growing up that he didn't need Crowfeather, and that Crowfeather was just a piece of fox dung father.

He was visited by the Dark Forest, who became role models replacing the role model his father should have been.

Sure, he made mistakes, and is probably still shunned for them to this day. His mistake lead to a lot of problems, and that was when Crowfeather finally realized what he did wrong.

Breezepelt is to blame for his actions, but his parents are to as well.

10 Crowfeather

I feel so bad for him because he met Feathertail, then she died. He met Leafpool but Midnight said they had to return to the clans after they left. When he was mates with Nightcloud they were arguing and arguing and he had a terrible son, Breezepelt, which betrayed the clans

I know what you're thinking, but hear me out.

Crowpaw only ever wanted to prove he was good enough, and I guess when he was given the prophecy from StarClan, he thought he was special at last. But when he fell for Feathertail during the journey, Crowpaw was stuck. He wanted to be her mate, but at the same time, he wanted to be a loyal WindClan warrior. However, he stayed strong and waited, and just when they finally got close, Feathertail dies. Crowpaw must have felt super alone at that point, but then he meets Leafpool and starts another forbidden love. And this time, he was ready to leave the clans for her, but I guess she just wasn't ready to do the same.

And when he finally finds a mate in his clan, all they do is fight each other. So yeah, a pretty sad life.

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11 Gray Wing

Imagine having one of your true loves stolen by your brother and dying with your brother's kits. Then getting asthma later, causing him to die. Finally finding true love and then her dying. Having to watch your brother become evil. Having to fight in pointless battles over land. Finding true love yet again but then dying.

I feel like Gray Wing's life was just honestly sad. Like, I'll list off the things that were the saddest in his lifetime:

1. He lost 2/3 of his love interests, and they both died sadly.
2. His brother, Clear Sky, became a monster, and he had to watch it with his own eyes.
3. He caught asthma during a fire, which later caused him to die.
4. He couldn't see his kits grow up, dying before he could.

All these things I listed off upset me a lot. Gray Wing didn't deserve this. He also took his younger brother, Jagged Peak, after Clear Sky kicked him out for being "weak" after falling out of a tree and crippling his leg.

I dislike Clear Sky quite a bit. It's only my opinion, and probably a few other people would agree with me too, or some wouldn't. I respect that. I just can't find any sympathy towards Clear Sky, after what he had done. I'd say that Gray Wing's death is up in the ranks of either 4 or 6.

Rest in peace, Gray Wing. We miss you.

12 Longtail Longtail is a lean, pale brown or silver tabby tom with black stripes, a "V"-shaped nick in his ear and a long tail.

Longtail was a ThunderClan elder who lived under Firestar’s Leadership in the forest and lake territories and previously served as a warrior under Bluestar and Firestar. He was... read more

He had to become an elder early because a rabbit blinded him, and as a result, he became the laughingstock of the fandom. He tried to impress Mousefur but failed. He was hated by everyone's favorite character, Firestar. Everyone thought he was a traitor. He had to watch his friend die.

He got one of the worst introductions in Warriors, with readers seeing him as a bully. People hate him, yet Sandstorm was a bigger bully than him. Tigerclaw, his friend, turned out to be a traitor. Swiftpaw was denied becoming a warrior. He had to swallow his pride and beg Fireheart to make his apprentice a warrior. Longtail's mentor was a traitor. One of his apprentices is a jerk. Longtail died getting fresh-kill. This character needs a rest forever.

13 Ivypool Ivypool is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the Book series named Warrior Cats. Ivypool is a common silver-and-white tabby. She spied in the Dark Forest and has dark blue eyes. She is the sister of Dovewing and the kit of Whitewing and Birchfall. Her mate is Fernsong, and she is the... read more

Ivypool, your life was so, so sad. I really feel bad for her. She is such an underrated character! Dovewing is just a brat. I really don't like that princess in fairyland. Ivypool, you had such a bad life! We love you!

- Moonsong, Medicine Cat of ThunderClan

She was ignored, but why? For being better than her Mary Sue sister? For being kick-butt? For being plain awesome? She was so spectacular that it was a shame she wasn't the prophecy cat. But honestly, I think I like her better as a non-prophecy cat. It shows that cats can actually train for what they have without having a dumb StarClan cat hovering over your head.

14 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan.

Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost and spent her last... read more

She must have been so alone. Everyone thought she was dead. She was so alone she talked to ghosts. Then one day, having the courage to go back to your clan but then dying in a battle that the clan you wanted to live a happy life in caused.

I read Sunrise and cried for hours. Hollyleaf was my favorite character from the start, and there she was, crushed by a load of dirt. "Dead."

Then I read Hollyleaf's story and had a party with myself because she was not dead!

Hollyleaf later actually died (I cried for hours again) and I realized she went through so much and had a really sad life with literally no happiness past apprenticeship.


15 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker... read more

I feel like the concept of grooming is overlooked in the Warrior's Fandom. Spottedleaf at least got peace after Thistleclaw died, but the first moons of her life were spent being groomed and preyed upon by a senior warrior in her clan. -Songshadow

Spottedleaf was Bluestar's medicine cat, and soon after being named, she had the vision that fire would save the clan. Spottedleaf and Fireheart had feelings for each other, but were never able to express them as Clawface killed Spottedleaf.

My favorite character. Some people just vote for their favorites because they are their favorites, but Spottedleaf did have a very sad death.

16 Violetshine

Aww, Violetshine is one of my favorite characters, but she had such a sad life! She had to grow apart from her sister, her only kin, because of Rowanstar's selfishness.

Then she had to go to the rogue's camp, torn further apart from her sister. So sad! A few moons later, she helped a bunch of injured prisoners escape from Darktail, and when he found out, her only friend Needletail was drowned while she escaped. I love Violetshine and she suffered beyond what I can say.

Imagine having your best friend sacrifice herself right in front of you, and then watching some cats drown her. Imagine being separated from your sibling since birth so that the clans could have an "equal amount at the end of the journey." Imagine watching your own son suffer the loss of his true love and being unable to comfort him.

17 Brightheart Brightheart is a character from Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a white she-cat with ginger patches. As an Apprentice she got attacked by dogs and got half of her face torn off. Her mate is Cloudtail and her kits are Whitewing, Ambermoon, Dewnose, and Snowbush.

StarClan, this girl had a bad life. She got mauled, watched Swift Paw die in front of her, and lost Cloudtail to Daisy! And Bluestar renamed her Lostface! Go girl! - Sproutfeather, RiverClan.

She almost got killed by dogs, and had to watch Swiftpaw die. Bluestar renamed her Lostface, she lost her eye, then Daisy took Cloudtail!

Brightheart's life was sad. She nearly got killed by the savage dogs, saw Swiftpaw die, and then nearly lost Cloudtail when he started liking Daisy! Poor Brightheart

18 Tallstar Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail with a white tail-tip, powerful shoulders, amber eyes, strong paws, short, thick fur, and a white muzzle and paws.

Let's see. Hated by his father, not even noticed by his mother, laughed at by the other apprentices, and this is such a sad, sad life.

Both his parents rejected him! It seemed like Palebird basically forgot she had a son after she took another mate. Dawnstripe cared more about him than Palebird ever did.

Tallstar's book was such a good read. Both his parents rejected him! His father was angry, then died full of rage. Sad, really. Let's see.

19 Graystripe Graystripe is a cat in a series Warrior Cats. He is named after the grey stripe that goes down his back. In the second book he falls in love with a cat named Silverstream. He is also friends with his childhood friend Firestar. He became mates with Millie who gave birth to their kits Blossomfall, Bumblestripe... read more

Here is a list of sad things that happened to Graystripe:

1. He loses Ravenpaw, his best friend, because Ravenpaw needs to live with Barley to be safe.
2. He starts seeing Silverstream, and his friendship with Fireheart stops.
3. Silverstream has his kits but dies giving birth.
4. He has to leave ThunderClan to be with his kits.
5. Gets captured by Twolegs.
6. Comes back only to find he isn't deputy anymore.
7. Briarlight can't use her back legs.
8. Blossomfall trains in the Dark Forest.
9. Firestar dies.
10. Ravenpaw dies.
11. He dies.

He lost everyone he knew since kittenhood, including some of his kits. He also had to watch Stormfur join the tribe. As an elder, other cats treated him as if he was ancient and stupid. I'm surprised he didn't snap near the end. At least he died a brave death.

20 Hawkwing

He lost his mate and his kits and couldn't live in his own home. That's pretty self-explanatory.

Poor Hawkwing lost his kits and mate. I am so happy he managed to find his kits again!

He lost so much. I just think his story is the saddest ever. He should be at the top.

21 Dustpelt

Sorry, Dustpelt, that I hated you. You lost your mate, your kits. You lived a life of death, like Bluestar. But now you're happy in StarClan.

Every one of his kits died, and he had like ten of them! After that, Ferncloud dies in the Dark Forest Battle.

Screw Bluestar! Dustpelt would have been a good mate. I don't think Bluestar loved him.

22 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight is a dark ginger she-cat with forest-green eyes. She has one white paw, short legs, a torn ear tip, glossy fur, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail. She has a scar running from her chest to the top of her hind leg along her right flank. She is a cat in the series called Warrior Cats... read more

Squirrelflight had a hard life. She was undecided between Bramblestar and Ashfur, and when she chose Bramblestar, Ashfur took revenge by almost killing her sister's kits. She also lied to Bramblestar about their kits, and Bramblestar broke up with her. Then her mate turns into Ashfur, and she might lose Bramblestar. Poor Squirrelflight...

Her mate died because of a greedy cat. Her sister died, her parents died, and one of her kits died.

Squirrelflight! I cannot believe she lost Bramblestar like that! And two kits and her sister! I literally hate Ashfur. If only I could just... argh! Poor Squirrelflight, she's one of my favorite characters.

23 Stonefur

Guess who killed this guy? Tigerstar! Foxheart! He was the son of Bluestar and Oakheart, but he had to leave. - Sproutfeather, RiverClan

Stonefur was Bluestar's son but was never given a chance to connect with her because he was brought up in RiverClan by Greypool. He was loyal to RiverClan until Tigerstar forced him to kill an apprentice, which led to his own death.

Leopardstar watched her loyal and kind deputy get killed because of a stupid crush on Tigerstar! Stonefur was so nice. I sobbed when he died. I wanted to close the book. He died a noble death.

24 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous... read more

Ravenpaw was terrified in ThunderClan because he saw his own mentor, Tigerclaw, kill the ThunderClan deputy, Redtail. Because of this, his best friends, Greypaw and Firepaw, took him to live with Barley, where he spent the rest of his life.

Oh ravenpaw, you were threatened by tigerstar and witnessed him kill red tail, still terrified, he runs off to live with barley. I'm so glad barley offered to take him in, if it wasn't for ravenpaw, tigerstar would've probably killed bluestar. - squirrel'heart

Ravenpaw had to escape from ThunderClan because of the bloodthirsty and power-hungry Tigerstar. Tigerstar was about to kill him. I guess he had a better life with Barley, but I could see him being a proud warrior too!

25 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds, emotions, and walk into other cats dreams, He was born blind. according to the Warrior Cats Wiki Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale gray tabby... read more

I'm a massive fan of Jayfeather, let me just say! I think it's so sad he wanted to be a warrior but ended up being a medicine cat. Also, in the time before the Tribe of Rushing Water, he truly loved Halfmoon to the extent that he cannot have kits or a mate in his own time. He could never be with Halfmoon, as he doesn't belong in that time, and he is always treated like a kit for being blind, which I find so sad!

Although I'm not a massive fan of Jayfeather (still like him though, just the series he was in I found boring), he had a sad life. He was blind his whole life and was treated like a child. It's really just sad, to be honest, that his dreams of being a warrior were crushed, and then he also lost his powers.

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