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21 Shinhwa's Andy and Solbi (AnSol Couple)

I just love both of them... The way they show affection each other is so real. Hope they still keep in touch each other

This couple showed us their true selves. I just loved them

Solbi had crush toward andy... love it

Andy - Solbi = Match made in heaven

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22 Red Velvet's Joy & BTOB's Sungjae

Honestly, I had no interest in WGM. This couple made me watch the show and I finished all of their episodes. I really had fun and I enjoyed it. Its age appropriate and I can see them grow. They take it step-by-step. Its actually a good lesson to other couples especially to young lovers that they shouldn't rush things and take time to know, learn and understand each other. I love the growth because it was really appropriate to be awkward and shy and guarded when you meet a stranger and that person suddenly becomes your spouse. I love how they slowly develop and opened up. It wasn't sudden nor forced. They took the time. They were both deprived doing things other people do like dating so I think that they took advantage of the opportunity to experience what would couples their age would do. So I could see that they enjoyed the whole experience and not really overthink about what to do to look sweet, cute, romantic or blah blah blah. It's just so natural. This is the first WGM couple ...more

I loved this couple so much because it was SO REAL. Whenever I think about WGM, I think of a variety show where everything is scripted and there's nothing really 'there' between the couples. But when I saw the Joy and Sungjae episodes... even the most naive person can see that there's real chemistry between the two. They laugh and smile together all the time and always look like they're just radiating sincere happiness and love around each other. Not only do they look like they have real feelings for each other, they also share a true bond of friendship. I could instantly tell that they really trusted each other and loved each other. I can't count how many times I laughed along with this awesome couple. This is the only couple on WGM that I want to stay together even after the show. I don't care what anyone else thinks, the relationship between Joy and Sungjae is so sincere and loving - you can tell just by how happy and flustered they are around each other!

I like Joy a lot because I find her not pretentious about what she truly feels inside. She's also so cute, very pretty and adorable. Sometimes, she also go the hot-chic style. Sungjae is also handsome and cute. They match well physically and also their personalities are a complement to one another. They are not much like a husband-wife tandem but instead, a fresh couple type. I just like it a lot how their story goes. I've been following their episodes. I'm a fan of their team-up. Go SUNGJOY BYU

This couple actually felt real. I didn't feel like it was forced and there was such a natural progression of their relationship and they match each other extremely well. They also talk about their feelings before they get mad. Their last episode was so sweet and so sad, they released the director's cut for it on Youtube. I rewatch this couple again and again.

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23 Taemin(SHINee) & Naeun(Apink) - Taeun couple

Taemin could always show his feelings very clearly, while naeun difficult to reveal the contents of her heart, because it makes taemin must work harder to know naeun's feeling, feel good to watch young couple finding and sharing their first love, and they look so good together, I think.

The feeling for each other at first episode is really real and naeun is so sincere and cute

They are really cute and so romantic. Taemin is taking care of Naeun and I love this couple so much. Taemin and Naeun like real married couple especially when they at mbc's rooftop and Taemin was taking off his blazer to cover Naeun leg and then when Naeun leaning on Taemin's chest and she played Taemin's finger not that officially the ring in his finger and that is so cute.I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO MUCH

Very cute ^_^

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24 David Oh & Kwon Ri Sae

This couple was so short and didn't get a chance to show us what they were capable of. But I loved RiSe (R.I. P)

25 HwanHee & Hwayobi (GaeDdong couple) V 1 Comment
26 Mamamoo's Solar and Eric Nam

Beautiful chemistry, you could see their friendship and relationship growing with every episode. Not afraid to tell each other how they really feel..

This couple was really awesome, I admired how they shown their true self. For their first meeting, I noticed that there was only a little bit awkward feelings between them but now it's WOW, I hope that my first impression for them will last. YONGNAM couple fighting!

They get along so well together, and they were very honest with each other.

I really love this couple...in love with their dorkiness ~

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27 Key & Arisa Yagi

! I really love this couple. They were AMAZING it was like a heart attack every time I saw them. I really wish they can be a couple for more time :(. What a pity.

Really where do I start from their awkward beginning I honestly love this pairing for how awkward they were. They had such great chemistry

This is the cutest couple I've seen that actually treats each other like siblings and they really have good communication

I loved seeing these too they had a very Good Chemistry and I really enjoyed watching them go from awkward to normal

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28 Yook Sungjae and Joy

I felt their sincerity toward each other. I just adore and love them. The best couple in WGM.

They're the couple that makes me think that WGM is not Fully scripted. I can see their sincerity in WGM. And watching them growing so much in WGM is prove that they're not doing this for broadcast. They're really enjoyed it and being themselves. And they're the first couple that I stan so hard.. I learned a lot from this couple... I've become BTOB and Red Velvet fan because of them. I adore them so much right now. They're so natural, I see great chemistry between them. I'm thankful they're join WGM.


Sungjae and joy is the best.
They act like a boyfriend and girlfriend status.
They act like no one is around them.
They about each other ❤
I really love them couple.

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29 Crown J and Seo In-Young

They were so natural around each other nothing seem forced, and they still have a good relationship after all these years, they could've very easily fell in love off camera their chemistry was undeniable.

Funny times men.. This couple showed as the real version of some couples in real life.. They most definitely out did themselves

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30 Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon
31 Uee and Park Jae Jung

This was one odd couple, the guy tried a little too much.. And Uee was kinda off.
They did click like a couple should

32 Liu Wen and Siwon Choi

You could really see a more mature and slow growing affection between these two. Despite Liu when not being as affectionate as Siwon at the beginning, by the end it was her I felt the most empathy for. She put her true feelings into it and I could feel her every smile and heartbreak as if it were my own first love. Siwon played the role of prince charming perfectly, I could see his linger glances revealing more true emotions as he began to appreciate Liu when's sincerity. Overall, felt like a mature yet simplistic love between these two, more real than any other T.V. couple I've ever see. 16 forever~

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33 Taemin and Naeun

They are just so cute, and they look so in love with each other. I just love them so much! It makes me believe about first love.

True picture of first love. They really fell for each other and we could see that.

I really think they were genuine, my favorite couple

I really love this couple

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34 Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon

I really love to watch Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon WGM. Kwak Si Yang is best creative and ideas propose event. That make me feel new to see them. Especial Kim So Yeon was reacting as such surprised and so touched for her birthday.. Kwak Si Yang really work hard and give her huge event.. She is very beautiful and dream come true.. I watched them episode 298 about Kim So Yeon saw the cake her name and Kwak Si Yang made cooking for her special birthday. It make me feel inspired and heart flutter. How sweetest he is.. That is the best present ever. Kwak Si Yang is very romantic and Kim So Yeon will be loyal! Haha! I think you should watch this. Please support them and more vote! Come on!

I got no words. It's the best couple of the show for me. When Si yang prepared these events for he Bd I just cried. I was so jealous and happy for her. Oh the feel... :( wist it was real.

Best couple ever! Felt their sincerity. If ever, they are just acting... they are really good at it. I hope they will be a couple in real life!

I ship them two

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35 DaraGon (GDragon and Sandara)

They have that spark! Ugh they give me goosebumps every time

I wish dara would come on this show!

Make this two happen please

Please let them join this shooow. It'll be a blast for sure 💕✨

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36 Minstal (Shinee Minho and f(x) Krystal)

They have a sweet moments. I see them on Dream Team 2, and they are both Sporty. On King of idols, is they have a sweet moments and spark to each other.

I ship them.I think they will be good together..I really ship MinStal!

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37 Donghae & Sandara Park V 2 Comments
38 Donghae and Yoona
39 Yewon and Oh Min Suk

Love to see how Oh Min Suk affection and care toward Yewon and love to see how she finally open herself to him. Love the couple's sweet moments. They take time at their pace - not forced and the love toward each other warm your heart. I hope they will be a real happy couple

Really like Oh Min Suk. he's so kind hearted, sometime funny, sometime romantic, and I love how they can clicked each other especially when they're talking about serious matter

I really like this couple. They're so funny toward each other and they complete each other so well. They show to us so well about how the married of 30+ peoples gonna look like. Yewon always tend to make a mistake but minsuk will cover is so well. Hat off for this couple

Best couple ever

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40 Apink Eunji and Madtown Jota

I think they will make a great couple and storyline because they were actually an elementary friends from busan. Jota had eunji's photo back then in his cabinet. I think he has a crush for eunji. When Jota was asked by his friend on Cool Kidz show, he suddenly became so shy when talking about eunji. don't know what to say when he was recorded on his video message to eunji. He finally said that he want them to great each other in the future. Then, that day came. They met at ISAC 2016 and great each other. Eunji was laughing and even had some chats with jota comfortably. They sat together. Please support this Eunji x Jota couple. Many fans want to see them together on the next WGM. Please :")

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