Top 10 Young Performances in a Movie

Best acting performance in a movie by an actor 19 years old or younger.

The Top Ten Young Performances in a Movie

1 Jackie Evancho - The Company You Keep

Robert Redford saw Jackie's PBS Great Performances "Dream With Me - In Concert" on television in his Vancouver hotel room while on location for "The Company You Keep". He had auditioned many others to play his daughter, but hadn't found the right one. He made inquiries, had Jackie submit an audition tape, then flew her out to Vancouver. He cast her when he met her. - Trancas

Really just a supporting role as Robert Redford's 11-year old daughter, but her character is Redford's main motivation throughout the entire movie, so it was vital that she was sympathetic and totally believable.

Jackie Evancho was in Canada 4 days after Robert Redford 1st saw her on his hotel room T.V.. He described her as a "golden haired angel" who suddenly appeared on the screen. This is her 1st major acting role that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. She became her character, "Izzy", on screen.

She deserves to be top five

2 Dakota Blue Richards - The Golden Compass

A bright up & coming actress who, later in her career, appeared in 2 series of the British teen drama Skins.

3 Haley Joel Osment - The Sixth Sense

Jackie Evancho number 1 on a movie list? We have reached a whole new level of stupid! - 445956

How did he not win an oscar for his performance is beyond me. His performance made that movie the the hit it was.

I beleive he was the main attraction for this movie. After all, he sees dead people... - funkymonkey

4 George Mackay - Sunshine on Leith
5 Keisha Castle-Hughes - Whale Rider
6 Mary Badham - To Kill a Mockingbird
7 Jack O' Connell - Starred Up

A Skins alumni like Dakota Blue Richards, Jack O'Connell is all the rage in Hollywood right now.

8 Will Poulter - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
9 Kevin Guthrie - Sunshine on Leith
10 Natalie Portman - Leon

The Newcomers

? Gabriel Damon - The Land Before Time
? Noah Hathaway - The Neverending Story

The Contenders

11 Margaret O'Brien - Meet Me in St. Louis
12 Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
13 Freya Mavor - Sunshine on Leith
14 Virginia Weidler - The Philadelphia Story
15 Josh Hutcherson - Bridge to Terabithia

Josh Hustcherson is a flawless actor. He did a wonderful job in this movie. he was eleven or tewlve years old in this movie! That is amazing.

He did great here but I still don't like him as Peeta in The Hunger Games...
BTT was a great movie and book I almost cried in the book, too.

16 Shia LaBeouf - Holes

The acting was very impressive especially for his first movie. They say Transformers was Shia's best movie, but really, I thought this was his best. - vmacmil-1

I'm surpirised he barely got any recognition for this movie. His performance as Stanley Yelnats was awesome! - nallimcamybloc

Shia LaBeouf is really good - whatsitsname

Shia LaBeouf is a natural performer - docghost

17 Henry Thomas - E.T.
18 Antonia Thomas - Sunshine on Leith
19 Dakota Fanning - War of the Worlds

Her entire performance consists of screaming endlessly.

20 Leven Rambin - The Hunger Games
21 Noah Ringer - Cowboys & Aliens

Noah was also Aang in The Last Airbender, even though that movie is thought of as a bit naff, Noah still has potential.

22 Everlyn Sampi - Rabbit-Proof Fence
23 Anna Paquin - The Piano
24 Leonardo DiCaprio - What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Amazing performance. You must see this movie.

He deserved to win oscar for this!

25 Mia Wasikowska - Defiance

This Australian starlet is definitely on the rise for the last few years now. To many people it started with Tim Burton's Alice, but what really kicked off her Hollywood career was this Daniel Craig fronted war film set in occupied Poland. - jezza0

26 Freddie Highmore - Finding Neverland
27 Dakota Fanning - Hide and Seek
28 Peggy Ann Garner - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
29 Jaden Smith - The Karate Kid
30 River Phoenix - Stand by Me

All the boys in it are great but Phoenix was just so talented. I still can't believe he was only 14/15 at the time.

the best actor of all time. Even when he was just 14.

31 Christopher Mintz Plasse - Superbad
32 Ted Donaldson - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
33 Tatum O'Neal - The Bad News Bears
34 Judy Garland - The Wizard of Oz

How is this not number one? This is easily the most iconic eligible performance. The "Over The Rainbow" performance should be enough on its own to make the top spot.

Her performance was OVER THE RAINBOW!

35 Jennifer Love Hewitt - I Know What You Did Last Summer
36 Lindsay Lohan - The Parent Trap
37 Linda Blair - The Exorcist

She was very frightening in The Exorcist. She almost made it seem as though she was the devil. And HELLO, she was nominated for an oscar for this role! - nallimcamybloc

38 Jamie Bell - Billy Elliot
39 Seann William Scott - American Pie
40 Chloƫ Grace Moretz - Kick-Ass
41 Jason Schwartzman - Rushmore
42 Jo Ann Marlowe - Mildred Pierce
43 Kerri Green - Lucas

Kerri Green's performance in Lucas is amazing. It's unfortunately overlooked because most people only acknowledge Corey Haim's performance. I'm surprised she never became a bigger star than she did because she can clearly act.

44 Jodie Foster - The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
45 Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween
46 Suraj Sharma - Life of Pi

He has got an Awe.. HE LIVED AS PI! Not everyone proves to be an actor, well a so good actor in their debut performance. This movie changed his life, I guess. Expecting many more good movies from him. Salutes for SURAJ

47 Anne Hathaway - The Princess Diaries

I love Anne Hathaway because she is SO GOOD at acting! Oh, by the way, Anne, I love your haircut. It's looks so cute! - taylorswift24878

48 Dakota Fanning - I Am Sam
49 Jodie Foster - Taxi Driver
50 Macaulay Culkin - Home Alone
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