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1 10th Doctor

I'll try not to bring up that he's so good-looking because that's literally nothing to do with why I voted for 10 out of all these Doctors. I feel like 10 portrays the emotions and connects with the fans more than any other Doctor. I'm not saying the others don't express the emotions, I'm just saying, I think 10 did it to the point where on some level, we could emotionally relate. We all know Rose and him were in love, and after losing her, he seemed depressed but did his best not to show it and not to let it interfere with his work and everything he did. Although he was slightly annoying with Martha, as all he did was bring up Rose, this just shows how attached he was to her and he didn't bring her up too often, which is critical because if he did it would've made the show so dry and dull. 10 displays his sadness in the same way we do, but he also tries hiding it like we do, feels anger like we do, and I think he's the most human out of all of them. 11 is a good Doctor but I honestly ...more

I loved David Tennant as the Doctor I wish he hadn't left. He always acted like he was the Doctor and said everything in such an amazing voice. Nobody can beat him.

The New Doctors simply have a Better Picture and Quality so of course David Tennant is among the best since the modern age. Neat!

Bro he was so funny and clever. When (*spoiker*) he left Rose, I cried my eyes out

2 11th Doctor

I honestly think the reason 11 isn't higher up is due to the fact that most original fans quit after watching 10 go. He was an incredible doctor who people didn't give much of a chance.

Eleven was amazing. He was my first Doctor and I really do love him. If I had a chance I would like be the companion of the eleventh I guess I would feel more comfortable with him.

I like to think The Doctor as a human. I mean every regeneration (or incarnation -sorry for broken English I'm still learning) of him. Nine was a little serious because he was blaming himself for the Time War. And ten was smart, cheerful and sad inside. Because he is the man who regrets. And eleven was also funny but when he gets sad he wasn't hiding it (not as much as ten anyway) he lived a his life as much as he can. But we all realized that he is a little bit childish (more than what's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes) I think the reason he isn't the man who forgets. He is just trying to forget, he tried to move on.

I first saw some bits of the 9th Doctor, but I really began watching Doctor Who with the 10th Doctor and at that moment, I was convinced that he would be the best Doctor and therefore my favourite, because let's admit, David Tennant was amazing as the Doctor. But then after he regenerated, I was sad of course, but apparently Matt Smith was a good Doctor too, so okay. But then, after only a few episodes, I unexpectedly grew to love him as much as the 10th Doctor. I mean, who doesn't love 11? Instead of it being annoying, I loved that he was childish so much of the time, dancing and twirling around like an excited child, but still managed to serious at times (even if he wasn't as serious as 10). And his attire! Who doesn't love his bow tie? And his obsession with hats... I just really liked that even if there was an episode in which not much happened, he still managed to make it fun. I grew to love him even more than 10. And I know many people think the seasons with Steven Moffat ...more

My first Doctor was the wonderful 8, then the complex and brooding 9. After that came the disappointing and inconsistent 10th Doctor, followed by this funny guy. Now, I have seen the majority of Classic Who and all of Modern Who, and to me, this is the quintessential Doctor.
Silly, clumsy, but with a loving set of hearts and a small sliver of ice betwixt them. He became the Doctor, even from his very first scene. Matt Smith showed an extremely adept skill at widely swinging from one emotion to the next on a dime, a skill which the writers loved utilizing. Speaking of writers, the 11th Doctor just had better material than the 9th or 10th Doctors (whose series had a lot of garbage in them), with the ever-brilliant Moffat taking the helm from the mostly-mediocre Russel T. Davies. Kinda sad though; David Tennant is one of my favorite actors, yet he was a terrible Doctor. Matt Smith is, for the foreseeable future, the definitive Doctor of Doctor Who's revival.
In all honesty though, ...more

3 12th Doctor

For me my favourite has always been a close call between Capaldi and Tennant. Both embody everything I love about the doctor. But for me Capaldi has the edge.

Peter Capaldi was great with Clara, Bill and Nardole. Amazing Doctor.

HE WAS THE BEST. He was thematically and theatrical as classic era doctors, but also entertaining as modern doctors. In series 8, he had the darkest personality. I remember when I watched Listen, I was like: "Wow, we almost forgot that character is not a netflix movie hero, he's a 2000+ years old time traveller who suffered from war and eternal solitude. And we've never felt it so clearly before." In the next series, we watched the doctor accepts his past and his new body, then he became the funniest and coolest space dad ever...
And not to mention about Peter Capaldi's talent, he was literally out of this world... Just go watch The Zygon Inversion speech and the whole Heaven Sent monologues again and change your mind.

This should really only be a mix-up between the 11th and 12th Doctors. They are very different, mainly in that while Matt Smith was able to display a whole range of emotions over a short period of time, Peter Capaldi conveys emotions with depth and complexity over time.
Which is the better method depends upon the stories being told; luckily, both Doctors were gifted with writers that understood both these aspects. This means, unlike the Sixth or Tenth Doctors, these two are credibly consistent.
I definitely considered voting for the Twelfth Doctor, but I can't ignore that the Eleventh is just more fun to watch. Don't count Capaldi out yet, however; he's an acting powerhouse with an air of flair, and he's only gotten more fun with Series 9. Here's hoping for another excellent series in 2016.

4 4th Doctor

A genuine eccentric playing an alien eccentric, a perfect fit! He lived and breathed the role and is one of those actors who dominate every scene, even if they aren't speaking.

The only reason the classic doctors are all so low is because a lot of fand have only seen the new series

Far too low. He is the doctor. He is the one many other to shows use. From his scarf and hat and his jelly babies and bohemian hair. His attitude and sheer brilliance as an actor makes him the best doctor. Matt and David are good although I would swap them around. But Tom is the best and the most iconic doctor and I have noticed that he is falling low on a lot if the ranking doctors list, and I can't see why since he is the doctor. He should be number 1 I have no idea why he is not.

The only reason why Tim maker's doctor sent #1 is the same reason why all of the doctor's from classic who are so low we have idiots voting for the newer doctor's who haven't seen a single episode of the classic series. 4 Should be at the top while 3 and 2 are all way to low.

5 9th Doctor

My favourite has always been quite a close call between either Ecceleston or Tennant; at the end of the day I do think that my favourite was Tennant, but I had to place my vote for Eccelston because I really can't believe he's only fifth ranking here. I totally get how the tenth and fourth Doctors rank higher than the ninth, but I personally think it's crazy that the Eleventh and Twelth are ahead of him.

Matt Smith was a great Doctor but for me the show went downhill after Season 5, not because of him but because of what I see as poor story-writing which turned the show almost too "kiddy". I know the show has always been aimed at a wide age group ranging from children to adults, but the majority of Matt Smith's episodes seemed to aim too closely at the child audience and even turned the Doctor himself into a overly child-friendly character. As for Capaldi, I haven't yet seen all of his episodes so I guess my judgement here isn't entirely fair, but he also seems like a ...more

Are you my Mummy? was one of the weirdest episodes ever. I wish he had stayed for longer.

This doctor is barely noticed, it's always the 10th or 11th doctor. He was the first one to meet Rose, sacrificed himself for Rose MANY times, and face it, that little line right at the last episode he was in before they kissed, is so cute. :3 "I think you need a doctor.."

"Rickey the idiot" is what he always called Mickey, and when Captian Jack was complaining about him being the only one single, the doctor winked and said, "You'll have to buy me a drink, first! "

There's so many words for this doctor I can't even say them all, non-the-less, this is my by FAR most favorite doctor.

This doctor (Eccleston) had so much gravitas, passion and hurt in the way he reacted to the stuff around him----enough for a viewer to believe just how old he was and what he had gone through by the time he was in his 9th regeneration. It takes a LOT of authenticity to capture the hearts of a jaded audience after a failed reboot before 2005. This is my first and favourite doctor hands down even though I have a soft spot for Troughton, Baker, and Tennant

6 3rd Doctor

Great personality and AWESOME COAT, my goodness.

One of the best by far

I like his opening, when you see his creepy smile

This is the first doctor I watched and still after many years he is still my favourite time lord

7 7th Doctor

Initially started out as this endearing, buffoonish type character. However, thanks to the "Cartmel master plan", he was given more depth, becoming the "chess master", and "Time's Champion."His relationship with Ace was great. There was the paternal, caring side of it, but he was also willing to manipulate her into self improvement. 7 also has wonderful quirks, such as playing the spoons, and rolling his "r's". Sylvester McCoy's Doctor is seriously underrated by many, and it's such a shame. He will always be my Doctor.

His laughable exterior masks a darker, more manipulative self. Just watch "Survival" and you'll think so too.

Good Acting. that's all

He is just my favourite doctor! It's as simple as that.

8 1st Doctor

If we didn't have a 1st Doctor, Doctor Who would not be on our screens today. The 1st Doctor brought the series to life!

Respect the 1st dr he started the series without him we would be WORTHLESS

The second doctor is to creepy


9 8th Doctor

Okay, the T.V. movie was a complete disgrace to this incarnation of the Time Lord, but the Big Finish audio stories give him more of a personality and show us what this Doctor did between the events of that catastrophe and the Time War.

Seriously, avoid the T.V. movie and listen to the Big Finish audio dramas, they're amazing and give a better perspective on this incarnation of the Time Lord.

I like him because he looks like Bilbo Baggins + Professor Snape!
Am I right?

I think Paul as an actor was not a bad choice to play the Doctor, but unfortunately the movie he was in was an absolute flop and something that Whovians tend to seperate themselves from.

10 2nd Doctor

Two is certainly my favourite with Eleven slightly behind!

Troughton's Doctor was so influential; his Doctor was rebellious and mischievous and more of a best friend to his companions than father figure as the First Doctor had been. The way in which Troughton played the part rewrote the rule book on The Doctor - every actor since has copied elements of his portrayal, from his mad eccentricities to his sense of fun and adventure. This was the era where we first see the sonic screwdriver, UNIT and The Doctor's love of Jelly Babies.

Patrick Troughton is the doctor that convinced people that the idea of regeneration would work! He was fantastic, funny, and THE doctor. Plus, he had Jamie. It's a shame that most of his episodes are missing, I think more people would appreciate him if they just saw his impact.

My favorite Doctor by far, followed by 4, 7, 12, and 9 in that order. It bugs me that so many people are voting here who don't know a thing about pre-2005 Doctor Who.

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11 5th Doctor

Peter Davison totally rocked!

He looks like my friend, tony,

He was brilliant, and had the hardest job of following Tom baker. Plus, he rocks the celery

Good Doctor, but I thought he had too many companions.

12 6th Doctor

The Sixth Doctor is unfairly overlooked for really rather ridiculous reasons. While the quality of some (not all) of his scripts may have been poor (especially his very first story, which honestly does deserve its reputation), Colin Baker himself puts forth an amazing, theatrical performance that is absolutely wonderful to watch - more so than even Tom Baker himself, I'd say! His audio dramas also happen to be some of the best stories Doctor Who has to offer, both in performance and plot. Easily my favorite Doctor.

Colin Baker is clearly the Doctor from my childhood who made me yearn for more Who every time the end credits started to role. I loved his overall arc on television, and in the audio adventures. It would have been great to see him in that blue coat. If anything I recommend listening to "old Sixie" with Evelyn by the wonderful Big Finish group!

He's underrated. Clearly the best Doctor of the 1980's (Tom Baker doesn't count). If you don't like his episodes, listen to his Big Finish, they're great!

If the concept of a "darker Doctor" was handled better, and if he had better stories and better costumes, he may have very well been the best Doctor of all time.

13 War Doctor

Would have liked watching him for a whole season. RIP John Hurt.

He should be higher up he's awesome. Really wish he had a whole season.

"War Doctor"? Like the doctor that pressed the button in Day of the Doctor?...

Really? I can't speak for Doctor 1-8, but he should be higher!

14 13th Doctor

Lol I see the future and I know he will be amazing!

What if he sucks? What if she's a girl? We won't know until it happens. - LarkwingFlight

The hilarious talking cat she's definitely a good Doctor.

The 13 doctor was a girl.. A GIRL! Doctor who is gonna go downhill! because the doctor is now a mother girl

Yes, she isn’t my favourite. My order is 10 11 9 13 12 but why is she below the war doctor who was only in 1 episode. Yes her season wasn’t the best and she doesn’t have as much depth as everyone else but 12 was rubbish in his first season. Her doctor is a likeable incarnation and her character needs more exploration. And in doctor wise (and not in writing wise) 10 was not much better than her in his first season. Give Jodie a chance.

It's because John Hurt also did audio dramas as the War Doctor which where amazing and there is a really good War Doctor book (Engines of War), plus come on its John Hurt, the man was a legend, he deserves to be higher than a fair few Doctors in my opinion. - kanetheundertaker25

15 The Curator
16 The Valeyard

Underrated version of the Doctor. Very important "incarnation" of the Doctor in Trial of a Timelord. He deserves to be two spaces up, at least.

17 Dream Lord
18 The Shalka Doctor

Never was given a chance.

19 Peter Cushing
20 Jo Martin
21 Metacrisis Doctor

Shouldn't be on here since he is not a real doctor

He's Awesome and married rose all becuase the stupid tenth doctor wasn't man enough to do it

22 Brendan
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