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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. ...read more.


Where do I start with her? Katy Perry is today's Queen of Pop, no doubt about it. I'm sure you'll find a ton of people in the comments talking about how beautiful she is, which is true, but this girl has TALENT. She has a lovely voice and excellent songwriting skills. She can make a song that's catchy and fun, a song that's moving and bittersweet, and anywhere in between. Each one is unique. Katy has that special charisma of a performer. She's also real- her kindness is genuine, unlike some celebrities I can think of. She's quirky, honest, smart, funny- herself. She came from a family where pop music was forbidden but look where she is now. Katy worked so hard for years to achieve her dream of singing and she did it.

Katy perry should be number 1 she is so inspirational I love fireworks its amazing even wide awake is awesome I love the video its so cool katy perry is my favourite singer shes spectacular and the queen of pop come on she even has a movie made on her I don't think anyone even stands a chance against her I am her biggest fan ever according to me shes THE best ever her voice is superb and its so powerful hr lyrics areso good

Well, sorry you little monsters but being a pop queen is not about wearing some flashy outfit on stage and trying to get too much attention. You need to be more creative, you need to inspire.

Whole world knows that Katy is the one who writes the most inspirational music in pop genre nowadays, cause that's the way she communicates with her fans. She doesn't need some crazy helicopter dress.

All she needs is her guitar and her angelic voice. And she can just change lives with those two things.

That's what I want to see in a real Pop Queen. - Cupofcoffee

Katy Perry should be number 1. She is so inspirational. Think about it. She's got more than 57 million followers on twitter, she's got a movie made on her and almost all her singles are chart toppers. Billboard named her women of the year in 2011 and she is one of the most successful singers since Michael Jackson. Her voice and lyrics are amazing. She is talented and hardworking. She has truly earned the title Queen of Pop.

Katy is beauty blended what talent. Her songs are so real and filled what love, passion & enthu... Her best song id 'part of me'. Other hits: firework, et, wide awake, teenage drm, ht&cld, i kissed a grl, California grls&lst friday night.. Goes unparalleled & out of the world.

Moreover she s 'super sexy'& rules my heart... Just waiting 4 the release of her NEW ALBUM... (best in the world not "cm punk"").

My absolute favorite. Her Prismatic Tour was just amazing... nobody walked out of the venue shrugging their shoulders, we were all just joyous. It was the greatest experience I had in a while... you go Katy!

Here are my favorites on the list (in order)
Katy Perry, Shakira, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Beyonce, Madonna.
While I believe every woman on this list is very talented and special in their own way, Katy just steals the show. She's a treat for us all. She can sing as well, she is a stunning, lovely girl.

You talking' Pop...
Katy Perry is where it all stops. The undisputed queen of the genre today. She's got powerful vocals, stunning beauty (well, beauty is the only thing that has locked me down. ) I just can't get my eyes off her. She's more than an Angel. And her voice is no less.
The BEST according to me and many others too.

She's inspirational, funny, and beautiful! Seriously, what more could you want in a pop artist?

Katy Perry as far as I know, nobody can be the princess of pop. Katy Perry you rule! My favorite song is fireworks and I know that you are the one who had sang this song. Well done! I really like this song and I have told it to everyone I know. You're very beautiful. Love you!

Katy Perry is an amazing girl, born with a dream, enough talented to reach this point of famousness. When people say no to her she never gives up and she writes many songs opening up about how she feels, but many others to make her fans feel better or give them the right strength to keep living

She's the best & always will be. She's the top & one out of the two females in Billboards top 50 artists ever. Among the most successful artists ever list shes the one with the least number of years (8). Her songs are just brilliant with her amazing voice and the meaningful lyrics she has penned. Her videos are quite beyond the extraordinary & brilliant. She's perhaps the most beautiful celebrity ever. After all she's the only one after MJ to score 5 #1 from the same album.

Katy should be number one because she has 5 hit singles on one album and the only person that could say they had more achievements is michael jackson which is tied with katy. She is the QUEEN OF POP

Katy is born to be the queen of pop... She is the most bubbly and beautiful woman in music... She has very strong vocals but sometimes she faces breathing issues while singing... Had 6 no. 1s from a single album... I believe she will have a very strong comeback after Witness era...

How is crazy Lady Gaga ahead of this musical genius? Katy has the style, the best music videos EVER, and she's so beautiful. How is Beyonce above her? Katy deserves number one. Her voice is so beautiful and everyone has gotta love her. She's Katy Perry, and she's amazing.

Katy should be # 1. Not only is her voice amazing but she's so inspiring. She's Also the sexiest women I have ever seen. I don't think anybody can top katy she's the best!

Katy is one pop star who actually can sing and others are just disgusting. For example take Britney Spears the most disgusting, and Katy's ought to be at the top! She is the best in front of others... KATY ROCKS!

October 25, 1984, an angel fell softly from heaven and landed in the arms of Mary Perry and Keith Hudson. She grew up trying so hard to become a singer even under her crazy Christian parents strict rules. She ran off to L.A. and tried over and over for a record label to take her under their wing. She finally made her big break and now she has the best fans in the entire world #KATYCATS! Her angel voice, her beautiful mind, Kitty Purry, and fabulous assets won my heart and my life is devoted to her. That's the story of Katy Perry in a nutshell.

Look at that an actual Pop female artist, and of course Madonna will always belong on this list but where is Gwen Stefani? Pink?

I love Katy Perry. She hasn't a great voice. Some singers don't have strong voices but Katy does. Dark Horse hit 1B on YouTube and Roar needs less then 1M more. Go Katy. Taylor Swift is mean to Katy and overreacted. I will always be a Katy Perry fan. She is my second favorite singer, after Demi Lovato.

I think Katy should be the top pop star in the world she is an excellent singer and she has an excellent strong voice which I love and I'm Katy Perry mad because Katy is an excellent singer now if he a Katy hater don't pick on me I'm only 12

Katy Perry is one of the best and awesome pop singer in world... After her performence I saw in IPL, I become one of the craziest fan of her.. Cheers for her and more fireworks continues...

The queen of pop! 1 Definitely number one! Sorry guys, but her style and music theme is changing over time. She had some emotional stuff that might refer to real stories that could happen one day and some funky, poppy ones. - xXLittleQueensXx

Katy Perry is so perfect and have a beautiful songs like firework, California gurls, Last Friday Night, E. T and more...

How is she NOT #1?!?! She kicks GaGa's butt! We'll see whose #1 when Katy's new music arrives this fall!

Shes awesome and always has new music to inspire us or to help us just party and have FUN! Her music is not only fun but she is outrageous and crazy which is one of the reasons people love her so much