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1 Feel Good Inc.

The meaning behind the lyrics really strikes me. The song asks: When are we truly happy? Do we leave too little room for actual happiness?

The music video for the song is also one of my favorites. The tower in the video is a place of fake happiness or "cheap thrills," which represents our artificial happiness that we get from, for example, the media and drugs. The island represents the place of real happiness and intellectual freedom, where it is possible to feel good.

This song has a lovely flow. Something about it just makes me feel like I'm on a roll. It's got a brilliant flow and being a Gorillaz fan, I just couldn't have asked for anything better. Plus, the rap in between is so smooth.

For those who love classic smooth music, this is like a 21st-century pimp to those songs, maintaining their peculiar flow!

2 Clint Eastwood

I kind of feel guilty about this, but Trolls was the movie that formally introduced me to Gorillaz. This was the first song I heard by them (well, not counting Feel Good Inc. on the radio because I never got to listen to all of it. My parents kept changing stations), and since then, I've loved them.

I can't help it. I have to listen to it over and over again. Why they do that to me, I have no idea. The more I listen to this song, the more I want to hear it. It is also one of the few songs I bother keeping on my iPod for more than a month.

3 On Melancholy Hill

I used to get bullied a lot, and my parents were negligent about it. I've always felt this deep, melancholic emotion after school where I would feel like I've given up. I would just lie on my bed, contemplating my life and feeling terrible.

I've tried to find a song or genre that would help me relate to this feeling. I tried vaporwave, Undertale, and that Redbone album, yet the closest I got to feeling this emotion in its purest form was Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. But that song was more triumphant and defiant than despairing and tired.

Then I discovered this song. And it was absolutely perfect. I honestly cried with joy. This is the best song ever, of all time.

4 Dirty Harry

I don't know why, but this song makes me so happy. Whenever I listen to it, I fight the urge to dance.

I think this song should be ranked at least number 3 or 2. I don't know how the Gorillaz do it, but every song they make is overly epic!

An underrated song of the Gorillaz. I love the mood and style of this song. It's very different, and I'm always in a good mood whenever I hear it.

I looked at this list and wondered how I would be able to choose, but this song gets me dancing every time. Then it hits hard with the rap part.

5 Dare

The featured singer in this song introduced me to Madchester, specifically the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays (which I believe the featured singer in the latter band comes from).

Ever since this song, I slowly became a minor Gorillaz fan (sorry, I prefer Damon Albarn's other band, Blur, being an American Britpop fan) and enjoyed some other Gorillaz tunes as well.

Anyway, that is all I have to say. Goodbye.

My favorite song of 2005 and the reason I got hooked on Gorillaz. Couldn't get enough of it when it came out. Brings back fond memories. I love the backing vocals by Rosie Wilson. She never got the credit she deserved from this. A voice that's sassy and slightly ethereal and haunting. Just ace.

6 Empire Ants

Probably my favorite Gorillaz song, to be honest. The first part sounds like a lullaby, and the second part is catchy as all hell. Both halves sound like the ocean. The first is peaceful, calming, and tranquil, while the second sounds like how it feels to watch waves crashing into each other. The lyrics are also amazing.

It's weird to think about how, in-universe, Murdoc of all people wrote this song.

The combination of Damon Albarn and Yukimi Nagano is beautiful. Albarn's optimistic singing over an acoustic guitar and more subdued electronic effects is fantastic. The change in tone as Nagano comes in for the rest of the song is remarkable. Empire Ants is a perfect fit for Plastic Beach, as is Little Dragon.

7 Rhinestone Eyes

This song brings out too many emotions for me. First, it's just plain awesome sounding, with the build-up from low guitars to loud keyboards, and then a mix of both with very angelic backing vocals.

Second, it's very sad the way EMI did not fund the video, and we were left with only a storyboard proposal of what might have been. The video represented Noodle's return and Murdoc's redemption for being so mean to 2D.

Third, it all seems like the whole storyline was cut short for Plastic Beach and the continuing Gorillaz plotline.

8 Kids with Guns

The electronic progression in this song is amazing. It starts out simple and builds into a fantastic fusion of vocals and sound. I love most of Gorillaz's songs, but I can't stop coming back to this one in particular.

It's truly genius, not to mention the underlying meaning behind the lyrics that we're destroying the world for future generations. Albarn has created such an undeniably awesome track that it's easy to forget the ominous message.

The downbeat and lo-fi execution, with the mesmerizing backing instrumentation, complements the moody and stripped-down vocals from Damon Albarn. This gives the track an edge that makes it something to behold.

Its subtle and well-built-up progression leads the song into an electrifying and climactic final crescendo.

9 Tomorrow Comes Today

This is possibly one of the most underrated songs ever released by any artist. Though the meaning of the lyrics is a debatable mystery, with suggestions ranging from suicide to joy, this song is a slow, dub-influenced piece of art with a strong sense of deprivation, without sounding empty.

The bass is heavy, the lyrics are good, the instrumental is brilliant, and on top of that, this is their first single.

A great example of Trip-Hop influence in Gorillaz songs. It has a serious tone and great use of the melodica. Simple yet thought- and feeling-provoking.

10 19-2000

19-2000 has a great hip-hop vibe to it. It is one of many great songs by the Gorillaz. It doesn't compare to Clint Eastwood or Feel Good Inc., but it's still one of the classics. This song should be in the Top 10. It's so creative and has such a great feel-good vibe. Anyone who likes Gorillaz will like this song.

One of the most creative songs in existence, "Caught Gorillaz in a happy mood." This song is part of why the first album is such a masterpiece. It stands on its own in terms of musical genre, song by song, but also has a cohesive sound as an album with its hip-hop beats and bass lines. These elements never seem like they've been done before but still sound familiar.

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11 Every Planet We Reach is Dead

This song is so complex. Strictly as an instrumental, it flows perfectly. The vocals give it more meaning, though, with lyrics like "When you go back, all the second selfless days, you're in love with him, I want to see you again, I love you, what are we going to do?"

It talks about losing someone or something to someone else. There are many other aspects to this song's lyrics as well, all relating to losing and finding your soul along the way of life.

Every Planet We Reach is Dead showcases Damon Albarn's pure musical genius. The song is delightfully slick and smooth, combining Albarn's flawless arrangement with percussion and electro. It sounds like it should be used during a striptease on a satellite and is the high point of their finest album.

12 El Manana

This song is very underrated. It's at least #3. The vocals are shrill, raspy, and soulful to the core, and the production is excellent. In my opinion, the Gorillaz are at their best when melancholic. And that music video? The greatest one in their resume.

The best Gorillaz song. It reminds me of Anakin for some reason. The lyrics and instrumentals fit him so well. I imagine a lot of his life flash before me when I listen to this song.

This song almost made me cry. I learned it on the piano at the first chance I got. Noodle rocks as always, and I wanted to destroy those helicopters for messing up the floating island. Haha.

13 5/4

Such a sick song. Definitely my favorite Gorillaz song out there, and I've been listening to them since they first started. Original song with a groovy and catchy guitar part. This song really shows who the Gorillaz really are.

This is their best song. So underrated. The vocal is amazing, as well as the bass. If you haven't had time to discover Gorillaz yet, you'll be forever listening to Feel Good Inc. and Clint Eastwood, but this is the real deal!

This should be #1, not #21. It is the top of my "Most Played" list. The guitar and timing of the bass drum for emphasis are beautiful. The vocals are very mystical.

14 O Green World

I can listen to this when I'm mad or angry, happy, feel like dancing, cooking, or when I'm walking down the street and need to feel cool. When the world ends, this is the song that needs to be played. I will prepare for this day and make sure this happens. This song is also good for sex. It's the best Gorillaz song ever.

Bells, epic Morricone-style guitars, dark post-apocalyptic imagery - it's got everything that Gorillaz means to me. It gives me goosebumps and good memories. Feel Good Inc. and this are probably the best tunes to get into Gorillaz.

15 Stylo

I love, I repeat, LOVE this song. Awesome bassline, cool beat, absolutely visually outstanding video that actually looks better than most real-life plus CGI films. Definitely one of my favorite songs of all time.

Amazing! It's a very mental song and also very interesting. If you want to understand and feel this song, you just have to be quiet and listen carefully.

You can definitely feel the influence of Feel Good Inc. on this track, with its melancholy tone and deep bass. By far the best of Plastic Beach!

16 Plastic Beach

There is something about this song that makes me want to cry, laugh, and jump at the same time. It takes control of your body and your mind.

Feel Good Inc. is good, but this should be at least 10! Come on, guys. And the remixes of Gorillaz songs are sometimes better than the original.

17 Revolving Doors

This song is worth way more than (at the moment) 25! I mean, seriously, 15 at least! It has such a dark and gloomy feeling with awesome background vocals. What's not to like?

Oh come on, man. How could this become lost in the 20++? At least put this song in the top 10.

Just the best. I don't know why this song is not more popular!

18 November Has Come

It has an unmatched flow that I just can't help bobbing my head to when I hear it.

It is to the Gorillaz as Mr. Brownstone is to Guns N' Roses. An awesome underrated song that should have been a hit but wasn't.

One of the best Gorillaz and MF Doom songs. And that's saying something.

19 Andromeda

Keeps to the original undertones of the Gorillaz in an album filled with new.

Andromeda is just one of those songs that gives off good vibes.

Unlike other songs, I like how this song is more chill.

20 Some Kind of Nature

Probably my favorite song ever. I don't know why, it just is. It's one of the few songs that actually gets better as you listen to it again and again.

The soft vocals of Damon Albarn and Lou Reed just work magically! One of the most splendid listens!

It's my 9th favorite Gorillaz song!

21 DoYaThing

I couldn't pick better collaborators for one song. It blew me away the first time I heard it. This has to be the best Gorillaz song, and by far my favorite song of 2012. (I mean the 13-minute version!)

Underrated. One of the best collaborations ever. Three incredibly distinct artists come together to make something extremely beautiful in its rawness.

If we count this as a Gorillaz song, then it's one of the best.

22 Bobby in Phoenix
23 Broken

This is a very beautiful song and is one of the more somber moments from Plastic Beach and Gorillaz in general.

Real deep. The lyrics float out into space.

24 Tranz

It's new and pretty cool. Been stuck in my head for days now.

Wow, how is this song in 41st place? It is cool, it is awesome, and to me, it's the best song from the new album. By the way, Humility is the second best in the new album.

Cool, catchy, weird, awesome synths, awesome vocal. Basically, Gorillaz.

25 Last Living Souls

The beat is so catchy that Drake sampled the beginning in Hotline Bling. It's a relaxing song that has a great middle section. All around, the best!

Definitely my favorite Gorillaz song. The beat is sick, and I could listen to it for hours!

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