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21 Big Bad Wolf

The music is to die for


So good

22 Squeeze

Ikr all their sings are great especially squeeze I love this song


23 Skyscraper


Demi Lovato does sing it, but they sang it on X Factor.

Thought this song is sung my Demi Lovato (I love her) but still Camila sang it just like Demi. She has the voice of a nightangle.

nice songs

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24 Going Nowhere

This song is one of my favorite songs ever! Going Nowhere is good enough to be a SINGLE!

I love that song


This song is going to be at the top or I am going to scream.😤

25 Uptown Funk

Kayal hi love you

I think up town funk is a really good song do does my mom my mom is the best mom ever
You are awesome Brouno mars

26 Suga Mama

It is a good song for not getting a bad man for you you need a sweet man not some guy that is rude to you and family

27 Everlasting Love

I feel this song is very underrated. It is such an amazing 90s R&B throwback track that has a beautiful, yet not too overproduced, production that allows the vocals of each girl to shine. We get to hear Lauren in the beginning flow through notes effortlessly, than Camila come in with a beautiful, controlled voice that really captures the lyrics she is singing before Dinah comes in with a breathy chorus for a catchy yet mature sound for their age. Ally comes in crooning her heart out with runs that are perfectly placed before Normani comes in later with vocals that show her vulnerability yet power. Finally Dinah comes in mixed with her already gorgeous chorus to place in some powerful notes that hit there marks perfectly while the whole song also has a continuous blend of beautiful harmonies from the 5 powerful singers. It's my opinion about how great this song since it is my favorite song of theirs and everyone has their own opinion but we have to give a huge amount of credit to these ...more

I love it I sing that song

I can relate to this song

28 Don't Wanna Dance Alone
29 I'm In Love With a Monster

This song is so underrated! When the song was made, Lauren was barely assigned solos but she got to lead THIS song! I love it!

Now I am actually in love with a monster

This another one of their great songs, should be higher

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30 No Way

The vocals of this ballad is sensitive and shows their soft side. I think it needs to be higher up in my opinion. And their vocals are so angelic!

Come on it's such a beautiful song which has a deep meaning this song would make you cry this should be first not miss movin on

How is this song so far down?! It's the most beautiful song lyrically

This very sad

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31 Reflection

The plot twist in the chorus breathes new life into me

Now I always look at my reflection

The sass is real love it

It tell you that you are beautiful like brave honest beautiful also good rhythem

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32 Top Down

Such an underrated song! I love the lyric, "Passed out real and I woke up realer".

This should be A LOT further up the list, this needs to beat me and my girls at least! - karnsteins

I love this song and I wish 🌠 I could meet them

33 This Is How We Roll

This song is so underrated, it's definitely my favourite song of theirs to date! - karnsteins

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34 Gonna Get Better

A beutiful son, definety it is a song that many people should listen

35 Leave My Heart Out of This

Such a great song!

I love all your songs I wish I could see you I'm your first fave fan I am 9years old and I might becoming to see you perform who are you and my name is azlyn bye have a good day.

36 Body Rock
37 Down

Best Catchy song ever

38 Like Mariah

Even though I am a harmonizer and I love all their songs Like Mariah is my ultimate fave;-) It's a beautiful song with a catchy tone.. I love this song so much. All the girls have beautiful and unique voices but I personally prefer Lauren's voice but overall I love all the girls and wish them best of luck for their bright future

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39 Anytime You Need a Friend

They sang it against diamond white for survival and of course they got through did you hear their voices they make me cry ugh fifth harmony?

40 Write on Me

Love it for no darn reason

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