Top Ten Most Memorable Moments In Final Fantasy VI

So here's another memorable moments list, this time with a well-known Final Fantasy game, VI. Major spoilers for those who have never even experienced the game of course, but this game is old enough that the pop culture lexicon would be okay with the spoiler.
The Top Ten
1 Kefka destroys the World of Balance

Shows that you can't underestimate a mad clown. He and Gestahl planned to utilize statues to shift the balance in the empires favor, but then backstabs Gestahl and causes more than enough chaos to destroy the whole planet.

2 The walking Magiteks at the beginning

This is probably the most iconic opener in the whole series due to the three magiteks walking in the snow with the Star Wars-esque dialogue showing up. It's a serene shot and easily the best opener in the series.

3 General Leo confronts Kefka

Every player knows about the death of General Leo. You play as Leo in one battle against Kefka and after winning Kefka still kills the general, with loads of players wanting to resurrect Leo because of that one fight and how well he could have been used.

4 The Opera Scene

The playable characters send Celes to be the star lead at an Opera House all to get an airship. It's as crazy as it sounds

5 The Poisoning of Doma's water

This is what causes Cyan to join the returners, a moment that easily shows how bad of a villain Kefka is as Cyan is the only one who survives this event.

6 The Phantom Train scenario

Sabin and Cyan find the Phantom Train where the loved ones of Cyan are bound to stay dead. This also culminates in a boss battle, where it's possible to either use a Phoenix Down to one-hit the train or the more fun option to suplex the entire train using Sabin's blitz.

7 Terra reacts to the frozen Esper

This actually happens twice, once in the beginning, and the other after the Returners fight off Imperial forces. Both times cause a bit of chaos, the first time unintentionally killing Biggs and Wedge at the beginning and the other causes Terra to transform into her Esper form.

8 Terra reveals she is half-human, half-Esper

She is the daughter of a human Madonna and an Esper Maduin. This also awakens her special ability Morph.

9 Cid and Celes in the World of Ruin

These two are the first characters seen as you start the World of Ruin, and Cid is dying. Although it is possible to save Cid here, he may die and that leads to a memorable scene of Celes attempting to take her own life.

10 The final battle

Might as well list the final multi-staged confrontation against Kefka, where you can utilize each and every one of your characters up four entire battles against Kefka, who has become an all-being. In the end, the espers are wiped out although Terra hangs on to her human side to survive.

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