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Yesterday was March 10th, which was MAR10, basically Mario's day. Because of this I thought of celebrating Mario's day with a list, but since I was busy yesterday the list will be here now instead. I'll be looking at the best Mario flash games. You see back when I didn't have any consoles and just a computer, this was where I played most games, flash games on the internet specifically. Most games I played were Mario games, and this was what made me learn about Mario and Mario games, and made me love them. So, why not look at which Mario flash games were the best ones? With that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Super Mario 63

It's quite obvious that Super Mario 63 would top this list considering how impressive this game is. The fact that it's a flash game and for free on the internet to play and yet it's so well done is just excellent. It's almost as if it is a Nintendo game considering how much quality that was put into this game. It's mostly like a mix between Super Mario 64 (in terms of levels) and Super Mario Sunshine (in terms of FLUDD) and a bit of Super Mario Galaxy inspired things as well such as the excellent story, with the sprites and graphics of Yoshi's Island, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Super Princess Peach and it's 2D. Despite being 2D it's anything but linear as you can pretty much complete the levels in any order you want and the levels themselves aren't linear either. This game even has its own hub world, Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64. After all this game is kinda like a 2D version of Super Mario 64 but much better. Oh and the story. I mean the story is awesome for a mario game ...more

Since I discovered THAT before Super Mario 64 and Sunshine themselves (back when I was 7) on a Mario Flash games website, I would probably have hated them back then for unknown reasons (probably because I would have felt like that Flash game would be overshadowed by them in comparison or maybe that was because I was being an uncultured swine back then).

Nintendo should really hire the guy who made this, and I'll miss it so badly.

Lol this was my childhood

2 Super Mario Flash

The root to mario flash games. Without it I don't think there would be any mario flash games, and it was also the one game that got me hooked up with mario in the first place as back when I only had a computer and played lots of flash games, I oonce stumbled across this and it was the beggining of my love for mario. It's so good. It's not as good as its sequel but miles more nostalgic with excellent level editor and memorable levels with graphics mainly from the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. (although the world map is inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3).

3 Super Mario Flash 2

Yeah. The Super Mario Flash duology is basically the root of mario flash games and mario level editors in the first place and is one of the reasons it's so high up. I have the sequel above the original simply because it's a bit bigger and has more levels and a bigger world, and a more improved level editor with tons of more features. The level editor is the focus of the game and it really works well. It's basically a flash version of Super Mario World in terms of the graphics.

4 A Koopa's Revenge 2

A Koopa's Revenge 2 is certainly an interesting game and a huge, HUGE improvment on the original. So basically this duology of games is like the opposite of mario games as you control a fellow Koopa Troopa who must defeat mario, and in this game, Mario has kidnapped Bowser. Yeah, it's sick. And it's quite a well-made game. The world map is huge and there's tons of levels and secret levels and you can take different shortcuts and it's much bigger and better than in the original. Oh yeah, and all the levels have a day/night cycle. Basically if you play a level and it's day, the next time you play a level it'll be night and vice versa. The music is borrowed not from the mario series but are different songs from different compositors and it really fits. It deserves to be high up here.

5 Mario Ghosthouse

Yes this one's quite underrated. So yeah, I really don't like ghosthouse levels in most mario games, however there used to be a time when ghosthouse levels were actually pretty fun. This was the case in Super Mario World, and this fan-made flash game which involves you finding the correct door and exploring a ghost house to complete the game and it's actually pretty fun and awesome. It has the graphics of Super Mario World mainly so it all feels kinda like Super Mario World. And this game is pretty awesome.

6 Tuper Tario Tros.

It's one long platformer level. May sound boring, right? No, because you can switch between a platformer game and a tetris game. Basically you can switch to tetris mode in the game if there's a place where you have to place blocks to form a bridge or something like that to get to the other side of the level, by buildind with blocks. Yeah I may not have explained it well but it's basically a mario game with tetris features.

7 Gangster Bros.
8 Super Mario Defender
9 Super Mario Bros. Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island

Yeah there's a mario flash series called "Super Mario Star Scramble", which consists of four games. There's the original, the second one, the ghostly version of the second one (but with different levels as well) and the third one, The third one is completely different from the rest and not nearly as good but the other three are pretty fun. The ghost island one is definitely the best as it has a more creepy setting and the boss is actually not Bowser. It's an atomic boo! How excellent, no this is not sarcasm, it's serious. It's a great game.

10 A Koopa's Revenge

The predecessor of "A Koopa's Reveneg" is easly much weaker than the sequel but overall I found loads of enjoyment in this game as well. It doesn't have the same quality or nearly as good levels or original bosses, but it's still fun. So this time there are a total of five worlds (and three secret levels) all with three levels within them and a boss battle in the third level of each world. Oh yeah and the first and third levels in each world have the same background but the second one has not. Fun side note. The bosses aren't good but I like how you fight agianst the mario bros., peach and even the wario bros.. That's a fun idea. The controls are way worse than in the sequel and the enemies all die in one hit with blood all over them but still.

The Contenders
11 Mario Remix Boss Edition
12 Mario Forever Flash

Well I guess you could call this the flash version of the fanmade mario game "Mario Forever" (that game is awesome, but it's not a flash game) but with only four worlds and it's very similar to Super Mario Flash and I thought it was a cool game. It's quite challenging and has left a lot of nostalgia in me, and it plays smoother than Super Mario Flash (even though that game is overall better). This game kinda is the more simplified version of Mario Forever.

13 Super Mario Bounce
14 Super Mario Bros. Star Scramble
15 Luigi's Revenge Interactive

Now this game isn't really that good considering the lots of flaws but as a childhood one I generally enjoy it. While the story is absolutely terrible and the gameplay is lackluster I appreciate the graphics and some of the music as well. Yeah the enemies die all in one hit and the bosses are lackluster and the levels are too short but it's enjoyable as a game nevertheless.

16 Cat Mario
17 Unfair Mario
18 Super Mario Bros. Crossover
19 Super Smash Flash 2

It’s not just a mario flash game, but a Smash Bros one too!

20 Mario Starcatcher 2
21 Super Mario Bomber
22 Mario BP Oil Spill
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