Top Ten Crimes Committed by Mario in Mario Games

Do you ever wonder that despite being a hero, Mario could potentially be committing horrible acts? Here are some examples. Don't take this list too seriously now.
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1 Murder

This one might be too obvious. How many of Bowser's minions are murdered by Mario's powerful stomps? The worst part is that he has plenty of methods for doing it.

Mario has no problem with murdering Bowser, which is horrible!

2 Assault

If he's not outright killing enemies with a stomp, he's still hurting them in some way. The Chargin' Chucks in SMW, for instance, take three stomps before coughing it up. Mario can also punch and kick in the 3D games, so it's not just about stomping.

3 Animal Cruelty

Don't assume this is only about the Koopas (turtles) who get stomped on, with their shells being picked up and kicked. There's also Yoshi in SMW, which Mario can use to gain an extra hop to reach a better place, obviously at a cost. But do you think Mario actually cares?

4 Destruction of Private Property

Think about it, this item coincides with Breaking and Entering in several Mario games, like SMW and New Super Mario Bros. Mario breaks into castles or towers and defeats (perhaps kills) the enemies inside. In SMW, Mario frees only a Yoshi egg before destroying the castle in various ways depending on the specific one.

5 Reckless Driving

This relates directly to the Mario Kart franchise. Not just Mario, but any of the kart racers, with even worse problems due to the items thrown around. Mario is liable to engage in reckless and illegal street racing.

6 Breaking and Entering
7 Thievery

Do those coins in the "? " blocks actually belong to anyone? In the Mario-verse, you might think Wario is the greedier one, but Mario is just as guilty.

Mario steals coins that are probably someone else's money. That's stealing! He should go to jail.

8 Illegal Street Racing

I already mentioned this elsewhere, but street racing is obviously illegal in downtown areas. Yet there are courses like Toad's Turnpike, Mushroom Bridge, and Mushroom City with traffic on the streets.

9 Arson

The Fire Flower, one of Mario's most notable pickups, allows fire to be thrown. If that weren't enough, some games, like Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, let fire be used in other ways. In that game, Mario gets a fire hand ability.

10 Child Abuse

Bowser has several Koopalings, who may or may not be his offspring but are still children in Bowser's service. Along with Bowser Jr., who is his offspring and obviously young, Mario beats up these kids. Mario, you awful soul.

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11 Killing an Endangered Species

I wonder if this refers to Whacka, the mole in Paper Mario, who is repeatedly hit until he disappears. I don't think Mario would go as far as causing a species' extinction, but it comes close to genocide, which is on this list.

12 Tax Evasion
13 Genocide
14 Identity Theft

This occurs most in Super Mario 64 DS, though Wario, Yoshi, and Luigi can do this too by obtaining other characters' caps. There are a few other instances involving mistaken identity, like in Paper Mario TTYD where Mario is mistaken for Luigi at one point (and he himself has his identity stolen by Doopliss).

15 Regicide

In several games, Mario drops Bowser into lava. Can we also count Smithy here? I think we can.

16 Attempted Regicide
17 Trespassing

Well, isn't this what every video game hero does? They have to trespass into enemy territory to defeat their final bosses.

18 Hit and Run
19 Drug Use
20 Kidnapping
21 Illegal Border Crossing
22 High Treason
23 Vandalism
24 Resisting Arrest
25 Fraud
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