Top Ten Final Fantasy Tactics Characters

This list covers characters who are in Final Fantasy Tactics. Major spoilers for a load of characters.
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1 Ramza Beoulve

Ramza is the hero of the game, driven to find the truth despite being at odds with just about everyone. Having to leave his family line because of corruption and being branded as a heretic, Ramza holds his own in every battle he participates in and uncovers the truth. His story apparently is lost in history, as he still retains the status of heretic, but the whole point of the so-called Zodiac Brave story (which is literally the plot of Final Fantasy Tactics) showcases everything Ramza has done.

2 Cidolfas Orlandu

Also known as "Thunder God Cid", Orlandu is an overpowered character with every special sword skill in the game and is touted in the story as a guy who can take on a single army alone. He makes the game easy in other words. He also survives an assassination attempt thanks to the scheme of Delita, where an impostor is killed with the real Orlandu joining Ramza's group.

3 Delita Hyral

Delita Hyral/Heiral is the former best friend of Ramza who became a foil character. His desire for power came after the death of his sister Teta and as a result he's trying to do what he thinks is right. In his quest, he actually goes after the nobility for the most part, but saving Princess Ovelia from those around to get her. Even moreso, Delita is still Ramza's friend even though they are separated. In the game, there's not a single battle where Ramza and Delita ever fight as direct enemies. At the end of the story, Delita gets what he wants, but at the cost of being all alone.

4 Wiegraf Folles

Wiegraf is very fondly remembered by those who went into Riovanes Castle, saved after the first battle, but couldn't beat the second battle due to his very difficult duel. Wiegraf, originally a commoner who fought nobility, loses his sister Miluda by Ramza's hands and swears revenge, eventually coming into contact with the Aries stone and becoming the demon Velius. He's pretty memorable as an opponent.

5 Agrias Oaks

Agrias is a fan-favorite character due to her being an early-game recruit and having Holy Knight abilities. She fights for what's right and her skills are very useful in the game when you can finally control her.

6 Messam Elmdor

Marquis Messam Elmdor is the Marquis of Limberry, and the second reason why Riovanes Castle is so difficult, as he is the last battle alongside his two assassins Celia and Lede. A very Sephiroth-like guy who even wields a Masamune, Elmdor originally was killed in some battle offscreen only to show up at Riovanes Castle, assassinating Duke Barinten (Barrington) and fighting Ramza and Rafa. He later shows up again, revealing that he had the Gemini Stone and becoming the demon Zalera.

7 Vormav Tingel

Also known as Folmarv Tengille in later translations, Vormav can sort of be seen as the true villain of the game due to his intentions of reviving St. Ajora (which is really a demon known as Altima/Ultima). He's the holder of the Leo stone and secretly the demon Hashmal/Hashmalam, as well as the father to Izlude/Isilud and Meliadoul. His actions are nothing but sinister, and he even kills his own son Izlude and the High Priest Funeral to prove those points.

8 Dycedarg Beoulve

If only he wasn't as corrupt as he was, Dycedarg definitely would have been a cool elder bro to both Zalbag/Zalbaag and Ramza. But as it stands, he's in on a plot, even assassinating Larg (one of the two warring princes) and plotting with the church, even getting the Capricorn stone in the process. He eventually becomes the demon Adramelk/Adrammelech and must be slain by Ramza.

9 Zalbag Beoulve

Zalbag can be seen as a close ally despite Ramza's current status. Unfortunately he's too stubborn at first, but eventually realizes just what Dycedarg ended up planning. And unfortunately again, he pays with his life, as Adramelk vanquishes him upon arrival. Zalbag then gets reraised, but wrong, and even begs for Ramza to kill him, which sparks a sad end to the Beoulve line.

10 Meliadoul Tingel

Meliadoul Tingel/Tengille isn't as popular as Orlandu, but gets access to a good sword skill set that allows her to destroy enemy equipment and causes damage. Storywise, she's originally against Ramza due to the death of her brother Izlude, but ends up siding with him during the battle against Elmdor, and taking her to where Vormav is will spark some heart-wrenching dialogue, where Meliadoul realizes her father is but a monster.

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11 Cloud Strife Cloud Strife is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Square Enix's 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII and several of its sequels and spin-offs.
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