Top Ten Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Final Fantasy is known for its fantastic soundtracks. Every game in the series has great music even if the game itself doesn't live up to the hype. Here are my Top Ten favorite Final Fantasy soundtracks.
The Top Ten
1 Final Fantasy X

Outstanding Soundtrack. Some of my most memorable pieces of music come from this game. These ones really stick in my head:
- Someday The Dream Will End
- To Zanarkand
- Seymour (Final Battle)
- Battle Theme

The HD-Remaster (which I recently completed) is a major step-up from an original and already great soundtrack.

Beautiful pieces that will be remembered for generations.

Just to name a few:
- To Zanarkand
- Besaid Island
- Someday the Dream Will End
- Ending Theme
- Suteki da Ne/Isn't it Wonderful?

It's the best soundtrack and best game of the saga.

2 Final Fantasy IX

Okay, I haven't played or even seen any of the Final Fantasy games (unless briefly watching my siblings play an old Kingdom Hearts counts), but I found the music and now it's the only thing I ever listen to.

So, if you want a totally unbiased (partially, Vivi is my character of destiny) opinion from a fresh mind, here you go. Honestly, all the soundtracks are awesome, but I like this one the most. The music is so colorful and has a lot of expression in it.

Just by listening to the songs, I could tell what kinds of situations they would play in. My music player won't get any smaller.

3 Final Fantasy VII
4 Final Fantasy XII

An absolute masterpiece in music composition. Every track sets the mood perfectly, and it is a real joy to listen to even while not playing the game.

5 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

A real distinct sounding soundtrack and another real masterpiece.

6 Final Fantasy XIII

A fantastic soundtrack that made an otherwise average game great.

7 Final Fantasy XIII-2

Surprisingly enjoyable, even if it is very different from most other FF soundtracks. It took some getting used to, but it's now one of my favorites. Very close to being a masterpiece.

8 Final Fantasy VI

One of the best Final Fantasies out there. Most tracks from Final Fantasy VI are great and really get stuck in your head, playing over and over. This is just a 16-bit game. Imagine how much more if the FF6 soundtracks used real instruments.

A classic soundtrack to one of the greatest 16-bit games of all time.

9 Final Fantasy VIII

I really like them, just sitting inside on a winter's evening listening to Breezy...

10 Final Fantasy XV

Different, but it definitely fits!

The Contenders
11 Final Fantasy IV

A bit short and basic compared to other more recent FFs, but overall a very great soundtrack.

12 Final Fantasy VII Remake
13 Final Fantasy V
14 Final Fantasy X-2
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