Best First Wave Black Metal Songs

Best songs between these bands:
-Mercyful Fate
-Celtic Frost

The Top Ten

1 Black Metal - Venom

The album that started Black Metal. Coined the term Black Metal and influenced the entire Norwegian scene. - ryanrimmel

The one who disagrees needs to start education - Ananya

2 Evil - Mercyful Fate

The lyrics are similar to the current Black Metal bands, Dark and over the top. - ryanrimmel

3 Welcome to Hell - Venom

Again, Venom pushed the boundaries with their dark satanic lyrics. - ryanrimmel

This song is one of the best black metal songs - Ananya

4 A Fine Day to Die - Bathory

Early Bathory was the blueprint for Norwegian Black Metal, this is better than anything Mayhem put out. - ryanrimmel

5 The Oath - Mercyful Fate

The lyrics are darker than anything Gorgoroth can write.

"I deny Jesus Christ, the deceiver And I abjure the Christian faith"


"In the name of Satan, the ruler of earth Open wide the gates of hell and come forth from the abyss By these names, oh, Satan, Leviathan Belial, Lucifer, I will kiss the goat

Those lyrics are crazy and that's only some of them. - ryanrimmel

6 Blood Fire Death - Bathory

Bathory inspired Mayhem and Immortal directly. - ryanrimmel

7 Circle of the Tyrants - Celtic Frost

Some say they are Death Metal, but they influenced Black Metal so much. - ryanrimmel

8 In League with Satan - Venom

Voivod's cover was very good, but the original is better - Ananya

The name alone sounds dark and evil! - ryanrimmel

9 Triumph of Death - Hellhammer

When you have been down in your grave and your mind decays.. - Ananya

10 Witching Hour - Venom

Come here the moon is calling
The witching hour draws near
Come here the bell is tolling
Mortals run on fear
Prepare the altar now hear the virgin cry
Hold fast the sacrifice
For now it's the time to die
All hell breaks loose
Hell is breaking loose - Ananya

The Contenders

11 Call from the Grave - Bathory
12 Come to the Sabbath - Mercyful Fate
13 Hades - Bathory
14 Fallen Angel of Doom - Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom - Blasphemy
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