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1 Bonnie x Foxy

Bonnie and Foxy just work in my mind. I think of Bonnie as the smart guy who would notice Foxy when he's so lonely, and Foxy's just so likable. Definitely my favorite... By the way, I don't like Foxy x Mangle because they actually hate each other. She replaced him, and I don't ship them just because they're both foxes. Bonnie and Foxy for life!

Fonnie is the BEST, other than Ennard and Michael together. They both have good personalities, from what I dug up. They are also around the same age, maybe a year older or younger than each other. They are also both small dead children.

2 Foxy x Mangle

I love this ship ever since I was young. They're both pirates and both are foxes, plus they both are broken and outcasts. Mangle, I like to think, is the sweet one, and Foxy is a bit shy and mean but actually very sweet. These two have definitely been a huge part of everyone's fandom and deserve to be first! Foxy and Mangle for life!

Believe it or not, the first ever FNAF video I watched just so happened to have Foxy x Mangle in it. That's probably why I ship it. Keep in mind, I was about 5 or 6 years old when I watched that video. I am way older now (obviously).

3 Ennard x Michael Afton

Oh my God, I LOVE THIS! I have watched so much Gacha that I know they are meant for each other! And it's pretty obvious for them to get along. I mean, Ennard has been living inside of Michael for a lot of years, so they should have been close enough. And I think Noah is actually the soul in Ennard. You all know who I'm talking about if you watch Gacha Afton.

Yes, this is my favorite ship ever since I started watching FNaF. But some people might say, "but Ennard is a robot and Mike human." In my alternate universe, Ennard is Noah, Michael's old best friend after Chris died. Why would Ennard help Michael when he knows that a bunch of animatronics will kill because of that? He betrayed his whole crew just for him. I don't think he would do that for just a "BEST FRIEND."

4 Foxy x Chica

Yes! I love this one! It's so cute because in my Alternate Universe, Susie and Fritz knew each other when they were alive, and Fritz died trying to protect Susie.

I love this ship! It's my OTP, to be honest. It feels so good to ship, and it doesn't need a reason or a base to be shipped. I love it.

Yes! The rough and tough pirate with a sweet center and the kind and sensible girl is one of my favorite pairings!

5 Vanny x Glitchtrap

Vanny and Glitchtrap (same animatronic but with different names that I and William call him: Glitch-trash/Glitch-rat), I love it! And his name is Vincent too.

I ship this, too. Even if this is saying William Afton x Vanny, I still like it. In my opinion, GlitchTrap is William Afton's brother. Still.

I feel like they might have a nice dynamic that leads to an interesting relationship. Definitely a playful and platonic one, though.

6 Freddy x Chica

All you need to do is look at cam 7 when Chica and Freddy are both there to know it's true love. Also, in the game, they kind of have the same route when moving, and I just think it's so cute!

It's literally canon, I swear! This is my favorite ship! They both spend time in the kitchen, sometimes together, and they share a hall!

Yes! This is great! Fanon/UCN: Truly great! I really like this! Canon: Even better! Amazing! Other words that mean amazing! -Fanon_Canon

7 Freddy x Bonnie

This is one of the first ships I ever saw. They're adorable! For a while, I considered my shipping. Chica x Bonnie is pretty cute, but I see them as best friends forever. I see Foxy and Bonnie as enemies, since I read fanfics a lot. I mean, a bunny and a fox? So, it's kind of obvious they wouldn't get along. I don't know why, but I just love this ship. The fan art I see and the fanfictions just all make sense to me.

I'm not like those fangirls and fanboys who love Foxy and Springtrap. I love Bonnie because I think he is the most adorable animatronic.

8 Bonnie x Chica

Best ship out of all the franchise for these reasons:

Foxy has Mangle and Freddy has Baby.

These two are purple and yellow, and if you know, those are complementary colors. (Also known as opposites, and opposites attract.)

They're both the only herbivores in the 1st game, so they wouldn't eat the other (Foxy x Chica).

They also usually have the same function in the games.

And they're the only two to get Halloween recolors!

Okay, I see where you're coming from. Fanon/UCN: This is amazing. One of the best things to ship in Fanon. Canon: Great! It seems a bit odd, but nothing wrong with that! -Fanon_Canon.

9 Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

Yes! This one was my favorite, but then I got onto Sister Location. I still think that they are meant for each other. I know other people ship Toy Freddy and Toy Chica together, but I don't care!

I love this ship 100% because Toy Bonnie is strong and brave and will do anything to protect his love.

I said I actually ship T. Freddy X T. Chica X T. Bonnie. But I would choose this ship if I had to.

10 Lolbit x Funtime Foxy

Five reasons this can happen:

1. Both Lolbit and Funtime Foxy are from the Sister Location.
2. Lolbit and Funtime Foxy are, at the moment, nonbinary, so you can portray them as any gender you want.
3. Lolbit and Funtime Foxy are both foxes.
4. It's overall a cute ship.

Okay, so first of all, they're both foxes. Also, they don't have a confirmed gender, and I created two children for them. So, I think this is the cutest ship ever, along with Maple and Foxy!

I used to ship them. I kind of still do, but now I ship Ballora x Funtime Foxy. I still love this though.

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11 Funtime Freddy x Bon Bon

Yay! Well, mostly yay. Fanon/UCN: I see this to be part of some story with Lolbit and Funtime Foxy. Really good. Canon: AMAZING. Funtime Freddy can't live without Bon Bon. The only downside is Freddy is always launching Bon Bon at the door, but I don't care too much about that. -Fanon_Canon

It's so cute! I just love the fact that Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon are always connected. So, you might think, well, they've been together for so long, they might have fallen in love with each other!

I ship Funtime Freddy x Chicken, and I don't know why.

I also ship Bon Bon x Bonnet, and I don't know why.

But this ship makes sense, though it would kind of be an abusive relationship, with Funtime Freddy constantly launching Bon Bon at the door.

12 Lolbit x Yendo

Really cute ship.

I personally think they are really cute together! Lolbit would be the crazy one, with Yendo telling them to calm down the whole time. I think it's so cute!

However, I respect everyone's opinions, so please don't judge my opinion.

I don't know whether to decide between Lolbit x Funtime Foxy or Lolbit x Yenndo. I am torn. Love both ships though! (And that's saying a lot as I don't usually catch myself creating love triangles)

This ship is very cute! I think Yendo would be so annoyed by all of Lolbit's jokes and then slowly fall in love with them.

13 Funtime Freddy X Funtime Foxy

At first, I wasn't sure about this ship, but I started to get more into it recently and saw how adorable it was! Fanon: I see this as a big family between the two, with Bon Bon being like their child, which is adorable!

I think this is so cute! They are so meant for each other! They are the Funtimes, you know! Some people say that this ship is weird, but I get it. I know Funtime Foxy is supposed to be male, but I only ship these two when Funtime Foxy is a female and Funtime Freddy is a male.

Yes! This is good! I support LGBTQ+ rights, so I don't have a problem. They are WAY better than Funtime Freddy x Bon Bon. I'm confused with this picture though. Why the heck does Funtime Freddy have fox ears?

14 Toy Chica x Bonnie

This is a very cute pair where one person loses his face and one arm, is seen as an ugly and scary person without a face and has glowing red eyes. But, no matter how ugly he is, she still loves him sincerely. This is a perfect pair where a wounded person is loved by a lovely person and heals his soul.

This really is the cutest ship. I think it's really sweet how a withered animatronic and a toy animatronic could fall in love. Even though Bonnie didn't have his face, Toy Chica could still love him. This really is the best ship.

15 Mike x Foxy

Yes, definitely, because Michael is Nightmare Foxy, and Foxy is Foxy, and yeah, I love this ship!

16 Toy Chica x Cupcake

Oh my gosh, this is the best ship I have ever seen. It was meant to be!

I think it's cute. Also, they are meant to be together.

This is a masterpiece of all ships, so this is obviously one of my OTPs.

17 Toy Bonnie x Springtrap

I think it could be cute, but only with Toy Bonnie and the spirit of Springbonnie.

Cool, because they are both bunnies, but I ship Ballora and Springtrap.

18 Marionette x Balloon Boy

Puppet will do good with him because he can take care of him and his sister (J.J.), and they're just meant for each other. FNAF ships are the best, and this is my favorite ship.

I mean, maybe some sort of mother-son relationship?

I don't actually know why, but I like it!

19 Springtrap x Mangle

I think they both will work out because they're both all torn apart and a little bit... Eh, I don't know, left out? So, yes, I think both of them will do fine. Also, I hate Foxy x Mangle! Ugh, who even ships that sort of thing?

They're sadly both broken and alone, so shipping them actually makes sense. So what if they're both animals? People ship Nick and Judy from Zootopia! So yes, it's a great and cute ship!

I like this ship because Foxy x Mangle probably wouldn't work out. Even though we don't know if Mangle has a soul, this ship is awesome! Springle all the way!

20 Puppet x Springtrap

I absolutely love this ship! I am not sure about everyone else's thoughts, but I just think that this is one of the best!

It just works because they were together in life. Puppet is female and Springtrap is male. I don't know, it just works.

Yas! Puppet x Springtrap is my fave ship other than Mangle x Foxy.

21 Balloon Boy x Balloon

You get the idea, but I also like shipping him with batteries, so I like shipping Balloon Boy x batteries x balloon.

Just LOL. This cracks me up that it's a thing. But it is so beautiful because Balloon Boy is never without the balloon. It kind of seems like he always wants it there, huh? I just think it's so cute!

Balloon Boy and Madam Balloon, you are now officially made husband and wife.

22 Circus Baby x Ennard

Yes! But I only ship this one because when I make Ennard, I make his own personality and not the other Sister Location animatronics.

Considering the fact that they are both clowns, this would be pretty good.

This is so cute! They are both clowns. My friend roleplays as Circus Baby, and her boyfriend likes Ennard.

23 Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare

I like it! Even though I ship Chris x Nightmare, this is still good. Also, Chris isn't here, so Goldie/N. Fredbear should be good.

I just really like this ship, and could someone please tell me why C.C. x Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare exists? Isn't C.C. like nine, and the nightmares are who knows how old?

I kind of ship C.C. x Nightmare x Nightmare Fredbear, but I also imagine Chris putting their plushie forms together and making them kiss.

24 Mike Schmidt x Bonnie
25 Toy Freddy x Toy Bonnie
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