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1 Foxy x Mangle

I hate this ship, it's literally Susie's dead dog x Fritz. Also FNaF isn't a shipping game and Scott isn't comfortable with those ships.

Honestly, I don't think it would work out. Mangle is his replacement. Also, Mangle is a dog, and Foxy is a child. And they are both animatronics. Foxy was the least favorited by kids, and Mangle was favorited by tons of kids. But also after he was mangled, the kids were probably scared. But on the other hand, it's actually kind of cute!

Edit: out of all the ships why does number one have to be a crack ship? I blame Tony Crynight for making this crack ship so popular.

Adorable! At first I shipped this and then for a while I shipped Springtrap x Mangle before I found out that Springtrap was William Afton now I ship Foxy x Mangle again!

I think foxy and mangle are like for me the two well animatronics I would ship I mean they are like kinda the same animal? I think I just need to say I vote that this ship is 10/10

2 Foxy x Chica

Yes! I love this one! It's so cute because in my AU (Alternate Universe) Susie and Fritz knew each other when they were alive and Fritz died trying to protect Susie.

The best ship ever! In school our table is full of fnaf fans, but I'm the biggest one. And I'm lit the only one who ships this this
is the best ship everr!

I love this ship! It's my OTP to be honest. I love this ship. It feels so good to ship and it doesn't need a reason or a base to be shipped. I love it.

Yes! The rough and tough pirate with a sweet center and the kind and sensible girl are one of my favorite pairings!

3 Freddy x Bonnie

This is the very first ship I found in the fandom, but I wouldn't have such emotional attachment to it, I kinda just like the idea

I’m not like those fan girls and fanboys who love Foxy and Springtrap. I love Bonnie because I think he is the most adorable animatronic.

I don't really ship this anymore, but I find it funny and kind of cute.

My Favorite and Both are gays but they are cute and its destiny

4 Bonnie x Foxy

This ship is so cute theres nothing wrong with this ship I love this ship as much as I love Michael x Ennard. Best ship ever( I do not ship Mangle x Foxy because Foxy has a soul and mangle is a dog

Fonnie is the BEST, other than Ennard and Michael together. They both have a good personality, ( from what I dug up. ) They are also around the same age maybe a year older or younger than each other, they are also both smol dead children.

This is one of my favorite ships they go so well together and they look cute together in fan art even. It's not my most favorite but it's somewhere in a favorites!

I LOVE this ship! IT IS MENT TO BE!>:). This is my opinion though, I personaly do not like the foxy x mangle because, 1. mangle is William's dog and foxy is a friken kid. 2. mangle is really broken... it wouldn't work out. So if you like the foxy x magle that is your opinion.

5 Bonnie x Chica

Best ship out of all the franchise for these reasons:

Foxy has Mangle and Freddy has Baby.

These two are Purple and yellow and if you know those are COMPLEMENTARY colors. (aka opposites and Opposites attract)

They're both the only herbivores in the 1st game so they wouldn't eat the other (Foxy x Chica)

They also usually have the same function in the games.

And they're the only two to get Halloween recolors!

I say this is cute but I think foxy and bonnie are better I just don't see how... well- this is a ship and Chica I think would go perfect whith Freddy faz bear... I don't think most people will agree but its just my opinion...

I really like this ship! The ship name 'Bonnica' is soo cute and also because both of them are shy and cute (Won't say that in the game)

I like this ship because Bonnie and Chica look cute together and Bonnie is one my favorite characters but Chica isn't ( and I want to say what if they have a missed up Animatronic like ( Chicken and Bunny missed together)

6 Ennard x Michael Afton

I really like it cause like bruh he lives inside- mike so like if he's going to be there all his life they have to get along so like some people thinkennard is noah and when mike was in high school he was dating noah? so I really LOVE THIS SHIP ITS FAVORITE SHIp.

I think this ship is adorable and it's not wrong because Baby was ejected from Ennard and I think that after Ennard was living inside Michael for all that time they would have grown close.

This is one of my most favorite ships because they just go really well and when Ennard was inside of Michael they probably got really close and it's a good ship on my opinion.

I feel like this is a popular ship and personally I LOVE it. I think they are really cute and Ennard kinda lives inside of Michael.

7 Lolbit x Funtime Foxy

Five reasons this can happen.
1. Both Lolbit and Funtime Foxy are from the sister location.
2. Lolbit and Funtime Foxy are at the moment nonbinary so you can portray them as any gender you want.
3. Lolbit and Funtime Foxy are both foxes.
4. It's overall a cute ship.

Okay so first of all they both foxes also they don’t have a confirmed gender AND I created 2 children for them so I this this is the cutest ship ever along with maple and foxy!

I used to ship. I kinds still do but now I ship Ballora x funtime foxy . I still love this tho

This is a kinda good ship. I don't like it but I also don't hate it so it's like in the middle.

8 Funtime Freddy x Bon Bon

Honestly I love this ship and I feel like this is ment to be because Bon Bon actually keeps Funtime Freddy calm.

Ok so this ship is in my top 2 favorite ships as well.

Kinda makes sense since Bon Bon is part of Ft. Freddy. Maybe Bon Bon will not love Ft. Freddy since Ft. Freddy keeps on throwing Bon Bon at the dang door. XD

OkKKKKKKK. This ship is okkkk. Its not my favorite but I still think that they can be together because they are stuck together.

It’s so cute that Funtime Freddy can’t survive without bon bon and that his angry goes away because of him. I think they both are gay

9 Toy Chica x Bonnie

I really hate this ship! For some reason! This couple is not perfect together! How can Bonnie and Toy Chica meet together? I USE LOGIC RIGHT NOW! Bonnie existed in the year between 1990-1995 (possibly 1993) while Toy Chica existed way before Bonnie. She existed in the year 1987. Withered Bonnie IS NOT Bonnie! Don't believe the SFM! They do it just for fun! So in that case, actually Bonnie never knew Toy Chica! He just only knew her through Golden Freddy or some newspapers! Also, every ship have their own ship names like Bonnie and Chica is Bonnica, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica is Toy Bonnica! So what is Bonnie Toy Chica ship name? Bonnie belongs to Chica BETTER! So I ship Bonnie and Chica!

people think this is a weird ship
but I don't care one reason why I ship
I don't ship toy chica with toy bonnie because they fight a lot

I absolutely hate this ship. Bonnie x Chica go WAY better than Bonnie x Toy Chica! Yuck!

I say that bonnie would really like someone like toy chica, they seem very cute together

10 Toy Bonnie x Springtrap

I used to ship this but I don't like it that much anymore. It just feels weird to me. My opinion

I don't like it because springtrap is William and is a kid...

I think it could be cute, but only with Toy Bonnie x the spirit of Springbonnie.

Cool because they are both bunnies but I ship Ballora and Spring trap

The Newcomers

? Puppet x Nightmarionette

Puppet and Nightmarionette? YES A BIG YES!

? Mangle x Funtime Foxy

There literally the same person lol

The Contenders
11 Toy Chica x Cupcake

Oh my gosh this is the best ship I have ever seen. This is It was meant to be!

This is an amazing ship lol bc they're always beside each other this is an adorable ship

I think its cute also they are meant to be together.

This is a masterpiece of all ships so this is obviously one of my OTPs.

12 Marionette x Balloon Boy

Where does this exist,where can I find the person who made up the ship and what weapon should I use to hit them because I hate this ship why does this ship exist!

Puppet will do good with him because he can take care of him and his sister (J.J) and they’re just meant for eachother fnaf ships are the best and this is my favorite ship

I don't ship this at all cause puppet is charlie and I actually ship golden freddy x puppet and cb x ennard so this ship is kinda wrong

This is just weird, I think Elizabeth x Cassidy x Charlie

13 Springtrap x Mangle

I hate this ship, why? because springtrap's soul is literally an adult and mangle's soul is a dog. and if mangle's soul was a kid theres no way spring trap/ william would be a pedo, the game creators would never put a pedo in a game. and to all those people who ship either 1. just got into fnaf and watched the animation of mangle, or 2. you support this ship bc you saw someone support it. cased closed ; )

I think they both will work out cause they're both all torn apart and a little bit... Eh, I don't know left out? So ye I think both of them will do fine. Also I hate Foxy x Mangle! Ugh, who even ships that sort of thing?

I like this ship because foxy x mangle probably wouldn't work out. And even though we don't know if mangle has a soul but this ship is awesome! Springle all the way!

You know when Springtrap kinda likes mangle but I know Springtrap wants to marry her for some reason and Mangle didn't like it so she actaully likes foxy more then Springtrap( and I actaully like this is ship tho)

14 Freddy x Chica

Freddy and chica are great friends, but they would also be a good couple together!

I love this so much. It's so darn wholesome considering they're Gabriel and Susie.

I don't know I ship Bonnie x Foxy so I just think these two would make a good pair.

It's an okay ship, but no offense, I ship Bonnie X Chica more ;w;

15 Puppet x Springtrap

Why? just why puppet hate spring trap and I think spring trap hates her too, Also spring trap is a DUCKING grown up and puppet is a DUCKING CHILD

Even though I don't understand- Puppets my favorite! But she/he (I don't know if it's the child or if its really puppet) hate springy but whatever-

This is probably the worst ship I have ever seen! SPRINGTRAP IS AN ADULT AND THE PUPPET IS A CHILD! How would Henry react to this?

The puppet is possessed by a child and springtrap is possessed by an adult so your basically shipping a kid and adult.

16 Vanny x Glitchtrap

Vanny and Glitch-trap (same animatronic but different names that I and William call him: Glitch-trash/ Glitch-rat) I live it! And his name is Vincent too.

I like this ship a lot! In my AU, Glitchtrap is Williams's brother Vincent. So technically if you were to ship it in my AU, it would be Vincent/Glitchtrap x Vanny, NOT William x Vanny.

I feel like they might have a nice dynamic that leads to an interesting relationship. Definitely a playful and platonic one though.

In my AU Glitch is William’s brother Vincent. I think that they could be a really interesting couple because of their dynamic. I love this ship.

17 Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

Yes! This one was my favorite but then I got onto sister location. I still think that they are meant for each other. I know other people ship Toy Freddy and Toy Chica together. But I don't care!

Y E S, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Chica is a good ship, I like Bonnie x Chica and Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica but I prefer Fonnie and Toy Bonnica.

This IS my favorite FNaF ship aside from Springtrap x Ballora. They make a cute couple. Maybe... they can work together to kill the guard? 🐰💗🐥

I love this ship a 100% because Toy Bonnie is strong and brave and will do anything to protect his love.

18 Mike Schmidt x Bonnie

Umm- I think I hear my mom calling Ima just-( Runs because ship is GROSS)

I don't really like this ship but... it's fine

Mike shouldn't be animals

This was one of my favorite ships for bonnie :)

19 Circus Baby x Ennard

Yes! But I only ship this one because when I make Ennard I make his own personal and not the other sister location animatronics.

I really love this ship tho, its cute :3
but if u don't like it, that's okay!
I've been shipping these two for years. well, it's not because they're both clowns or something.. in the game, Circus baby helped Ennard catch Michael/the Night Guard and bring him to the scooper. This is just my opinion. I just think these two are great couples ^^

I would have shipped CB with Freddy because they are both souls and are leaders (Also not to mention if William finds out there will be DRAMA!) My favorite ship is
CB ×Freddy×Ft.Freddy
But I guess this is ship comes on my third favorite

I tbh hate this ship. First of all CB is Elizabeth so she’s a child. And I personally don’t ship Elizabeth other anyone. Anyway Circus Baby x Ennard is probably my least fave ship.

20 Funtime Freddy X Funtime Foxy

I think this is so cute! They are so meant for each other! They are the Funtimes you know! But some people say that this ship is weird but I get it! I know Funtime Foxy is exposed to be a male but I only ship this two when Funtime Foxy is a Female and Funtime Freddy is a male.

This is adorable honestly. I believe that they're best friends. Ft. Foxy being the responsible one and Ft. Freddy being the idiotic one. This ship just works out so nicely.

I SHIP THIS A TON. Also I think this ship should be on the top ten FNaF ship list :P The reason I ship this is cause Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy seem cute together! This ship is 100% gonna work out, like no break ups and stuff like that :D

OMG! this is so cute! I don't care if they are both girls or both boys! This has to be the cutest ship I have ever seen other than Puppet x Baby or Michael Afton x Ennard.

21 Mike x Foxy

Yes definitely because Michael is Nightmare Foxy and Foxy is Foxy and yeah I love this SHIP!

It was Mike's favorite animatronic, but isn't Fritz a kid and Mike an adult?

Uhm its basically the same ship as to what I said before-

I more ship mike and ennard

22 Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare

I kind of ship C.C x Nightmare x Nightmare Fredbear but I also imagine Chris putting their plushie forms and making them kiss.

I just really like this ship and could someone please tell me why C.C. x Nightmare Fredbear x Nightmare exists? Isn't C.C. like 9 and the nightmares are who knows how old?

In my AU this is soooooooo wrong
Cause they both have souls and they're brothers Nightmare is 4 years younger than Breadbear
And Nootmare was Chris's best friend before he died that's why I ship Chris X Nightmare
So if this wasn't my AU than I ship it but I stay true to it

I ship this because Nightmare Fredbear is Chris and we would be shipping Chris and his nightmare

23 Foxy x Mike

No.. I know mike/terrance bullied chris with the foxy mask but that does not mean its good! ew..

Well since Foxy is Mike's favorite animatronic...I ship it in my au Mike Schmidt (Michael Afton) possesses foxy

I like the ship

Ehhhh, I get that he's Mike's favorite animitronic but I don't see it working

24 Balloon Boy x Balloon

YESH! Balloon boy’s parents could tell the future so they knew that balloon boy’s soulmate was balloons so they named him that lol, this is a joke by the way

this is the only acceptable ship in fnaf. you guys do know that the animaltronics are litteral dead children. let the children rest

You get the idea but I also like shipping him with batteries so I like shipping Balloon boy x batteries x balloon.

Balloon Boy and Madam Balloon you are now officially made husband and wife.

25 Jeremy x Mike

Okay Mike IS JEREMY! Mike just changed his name to Jeremy so people don't know he's the one behind the bite of 87 and so people don't know he worked at fnaf 1

It depends on what Jeremy we are talking about- LMAO- if it’s Jeremy Fitzgerald I think it would be reasonable, they were both night guards and from the same fandom. But it all comes down to age... which is still unknown- but otherwise I could see being a cute ship.

I ship Mike with Kevin Rodney
But this ship is beautiful and it makes me wanna cry

This has got to be one of the cutest ships ever

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