Top 10 Scariest Animatronics In Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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1 Bonnie Bonnie is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

He's my favorite but Bonnie is also really creepy " eyebrows, no front teeth,..." I kinda get the reason why Scott thinks Bonnie is the scariest of all.

This is what happens to Bonnie when he tries to eat Chica's slice of pizza, he loses his arm and FACE! Whenever I get jump scared by him and his arm reaches up I think he's about to claw your eyes out. I didn't really find him scary in the first game, I actually thought he was the cutest animatronic, but when I saw the trailer for fnaf 2 for the first time I was like "HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED TO BONNIE?!?! "

Bonnie's my favorite, he's more terrifying than foxy and Chica also Freddy in my opinion. Just when you look at him he has that emotionless creepy stare. If you don't agree... cool but he's very strange to me since in fnaf 2. He has no face and when Bonnie's jumpscares you..and he rising with one hand. He's flipping tearing your face of course. But still he's scary and adorable at the same time so.. That's why I guess

I agree that Bonnie is really scary.

I was scared of Bonnie that an entire week I got a nightmare because of him and even
Avoided looking at bunnies/rabbits after 1 week for recovery.

How is he scary?
He's appearance is scary. Without eyebrows, the eyeless death screen, hallucinations, all of those.

Those are the things that made Bonnie scary in my opinion.

2 The Puppet

how is this thing not creeyer then bonnie, just look at him. sure bonnie gave scott nightmares while creating him, so what, I had nightmares about him every night for four months

Even though it scares the hell out of me, I just want to look at it for days. I even drew a picture of him. I never really get jump scared by him but when I do, I am surprised I haven't fallen out of my chair. I always trick my friends and say it is a cartoon and when they see they are like "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT"

Scariest by far. You see, lots of people say the jumpscares in fnaf 2 is not scary. But people who say that never played the game their selves. Usually on videos, every jumpscare is not scary. In the actual game it is. Marionette jumpscare on a video is just scary. But in person, she can give you a literal heart attack.

Okay what makes him creepy is how humanlike he is. Most people find objects that are misshapen humanoid objects to be scary because they can't identify them

3 Chica Chica is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

It's NeonRainbowCat! Gawd, Chica is so creppy. I think Marionette is scarier. My younger brother thinks Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica are creepier. To me, most of them don't look creepy it's just creepy when they pop up and you are like: HOLY CRAP LMDRO (Laughing My Dang Retard Out instead of LMFAO) When I spot Chica I just tell myself that I'm retarded. I slip on my Freddy Mask and hopefully she goes away. Then I'm like: PHEW GAWD FGDS (For Good Dang Sake) :3

Even just her appearance is pure uncanny valley nightmare fuel - her beak full of teeth and her enormous, sunken, staring eyes. And her jump scare is by far the freakiest, she looks like an absolute psychopath!

Chica is first in one room, sudunly she goes somewhere else out of tag room and everything is messed up in the first room so you don't know where she's going to scare you. Also she kind of has two sets of mouths which is very creepy

My theory is that since Mangle and Toy Chica both like Foxy I think they got into a fight and that's why Toy chica is missing her beak when she moves cams and mangle is broken

P.S Follow my YouTube account MCPEMike

4 Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. It has a yellow eye and a black eye. It is designed as a broken fox.

Once FNaF 2 came, everyone was into mangle, so was I also. Also, I believe mangle is a boy because all foxies are boys and the rest of the toys also have eyelashes, just because it has eyelashes doesn't mean it's a girl..

How is uh...THAT allowed in a KID-FRIENDLY restaurant?! What kind of parent would let their child touch that thing?!
"Here's a cute thing for you to play with! "*Child's finger gets stuck in Mangle and bitten off, blood everywhere* "Oh my goodness! Who would have seen that coming? "

"The Mangle" is agender, just like all of the other robots. It is not living. Anyhow, this horrid, mechanical abomination is just plain disturbing-looking. When I first saw it it sent chills down my spine.

Mangle can be really scary. She hangs from your ceiling, makes a notice that seemingly makes the others more aggressive, and swings down to bite your head off.

5 Golden Freddy

I think that Golden is more decayed and fearsome in the first game, but in the second he's more "fresh" and the wires look reacently removed...and that is why he's my favorite. character in any of the Fnaf games.

I thought he was already creepy. He just... sits there. But when I learned he was responsible for the Bite of '87... Yeah.

He's creepy he just doesn't scare me... He was also the one who cause the bite of 87 I knew it before fnaf 4 came out.

I have never seen him when I play even though I know how to get rid of him.

6 Foxy Foxy is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Foxy is so scary, like the way he comes running and bangs on your door. It's terrifying. The first time I played FNAF. I wasn't such a pro. I only watched videos of it. Mostly like Thinknoodles:) And Foxy just came running and almost give me a heart attack.

Seriously, number 6? Like I respect your opinion on why foxy should be at this place but seriously, foxy is a creepy Bastard! In game one, when he peeks through the curtain and his eyes are looking so translucent and weird, and when he looks at the camera he is eerie and gives me the creeps, and when he comes fully out of the curtains, he looks so creepy when he has his neck all crooked like that! Then when you have to check the other cameras and the doors, he catches you by surprise and when you get lucky enough to catch him running down the west hall, he is so determined to kill. And then the anxious look you get when you struggle to close the door, failing and only turning on the light, he pops in, screaming and possibly slautering you.

I think every one giving opinion is right. As in FNAF 4 he looks much scarier than others! In closet he tries to bite you. Then he comes near bed and give jumpscare to you. His endo-skeleton really looks scary he is tore from every part his yellowish glowing eyes his teeth looks very sharp and pointy. Althrough, many people (even including myself) he was mainly responsible for bite of 86 as when his friends say "your brother is such coward" he takes us to golden freddy and it bites us. Even behind golden freddy Spring trap stands.

I have played through all of FNAF 2 on my iPhone, and I've even beaten Golden Freddy mode. I've basically got all the animatronic's patterns down, and I can tell when an animatronic is about to kill me. However, Foxy is very hard to predict, and he jumpscares randomly with seemingly no cue that he's going to. Even when I think I've flashed him enough he still attacks, and I still flinch whenever he leaps at my screen it's scary ;-;

7 Toy Chica

Her mouth shape says "Yay, I'm gonna kill you! ", while her eyelidseyes say, "Look, I'm not in the mood so can you just let me kill you? ". Either way she's just as weird. Not weird enough to make me vote for her but definitely enough for me to feel creeped out.

People say she's not scary. But whoever says that never played the game their selves. I played FNaF 2 myself once, and got jumpscared by her on night 1. Experiencing a Toy Chica jumpscare is MUCH scarier in person than on videos.

Many people do a sexy Chica meme but PLEASE! Toy Chica is way scarier, Chica; no probably. Toy Chica; she wants to rip your face off! She looks nice, willing to share her beak as a bowtie, but PLEASE! She eats her eyes!

When I first saw Toy Chica I thought, "Ok not so bad". Then, she took off her beak and her eyes were black and she was staring at Me from the vent, My heart stopped.

8 Nightmare Nightmare is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and one of the seven nightmare animatronics (ten if the Halloween Edition animatronics and Plushtrap are counted) in the game. He is the shadowy incarnation of Nightmare Fredbear, and the final antagonist in the game.

I'm think nightmare is creepy because of the teeth. He is also creepy because he comes on the last night.

He just freaks me out! He's like a creepier, nightmare, shadow Freddy to me. Why does he exist at all!?

Uh nightmare is one of the freakiest scariest ones, how is he not in the top at least 5?!?!?

His jumpscare is even scarier than his look. Just look at his screeching sound. He is just traumatizing me

9 Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Well he is better than other of his old friends because he is least damaged and less creepy

What the hell? This version of Freddy isn't even in the game...

He is Very scary he has in one point human eyes coming out of his Eye sockit

The way he stands in your room is just creepy!

10 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie is one of the newer animatronics and one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He is Bonnie's "redesigned" counterpart from the past who replaced Bonnie's own pre-rebuilt incarnation Withered Bonnie for improvement.

Toy Bonnie what you looking at huh you ain't see nothing back off it's just me Freddy the back off I already killed the night guard so back off

You now I like toy b I even thought about him seeing me cry wiping the tear off my face and saying to me what's wrong and told him my brother took my Luigi doll He gave him back to me & I hugged doll Then I hugged bonnie I'll never forget that thought he will all ways be my favorite animatronic.

Have you seen this guys voice by David Near on YouTube? Even though he does not say this, he said that he wants everyone to see your mutilated corpse. Although, he is a NIGHTMARE. The only thing I like about him is when he moves in front of the mask to check you out.

What I don't understand is how his pupils constrict when he gets in your face. These toy animatronics have PLASTIC eyes they can't contract like organic eyes...

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11 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy is a new animatronic and one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, also being a titular antagonist.

He can't get into your office! U mixed Freddy probably

The way he stands in your office is freaky.

This guy looks so dopey and jumpscare doesn't make it better.

Cutest animatronic ever. GET HIM OFF OF THIS LIST!

12 Balloon Boy

well Yes Balloon Boy TwT kinda scary because when you stare at him It really Hypnotic u Balloon boy should be like in No.2 Or something like that And he’s Voice Sooo creepy TwT

Why the hell id bb on this list? He doesn't jumpscare, he doesn't show his endoskeleton, he is harmless! He just says hi or hello nicely, and is kind of kawaii, foxy is his like "pet" and is scarier, but I don't think bb is scary at all

He is not scary he is a little bit creepy and annoying. BB is Foxy's pet because he makes you not use the flashlight.

HE NOT UGLY! I agree with you I do feel calm plus he does not kill you fnaf 2

13 Nightmare Fredbear Nightmare Fredbear is a character in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 who appears in Night 5, replacing the other 4 enemies you have to face off against in earlier nights, Nightmare Fredbear is the most vicious animatronic imagined by the Child you play as in FNaF 4, because of a freak accident where the child more.

Just like Nightmare not scary to me but to other people.

He is so scary

He just creppy

he's all torn up and his teeth are SO creepy

14 Nightmare Mangle Nightmare Mangle is a nightmarish counterpart of Mangle who first debuts in the Halloween Edition of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 where it replaces Nightmare Foxy, alongside Nightmare Balloon Boy, Nightmarionne, Jack-O-Chica, and Jack-O-Bonnie.

Bro. I think that she us pretty scary. I mean. Look at her other head. Some people assume that the head is a parrot. Because she's a pirate and a better version of foxy. And she's a pirate.

The original mangle was scary as it is and then they made a nightmare version!

Why are the comments on this side?

like mangle but nightmare version

15 Nightmare Chica

I was like what is that! I hate her nightmare form than any thing she pure evil even her cupcake pure evil I never want to see her face unless it cute

She has sharp teeth

Three rows of teach and Chica always steals the scary (cup)cake

Nightmare Chica is scary.She has sharp teeth and is all ripped apart.She even has that scary cupcake with her.

16 Springtrap Springtrap is a character in Five Nights At Freddy's 3, released in March 2, 2015. He's a green and gold bunny with another character named William (Purple Guy) in him. Purple Guy being the murderer of the 5 children murdered in the 80s. After the ghosts of the 5 children became free from their suits, more.

If your looking for a scary guy named Springtrap ( just join me at Fredbear Fright) I will some day kill you and maybe do something to you all. Maybe I would do is whack you with a rusty pipe or maybe stab you or something else I can find. If your parents worry a lot about they will also be dead I would totally find your house. So you better get ready or I will kill you little children.

(Evil Laughs) And one more thing don't forget I will always come back if you kill me like maybe set me on fire that would kill me but if I kill you first you wont see your parents every again. ( Evil Laughs)

To me is Springtrap an animatronic wich is HEAVILY underestimated I also saw an comment about the Theorie of that Springtrap is the Purpel Guy a.k.a William Afton, its true ,there is an minigame where the End-Scene Shows how Afton Gets surrounded by the Souls of the dead children ,and guess what he does next ,of course he Jumps straight into the springlock-suit of springbonnie wich he used like a Armor, then the springlocks Go of ,killing him and Here we have the result ,Springtrap.

The story of Springtrap actually terrifies me and he's soo creepy. I've actually been watching the FNAF series like "old memories", and it's soo sad bro. And Springtrap lies to his brother Fredbear. Sad:(

Who does he think he is? He just waltz in and jump scares? This guy is creepy though, but he thinks he's the greatest he doesn't even mind walking in. Imagine if you're in the bathroom doing your business and he opens your door. It's called privacy, Springtrap. Google it.

17 Scrap Baby

I think Scrap Baby is scary because, well after you get jump scared by her, one of her voice lines is "Lets see how many pieces I can cut you into" and it's just like, I run on this nightmare full all the time after I saw her. She's freaky with like the face, and sometimes her pupils are gone. Sometimes I thought of her as cool, but now it's a demonic freak.

such a freak, she or he is as creepy as nightmare, but not in my remix, it looks like circus baby never became hired at the circus while foxy was getting possessed by funtime, phantom, wither, and nightmare all at the same time, such a creepy creep!

This is scary as hell so scary just looks like Satan had a kid with a clown

Well Scrap Baby is like Scrap Trap there broken

18 Nightmarionne Nightmarionne is a character from FNaF 4 who appears in a Halloween DLC added on October 31st, replacing Nightmare in Nightmare mode and Night 8. Nightmarionne appears in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, and Ultimate Custom Night. Nightmarionne is also a version of the Marionette from Five Nights at Freddy's more.

The only problem is that it is only scary fnaf nightmares are the scariest things that I've ever expected.

He looks damn scary, like if the marionette and slenderman had a child

That's when you sleep with the lights on for the first five nights

Dunno why but if I saw that in my room anywhere I'm moving to the other side of the world

19 Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Foxy is a character who appears in FNaF 4 on Night 3. Nightmare Foxy runs down the hall and sneaks in through your slightly opened door and hides in the closet, at least until you close the closet door for long enough.

Nightmare Foxy was the first animatronic I had ever seen
He Creeped the Hell out of me I still have NIGHTMARES about him biting my HEAD OFF! And me being killed it's a freaky game fnaf 4 and 19 yr olds should play it

This creature should be in the top of the 3! he is the worst one ever to me.

It's so scary when he just shows up in you closet like that.

He will kill you

20 Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Bonnie is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and one of the seven nightmare animatronics (ten if the Halloween Edition animatronics and Plushtrap are counted) in the game. He is the nightmarish incarnation of Bonnie.

When Nightmare Bonnie jumpscares you, you could see his whiskers, he didn't have whiskers in fnaf 1 or 2 (but Bonnie didn't have a face in fnaf 2) how did Bonnie get whiskers in fnaf 4? He is not scary, he's weird.

He is SO creepy I am so dead if I play fnaf 5

On of my favorite animatronics

glowing eyes that no one can miss (unless you're blind)

21 Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Freddy, just when you look back at the bed if you see thre e freddles and look back nightmare freddy will jumpscare you.
Nightmare Freddy creeps me out I have big nightmares about him.
the freddles creep me out and the teeth but the thing that does not him scary is the jumpscare.
Nightmare freddy is my favorite character.

He is easy to beat but his jumpscare and appearance is both awesome and frightening

It is just so crazy and scary

I think he has sharp teeth

22 Ennard Ennard is a mix of the smelted animatronic endoskeletons of Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy fused together with their animatronic eyeballs scattered on his body. Ennard takes form of Molten Freddy in FNaF 6 and scoops Michael Afton using the Scooper Machine in Sister Location so more.

Bro you are a monster Ennard! I've seen you. You are a monster, in all FNAF series! You used the NIGHTMARE ANIMATRONICS to attack all other animatronics like: Withered Freddy, Withered Chica, Withered Bonnie, Withered Foxy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, Mangle and Puppet! So I hate you the most bro!

Ennard one scary dude he has so many wires gives me nightmares just and is baby

Ennard without the mask is absolutely terrifying.

Ennard is so freaky half of his face is coming off

23 Withered Bonnie

Guys just saying anytime I hear someone say bonnie it's gonna be no face like the bonnie who's number one is the on with no face I think that we are talking about.

He was torn apart used for parts, and yet can still make jokes for you of course about YOUR DEATH

This dude is my favorite animatronic to ever walk the earth! He is just too cool for school

Haters of withered bonnie suck!

They are looters.

24 Marionette

Am I the only one who thinks Laughing Jack when I look at this guy? It might be the stripes and the fact he sorta looks like a clown but seriously.

Ok, The Puppet scares the hell outta me.. Gotta admit it. How he/she jumps out at you while that chilling audio plays. Creepy...

The Marionette is awesome and she is pretty scary as well and I see the resemblance between her and LJ's stripes but, they are fairly different from each other also, she is my favorite animatronic ever and I LOVE LJ!

---- Laughing Lace

Already on the list, and I voted for that (and this too because of that action)

25 Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy is a mysterious shadow purple variant of Freddy Fazbear that appears in Parts/Service on very rare occasions in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Not much is currently known about this particular character. Viewing him for too long will crash the game (or freeze the game in the mobile version). more.

How he just sits there.. *Shivers* Game therioy said that he was a dead employee... That's just makes him scarier.. There's a lot of secrets in this game and I believe shadow Freddy may be the scariest

He's my second favorite, I love his color and he's super eerie and creepy like you stare at him but that's not good. He is Dark like hella purple dark lol

Jesus. I looked in the corner and there was a pile of metal. I looked in the air vent and he stared at me. Five seconds later I am dead

Its shadow freddy! He is just sitting there doing nothing but don't stare at him so long your game will crash.

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