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1 Five Nights at Candy's

Although its not my favorite fan game the story line is SO good that you should try it, its really good. Also, I love the fact that this game mentions Freddy Faz bears Pizzeria (2) and the death screen has the closing newspaper for freddy Faz Bears Pizza or pizzeria or whatever. And sorry for the horrible grammar I'm a fast typer. One more thing, there should be a fnac (five nights at candy's) 4, I don't know what you would do for it but I would be amazing and I bet it would skyrocket in popularity

- Random person on the internet

I really love how this game had grown into the best FNaF fan game franchise! The easter egg of Markiplier in this game is super creative.

This fan game fits with the plot of Five Nights at Freddy's. I guess Vinnie is against Marrionette. This is actually my favorite fan game.

Its amazing, I have all 3 games and Emil Macko did absolutely fantastic with the graphics. Better than FNaF.

2 One Night at Flumpty's 2

Amazing game, probably the best office game play in any "Five Nights at Freddy's" style game ever, it is definitely my favorite "Five Nights at Freddy's" style game.

Welcome one and all to Flumpty Bumpty's. If your lights are out you're safe (or are you? ).
If your lights are on, they'll come find you a rip you into a brand new face.

It's original and very good and fun playing.It's less stressful like FNaF 2 but it's very chill when you are at final hours of night.It also has Hard Boiled mode that is similar to Golden Freddy mode from Five Nights At Freddy's 2.It's BEST fnaf game ever

This is the best fan game ever.

3 One Night at Flumpty's 1

I guess Jonochrome, the developer of this game, is so crazy. I mean look at the characters and rooms. Does the office look disgusting? Still I like this game.

Although the door and light system is taken from the original Five Nights at Freddy's, the game is original with an EGG and his friends running after you

This fan game is amazing but gross and the jumpscare noises are... interesting

4 The Joy of Creation: Reborn

This game gives a new aspect to the FNAF franchise even if it is a part of the original games it is the best fan made game by far, because it lets you explore more of the area! All around is the best horror/adventure game I've played in a while. Not including any FNAF of course.

I think people are getting this game mixed up with Joy of Creation: Story Mode. Remember, TJOC: Reborn is the one where you free-roam around the attic, basement, or woods and TJOC: Story Mode is the one with the five different rooms (bedroom, living room, office, ect). Try not to get confused between the two!

The story and graphics are amazing. The jump scares are scary and really well made. Very creepy and challenging unique fang game. Gameplay is also really good 10/10 recommended to be played

Wonderful, graphics are rich and beautiful. Mechanics are complex, but easy to get ahold of. Best part, to me, is all the easter eggs you can find.

5 Five Nights at the Chum Bucket

I hope Dakota Wood decides to finish Five Nights at Rock Bottom, which would have been the third game in the series, but he didn't finish it because he said he was't feeling motivated or something like that.

This game has a 3D office. Although they did trip up with the jumpscares, it is still a well-designed game.

I read the wiki. It said the animatronics were killing machines. I am not playing this game.

Great game. Need I say more?

6 Five Nights at Wario's 3

You just get stuck in an abandoned mansion and survive against creepy ghosts of Wario, Waluigi, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Ashley, and DK. (Not counting Peach as she does not appear in game and only appears in the second picture of the first cutscene.) At the end, the guy in the Wario Man costume comes all the way to apologize to the ghosts for what he had done. Great game!

The designs are just...creepy. I'm surprised Nintendo didn't take the game down.

You are in a house. You can switch rooms. Very original.

It's interesting how they used actual pictures.

7 The Joy of Creation Story Mode

This is by far the most well made fnaf fan game I have ever come across. The quality and graphics are good in itself, but while playing, you get a sense if pure dread that really only the first fnaf game has given me. The story is phenomenal, and the fact that each night is different makes it so it never ceases to be terrifying. Totally deserves to be way higher on the list.

Calling this a "fan game" is an insult. Not only does it have awesome game mechanics, lighting, and models/textures, but it also had a very unique atmosphere and the story itself was somewhat meta, yet serious. I can't put into words how much I praise Nikson for creating this masterpiece.

This game is super fun, and the darkness and depth it utilizes is completely staggering,
it's haunting but enjoyable, it's really fun to play and keeps you on your toes and you look forward to playing it. My only complaint is that the actual fnaf series isn't like this game.

This game is a MUST PLAY if you love rich story, great lore and spooky animatronics! Nikson did amazing on this game- the graphics are very high quality and the detail put into gameplay is simply fantastic. This game definitely gets my vote!

8 Five Nights At.... Boy's 2
9 Five Nights at the Krusty Krab

Who doesn't like spongebob and fnaf combined?

10 Five Nights at Finas

Its really cool

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11 Five Nights at Wario's 2

Here are two facts. 1. The place that you do surveillance is a place that burned down, maybe 20 years, by Bowser and then he died in the fire. 2. The Phone Guy, Richard McRoy actually locked the player (Thomas Taylor) in the building to become bait for the ghosts. Richard McRoy is actually a villain.

I never really tried this game myself, but from the gameplay it does look pretty good.

12 Five Nights at Wario's

I think it's great it has good potential.
Not to mention I like the Mario franchise.

I saw Dario at my door and left immediately. Way better and scarier than original fnaf

13 Five Nights At.... Boy's 3

Slightly worse than the other games, but it still is very good.

Stupid game cause it has the f word in it, Very stupid.

14 Five Nights at Treasure Island

Just a great one it's a mix up between Abandoned by disney the creepypasta and fnaf also I LOVE the concept of shutting off a camera and I'm excited for Treasue Island the abandoned resort. I love the game and its concept this should be at number one not at fifteen anyway I love this game to my heart.

It is one, if not, THE FIRST fan game ever for fnaf. it was very unique in gameplay, has even more unique (almost0 sequels, and is highly well known. show more love, it's being remade anyway. #please? <:>

I love the fact that it's inspiration was the creepypasta "Abandoned by Disney".

Creepy and haunting. I just love creepy disney stuff and this one did it.

15 Five Nights at Venturiantale
16 Popgoes

Really good game with unique mechanics, compelling lore, and entertaining game play. Popgoes deserves a proper promotion.

Very creative and has my second favorite office mechanics. It's a shame there isn't a second entry in the series.

Great plot, and a personal favourite. The weasel's out to hunt!

Very creative and super sad the sequel got canceled.

17 Five Nights at Funland
18 Bonnie Simulator 2

I love it its really fun

Amazing just no words

I love bonnie

19 Five Nights In Anime

My all time favorite FNAF fangame because of the hilariousness of the jumpscares and the fact that it still scares me when they kill me.

The sexiest fan-game with boobies!

My 6 year old loves this game!

This is the worst fan game.

20 Five Nights at Rachel's

It's called Those Nights At Rachel's, not Five Nights At Rachel's. It also deserves to be way higher on this list.

Definitely a great fan game that should be higher on the list.

This game is legit and the mechanics are unique!

Unique and fun!

21 Five Nights At.... Boy's 1

Original concept. I do not have much to say about this, though.

Love it so funny

22 Five Nights at Fluffer's
23 Dayshift at Freddy's

Honestly, for as funny it was, and as tear jerking it was in the end, I'm surprised it isn't higher on the list! This game was fanominal! Especially DSAF 2, I felt like that one didn't follow the rule of "sequels being worse than the original". Same goes for DSAF 3 as well, but I really wished that *SPOILERS*

Jack had his soul back so he could be with his family. That's really the only complaint though.

I'm surprised to see this game, or series, so far down. The first game was hilarious. The second one was funny as well, but would really draw you in with its story. The third one was just an amazing experience and is definitely a tearjerker, thus it should be higher up on the list.

Really good game, should be about 5th or 6th in my opinion. None of the are THAT inappropriate but I feel dayshift at freddy's 2 took it a little to far.

-Random person on the internet

This game has changed my life for the better, as well as the other two sequels. So beautiful. 10/10

24 Dormitabis

Insanely good. It has a lot of features to keep you going, It doesn't get stale due to different things getting introduced and special nights, there are tapes, minigames, eastereggs and so much more. This game is really nerve-racking and for me it deserves to be at least 5 on the list. I recommend >Dormitabis STRONGLY.

Why is this on #20? It's one of the best FNAF games ever! It's not too difficult like The Joy of Creation : Story Mode or too easy like Six Horrors, it has the traditionnal point & click feel with more added, it fits well with the FNAF story as of the release of FNAF 4 and the last night takes place in a different setting! OH MY GOD! SOMEONE SHOULD PLACE THIS ON #1! It's the best game EVER!

This game is really complicated and fun, but doesn't get too much love. Here, it should be way higher.

Great game! Should be second only to The Joy of Creation Story Mode

25 Super Fnaf

Super FNAF is a great time. The story is incredibly well done and the music is excellent. The gameplay is decent, but everything else is perfect. Easily one of my favorites along with the FNAC series, Joy of Creation, Wario's 3/Origins, and Popgoes.

Game was so good and the endings where awesome and I like the little secrets that in there

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