Top 10 Best Alcoholic Drinks

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1 Beer

Despite the taste of it, what inspires me to drink beer is the period in which it was invented. Beer was discovered in Mesopotamia in 9500 BC, making it the first alcoholic drink ever made. Some beer comes from roots, which is essentially known as root beer.

This specific type of beer developed in a natural setting, and I love the natural world. I find it more fascinating than the modernity we are all accustomed to today. Additionally, some beer comes from hops, which is a female plant grown in Germany. In my opinion, I like beer the most because it is natural. It wasn't artificially created. It evolved on its own, which I think is fair.

Of course, one still needs to be cautious with alcohol because you never know how it might affect you. But despite all other alcoholic drinks, if none had ever been discovered, beer would be the only type of alcoholic drink we would have in the world. I think beer is the greatest one, a real alcoholic drink. It is also very popular nowadays. Thank you for reading my opinion. I appreciate it a lot.

2 Wine

For what reason do you drink? Just to get drunk? Or to help you relax and have a great time with other people? My choice, as a Greek, is wine, with its various tastes, aromas, and styles. It can accompany you in every beautiful or difficult moment of your life and elevate it to a better state - and always with food.

Wine is the best. It makes us wonder about what it is and where it was grown. It is the most versatile alcohol. You can find a style you will enjoy because they are all so different.

Tonic wine (Buckfast) is the greatest of all time, factual info. This is not even up for debate!

3 Rum and Cola

If you're looking for a good cheap rum, I would suggest: Captain Morgan. Good as a sipper, amazing with rum and Coke. Very sweet. Choose Private Stock for a bit bolder taste. Blackheart if you want a high-proof rum. The Kraken is a good black rum sipper. Admiral Nelson and Sailor Jerry are also good as amber sippers.

Me: "Can I have a bottle of Coke, please?"
Waiter: "Will Pepsi do?"
Me: "Well, then what do I do with this bottle of rum?"
Waiter: "Give me a moment."

Rum is smooth and easy. It does not leave you with a nasty hangover like other types of alcohol. Yeah, baby!

4 Tequila

It tastes great and gets the job done! It's the only liquor I prefer to drink straight. Once in a blue moon, I take it with salt and lime.

Eating the best Mexican food and drinking tequila equals bliss!

You can't go wrong with tequila. Lick the salt on your hand, slam some silver down, and bite down on a fresh lemon slice. I love it. They love it.

I had seven and I don't remember that night. My boyfriend had to cut me off, apparently. I do remember having a good time! Tequila is good at that.

5 Sex on the Beach

It's so nice and yummy and gets you drunk too. I drink this every time I head out. It's definitely worth any money spent on it.

It does the trick and is usually quite cheap. Yum yum, I'll have a few for everyone tomorrow night!

I don't drink Sex on the Beach frequently, but when I do, I don't know why I drink anything else. It's refreshing and not strong, but it gets you drunk anyway. It's the best-flavored drink I've had.

Amazing. What you should try though is the drink Sex on the Beach. It's the best thing that I have ever drunk. You put some vodka in the glass, then put your favorite fruit on top. After that, you put in some triple sec. It's the best thing ever: "Sex on the Beach."

6 Vodka and Orange

I haven't tried this yet, but I hear it does wonders, in both delivering a helluva night and offering a smooth taste. Revolution vodka with a splash of Gatorade and Red Bull. Any kind of Gatorade you like, really, whatever is your preference. Unfortunately, Revolution is only sold in some states, but if you live in one of those states, check it out.

Vodka saves my life and definitely is going to ruin it one day, but until that happens, give me another round!

Tastes good, feels good. Vodka is the best. Especially if you get Smirnoff "Export Strength Vodka" (the blue bottle) with fresh orange juice and a cigarette afterward. That's what life is.

7 Margarita

The first and best time I was drunk, and the best drink ever! I don't know. I'm drunk! Guess what I'm drinking? A margarita!

"Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane," by Tom Feeney.

Just be careful not to get drunk on these, or you'll be singing Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville."

8 Whiskey with Ice

Whiskey is definitely the way to go. You can't quite beat the burn of a good whiskey like Crown Reserve or Old Forester. A stiff burn but smooth is what you should look for.

JD just doesn't do it. It numbs your tongue too soon, and the novice drinker won't get a chance to enjoy the taste of the whiskey. Glenlivet and water is a great whiskey drink. VO and 7 is good if you don't want water weighing you down.

But as far as U.S. whiskey goes, pick a JD single barrel whiskey and whiskey rocks so as not to water down the taste. The Honey Whiskey is also amazing. Try it with lemonade, and you can't go wrong.

9 Piña Colada

Everyone thinks piña coladas are all about coconut since America seems to be going through a coconut phase anyway. But real piña coladas contain more pineapple than coconut. Give it up for pineapple, although I'm a coconut fan too.

If you like piña colada and getting caught in the rain, if you love making out at midnight in the cold summer haze, I'm the man you have looked for. Just give me a call!

I love Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain! Ice, Malibu, light coconut milk, pineapple juice, with a wedge of pineapple on a hot summer's day - bliss!

10 Champagne (or Sparkling Wine)

French Champagne is so fresh, so fun, so festive. For a party, a birthday, a wedding, etc., Champagne is the best for sure.

I don't drink at all, only on special occasions, but I definitely can't go without the Champagne on holidays.

The choice for any celebration, how can it be anywhere else but in the top 5?

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11 Cannabis Vodka

I'm a stoner and occasional drinker, so this drink with a little smoke on the side is perfect for me!

How it's done sounds interesting. I heard my girlfriend talk about it, and I thought she was just joking around.

That sounds good, I have to admit. Where can I get some?

12 Jager

Jager and Red Bull equal a JagerBomb! It's the best! Everyone should try it. It's better than vodka because you don't drink it as fast, and you can enjoy the taste of it.

In a group of good friends, it's the best drink!

Not only does Jagermeister have medicinal properties (look it up), but Jagermeister is also the smoothest shot you can get. Put it in the freezer and serve it ice cold. There's nothing better to start the night, remedy an upset stomach, or have after a big meal as a digestif.

Jager and Red Bull (or any other soda) equal a JagerBomb! They're my favorite, and if you get the right mix, you can barely taste the alcohol. Five or six of them get me feeling good for the night.

13 White Russian

Great drink for a Saturday morning off. They're also good when you're hungover and beer or wine just isn't on your mind. Just a smooth, ice-cold glass of goodness!

Black ones are better, though. Still awesome. I love how it is just so easy to gulp down, and The Big Lebowski too. You can't go wrong with this drink.

Deliciously creamy if made correctly, sweet, and great to sip on. Add crushed ice, and you get a cool, icy beverage. My personal favorite!

14 Gin and Tonic

Simply the best. The drink of kings. Winston Churchill drank it, and he defeated the Nazis. No further comment needed.

Great summer drink! And with diet tonic water, it's also low in calories.

Light and refreshing. It tastes like lemonade, and who doesn't like lemonade?

15 Vodka

Pure vodka, or with water if you're not feeling so tough. The rest just ruins the taste.

I was cold when I drank it, and afterward, I was chilling. It's a very good drink.

16 Rum

It's one of the best spirits you can get. Simply drink and enjoy. Goes well with soda.

Great for mixed drinks due to all the flavors available. Sneaks up on you, though.

17 Vodka and Sprite
18 Old Fashioned
19 Moonshine

Can't beat this one. Mine comes from the hills of Kentucky, might be known for bluegrass, but the green grass and shine is what this great state was built on.

Just love it. Don't need too much to get the job done.

20 Whiskey

I don't pollute my Crown with anything! Love it stirred on ice and sipping on it. The best part is rolling the leftover ice around in my mouth. No better than that!

Jack Daniel's is really addicting to me, more than Coca-Cola. I love drinking the very sour alcoholic drink, and that is whiskey.

Goes down smooth, with no hot aftertaste. I chase it with water. You don't need anything sweet.

21 Absinthe

The first time I tried it, it was delicious! It cleared my sinuses, and every time I breathed through my nose, I felt it all the way to my throat. It knocks the wind out of you for the first 10 seconds, but God, it gets you dancing!

Absinthe, ah... How I love you! Definitely one of the best shots to ever enter your mouth. Delicious, a big burner, but gets your ass to the dance floor if your conscience isn't allowing you to.

Fantastic, the most unique-tasting liquor ever. Nothing else like it. Yum, yum! More variety available now, too. Bonus!

22 Brown Bomber Hard Latte
23 Vodka and Berry Juicy Juice
24 Miami Vice

This drink is absolutely delicious. I tried it while on a cruise with my husband.

25 Vodka with Pink Lemon
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