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1 Ben & Jerry's Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc, trading as Ben & Jerry's, is a company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

Ben & Jerry's is worth a big OH MY GOSH and a round of applause. WHO, may I ask, doesn't like their flavors? My favorite flavor there is Fish Food. Does it sound disgusting? Well, if you've already lost your appetite, I really doubt you should still miss this flavor, because it's totally NOT made out of fish food! Basically, it's a whopping of chocolate ice cream with frozen chocolate fish inside. Your stomach's gurgling, huh? Well, I don't blame you! Stop by Ben & Jerry's before you die of hunger!

It was very very hard to choose between this, and Haagen Daaz but I vote Ben & Jerry's because it has a delicious variety of flavors. There is probably over 200 Ben & Jerry's flavors of ice cream. I love Strawberry Cheesecake the most and there are so many other amazing flavors. Some that you can't even imagine in your head. Now excuse me, I must drive to the supermarket for anonymous reasons.

Ben & Jerry's is super awesome. My favorite is probably Half Baked because
COOKIE DOUGH and BROWNIES! I can't stop eating it, but on Halloween you don't have as much because if you trick or treat you eat candy. If you don't, or give out candy, you end up eating leftovers. Ben & Jerry's beats candy, for sure!

Currently eating a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk. Best ice cream you will ever eat. I live in Vermont so I've been to the factory like a million times and will never tire of the taste. If you've never had Ben & Jerry's you haven't tasted heaven. That is all.

2 Häagen-Dazs

Texture and flavor...period. Most Americans must think Haagen-Dazs is some form of foreign motor oil. The richness of their product is enhanced with the finest vanilla available. It retains its firm texture when you put it in your mouth so you know its not a mushy texture; in other words it entices you to chew it so you can also appreciate the texture.

Aside from it's rich, creamy, Velvet texture and scrumptious flavours, being lactose intolerant, I can actually sit and enjoy a fresh bowl of ice cream with friends without worrying about discomfort to follow! I LOVE it!

What happen to the flavor ( Brown Sugar )? This was a great flavor and I was hooked on the first bite. Maybe it is still available I haven't been able to locate this in the western North Carolina. Hope to see this available again in the area I live. the other flavors are good also.

I hope many customers notice the list of ingredients which this company is using! Only 5-6 all natural ingredients and look at the list of stuff many other companies put in so called ice cream! Only 5-6 different chemical gums and preservatives! Haagen-Dazs is the best!

3 Breyers

Breyers ice cream is triple awesome. My favorite flavor so far is the Oreo cookies and cream. Getting some this weekend. I have yet to try Ben and Jerry, seeing that it is number one on the list, it's now on my list to of ice cream to try.

Grew up in Jacksonville Florida and went to college in Texas. Many have tried to convince me that Blue Bell is the best but Bryers prevails as my choice. Blue Bell does not have the creamy richness and bits of fruit as Bryers!

The brands of Breyers that say "ice cream" are the best. They know how to put in ingredients that are very good for grocery store brand.

Definitely my favorite they never disappoint with their rich tasty icecream and creamy soft texture, it's just a delight on every spoon, I expected it to be higher up the count.

4 Baskin-Robbins

Watch for Baseball Nut. It's only offered for a short time before the baseball season gets rolling. A nice vanilla with ribbons of raspberry and blueberry sauces thru it with nuts. My new favorite. Another top flavor is the pistachio almond. Number one pistachio I have tried. My son was addicted to the mint chocolate chip. I think he was right as no other brand competes. Their #1 seller is Pralines and Cream. THAT one will satisfy anyone's craving for an awesome flavor. I don't dare buy a half gallon as it would be gone in no time. LOVE this store!

Baskin Robbins parlours in the UK are the best little franchise places to buy your perfect ice cream. Incidentally it seems to be made in spain? The printing on all the tubs is in spanish. Wish there were more of them, but I have easy access to one so I am pleased.

Awesome Ice cream you were right it should be on number 1. I usually take ice cream of Baskin' Robins. Many flavours are also there. Please try this shop. You will love it. Thank You

Best flavor, sweet, but not over-sweet. Consistant flavors. Tastes as good in the 70's 80's 90's and now! Never needs gimmicks and never gets old. Fave Ice Cream..Always!

5 Dairy Queen Dairy Queen is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Dairy Queen has a mix of great flavors and taste delicious with every bite, never gets old and is quick on making the ice cream and putting everything on it. All the employees at dairy queen are nice funny and especially polite if someone's impatient or takes to long. I would go there and when I think ice cream dairy queen pops right up in my mind. Nothing can ever take away dairy queen because its great and fun. And I would take my kid there everyday if I had one. Anyways dairy queen is the best in the world to me

Personally, I think Culver's is the best (if we include custard) but Dairy Queen is the next up. They offer a huge variety of flavors and linkin Park

Really good built next to my beach house and when I go I eat there at least 5 days a week!

Classic flavour. The best-selling cream a mouth could enjoy.

6 Cold Stone Creamery

Anyone who didn't vote for this clearly hasn't tasted Chocolate Devotion or Founder's Favorite. Cold Stone's ice cream is literally perfection in a cup. The small cup is the perfect size, they mix all the toppings into the ice cream in front of you, both the ice cream and toppings are fresh, they mix it just enough so it's the perfect texture (unlike Baskin Robbins, which literally gives you just a cold stone of ice cream that you'll break your teeth on and get a brain freeze with), their original flavors are unique and delicious, and if you still don't believe me, go to Cold Stone and get yourself a cup of their ice cream. You will not regret it. There's no NOT liking Cold Stone's ice cream. That's a crime. COLD STONE FOR LIFE!

It's the best Super Premium Ice Cream that I ever tasted. Among their 20 Signature Creations Cheesecake Fantasy is one of my favorite.
I also got the chance to Create My Own ice cream Dark Chocolate flavor mixed with pecans placed in a freshly made waffle bowl. Really taste so good. Can't wait to get another love it cup this weekend and feel the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience as the happy store personnel juggle, throw and try to catch my ice cream and watching them singing and dancing makes my day wonderful.

Cold Stone is the ONLY and I mean ONLY PLACE that actually makes their ice cream in store fresh DAILY. All these other brands have it shipped in from their manufacturers and God knows how long ago it was made before you eat it. I refuse to go anywhere else because nothing remotely compares to how amazing their ice cream is. *drops mic*

Cold Stone Creamery has delicious ice cream into which they will fold specific ingredients that create one of their "creations" or you can choose your extras and make your own creation. Always delicious!

7 Blue Bell

Just like others have said, Blue Bell is the BEST! I too have tried just about every other brand, some that people bragged was the best...but no way, no how...NOTHING can beat the awesome taste of Blue Bell! Not too sweet and artificial tasting like's just simply the BEST! I'm holding off disclosing my favorite flavor, for fear that someone will discover it, and buy it all up. I actually have to drive to every Publix grocery store in our town to find my flavor. They sell out so quickly! I'm on the Blue Bell Diet and loving every bite!

Blue Bell Tin Roof is heads and shoulders above anything that ever called itself Ice-cream. It is hard to find, and when it is on the shelves, it is hoarded, and gone in seconds. I have actually asked the driver when it would be stocked, and had 6 gallons, (all he had) loaded into my cart. I covered it with my coat to the checkout line. My relatives from Chicago, and Columbus were coming, and That was the only request they had! Come back, we are Jones'n!

After trying several brands & flavors, I prefer the "Blue Bell Coffee" flavor best. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I live in Texas. I'm not saying there are not some good ice creams out there. They just don't have the same texture & smooth creaminess Blue Bell has. Blue Bell also doesn't leave a "gummy after feeling" on the teeth & toungue. With other ice creams, I have to drink a cup of hot coffee to get that feeling out of my mouth.

Whenever Blue Bell stopped selling ice cream I went through a crisis of trying to find a new brand... and NONE could compare to that sweet half gallon of Blue Bell with all their small tubs and too sweet or basically tasted like yogurt, and if they ever go out again I will personally donate my life savings to the company! Sincerely a Texan who just loves Blue Bell

8 Turkey Hill

I think turkey hill is the softest ice cream. It could be in the freezer forever and every time you get it out and get your scoops, its like cutting through butter. Cookies and cream is great, one of my favourites. There is nothing better than dishing your scoops of ice cream into your bowl, then pouring a tad bit of milk over top of the ice cream to give that ice crystal layer.

I grew up on Turkey Hill ice cream and I've become addicted to their Chocolate Marshmallow flavor. After moving to North Carolina from Pennsylvania, I was having major withdrawals since I wasn't able to find it down here. But after persevering, we find a store that sells it! Life is good again!

I've tried all the above ice creams except amul and none compare to Turkey hill. The ice cream has rich flavours, is creamy and soft. Friendly's is too generic, blue bello is too hard and lacks unique flavour. Also Turkey hills strawberry lemonade is fantastic.

Turkey Hill's new All Natural ice cream is great, especially the mint chocolate chip. Another great flavor that Turkey Hill makes is Snyder's Chocolate covered Pretzel! Both of these are my 2 favorite ice creams.

9 Friendly's

Absence does make the heart grow fonder! I grew up with this wonderful place in upstate NY. I haven't had Friendly's in 40 years but just seeing the name makes me remember how delicious it was. YUM!

I know it chocolate is the best. Dutch chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, Chocolat Chocolat, any kind of chocolate is the best.

They are known to have the very best Chocolate Ice Cream anywhere! But I love the Pistachio and the Black Raspberry!

Chocolate Almond Chip... Creamy, chocolaty and the covered almonds add the crunch!

10 Blue Bunny

My favorites are the ones that are shaped as characters like sonic, pink panther, minion, batman, SpongeBob, dora, etc. And have gumball eyes! They were always my favorite as a kid. Whenever the ice cream truck came in my neighborhood, I would get it all the time.

I always compare the vanilla of different ice creams since every brand makes that flavor. I discovered this Blue Bunny ice cream a few years ago and have pretty much stuck with it. Smooth, rich, not too heavy and flat out tasty.

Blue Bunny may not have the richest taste due to less cream fat content, but they are one of the best values for the money. Great go to brand for normal indulgence. Good quality ingredients.

Blue Bunny is simply the best Ice Cream there is. No questions asked. Quality is built into the flavors and ingredients. the quality and indulgence you need to satisfy your ice cream needs.

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11 Edy's

Being from Philadelphia, PA I was hooked on Breyers. It was smooth and creamy. After Unilever bought Breyers it changed. It is now more like ice milk. So I tried several others. Some were creamy and smooth but the chocolate taste was not right. I then discovered Edy's. It is by far the best ice cream made. It is 10 times superior then any other ice cream. The chocolate taste is perfect and it is creamy and smooth. You will not find a better ice cream then Edy's

It's rich and creamy they really put a lot of work into making it so that people will buy it and absolutely LOVE it. I LOVE it best ice cream ever especially there vanilla can't't believe it's only number 7!? Rocks on Ed's!

The very best of the mass market ice creams. I like all of them on this list. At any time we have at least 6 half gallons of ice cream in our home.

I live in Indiana and that is the only ice cream I buy!

12 Hershey's

Hershey's Ice Cream would be much higher on the list but it's only in about half the country I think. I never see it out west. Salty Caramel Truffle, Banana Pudding, Extreme Chocolate, Amazing quality ice cream by far the best!

Only ice cream that does NOT whip air into it. Most other companies do. Great tasting ice creams.

The best ice cream I have ever tasted. Hershey's ice cream should be first ranked. this is not good.

Had the vanilla. Tasted more like ice milk. Would not waste the calories.

13 Amul

Only branded Indian ice cream company offering pure and innovative ice cream for all class of people something which no brand can do, reason why Amul is the most selling ice cream in India.

I am a a Canadian living in Toronto. I have tasted ice creams from almost 45 countries. Ice creams belonging to different tastes, mixes and culture. I like Amul the best.

I really love but I can't resist to eat again and again even my tummy is full... Iam also so happy that my country's company had got a good place in the world standard... Hand off Amul...

Price & quality-both favours Amul-this brand is snatching the baskin robbins customers laugh out loud.

14 Bruster's

Too expensive! Ice cream is good, but not worth taking out a loan to buy it!

Fresh, rich and delicious store made ice cream!

The best ice cream

15 Perry's Ice Cream

Perry's is local, located in Western NY. They have a fantastic variety of flavors. My favorite is white lightening, which is dark chocolate with streaks of white mint. It is hard to find real dark chocolate in any brand, but here it is. They also have a plain dark chocolate. This is the chocolate that is healthy!

I moved away from WNY and with regard to grocery's Perry's is what I miss most. I have not found any brand I like as well.

Best Taste of Ice Cream out there.
Try it you'll Love it!
So Creamy & Full of Flavor.

Better than any brand on this list by far!

16 Rossi
17 Green's Ice Cream
18 Bassetts Ice Cream

There is something unique about the flavor and creaminess of Bassetts. It TASTES like cream, fresh from the farm. Their chocolate is the standard by which all others should be judged! Because of limited distribution, it remains relegated to a low position. HOWEVER, popularity does not equal quality. I urge you ice cream aficionados to seek this out and post comments. Its worth a trip to Philadelphia or to Sparks Steak House in NYC.

Bassetts is the real deal, if you ever try it you would never want any of the supposedly top ten again...well maybe Hagendaz.

19 Natural Ice Cream

Your ice creams are really very nice & tasty.

Down to earth flavours! That's why I like them!

Real fruit taste with great creamy taste.

Awesome taste and variety of flavors.

20 Dippin' Dots

Love the texture and coolness, just wished it was a little cheaper as it doesn't equate to as much ice cream. (Although I can understand price of liquid nitrogen isn't very cheap)

Wish there were more stores of this, now I only see it in carnivals or amusement parks. Cool texture with the tiny spheres and good flavors... Pricing is a little high

Kids like this ice cream much than any other ice cream, this is future of all ice creams

Should be top 10

21 Cream Bell

The sach much of Cream Bell is the best in the ice creams that I have had. It is the closest to the actual fruit feel. I would love to have Cream Bell Ice Creams all day

Next to best than rest.

Superb ice cream

Best ice cream

22 Justine's Ice Cream Parlor
23 London Dairy

Fantastic flavours, very good taste and texture. Attractive packaging

London dairy has been the best so far!

Very good ice cream. Please try it.

Good taste and quality

24 Tillamook

Tillamook's White Chocolate Raspberry Yums, by Thor's Hammer this is the best damn icecream I've ever had. It is as if an Angel came down from heaven, with chorus and all, delivered this recipe to Tillamook. The Fireside Smore's is awesome too. The Udderly God how did Tillamook rank 97. Either people are severe morons and don't know whats good for them or probably the price is a lil high. Totally worth it.

I'm pretty sure you can't get Tillamook everywhere but they have the BEST dairy products. Not even Ben and Jerry's can top Tillamook. But then again, most people can't get Tillamook where they live so they are just missing out on heaven.

Tillamook ice cream is simply the best overall store bought brand I've encountered. Great flavors, super creamy. I've seen nothing that comes close besides Blue Bell as a possible runner-up.

Little known brand, but I like it that way. Keeps it our little secret in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for their cheese, but I would argue their ice cream is just as good, if not better!

25 Good Humor

They don't sell this everywhere but, they should... It's so creamy like soft serve. Love it.

Strawberry shortcake bars are so good!

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