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The top 10 best songs from the original Frozen movie released in 2013. Includes unused outtake recordings included in the two-disc deluxe edition of the Frozen original motion picture soundtrack.

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1 Let It Go Let It Go Cover Art

This movie had several good songs but this one to me felt the most big and epic. Indina Menzel sung this song really well and I reckon this will be the choice for the Oscar at the Academy Awards.

It helps me know who I am. You May hate it but it will help you know who you are.

What a stupid song! It was in the worst songs of all time list and people hated it. This song made me sick, I threw up after the song. For the whole story, it made me have ill all over my body. Elsa is so rowdy when she sang this song, it was like too rough and I had enough of seeing Elsa's cheesy performances.

Do you want to build a snowman is also as cheesy as Let it go. Kids sang this song and it made me tired.

Idina Menzel has one of the best voices I've ever heard. It's beautiful! This song has lots of meaning unlike the other songs. I honestly love all the songs in this movie! But this one wins by a smidge because of Idina Menzel

2 Do You Want to Build a Snowman Do You Want to Build a Snowman Cover Art

I liked Elsa in the movie, but Anna was my ultimate favorite
Character. I love all the songs sung by her. I thought Elsa's voice sounded kind of like and old lady. I still loved Elsa's great character though. Kristen Bell's voice as Anna was amazing, however. I loved this song the most because it goes through Anna and Elsa's childhood. People think that Anna was annoying Elsa throughout the song but she really wasn't. Elsa DID want to build a snowman. She wasn't allowed to though, and she was scared to hurt Anna. I was crying at the end of this song after their parents died and Anna and Elsa were both on their own. I think Let It Go is too popular and gets too much attention. People forget about all the other songs. They're all just obsessed with Let It Go. I also liked For the First Time In Forever. It was a hard choice between the two. Do You Want to Build a Snowman won though.

This is the song that truly sets the stage for the film's entirety and its two heroines. Not only does it do an incredible job setting up the story and getting you to care about these characters, but it's wonderfully constructed and sounds like a modern day Disney classic. Also, the bit where Anna makes the clock noises is too adorable.

This song made me sad about Anna not being able to play with her sister. I know what you mean, that's pretty stupid but it makes sense when you watch the movie!

It's that stupid Jennifer Lee who's to blame for deciding to shatter Anna and Elsa's special sisterly bond which it really broke all Anna and Elsa fans' heart and angered all the Anna and Elsa fans as well.

Anna and Elisa makes a good team you know

That stupid Jennifer Lee had to force Anna and Elsa apart by shattering Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship relationship bond which it angers all Anna and Elsa fans. It's Elsa, not Elisa. You're right! We know Anna and Elsa make a good team.

3 For the First Time In Forever For the First Time In Forever Cover Art

The window is open so is that door. I didn't know they did anymore. Who knew we owned 80,00 salad plates. For years I rowned these empty halls. Why have a ballroom with no balls. Finally their opening up the gates. They'll be actually real life people it will be totally strange. Wow am I so ready for this change. Cause for the first time in forever there be music There be light cause for first time in forever I will be dancing threw the night and so on

This song showed Anna's longing for freedom, and her hope to find someone who pays attention to her.

I didn't really like this song but and it doesn't prove a point but Kristen Bell did good.

For the last time in forever

4 In Summer In Summer Cover Art

So catchy! Sang by my favourite character Olaf

Just the irony of that song...

Olaf who sang it

I'll be A... happy snowman!

5 Love is an Open Door Love is an Open Door Cover Art

Love is a closed door

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is good, but Super Paper Mario is the best! Now imagine Hotel Mario: The Hundred Year Door where the voice actors for Hotel Mario return.

So much better than let it go, sure it's a catchy song but this one actually is um better

Why is it that underrated?. Seriously, I didn't find it that great either when I watched it few years ago.. but try it now! It's so bubbly and funny! Really cute (; (Leave behind the fact that Hans is an ass (sorry not sorry))

Prince Hans and Anna

6 For the First Time in Forever (Reprise) For the First Time in Forever (Reprise) Cover Art

I loved "For the First Time in Forever," but the reprise manages to overshadow it despite being shorter. As others have pointed out, this marks the first time where Elsa and Anna finally address each other directly in, culminating in the former shutting down and dealing a would-be deadly blow to the latter (albeit unintentionally! ). In addition to providing a backdrop for an important plot point, I just love how the song builds musically and the interesting intervals it employs. In my opinion, this track deserves far, far more appreciation than it has

Overall, I feel this song gets far, far less love than it's entitled to!

I loved this one. It was too short though. They should've made it as long as the other songs. I thought Hans and Anna's voice combination was great... then I heard this one and I fell in love. Elsa's voice with Anna's is totally amazing. Especially because it's the scene when they finally discuss their differences through a song, it's also the scene where Elsa freezes Anna's heart and almost kills her. O_O

I don't see how anyone can't think this is the most powerful song from the movie. It reveals Elsa's true thoughts about herself, making it very emotional, and the movie clip is great. The harmonization gives you chills! Yes, Let it Go is a great song, but For the First Time in Forever is very overlooked in my opinion.

It's so much better than Let It Go and Do You Wanna Build A Snowman. Those are overrated and forgettable, but I'm most likely to remember For The First Time In Forever (and the even better reprise) and Love Is An Open Door.

7 Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Cover Art

The trolls who sing it

The trolls decide to sing a dumb song and forcefully marry anna and kristoff right at the time when anna needs to be cured OR SHE WILL DIE

"Fixer Upper"?! I'd rather hear Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black sing this.

Stupid song.

8 Frozen Heart Frozen Heart Cover Art

In addition to having a distinctly different sound than the rest of the tracks, "Frozen Heart" also contains some excellent foreshadowing and beautiful imagery.

This song is barely recognized, many even forgot it was in the movie. I mean, it started it all...

The only song that doesn't sound like modern pop crap

9 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People Cover Art

Super short. But reindeers are better than people. Santa is a person, but he could've gotten nowhere without reindeer. Sven is so much better than Hans and Anna. Who are people. He's not better than Elsa though. But Elsa isn't exactly a person, she's a being with magical ice powers. Santa isn't exactly a human either but... YOU GET THE POINT?

Reindeer are better than people
Sven don't you think that's true?

Yeah people they beat you and taunt you and cheat you
All of ems bad except you

But people smell better than reindeer
Sven don't you think I'm right?

That's once again true for all except you

You got me lets call it a night


Don't let the frost bite bite.

That's the whole song :) (so awesome)

No. Well... I hate frozen a lot but reindeer are better than people. And dinosaurs too!

The only decent song from the movie. There's some fine humour in this song.

10 More Than Just the Spare More Than Just the Spare Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Life's Too Short Life's Too Short Cover Art

So what if it wasn't in the movie. It was a part of its deluxe edition song album. And it was good definitely

This song wasn't even in the movie! I think.

It was an amazing song


12 We Know Better We Know Better Cover Art

No... It was a cut but it was a cute song.

Was this in the movie?

13 Life's Too Short (Reprise) Life's Too Short (Reprise) Cover Art
14 Vuelie Vuelie Cover Art

It's so beautiful. it is sung by an all women choir and especially in the new trailer, it sounds even more beautiful. adventurous even.

15 Into the Unknown Into the Unknown Cover Art
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