Top 10 Best Newgrounds Games

Newgrounds is a site created in 1995 by Tom Fulp, it is no secret that some of these games are legitimately great. Here I count down the top 10 best Newgrounds games
The Top Ten
1 Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash was created in 2006 by cleod-9 on Newgrounds, at age 16 he was fairly new to flash 10 years after its initial release in 1996. Super Smash Flash is a play on a parody of SSBM, it includes unlockable characters with a great challenge. It also includes other types of regular match modes such as cruel melee and 100 man melee, Since then a sequel called Super Smash Flash 2 has been released.

2 Murder (Flash Game)

Murder is yet another flash game on this list where the main objective is to kill the king and stay alive while also catching culprits trying to murder you.

3 Toss the Turtle

Toss The Turtle is a 2009 Flash game created by foreverkul and gonzozzm of Newgrounds

The game revolves around the player shooting a cannon to launch the turtle as furthest as possible
A sequel was released called Super Toss The Turtle for mobile devices, It was released in December of 2016

4 Road of the Dead

Road of the Dead is a 2010 flash game released by evil dog along with his partners
The game's story is about a zombie outbreak occurring in a city
A skilled mechanic then has to drive through the zombie-infested highway to get out of the city
The player can upgrade his car to withstand more damage and reach max speed faster
The player also has to dodge the military trying to shoot down the car breaking out of the quarantine zone
A sequel called Road of the Dead 2 was released in 2013 by the same people

5 Road of the Dead 2

Road of the Dead 2 is a sequel to the first game Road of the Dead
The game is much more improved compared to the first one
It takes place during the events of the first game
This time it introduced player-made levels
With this time two people in the humvee
The player can upgrade the car and shoot zombies while also having the ability to switch between the female and the male driver

6 Henry Stickmin Series

Author Note: this includes all 5 games created by PuffballsUnited
The henry stickmin series is about a stickmin named Henry Stickmin
Whom his main goal is to cause trouble
Breaking the Bank was the first one to involve henry stickmin
in BTB Henry has to break into a bank in a very secluded area
Escaping the Prison follows the events after BTB
Where Henry has to break out of prison after a very flunked attempt at robbing the bank
This flash game was released in 2010 by the same person: PuffballsUnited!, it was the first in the series to introduce medals. A Newgrounds mechanic that functioned the same to achievements
Stealing the Diamond again follows up after henry broke out of prison
This time henry has to steal a very rare diamond from Tunisia in a museum
This flash game allowed the player to enter in two ways
Break-in with a motorized scooter
Or use a pickaxe
It had more medals than the second game
This 2011 game, like the first two, was frontpaged on the home page of Newgrounds

Infiltrating the Airship is a 2012 flash game that follows up to the third game in the series
Henry is captured by official government agents and is to stop the Toppat Clan, a notorious gang charged on several accounts but not arrested
It's then up to henry to try to stop the gang on a massive airship
Like the first three games I talked about on this list, this game also got a frontpage and 1st on daily feature
Author Note 2: all of this is going into one box so sorry about the scroll button
Fleeing the Complex again came after the fourth game
Henry is taken into a massive prison complex called The Wall, where it houses thousands of prisoners
The Wall is a prison complex known for being the "biggest prison"
It was the 5th game in the henry stickmin series to receive the same treatment as the last 4 games
This was a lot of typing ok let us move to the next one

7 Newgrounds Rumble

Newgrounds Rumble is a 2007 fighting game released by professional flash creators
The game revolves around the icons of Newgrounds such as the man in the tank and samurai
But also includes David firth's animation character Salad Fingers
It obtained the 1st place DF and FP'ed

8 Dad N Me

Dad N Me is a 2001 beat 'em up game released by the people who joined Newgrounds between 1999-2000
The game revolves around a psychopathic dad and his psychopathic son who came to murder children
The game involves skill and certain key combos
The game received popular attention and became the best game of Newgrounds in 2001

9 Alien Hominid

Author Note 3: Alien Hominid was released on PS2 and GameCube, as well as Xbox live as an Xbox live arcade exclusive
Alien Hominid is a 2002 run-and-gun flash game released by an indie game studio called The Behemoth
It revolves around an alien who after crashing his ufo is then getting hunted down by FBI Agents, the game was released for other platforms outside of flash.

10 Tuper Tario Tros

To end off this list I have a very awesome game mixing two franchises in one
Tuper Tario Tros is a 2009 game crossover between Tetris and SMB (1985)
How it works is with Tetris blocks you have to build the terrain out of Tetris blocks to progress to the end
It is made by a french developer called Swing Swing Submarine
The author comments states that the developer's friend was playing Tetris on the Xbox 360 and I believe he said that why not mix two great games into one
They swapped the S's with T's and got a fun name
Tuper Tario Tros