Best Mario Kart: Double Dash Cups

The Top Ten
1 Special Cup

After I realized that the special cup was my favorite in the first four Mario Kart games, I realized that it wasn't until Mario Kart DS that the special cup went down in quality. This special cup is great. Wario Colosseum is amazing, with cool jumps and obstacles like fire balls. It also looks cool, and the 2 laps makes it unique. Dino Dino Jungle is my favorite track in the game, with an amazing concept of using a giant dinosaur as an obstacle, and also has other cool things, like water geysers for example. Bowser's Castle is the weakest of the castles with Bowser Statues, but I have to give it credits for being the first one to introduce those statues. As for the rainbow road, it's pretty damn good. I love how well placed the boost panels are, and getting launched high in the air is cool. Not to mention the great music.

It's not the Flower Cup, or Star Cup which is my favourite in this game, this time it's the Special Cup. Every single track is really enjoyed by me here. Wario Colosseum is my favourite track in the game and this Rainbow Road is my favourite, overall I think. This or 3DS. Dino Dino Jungle takes you inside a jungle full of dinosaurs and it's really amazing. The weakest track is Bowser's Castle, but it's still a lot of fun. So this is the best cup in this game overall.

2 Flower Cup

I have to say, it was pretty hard to decide which cup is the best between the three cups that aren't special cup. I ended up choosing the flower cup. Mario Circuit is pretty boring, but I like the other tracks enough. Mushroom Bridge is cool. It looks cool, and there is a lot of cool details, like all the cool vehicles, and some hidden shortcuts. Daisy Cruiser is a bit overrated, since I don't think a boat is that original for a track, but it's still quite good. I especially love the moving tables and item boxes. Waluigi Stadium though is amazing. It's not as cool as Wario Colosseum, but it's great for the same reasons. I also agree with darthvadern. The Wario and Waluigi tracks are really good for some reasons.

Flower Cup has two great tracks and two good tracks. Mushroom Bridge is a great rack. So your driving around some type of village surrounded by water with a bridge hence the name of the track. And all you avoid is the trucks, cars, Wiggler wagon, and the Bob-omb cars, which will explode when you or an item comes in contact with it. There are even the Mushroom cars that has mushrooms in the back of the car and when you hi the car a mushroom will come out.

Mario Circuit is a good track. Your driving around outside of Peach's castle and you avoid a Chain Chomp, Goombas, and Piranha Plants. The Piranha Plants can be a hassle sometimes at the end of the track when you make that left turn.

Daisy Cruiser is such a unique course. It takes place in a cruise ship owned by Daisy. You go inside and outside of the cruise ship. There's a pool, which is one of the obstacles of the track and in the dining hall, there's tables that move around, which you have to avoid ...more

This cup is great, overall. It does suffer a bit from blandness due to the annoying and uninteresting Mario Circuit, but the rest of the cup is pretty great. Mushroom Bridge is a simple yet fun track and Daisy Cruiser is a really original course where you race on a cruise ship. And Waluigi Stadium, who could forget that great track? Wario/Waluigi tracks = Never bad.

3 Mushroom Cup

Mushroom Cup courses tend to be very boring in most Mario Kart games due to being very easy and involving little to no skill, But Mario Kart Double Dash is the exception to the rule. I genuinely enjoy all of the tracks in MKDD, including the Mushroom Cup tracks. They are all unique in there own ways. Granted, it's low on my list, but that doesn't mean I hate these tracks. Luigi Circuit is good introduction for the first course in the game. Peach Beach is another good track. I like the setting, the music, and the track layout. Baby Park is an AMAZING track for one thing and one thing only. Since Baby Park is just a small oval, a lot of items can be thrown aimlessly all around the track, causing a lot of mayhem. Dry Dry Desert is also underrated to me as well, I like the fact that there's a dust devil that roams around the track, I like the Pokeys, I even like that giant sinkhole where some type of piranha plant monster looking thing lives and eats you when you go all the way down.

This is a good Mushroom Cup overall, as it starts off with one of the best opening track in the series, Luigi Circuit. No, not the infamous and generic track from Mario Kart Wii, I'm talking about the gamecube version. It's an 8, but it's pretty original as the roads are connected to each other, so you might be bumping into players driving the opposite directions. Peach Beach is a nice beach track and while Baby Park is unoriginal, it can be a bit fun. Dry Dry Desert is a great desert track, because the off-road..., isn't really off-road and it has nice challenges. Overall I like the cup.

Mushroom cup is pretty good overall. Luigi Circuit is the best first track in the series with the roads connecing to each other, and the chain chomps. Peach Beach is a good beach track, with the rising water, and those ducks that makes you fly in the air that I don't want to get into the troubles of spelling their names. Baby Park is a great chaotic track, with a cool themed park theme. Dry Dry Desert is very underrated. Many people think it's too hard which to them I respond, Toad's Turnpike. Other than that, it has a lot of cool obstacles, like pitsand, tornadoes, falling pillar, and pokeys. Probably one of my favorite desert tracks.

4 Star Cup

Star Cup is the weakest in the game, but unlike darthvadern, it's not too far behind the other cups. I don't care about the ice physics in Sherbet Land, so I think it's pretty good, especially with the skating shy guy that are really cute. Mushroom City has even more hidden passages than Mushroom Bridge making it a little better personally. Then we have the two most overrated tracks in the game. Yoshi Circuit has an original concept, but lacks unique obstacles. Getting down a volcano in DK mountain is cool, but I think it could have been better if there was lava. It's still the best track in the cup though.

This is just sad. The Star Cup is normally one of the best cups in a Mario Kart game, and even in games where it isn't the best, it sure isn't the worst. Then Mario Kart: Double Dash comes and oh boy the Star Cup contains two of the worst tracks in the game, Sherbet Land with its terrible ice physics and Mushroom City, which isn't bad but it's hard to navigate through. And Yoshi Circuit, a track shaped like a yoshi. It's great in originality, but not in amusement. DK Mountain is the only really good track but how can that save the cup frmo being last when all other cups have at least two great tracks?

I see that a lot of people are disappointed in MKDD's Star Cup, but in my opinion, it's my FAVORITE cup in the game. Hell, most of my favorite cups in all Mario Karts tends to be the Star Cup.

Starting off with Sherbet Land. This version of Sherbet Land is so beautiful to look at. This is definitely the best looking snow/ice course. The music is amazing as well. The layout is good too. The ice physics aren't that bad in my opinion. And all you have to worry about are the skating Shy Guys, Freezies, and the water, which will freeze when Lakitu picks you up, same with the Freezies.

Mushroom City is just a better Mushroom Bridge. Mushroom City takes place in a city at night. And once again, the cars, trucks, Wiggler wagons, Bob-omb cars, and Mushroom cars make a return, and also there's MORE of them. The city it's pretty easy to navigate around. All you have to do is just avoid the vehicles. There's a section at the end which includes a pit, which you can fall off of, and ...more