Best Mario Kart 64 Cups

The Top Ten
1 Special Cup

This Cup is pretty much the best in the game, despite one problem. DK's Jungle Parkway is a very good-looking track. Jumping over the river is awesome, and I like little details like getting hit by rocks that monkeys throw when you are in the grass.

Yoshi Valley is one of the best tracks in the game and the series with its amazing gimmick of having many paths to choose from. I've always wondered why this concept was never brought back in any Mario Kart games. Banshee Boardwalk has an amazing ambiance, and I like the bats that come out of nowhere.

Sadly, this Rainbow Road is the worst in the series because of how much nothing there is. At least there are some chomps that bite the road, which prevents this track from being the worst in the game. Not to mention the music, which is a bit overrated in my opinion, but is still great.

2 Mushroom Cup

This Mushroom Cup is actually great and was very close to being my favorite cup in the game. This cup starts pretty bad though. Luigi Raceway is really empty, and Moo Moo Farm only has Monty Moles at the side of the track, yet people still prefer it over Moo Moo Meadows for some reasons.

The two other tracks, however, are amazing. Kalimari Desert is pretty empty, so I wonder why I like it. Oh yeah! It has a train that can block your path, which is probably one of the best obstacles in Mario Kart. As for Koopa Troopa Beach, this is my favorite track in the game. Water rises and lowers, which can reveal some hidden paths. There is a stone shaped like a koopa that is cool looking, and a rock shaped like a shell that you can jump over. It has one of the best shortcuts in Mario Kart history.

3 Star Cup

Star Cups are most often the best cups, or at least the majority of Star Cups are really enjoyable. This one? Not so much. Wario Stadium is alright but it's so unbelievably long that it makes the races boring. Sherbet Land is really bad and Royal Raceway is just another circuit, although slightly better due to Peach's Castle.

This cup is ended by the best track in the game though, Bowser's Castle, which is my favorite BC course there is because of the huge adventure the course offers. But unfortunately, that couldn't save the rest of the cup.

4 Flower Cup

I'm sorry, but Flower Cup isn't that good in that game. Toad's Turnpike is one of the most overrated tracks in Mario Kart history. People say ice tracks are trash because they're frustrating, but then say Toad Turnpike is good. It's probably the hardest track in Mario Kart history, and that difficulty doesn't make sense in my opinion.

Other than that, it's just a track with cars on it, which is pretty boring. The remake is much better because they added things to it. As for the others, Frappe Snowland is cool thanks to the snowmen, which are very interesting to avoid.

On paper, Chocolate Mountain seems interesting. However, it looks very depressing for a mountain made of chocolate and is very empty outside of the chocolate chunks that fall off. It's not bad though. Mario Raceway is decent with the shortcuts, the cool look it has, and I like the pipe tunnel quite a bit.