Best Mario Kart 64 Cups

The Top Ten
1 Special Cup

This Cup is pretty much the best in the game, despite some... I mean one problem. DK's Jungle Parkway is a very good looking track, jumping over the river is awesome, and I like little details like getting hit by rocks that are thrown by monkeys or something like that, when you are in the grass. Yoshi Valley is one of the best tracks in the game, and the series with its amazing gimmick of haivng many path to choose, and I always wondered why this concept was never brought back in any Mario Kart games. Banshee Boardwalk has an amaizng ambiance, and like the bats that comes out of nowhere, Sadly, this rainbow road is the worst in the series, because of how much nothing there is. At least there is some chomps that bites the road, which prevents this track to be the worst in the game. Not to mention the music, which is a bit overrated in my opinion, but is stilll great.

This cup is quite special. Not special in a good way necessarily though. But I didn't say it's bad, did I? It starts off with one of the best courses in the game, DK's Jungle Parkway, which looks stunning with its jungle enviroment and music. Yoshi Valley and Banshee Boardwalk are fairly great tracks too, but Rainbow Road is the biggest snorefest ever. 6 minutes on 50cc but there are guardrails everywhere? No, thank you! Music is good but still. Overall 2nd place.

By far the best cup, it is home to my favorite track, DK's Jungle Parkway, I don't understand why people find it boring, (in the Wii remake, I can understand since they removed the durians), Yoshi Valley is a fun and hard course,the same for Banshee Boardwalk, which is the best of the Ghost stages, the Rainbow Road on the other hand is the worst in the series, first it was too long, in the Wii U remake, it is now too short, but it's an overall good cup.

2 Mushroom Cup

This mushroom cup is actually great, and was very close to be my favorite cup in the game. This cup starts pretty bad though. Luigi Raceway is really empty, and Moo Moo Farm only has monty moles at the side of the track (yet people still prefer it over Moo Moo Meadows for some reasons). The two other tracks though are amazing. Kalimari Desert is pretty empty, so I wonder why I like it... Oh yeah! It has a train that can block your path, which is probably one of the best obstacles in Mario Kart. As for Koopa Troopa Beach this is my favorite track in the game. Water that rise and lowers, which can reveal some hidden path, there is a stone shape like a koopa that is cool looking, and a rock shaped like a shell that you can jump over, and it has one of the best shortcut in Mario Kart history.

Mushroom Cups are usually filled with easy and more generic courses in comparision to the rest of the Mario Kart games. While that is true, a lot of Mushroom Cups have been very great because even if the courses have been easy, they have often been original, such as the Wii and DS ones. But there's always an inferior version of every cup, and the N64 Mushroom Cup sure takes the biggest L of the bunch. Luigi Raceway and Moo Moo Farm are among the most boring courses ever because they're just loops with no athmosphere. Koopa Troopa Beach and Kalimari Desert are just ok tracks but when compared to every other cup in the game it easily falls behind the most.

This is a good cup, first their is Luigi Raceway, which is pretty meh, Moo Moo Farm is a little OK (I don't know why many people prefer this over Moo Moo Meadows which is a much better course), Koopa Troopa Beach is the best in this cup, which is pretty fun, Kalimari Desert, the first desert track is pretty good.

3 Star Cup

Star Cups most often are the best cups, or at least the majority of Star Cups are really enjoyable cups. This one? Not so much. Wario Stadium is alright but it's so unbelievably long that it makes the races boring. Sherbet Land is really bad and Royal Raceway is just another circuit (although slightly better due to Peach's Castle). This cup is ended by the best track in the game though, Bowser's Castle, which is my favourite BC course there is because of the huge adventure the course is. But unfortunately that couldn't save the rest of the cup.

Star Cup is overall okay. I like all the bumps in Wario Stadium, but it's a little bit empty. Shrebet Land is actually really cool (no pun intended). The penguins are a good obstacle, and the ice is not annoying personally. Royal Raceway is a bit empty, aside from the big jump, and peach's castle that you need to go out of the course to go through. Bowser's castle is very good, with a great ambiance, and the thwomps are a great obstacle. I would have put more obstacles though.

This is probaly one of the worst Star Cups, but still enjoyable, Wario Stadium is pretty fun, but no obscales, Sherbet Land is pretty mediocore, Royal Raceway is ANOTHER circuit track, but the best of the 3, and Bowser's Castle is the second best course in the game.

4 Flower Cup

I'm sorry, but Flower Cup isn't that good in that game. Toad's Turnpike is one of the most overrated tracks in Mario Kart History, because of the number of people that say things like ice tracks being trash because it's frustrating to race on, but then say that Toad Turnpike is good, even though it's probably the hardest track in Mario Kart History, because it's challenging, which doesn't make any sense in my opinion. Other than that, it's just a track with cars on it, which I'm sorry to say it, is pretty boring. The remake is much better, because they added things to it (I would also argue that the only reason why the remake is easier is because the controls are much better, but that's another story). As for the others, Frappe Snowland is cool thanks to the snowmans which are very interesting to avoid. On paper a Chocolate Mountain seems interesting, but Choco Mountain looks very depressing for a mountain made of chocolate, and is very empty outside of the chocolate chunks that fall ...more

When Flower Cups aren't very good, they tend to be bland. When they are good, they are REALLY good, as is the case with this game. I love all courses in the game. Toad's Turnpike and Frappe Snowland are among my favourite courses in the game and Choco Mountain isn't far behind either. Mario Raceway is one of the much better circuit tracks out there so there's that as well. Overall, a very awesome cup.

This is my least favorite cup in the game, the only one that I seem to enjoy is Toad's Turnpike, Frappe Snowland is pretty meh while Choco Mountain is a fun one, but not as much as Toad's Turnpike, and Mario Raceway is just ok.