Top Ten Roblox Jailbreak Weapons

A mini-Roblox Jailbreak update was released today on March 21st of 2020, which buffed the Bugatti Chiron vehicle, patched some glitches and added the new Flintlock weapon. With a new weapon addition, I decided to make a list of the best Roblox Jailbreak weapons. So with that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Uzi

This thing is legit so good. Costs 25k but my friend said I should buy it and it was worth it. Excellent for Short to Mid Distance Range!

The Uzi is easily the best weapon in this game. The best types of weapons in the game are automatic weapons because they do the most damage in a short amount of time, and this happens to be an automatic weapon. Not only that, but the damage is super high. A magazine capacity of 15, but every shot deals 9? That's what I'm talking about! And it has the fastest reload time as well, almost instantly after the last shot has been fired. Easily #1 on the list.

The fire rate is EXTREMELY fast and is easily the best gun in the game, but only good at close range.

I thought it injects medicine into people and makes them die. I don't know why though.

2 Sniper

I can be an enemy spy in jailbreak because it has long fire range and trick police and joke them which is even funnier because they just suddenly die for no reason, they also thought it was a hacker. But it is not, they are mistaken its me! The sniper is pretty cool and troll cops. HEHEHEHEHE!

Greatest weapons for far-ranges. Usually used for fun by trolling others. Sad that it's max damage is only 80 even if you shoot across the map.

Well... it's the only long-ranged gun in the game. It has a scope and can do up to 81 damage. (+1 damage for jumping) It's really fun to use and can be used at point blank range

One of the most satisfying things in Jailbreak is hitting an opponent with a Sniper from a distance. You see, the further you away you hit an enemy, the higher the damage, so at highest, you can deal 80 damage, and at closest it's 30. So awesome to use! Yeah the reload time ain't the best and there's a oneshot (pun intended) capacity. It's not as effective as the Uzi or Revolver, but it's up there!

3 Revolver

This is definitely the best non-automatic weapon, and one of the most efficient ones. This was one of three weapons added to the 2020 March Update and while it was the least anticipated, it did turn out to be the best of the three. Six shots but each deal a total of 25 damage! So you can defeat an enemy in just five shots (keep in mind players regenerate health). What more? It has decent reload speed and is for free! 2nd place easily!

Definitely deserves its place in the top three. Dealing 25 damage per shot, it can kill someone at full health with only 4 bullets. Unlike the pistol, it deals 10 more damage per bullet and therefore takes less bullets to kill. What also makes this gun a beast is the fact that is the fact that the only thing u need to pay is successfully avoiding the cameras at the museum, otherwise it's completely free. It also has a capacity of 6 bullets.

It is only $10,000 for the amount of damage it does! I can take down five police at a time with this. I also did.

A buffed pistol that has 6 bullets per magazine and deals 25 damage per shot.

4 Rifle

It's Ok although it deals one less damage than ak-47 but it has better accuracy and firerate than it. Locked behind S.W.A.T (350 robux and Boss (300 Robux) gamepasses.

So good with high damage, very good accuracy, and high bullet count. Should have been on top of list as it is better than uzi in many things. The only con is that it cost robux.

Other than costing robux, this is a really good weapon for its purpose. It has a 30 shots, each dealing 6 damage, and the firerate and accuracy are..., spectacular. It shoots incredibly fast and you most likely won't miss a shot due to its great accuracy. I won't count in the robux price because it'll be slightly unfair, as it's just a weapon, not a car. Overall great weapon.

Similar to Uzi, with double amount of bullets per magazine (30), but costs Robux.

5 Shotgun

So good for short range and it is really cheap just 1k. Good for shooting helis bc of the spread. If all pellets hit, 30 damage and a magazine round of 5!

This is the most effective close-range weapon. This thing's shots spread out when shot, making it good for shooting down helicopters, but the closer to are to an opponent, the more shots will hit it. At closest, a whopping 30 damage can be taken! That's crazy much. Best thing? It's free! Well technically it costs cash, but you can get it for free if you acquire it at a Police Station, and not a gun store. Yeah..., it's a bad boy! But I prefer the weapons above because they are more efficient and fun to use.

Very good with high damage and beginner friendly.

The best close-range weapons in Jailbreak.

6 AK-47

An alternate of the rifle; that isn't locked behind a gamepass. 6 damage (One more than the rifle) but worse firerate and accuracy but still a good buy

A copy of the Rifle except it costs Jailbreak cash, deals 7 damage instead of 6, and has a worse firerate and accuracy. But it's not very much lower, and I suggest buying this instead of the rifle due to the better price, but eh, as a weapon itself it's slightly weaker than the Rifle.

Exactly like Rifle, but doesn't need Robux and it has a slower fire rate.

7 Flintlock

Deals 60 damage, but takes 4 seconds to reload and has one bullet per magazine. One of the most overpriced thing in Jailbreak after McLaren.

And we go from a good weapon to a bad one. The Flintlock is the newest weapon added, costing 10K, being found on the Cheater Island and dealing 60 damage per shot. That might seem pretty awesome, but it has lots of downsides. Every time you shoot with this thing, you are pushed back, which can lead to you falling off buildings to your death. Combined with a one shot capacity and a 4-5 seconds reload time, I advice you to stay away from this thing.

A pretty decent gun combined with the shotty or uzi, pretty sweet and effective at close range.

8 Pistol

One of the oldest, yet one of the bests. Yes, some people consider it as bad and useless due to it being default, old and free, yet it is far better than people expect. Firstly it is free, so the only thing u need to pay is the little effort in getting it. In addition, it does 15 damage per shot and has a capacity of 8 bullets - more than enough to kill a player at full health since 7 bullets are needed to do so. Furthermore, it has god accuracy on Tablets and Phones. Moreover, it takes less than a second to shoot, but around 2 seconds to reload. However, everything has its downsides. On PC, it's accuracy is definitely not the best. It's also not available at any of the gun shops.

The good ol' pistol. It's been since the start of the game alongside the shotgun and is free, understandably. It has a magazine capacity of 8 and each shot deals a total of 15! Every policeman has this item by default in their inventory (along with handcuffs, taser gun and road spikes) and it's really efficient for weakening criminals so that they are slower and so that you can more easily arrest them. A really good weapon for its purpose.

A gun used only during emergency.

20 shots I think not bad

9 Rocket Launcher

One of the most expensive weapons in Jailbreak, costing 1000 in-game money per ammo. However, it can deal over 50 damage and create fire. It might be bad, because it takes time to reach its target.

Does INSANE damage and has an ammo capacity of 10. Although it costs $1,000 per rocket, you can easily get more than one rocket launcher with the gun-duplicating glitch.

Somewhat an opposite to the Sniper, in that the closer you shoot with this, the more damage is taken, at highest 76 at at lowest 0. It also leaves fire behind after a shot has been taken. Due to this OPness, you'd expect there to be some huge downsides. And there sure are. You see, it has a magazine capacity of 10 rockets, but after they've been fired, you must pay for new rockets. That's right, you pay more for using it. This ultimately brings this weapon down to 7 because it's not very efficient.

It does so much damage with a high blast range. It so op.

10 Jetpack

Jetpack is awesome and cool because you can easily trick the campers and prank the police and it is harder for the police to tase and shoot me I love his thing. AWSOMESAUCE!

It's a very good gettaway from the police taze you, free refuel and it also gets you to high places!

The first items to buy in Jailbreak.

Good for getting away from cops if your a crim and it helps you use weapons in msm!

The Contenders
11 Forcefield

I would really not prefer to use this gun ever! Because I want play this game normally and act as a criminal that has normal guns like pistol, shotgun, bazooka, plasma gun, rifle, AK-47, Uzi and etc.

It's so useful because if a cop was shooting you and you shot a forcefield it couldn't hurt you.

Good to troll players and heal up in robberies. 50k is I admit, expensive but still yu should buy it

Forcefeild is considered cheating because it is not fair when I play or when all players play jailbreak! so not fair!

12 Volt Bike

EASLY OP and it's easy to get away from police because if ye hit something you go flying.

13 Nuke
14 Sword

Bro never buy it

15 Blade
16 Grenades

They kinda help to blow up things but you can get away easly so it's ok.

Its kinda useful

17 Plasma Pistol

Now this thing is pretty bad. It was really hyped up due to the fact that this was alien technology and it looked really cool in its teaser trailer..., but I knew something would be bad, because the most hyped up stuff turn out to be the not nearly that interesting. It's an automatic weapon, but are you kidding me, 3 damage per shot? WHAT? Not only that, the range is so bad and the accuracy too. It also only has 20 rounds of ammunition. Why get this, when the Revolver and Sniper which do better damage are free? The only good thing this weapon does is penetrating through forcefields, but that's it!

Best to spam to kill cops.

18 Helicopter Missiles

Kill in like 1 hit

19 Drone
20 RPG
21 C4

So funny when you blow it up.

Good for trolling cops

22 Dogs
23 Forcefield Launcher
24 Turret

Really good to shoot at enemies and to make people run.

25 Baton

This really helps if a lot of people are around vents or police doors so you can break up te crowd.

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