Best Mario Kart: Super Circuit Cups

The Top Ten
1 Lightning Cup

Already, this cup starts decently with Luigi Circuit, which is decent thanks to its rain. However, Sky Garden and Sunset Wilds are absolutely amazing. The first has my favorite music in the game (this game has my third favorite Mario Kart soundtrack by the way), and has a cool sky theme. The latter is simply my favorite track in the game, with the an amazing sunset effect , and many setpieces and obstacles, like ramps and dash panels that adds depts to the track, and shy guys that attacks you from their tents. This could have been the best cup if Cheep Cheep Island wasn't on it, which is one of the most boring track in the game. Even Shy Guy beach is better.

2 Special Cup

It was hard to choose between this and lightning, but special cup is my favorite cup in Super Circuit. Unlike darthvadern, I really like Lakeside Park, with lava rocks flying through the sky at the second lap, and looks good. Broken Pier is like the Ghost Valleys from SNES, except that now Boos can attack you, which is a plus, and it also looks gorgeous. Bowser Castle 4 is the best of the 4 castles in this games, thanks to the lava you need to avoid, and the mecha koopas. The cream of the crop though is Rainbow Road, which looks gorgeous, has great music, has many cool shortcuts, and the ramps at the side of the track gives it a lot of dept for finding shortcuts yourself, which is something that no other tracks in the series have. This is probably my second favorite rainbow road believe it or not.

3 Star Cup

Of course, a Star Cup tops this list. Most often this is a great cup, after all. I like every course a lot in this cup. Snow Land is hated by the community due to the screen shaking but that never bothered me and I like the design. Yoshi Desert is really fun with the yoshi sphynx and egyptian setting. We also see amazing courses in Ribbon Road and Bowser's Castle 3 both of which are either original are stunning to look at. So the best cup in the game by far.

Overall, Star Cup is pretty cool, but there are no stand outs if you ask to me. Snow Land, and Ribbon Road are both very beautiful courses that I wish could have a little bit more into them. Bowser's Castle 3 is pretty boring in my opinion. Yoshi Desert is best of the cup, since it has cool aesthetics, and pretty good obstacles, like those plants inside pitsands.

4 Flower Cup

While the last three cups of Super Circuit are great, the first two, are pretty boring. In flower cup, Boo Lake, and Mario Circuit are very boring, however, Bowser Castle 2 is probably the second best Bowser Castle, with the concept of dodging the most ramps as possible. Meanwhile, Cheese Land has a concept that shows enough why this track is good, but also has some mice that are a good obstacle.

A similar case to the Mushroom Cup except the courses are on average better. Mario Circuit is a bit better than Peach Circuit and GBA Bowser Castle 2 is a bit better than its predecessor. Boo Lake is a decent replacement to Shy Guy Beach as well as there's more to worry about. Cheese Land is the highlight as it's one of the best courses in the game overall.

5 Mushroom Cup

I think Super Circuit is superior to Super Mario Kart in almost every way. However, its mushroom cup managed to be almost as bad as the mushroom cup of Super Mario Kart. All the tracks feels very empty. However, I will give some credits, and say that the pirate shy guys are nice, and Riverside Park looks good.

By far the most underwhelming Mushroom Cup out there in my opinion. None of the courses really stand out and are very generic and easy. Peach Circuit and Shy Guy Beach are super boring and GBA Bowser Castle 1 is way too easy and boring as well. Riverside Park is ok, but it isn't enough at all to save the cup.