Top Ten AGI Sierra Entertainment Video Games

Sierra Entertainment were one of the best video game companies. They used to create classic point and click adventure games in the 80s and 90s and I've been introduced to them by my parents as late as 2015 and I sure love them. The first games were created with Adventure Game Interpreter, a really old video game program. They haven't aged the best, but they sure are fun. Here's a ranking of the AGI Sierra games.
The Top Ten
1 Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

The first Space Quest game, and an awesome beginning to the first Space Quest trilogy, is my favorite Sierra game created for the AGI engine by far. It's really awesome. Just as you start the game, you realize you've woken up in a janitor's room during an invasion of the spaceship Arcada. You're the only one who has survived and must escape the ship and learn about a quest.

The star generator, a device that can destroy entire galaxies in the wrong hands, has been stolen by evil aliens known as the Sariens. Roger Wilco must destroy the star generator so that millions of galaxies will be safe. It's quite a good plot. I really liked the settings in the game. Kerona was a cool desert planet, and the Sarien ship was awesome, and so on.

2 King's Quest III: To Heir is Human

This game has both excellent features and some seriously annoying aspects. Let's talk about the great stuff first. It's a huge improvement over the first two games when looking objectively. The story is much deeper and more interesting than in the previous two entries. The setting is very interesting, and we actually get a very intimidating villain.

This game is about the child of King Graham and his wife (I don't remember her name) whose son, Alexander, was kidnapped as a baby by the evil wizard Manannan. He has brainwashed Alexander into thinking he has a much better life than everyone else and is his slave. It's quite an interesting plot. Alexander must find out about his true self and who he is, and get back to the land of Daventry, his actual home country.

However, some serious flaws in this game make it just way too hard and complicated at times. At some points, you need to use magic formulas and gather ingredients. However, you are given no clue what you should have or in what order you must use the ingredients. From what I remember, this can get frustrating at times. However, it's still a great game for what it is.

3 King's Quest II: Romancing The Throne

The King's Quest series was the first video game series Sierra Entertainment made, and it is usually considered the weakest one as well. I can understand this view, but I honestly think it was the best. Overall, it was the most fun. The puzzles weren't too annoying, and the backgrounds were gorgeous, especially towards the end, which gave me hyper-nostalgic feelings.

I'll admit it feels a bit similar to the original in a few ways, but overall, I like it the most in the series.

4 Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge

I do think this game has some flaws and problems, which places it below Space Quest I and King's Quest II. But there are some awesome things about this game too. For one, I really like the setting. Labion is a very lush and beautiful forest planet overall, and the plot was quite good. We get to meet Sludge Vohaul, mastermind behind the plan in the first entry, and it's quite exciting.

Although it was boring sometimes, you gotta admit it was quite good for a video game made on the AGI engine.

5 King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown

The first Sierra Entertainment video game ever made deserves a spot on the list. While it may not have aged the absolute best, it's still very playable and nostalgic in a few ways. It's the definition of a classic adventure game! You've got a fun little story, fairy tale characters, a nice but basic setting in the forest, and a nostalgic intro soundtrack. It's definitely a great game!

One flaw is some of the puzzles are very frustrating, though. Like guessing the name of that gnome. It's Rumpelstiltskin, but each letter was the third letter before the actual letters. Like... what? Well, this game did start it all, though, so there's that.

6 Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

The Police Quest trilogy is a lot more realistic compared to other Sierra Entertainment games, as they focus more on the job of being a police officer and fighting drug dealers. I think the third entry was the best one, but that was VGA. Out of the first two games, I think the original was the best. It was very interesting and exciting, and there was almost never a boring moment. Definitely a pretty good game.

I don't think this is one of the GOAT Sierra games, simply because I prefer the more fantasy settings of the King's and Space Quest games.

7 The Black Cauldron

A lot of people know and have seen the Disney movie The Black Cauldron, and most people think it's pretty bad. One thing that infuriates me a bit is how they have no clue there's a video game based on the same movie by Sierra Entertainment. It's so much better, in my opinion. It's a lot shorter and lacks climax and stuff, but it's still better.

The setting and graphics look awesome here! The pixelated art really works well, and it really feels like a trip back in time, both in setting and graphics. Really good, in my opinion.

8 Gold Rush!

This is one of the longest and hardest AGI (or EGA) games in general, honestly. It's about a guy who receives a message from his brother Jake/James, who is digging for gold in California, and he is now going to meet him there. You can either get there by horse and wagon, a boat 'round Cape Horn, or through the Panama Canal.

I don't remember much else. I remember not liking it very much. For one, it's very difficult and the trip to California takes ages to complete. Hard and long it is. I don't remember much else, but it's alright, as the backgrounds are decent.

9 Leisure Suit Larry In the Land of the Lounge Wizards

Leisure Suit Larry is one of those games created to arouse perverted males, as it's about this perverted freak called Larry Laffer who goes around pleasing girls and performing in fertility rituals (you know what I mean). And there are six of these games! The second one is alright because it has an actual story, but the others... not so much, especially not this one.

All you do is fertilize life in three random women you meet in some minutes, and bam. Larry even gets kidnapped by one of them because he doesn't care about getting to know women before marrying them. It's a crappy game. The only good thing is the backgrounds, but that's obvious coming from an early Sierra game.