Top 10 ROBLOX Free Paradox Alternatives

This list is for free alternatives of famous paradox titles (europa universalis, hearts of iron, crusader kings, etc.) on the social game creation platform called ROBLOX.
The Top Ten
1 Iron Assault

Iron Assault is a multiplayer RTS that takes you back to 1936. Here, you can control a nation from Honduras to the USSR and go to war, write laws, choose an ideology, make an alliance, and more! The built-in map editor allows you to create custom nations at any time period.

The gameplay is more simplified than some of the other titles, but it is a time killer and an overall fun multiplayer experience.

2 Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a multiplayer RTS that places you in the modern world. Here, you can take control of over 100 different nations and form great empires from Charlemagne to the Mongols. This title does not include a map editor, however, and is more advanced gameplay-wise. Still, it makes for a fun multiplayer experience.

3 War Universalis Series

The War Universalis Series puts you in the shoes of a kingdom from the fall of Rome to the Siege of Vienna. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate your surroundings. Conquer smaller duchies and principalities, put down revolts, and take over the world as a great superpower.

There is no map editor, and the game is quite advanced for the target age of ROBLOX. However, it makes for a fun multiplayer experience.

4 Hex Empires

Based on the Civilization Series, Hex Empires is an RTS that places you in an undiscovered world. It allows you to create settlements and armies to defeat the barbarians across the map. Take over the world as a great empire in this single-player or multiplayer experience.

Although the game has no map editor and has a few broken mechanics, it doesn't work as well as the others.

5 Territory Conquest

Territory Conquest is a multiplayer RTS that places you on a map of a country, a continent, or the world. Discover the land surrounding you and conquer your competitors. This game has no historical value or map editor and rarely has any active players.

Very addicting game. Very simple as well.

6 Risk: Universalis Series

Risk: Universalis is a multiplayer role-playing game where you can pick a country and role-play your way to the top. The game is quite literally a role-playing game, and there isn't much to say about it. People often grief and ruin hours of role-playing, and there isn't really a valid 'game' to play.

7 World Conquest

Very similar to Risk: Universalis, World Conquest allows you to roleplay from 1444-2020. Although there are almost constant griefers in the public game, the moderators and admins are extremely strict in the group member-only game. Overall, it's not a very fun experience.

8 Risky Strats
9 Victoria Adversum

Victoria Adversum places you in an empire from the Siege of Vienna to the Franco-Prussian War. The game is not playable yet.

10 Timeless Conquest

Almost the same game as World Conquest, it used to have a lively community until it died.

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