Top Ten Hardest Roblox Jailbreak Bank Floors

In the Roblox game of Jailbreak, my favourite heist location to rob is the Bank. It has always been there since the game's start and it has been polished so much. Right now, there are seven different "sections", or floors of the bank you can rob, and it is random which one you rob, which makes for some variation in gameplay, and it's good because all of the floors feel different from each other. Some are hard, some are intermediate, and some are just easy. Here I'll rank the difficulty of the floors, from hardest to easiest. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Presidential Vault

The Presidential Vault has a reputation for being incredibly difficult but rewarding and satisfying to rob, for good reason. This is one of the three new bank floors that was added ni the Bank/Jewelry Update back in early 2018, where each of the four floors were of a certain difficulty, and the reward depended too. Classic is easy, Deductions is medium, Underwater is hard while Presidential is insane!
Right as you jump down an open shaft a moving laser wall moves back and forth in the corridor which you must avoid by going to these safe spaces in the corridor. When that's done, the vault itself (as in the picture) also has moving lasers you must avoid while collecting money. And the end maze to exit the bank is hard too because of all the lasers moving irregularly.
This isn't that difficult if you're good at this game, but if you have a laggy connection, then this is bank floor is a nightmare because you never know if the lasers have moved to you already, which makes this a 50/50 bank at best. It's incredibly rewarding though at 4500 cash and I do think this is one of the best bank floors.

2 Corridor

Corridor is the newest bank floor as of 2nd February of 2020 part of the Beautiful World Update. I am myself a huge fan of this floor due to the originality in this corridor, but also because it's actually difficult when compared to so many of the floors here.
Similarly to the Presidential Vault you jump down an open shaft and a long but narrow corridor is found in front of you. Due to its narrowness, avoiding the lasers moving can be slightly difficult and in the middle is huge gap you must jump over or else you're dead. This floor ain't that hard (the only really hard is Presidential), but a newbie will struggle somewhat with it. A flaw is how it's underpaying despite the difficulty but nevertheless this is my second favourite bank floor.

3 Financing: Underwater

When I think of Financing: Underwater, two things that make this place slightly difficult are these: Swimming is hard if you don't know how it works, and it's so easy to get busted by police. You see, you must swim your way to the vault in this corridor as lasers wait above the water, but no one can see you in the water. In other vaults you can at least see where the police are if they have entered the building, but the water makes them invisible. Why? I don't know.
But I might have exaggerated a bit because swimming for one is really easy once you get the hang out of it, and more or less there aren't many cops in the average server waiting to get you, unless you have a high bounty. Still, these factors makes Underwater the third most difficult bank floor, even if it's relatively easy in most cases.

4 Floor: Deductions

This floor is relatively easy. The biggest obstacle you'll meet here is lag, similarly to the presidential vault. The obby here consists of a bunch of mobing lasers in one spot which can be hard to avoid. Well you really just need to walk in a straight line as soon as the lines stop for a moment and you're good to go.
But if it's laggy it becomes a bit of a different story as I have sometimes gotten unlucky here due to the lag. Otherwise it's not very hard at all. Cops are easily visible and they can't use a forcefield launcher here because the lasers will still harm them.

5 Classic: Remastered

This floor is the remastered version of the first bank floor that has been in the game since the start of its release. It's pretty generic, with a bunch of still lasers you must jump and crawl under to avoid. It's a relatively fun and easy bank floor. In my opinion it's the least good simply because it's underpaying and a bit generic but not bad and the difficulty sure corresponds with its reward.

6 The Mint

Oh boy, Badimo didn't know how to make bank floors difficult after the Bank/Jewelry Update? Not just that, but the rewards are broken. Corridor is relatively hard but only 2000 cash? And Mint and Blue that are easy get a whopping 3500 cash? Anyways, this is the Mint. It's actually my favourite bank floor of them all. Good loot, stunning architecture with mint green, and a really cool easter egg that lets you explore that money machine in the picture!
But..., where's the difficulty? This is my main concern because it's not hard at all in the slightest! Just a few jumps over still lasers on the ground and bam! This is the only reason no bank floor earns a 10 out of 10 for me because this one is too easy! Well the end obby to leave the bank has some difficulty I suppose..., well anyways it is still the best bank floor In my opinion.

7 Floor: Blue

Well this floor is just an embarrasment, isn't it? The Mint might have been really easy, but there's some originality behind that one such as the mint machine, easter egg, architecture and the end obby is really fun. But this? This is just so embarrising.
Take everything with Corridor and make it half as hard. It's a super wide corridor, the jumps are super easy and even the end obby is just a few squares big! And it's so overpaying for its difficulty. 3500 for this, while Corridor gets half as much? Oh and the architecture is just blue, nothing more.
Well I don't actually despise this floor, I mean the blue architecture is kinda cool and blue is my favourite colour. However it sure is one of the weakest bank floors in my opinion. Some gaps in this floor and lesser reward would've been nice.