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1 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game got robbed of Game Of The Year. ACNH kept so many people entertained during the pandemic, and if it never came out, they wouldn't have known what to do with themselves. Yet Last Of Us II wins despite its' mixed reception? That's not rigged at all!

The relaxing and slow paced gameplay makes it fun for all ages, and the villagers add another layer of depth to the game. ACNH really innovated upon the Animal Crossing gameplay formula by adding Terraforming, which allows you to get all the more creative with your designs, and opens up endless possibilities for your island paradise.

2 Doom Eternal

"Against all the evils hell can conjure, all the wickedness mankind can produce, we will send unto them only you. Rip and tear, until it is done." I don't think there's anything more that needs to be said

Amazing game, way better than other games we've had so far this year.

3 Final Fantasy VII Remake

Simply put, if you're a fan of Final Fantasy like me, or if you simply enjoy JRPGs with a multi-genre combat system, this is a great pickup. One thing I want to stress though is that some plot points may not make much sense to those who haven't played the OG. For example, one of the characters is introduced in the game without context, and if you haven't known who he was before, you would never know how important the guy is until you play the original or read up on him. Don't think of this game as NieR:Automata or KH3 though, where you have to read up on what happened in the series beforehand to truly understand what's going on. The plot for FFVII Remake as a whole is conceivable enough for newcomers on its own, and I honestly do like how the story progresses. It's definitely miles ahead of what FFXV provided in terms of storytelling, and the solid characterization is still present. Really, all you need to know is that I believe that this game was worth the wait. I enjoyed the combat, the story, the characters, and the presentation. It's a great remake for a legendary game.

4 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Nostalgia great game don't listen to ign and their stupid reviews

5 Genshin Impact

Best game I've ever played in my life. Most of all, the best game of all in 2020. I've become a very huge fan of it recently and I'm still going strong and we'll on AR35 - 3/22/20

My favorite game. Great graphics, terrific game play. Definitely should be in the top 10. If only it weren't so big though.

This is probably the best mobile game I ever played. It's basically Honkai Impact 3rd 2.0. It's a shame it takes up so much space though.

6 Shantae and the Seven Sirens
7 Ghost of Tsushima

This is easily gonna make my top 10 of the year list. While playing, I could definitely compare this to the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed. You can tell this game is heavily inspired by those games, but it does more than enough for it to be distinguishable on its own. For one, I absolutely adore the visuals this game presents. The graphics you see in the E3 reveal, well then be pleased to know that those graphics are indeed present in the final product. I know that's kind of a sad thing to mention, but unfortunately, thanks to lazy companies, that's the point we've reached in this era of gaming. The environments in this game are full of life and you can see all of nature flow and move with the weather. The lighting is also excellent and presents added beauty within its environment. I also enjoy the combat in this game. It doesn't try to be too easy like AC yet not too difficult like Sekiro. It finds that perfect balance in between and manages to make fights look clean and not feel like they're repeating themselves, so there's something to check off your list if you're looking for a combat system that is fine-tuned and balanced. The story not the most groundbreaking thing I've seen, but it's more than good enough to hold your interest throughout. It's quite a simple revenge story, but it progresses in more of a therapeutic manner, giving players some insight on honor, justice, and self-reflection. Me being heavily interested in Japanese culture, this game is pretty much right up my alley. I highly recommend this game to people who simply want a unique single-player experience. It's not a perfect game, but at the same time, it's hard for me to find anything negative to say about it.

8 Persona 5 Royal

Fantastic expansion of an already great game, with a massive improvement for the true final arc of the game. Worth every penny.

9 Trials of Mana
10 Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time
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11 Half-Life: Alyx

Just as the other Half Life games have revolutionized gaming in many ways and set the standard for the platform, now we have the latest Half Life game doing that for VR. Alyx serves as stepping stone for VR gaming, being the longest, most detailed, and most advanced VR game to date thanks to the new Source 2 engine. Now VR gaming can achieve new heights, all thanks to this new innovation!

12 Friday Night Funkin'
13 The Last of Us Part II

This game is, in my opinion, the second greatest game ever made (The original "The Last Of Us" takes the throne) . It is an extraordinary experience, both gameplaywise and storywise. It doesn't deserve the criticism it gets, it's just that the gaming community wasn't ready for something like this yet. Although it was great, I have to admit that I needed some time to heal from the bitter and empty feeling that this game offered.

14 Paper Mario: The Origami King

This might end up being the only game of 2020 I bought, aside from rereleases like Mario 3d All Stars, and maybe Pikmin 3 Deluxe because none of the games that come out this year interest me that much. That being said, Paper Mario the Origami King is a very good game, and while not a return to form for Paper Mario, it at least is god for its own reasons.

15 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider Man Miles Morales is amazing. It manages to capture the perfect feeling of the first Spiderman video game and add some Morales flair to it. It takes lots of risks, and gets it bang on right. Can't believe it isn't higher on the freaking list dude. Way better graphics, design, open world and overall story than other higher entries. This deserves the clout it needs

16 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
17 Death end re;Quest 2
18 Cyberpunk 2077

A buggy mess? Undoubtedly. Poorly optimized for last gen consoles? Yes. Did it live up to the hype that it would change gaming forever? Meh, probably not.

That being said, underneath all of the controversy and irritating performance issues, this is an insanely well-made game. Beautiful environment, some really cool combat options, and easily the most compelling story of any game this year (save *maybe* Ghost of Tsushima). CDPR has a history of buggy releases and generally fixes them to create widely acclaimed games (The Witcher 3). Give the game some time, and it'll get to where it needs to be! Really love the aesthetic, really awesome storytelling, and the voice acting is unreal (Keanu Reeves is breathtaking lmao)

19 Resident Evil 3 Remake

It's a fantastic story with excellent graphics and gameplay. The voice acting is also incredible. The game is a little light on additional single player content unfortunately, but if you enjoy the online multiplayer content of Resident Evil Resistance (included) then there's a lot of content here for you.

Best game to come out this year so far. Lots of people thought it was too short, and I'm way they are right. But there's a ton of replay value and overall it's just a really solid game.

The rest will be forgotten but making resident evil 3 moddable made it a endless game where you can live our your resi dreams.

20 Disney: Twisted-Wonderland
21 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
22 Super Mario 3D All-Stars

This was Nintendo's laziest game. They didn't change or improve anything, not even the graphics. The controls were still messed up, and the Super Mario 64 in this game was the original, not the ds remake. The only thing changed about 64 was Mario saying "So long, gay Bowser", which was the only part in the original that I liked

23 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
24 Yakuza: Like a Dragon
25 Atelier Dusk Trilogy Deluxe Pack
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