Top Ten Worst Heist Locations in Roblox Jailbreak

I've made a list of the best heist locations in Roblox Jailbreak so now time for the worst ones. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Passenger Train

The only "bad" heist in this game is in my opinion the somewhat recently added Passenger Train. This thing just really has a lot of flaws that makes this a generally unnecessary place to rob. As a moving heist, whenever you go to it, you'll lose your vehicle in the process because it the train will go and go, but that's the least of problems.
This is so un-rewarding. There are so many items here to steal but you can only rob a total amount of 1500$ on this heist. That's not all, then you gotta transport it all to the volcano criminal base. But it's far away and I've lost my vehicle. Well to bad for you then. Easily the worst heist.
But WAIT, this is not all. This is also a heist that police can "rob" as well, by delivering the items. This is a good thing because it rewards police. But as of recently they nerfed it so that police only can deliver a small amount of things, not all of them. This robbery is just..., bad.

2 Gas Station

The Gas Station and Donut Shop are basically the two "mini-heists" of Jailbreak in which the player only enters, presses 'E' and you get a cash. Because of the fact that it requires no effort to get money, it's high on this list. They certainly are not bad though. They are good for newbies to Jailbreak and they do give a fair amount of cash for being so easy, at 750$.
Out of this and Donut Shop, this is slightly worse because on that one, you get a free donut upon entering the store that you can use for healing, while this one doesn't give you anything upon entering. But then again this is also located in a more isolated location which lowers the risk of police coming to arrest you. But overall, slightly worse than Donut.

3 Cash Truck

Why are there so many campers in bank truck? I usually got late because inside of bank truck is all blank and already robbed and so far, this is the hardest heist ever!

4 Donut Shop

I already explained in the item above about what the gas station and donut store are in the game and I also explained that this in comparision to Gas station offers a free donut upon entering which places it slightly better.
A flaw though is that this is located very close to the prison, where police occasionally spawn which means you're always putting yourself at a risk of getting arrested by a cop whenever you go here. But the pros outweight the cons.

5 Cargo Train

It's better than its passenger counterpart in a lot of ways. I think this is quite a decent robbery because it's rewarding for what it is. It's still the 1500$ cash like in the passenger train, but here you don't pick up items, you just wait in a vault and then you leave it and bam you have all the cash. No need to go to the volcano base.
In addition to this, at the place where the train leaves the map is close to the Gas Station robbery plus a pick-up truck, the cheapest vehicle in the game. So it's a lot more motivating to rob this in comparision to the passenger train.

6 Cargo Plane

Out of the moving robberies the cargo plane easily is the best one. It's because of a lot of reasons but one of them is that it has music and it offers so much cash, more than the trains. It's the stealthiest robbery in the game, with the creepy music as the plane rises, etc.
When you've taken a crate, you skydive out of the plane to deliver it to a criminal base. While you must deliver the crate you rob to a criminal base, at least it's the city one and not the volcano one which is a lot closer to the Airport than the volcano one. One flaw though is that it's too easy. There's no obby to get to the plane, you just steal one and then you leave. Well at least a keycard is required to leave the plane. Overall, great robbery.

7 Jewelry Store

This is definitely one of the more exciting robberies in the game. Mostly thanks to the music used in the robbery called "Tech War" which is really tense and exciting. I've always really liked the jewelry store because it's just so fun to rob and unlike the museum, this one isn't repetive. This is because there are four different variants of the museum and every time you rob it, it's random which variant you'll rob. It always makes robbing the jewelry store a pleasent surprise.
However this one certainly has some flaws. I don't mind the fact that it's the most difficult heist to rob (that's a fine plus), but that together with the fact it's the least rewarding of the building robberies in the game. Only 2000$? The museum is half as hard and rewards twice as much cash. Other than that it's great!

8 Cargo Ship

Newest heist as of 06/06/2020n and my, my, my is it quite low-quality, isn't it? Well it's a bit original but that doesn't mean it's good, in fact it's the worst heist in the game.

All you do is get a helicopter, get to the cargo ship in the middle of the ocean while avoiding missiles that shoot at you every second, get a box from the ship which is hard when there's missiles and the ship moves super fast, and then you put it in the criminal base.

Good lord is this boring and uninteresting, all of this for a lousy 2000 cash. Sure it can be robbed twice an appearence but that doesn't excuse how terribly designed it is. Worst robbery in the game. At least the Passenger Train is a little more fun, this one isn't.

9 Museum

So there are three different types of heists in the game, there are moving heists, mini-heists and building heists. The building heists are easily the most solid and fun ones to rob because they usually take a bit longer to complete and there's actual tension and obstacles to tackle.
Out of the four amazing building heists though, this one made is my least favourite. Most people will surely disagree with me because it's surely the most efficient heist. It's easy, it's very rewarding and it's close to the city. But because of how efficient it is..., it makes it repetitive. There's only one variant of the museum and it's super easy so robbing it over and over becomes boring after a while. Other than that it's really great.

10 Power Plant

This was the most out of the blue robbery location added to Jailbreak. I mean, a factory wouldn't be too random, but a power plant? That's straight-up awesome! It's a location that was added along with the expansion update but it became robbery not until a week later.
The originality makes me really like this heist. You hack computers to get into the Power Plant, complete a conveyor belt obby with lasers, and then hack a bigger puzzle to achieve uranium, and then you must deliver it in time to the volcano base because it decreases in value every second but despite this it's the most rewarding heist on average.
That's just awesome! The whole concept behind the heist in stealing uranium is just excellent. Although it does make robbing this place very irritating when playing with friends who might be slower at the puzzles. Yeah that places this above the bank. On top of that it's too short and has no other conveyor belt variants. It's the same every time, like with the museum. But it's awesome for what it is!

The Contenders
11 Bank (Jailbreak)

The bank has always been my favourite heist location in Jailbreak and simply has the least amount of flaws of all heists. It has been there since the start of the game and has been polished with almost every update that came after it and the current version is amazing.
The music is the best, hands down. It's exciting and really fits the bank robbery. Much like the Jewelry Store, every time you rob it, it will be different every time. This time you rob different bank floors though. It's executed much better though because here there are seven variants instead of four, and each of them feel more different than the four jewelry store variants. The different floors also offer different amounts of cash, anywhere from 2000$ to 4500$, depending on the difficulty. Amazing.
This is also the most tense robbery because it's the only one that can be busted with police. So criminals always ned to bring weapon to defend themselves against any cop who might be looking for busting bank heists. In addition to this a keycard is required to rob the bank. This is the most flawless of the heists in the game.

12 Tomb

I love this robbery. This is very cool and fun to rob. I love it because I love the music and the texture. Both interior and exterior. You move to different places and if there's camping cops, you can kill them. Bye! Oh I also forgot. At my first time I had a hard time robbing. I kept on dying. Now I can't die anymore due to a skill. Bye!

13 Casino

This robbery is quite different from the rest, as it requires different puzzles to be complete. The elevator is fun to use but can sometimes be your worst enemy (such as when players call it down to early.) For $8000, its fun and decent, not to mention the music SLAPS. One of the best, with code finding, vault opening and elevator abusing chaos.

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